Chapter 1:

Wally West turned over in bed, taking his pillow and slamming it over his ear to try and get away from the blaring of his alarm clock. He groaned and turned back to face the bedside table, stretching to turn the stupid alarm off. When the clock finally shut up, he sighed and snuggled into bed, placing the pillow back under his head and closing his tired eyes again.

Wally felt an amazing aroma sneak itself into his nostrils. He sniffed the air and his eyes flew wide open. "WALLY! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE BEFORE BARRY EATS THEM ALL WITHOUT YOU!" His aunt called, knowing that he probably smelled her famous chocolate pancakes by now. "NOOOO! SAVE SOME FOR MEEE!" Wally called back, speeding out of his room and into the bathroom. He speed-washed his face and brushed his teeth before running downstairs and across from his Uncle Barry at the table. Barry chuckled. Sometimes he didn't know who loved food more, him or his nephew?

Iris placed a plate stacked high with chocolate pancakes in front of each of her speedsters and kissed both on the head before they dug into their food. She just watched them with amusement as she sat down, enjoying two pancakes for herself.

Wally was the first to finish. He quickly got up, washed, and came back within seconds. Phone in hand, he speed-texted Dick Grayson aka Robin.

-hey dude its Friday

-I no awesome right

-u remember our plans right

-to prank arty? duh

-awesome meet u at the mountain after school


Wally stopped texting and grabbed his backpack from its usual place back in the living room. He gave a quick kiss to his Aunt Iris and a hug to his uncle Barry before he says a quick goodbye and runs over to the front door. Opening the door, he runs out at normal speed over to the bus stop and climbs in, saying a quick hello to the bus driver before sitting down at an empty seat nearby. Riding the bus to school is slow as heck, but Wally enjoys the time to think as the world slowly goes past. Little did he know that this wasn't going to be a day like any other, and that was saying a lot, considering he was a superhero after school.


Vandal Savage was sitting at a desk in a large room full of weaponry. He was currently in an abandoned hotel building. For such a run-down building, this room looked like it was still being lived it, which for the time being, it was. Savage stopped sharpening the knife in his hands as a red portal appeared before his desk. Klarion the witch boy walked out, accompanied by his orange cat, Teekl, sitting atop his shoulders. "Ugh…I'm so boooored" Klarion whined, scratching his cat's chin with his long black nail.

"If you are so bored, why don't you go wreak chaos like you usually do to amuse yourself?" Vandal question with his deep stoic voice. "Hey, you're the one who told me to lay low since our little taking-over-the-watchtower-and-its-heroes plan backfired." Klarion hissed back. Vandal didn't answer, and continued sharpening his knife. Klarion waited a few minutes before he started to moan in boredom again. Again, Vandal stopped sharpening his knife and glared up at the witch boy, starting to get annoyed. "Fine. I'll find you something to do…" He said. Vandal leaned forward and opened the laptop than sat before him on the desk. He didn't bother turn it on, and beckoned Klarion to come around the desk. Klarion complied and stood beside his chair, looking at the black screen. Before he could say anything, Savage spoke. "Cast a spell and show me the speedster boy…"
"Who the red one?"
"No, the child one."
"hmh…fine." Klarion snapped his fingers and the laptop came to life. It showed a young red headed teenager with a backpack on his back getting into a school bus. The footage cut to the inside of the bus, where it followed the red head until he sat at one of the empty seats inside.

"…and why are we stalking a teenage red-head as he goes to school?" Klarion asked, clearly bored already. His cat meowed in agreement. "I want to learn his identity…" Savage replied.
"So you want me to show you the rest of the Baby League and watch them until we find out who they are? The adults too?" Klarion grumbled, disappointed.
"No…We have no use for the others. We don't need to know their identities. Just this boy's." Savage replied, leaning back on the chair's back.

Klarion exchanged looks with Teekl, and looked back at Savage. "whyyyy…?"
"Because I'm sending you to capture him…"

At school…

The bus stopped in the school parking lot before the double doors, and Wally got up and walked out. He stopped in front of the double doors and sighed. Another darn day of school. Although Wally LOVED to learn, he wasn't big on coming here. School was just too slow, too boring, and the other kids in it weren't the best crowd in his opinion. He just couldn't wait to get this over with and go to the mountain already.

Over all, the day went by like any other. For a speedster, Wally hated gym class. All the other kids in that class decided to make him the biggest target when playing dodge ball, God knows why. Obviously, it would be easy for a speedster to dodge them, but he couldn't just use his speed and blow his cover as Kid Flash right? The best part of school was probably lunch. Even if the food was horrible in terms of taste, Wally could eat anything. Hey, better than M'gann's burnt cookies right?

As he threw the last bite of food into his mouth, Wally got up to the sound of the bell, and he went over to his Chemistry class. Ah chemistry! The best subject of them all! Wally took his usual seat next to the window and waited for his usual partner to do the same. This was probably the only class that wasn't all that boring. For once, Wally didn't even feel the time go by! He looked up to the clock at the wall beside the board, and noticed that the bell would ring in about half an hour or so. That was cool, but the problem was that there were still one or two more classes to go. Wally inwardly groaned. Why did everything have to be so slow to a speedster?

Wally sighed and looked to his right out the window. He wasn't looking at anything in particular, but a movement in the bushes outside caught his eyes and he looked to see a smallish orange cat with black and brown stripes and…red eyes…
Wally did a double-take. Was that the Witch Boy's cat?! Nope. No way in hell. Nononononono…
Wally resisted the urge to scream as he could have sworn the cat smirked at him. I'm going crazy!
Wally was panicking. What was the witch boy's cat doing here? If the cat was here, than Klarion wasn't too far away. And if Klarion was here…then he couldn't just use his speed without blowing his cover…

"Wally West!"

Wally jumped and spun to see the teacher looking quite pissed at him. "Are you going to answer the question or not?" The teacher asked.
"Uh…sorry, hehe…what was the question?" Wally laughed nervousely.
The teacher only sighed and adjusted his glasses. "Wally, I didn't think you were ever the kind of student to zone out in my class. Since this is pretty much the first time I catch you doing that, I won't give you detention, but don't do it again."
Wally only nodded as the teacher turned around, not bothering to ask the question again. Wally looked out the window again, but the cat was gone.

Wally tried his best to stay focussed, he really did, but it was next to impossible. He was just too shaken. What would Klarion want with a boring old public school anyway? Wally suddenly jumped up from his seat. All eyes were instantly on him as he pretended to have a stomach ache. "Um…Mr. Sunders? I really gotta go…" Wally said, clutching his stomach as if it was going to blow.
"huh. Alright I guess…" He said, grabbing the hall pass that's on his desk and giving it to Wally. Wally took it and ran out, not as fast as Kid Flash would normally go, but still fast.

Wally rushed into the washroom and looked around, listening to make sure that no one was there. He grabbed his cellphone from his pocket and quickly speed-texted Dick. Dick didn't answer, so instead, he called. Knowing Dick, he probably had his phone on vibrate during class, but he knew that he would feel it in his pocket. Getting no answer, he stopped calling, and his phone beeped, showing that he had a text.

-dude in class cant talk


Wally didn't bother add spaces this time. Again, there was no reply, and Wally decided to use the communicator. He knew that Dick always kept it in his ear.

"What?!" Dick hissed, obviously annoyed. "I think I saw Klarion at my school!" Wally hissed back. There was a pause that seemed to last FOREVER. "The creepy 17 year-old kid with horns on his head and an evil cat to match?" Dick asked, shocked. Before Wally could answer, Dick interrupted him. "Hang on…" He said. Wally could hear him get up and excuse himself from the class to go to the washroom at his own school. "Okay, tell me everything…"
"Okay, I didn't actually see Klarion, but I definitely saw his evil cat."
"I was in the chemistry lab, and when I looked out the window, I saw it."
"Dude, It's probably just a stray."
"Dude! I don't think stray cats have evil red eyes!"
"Well, did it have a collar?"
"Huh? I dunno…"
"Klarion's cat has a collar around its neck with some sort of pendant. Dude, the red eyes were probably just a trick from the light outside, no biggie. Don't scare me like that next time, okay?"
"Dick, wait – !"

Too late. Dick Grayson already cut off the communication. Wally sighed. Okay, maybe he's right? It was probably just a trick of the light…
Wally walked out of the washroom and headed back to class. The bell rang as he walked along the halls, and he just had enough time to get his things from the chemistry lab before going to his next class.

Wally grabbed his backpack and apologized to the teacher for having to miss out on the rest of the class. He got out and left to his next class. History. Ugh, he hated that class. Rolling his eyes, he hurriedly went over to his desk and sat down. Wally watched the teacher get into the classroom and stand before the board. "Alright class, today we're going to…" Wally zoned out as the teacher started with the lesson. He couldn't stop thinking of the smirking cat. Wally shuddered a little at the memory.

The teacher was interrupted by a knock on the door, and Wally snapped out of his thoughts. Everyone's eyes were on the door now. Wally felt that something was wrong. He could see it in slow motion as the door knob turned and the door creaked open. Wally knew that he needed to slow himself down, or someone was bound to notice him vibrate or fidget too fast or something. He tended to get faster when he was nervous. He watched the door fully open, and it was like the world completely froze for a few seconds. There, at the doorway, stood Klarion the Witch boy himself. And the cat on his shoulders smirked at Wally again. Oh no…nononononono…

"Hello, teach', I'm looking for a red-head named Wally West." The Witch boy said, turning to look at Wally. Oh God. Wally's eyes were wide as saucers, staring back at the witch boy who already knew where he was, and his secret identity. This was totally not his day…