" D-Dad?!"

Eve couldn't believe it. Her real father was there! The Captain Planet from the future was hovering above the Planeteers. And he had taken her thunderbolt like it was nothing. She was in so much trouble and she knew it.

" Evangelion Planet!!"

" Aja ah. The full name. I'm in trouble." She muttered to herself.

" Get down here!!" He yelled.

She winced at his tone. She was in so much trouble and she knew it. But most of this was partly his fault too. She wasn't the only one to blame.

" I'd rather not." She said turning away.


Eve hurried down to the ground and stood in front of him. He was very angry, she could tell. Had she not been his daughter, he would have strangled her by now.

" WHAT do you think you're doing time traveling?!! You know you're prohibited from it! And you know how dangerous it is! You could have ended up anywhere and had no way to get back! What do you think when you do something like that?!! There is nothing in the world strong enough to make you that drunk!! And there's not enough marijuana in Miami to get that high!! You realize I had to let an eco-terrorist get away to get you?!" He shouted again.

" I'm surprised you remembered you had a daughter." She said without thinking.

" What?!!" He snapped.

"I didn't think you remembered you had a family. What, with your 'Planeteers' and all. I mean, you're gone when we wake up, and you come home after we go to sleep. The only indications that we know you've been there is the yelling between you and mom!! And when we wake up in the middle of the night and have to carry you to the couch because you're too tired to walk!!" She said pointing an accusing finger at him.

" Back off Evangelion!! Those are my problems not yours!!" He said pointing right back.

" They became our problems when they involved our lives!! You ruin our rep!" She said.

" You're only 16, you don't have a rep yet!" He said.

" Papa`! They are tearing you apart! If they were gone, you wouldn't have to go and risk your life, and-and you and mom wouldn't fight and you wouldn't leave all the time!!" She said; finally crying.

" ... Evangelion." He said; realizing what she was telling him.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to try and stay mad at your child when they were crying. Especially when it was partially your fault. He brought her over to him and hugged her. She sobbed into his chest as he tried to comfort her.

" Are you really that scared that I'll leave?" He asked.

" Aren't you?" She asked.

" 'Course not! Hija, every couple fights. Every relationship has its strains. It's never easy kid. Besides, why would I leave all of you? You know you kids mean the world to me." He said.

" Really? Then you won't punish me?" She asked looking up.

" Not a chance." He said ;laughing.


" Whoo! Glad that's over!!"

The Planeteers and Captain Planet had watched their whole display and yelling match. Apparently things were worked out because as they were coming over to them, Evangelion was on her father's back.

" Sorry about the trouble my little windrider caused. She shouldn't bother you anymore." He said.

" No worries. Although it does nothing for my ego that I was beaten by a little girl." Captain Planet said.

" You'll get used to it." Planet said shrugging.

" What's going to happen to Eve?" Gi asked.

" You'll be seeing a lot more of her. Since she enjoys time travels so much, she'll be coming back here every once and a while to help you, uh, me... Well you know what I mean." He said.

" Que?!!" Eve said from behind him.

" How?" Wheeler asked.

" Well, this is how I found her." He said removing Eve's gold belt buckle.

He then handed it to his past form.

" You just press the two buttons on either side and she'll know where you are to come and help you. That and being on wild fire duty in Colorado." He said.

" So not cool." Eve pouted.

" This is getting off easy. Your mother is going to blow a fuse when she sees you." He said.

" Oh boy..." She sighed.


After Evagelion and the future Captain Planet left, they all went back to Hope Island. Everyone was tired, but happy the worst was over.

" Man, what a trip. I'm never having children." Wheeler said.

" Easier for some than others." Captain Planet muttered to himself.

" Appearantly, a lot less easier. You've got 5 to worry about." Gi said.

" 5?!" He cried in surprise.

" That's right. I got the notice from the future. There was another son. He's just out of the galaxy for the moment." Gaia said.

" He can do that?" He said.

" So will you. Confusing isn't it?" She said.

" Very. My head hurts." He said.

" At least your daughter's hot." Wheeler said.

" What?!! You're checking out my daughter Wheeler?!! I'll kill you!!!!"

" Run Wheeler!!!"


And so the past is saved from the vengeance of the future. All is well as could be expected. Everyone was back to normal and the earth was still safe. Everyone was resting peacefully.


Well, almost everyone.

" I got you hot American!! Come back here!!!!" yelled an enraged Captain Planet; chunking fireballs.

" Calm down Cap!! I didn't mean it! I meant she was attractive! Pretty!" Wheeler shouted back.

" When I'm done, you'll be pretty burnt!!"

^ _^V The end.