Author's note: Hey, everyone! unfortunately, life happened, and so, I was unable to update for quite a while. But here's a chapter for you all now! Hope you like it! Please note that it wasn't really proof read this time, so I hope you'll forgive any spelling or other mistakes for now. I might go over it later, and if I find anything, I'll be sure to fix it.


chapter 7…

Wally woke up from his nap, groggily opening his eyes. The first thing he realized was that his stomach was killing him. Quite literally, too! Darn it, how did I even forget to eat! Wally mentally kicked himself. He needed food NOW. Wally wrapped a small arm around his stomach and slowly slipped off the bed. He needed to move slowly – or slow for a speedster anyway – or he might end up passing out from the lack of energy he had to spend.

Wally made his way through the hall and slipped into the kitchen. He walked over to the fridge and opened it, having to tug twice because of how small and weak he was. The fridge was almost empty except for a few cans of cat food! Groaning, Wally looked over to the cupboards high above his head. Wally groaned again. Great…now I have to climb up there…

Sighing, Wally walked over to the counter. He jumped up, grabbing a hold of its top edge. He placed his foot onto one its little doors and hoisted himself up, then stood on his two feet and reached up to open the first cupboard. Twisting himself to look inside, he sighed. There were only some plates. He made his way over to the next one and opened it.


The next: more cans of cat food.

Next: same

Next: same

Wally growled in frustration. Where was all the darn food?! Why was there so much freaking cat food?! Wally jumped at the sound of a not-so-quiet meow behind him and whirled around, almost falling forward off the counter. Teekl stood at the door, eyes wide and mouth gaping from his near fall. Wally shook at normal speed as she seemed to switch to an angry expression, marching up to the counter on her massive paws. Wally tried to jump off the counter, but the big cat was quick and managed to grab the now slow speedster from the end of his button-down shirt and the rim of his pants before he could.

Teekl lifted him off the table and started marching over to the living room where her dear witch boy was still fast asleep on the sofa. All of a sudden her baby speedster – which was what she decided to call him from now on – stilled his struggling and wrapped his arms around his belly as it growled. Ohhh…so that's why he was up there. My poor baby speedster was just looking for food…She thought.

Stopping in front of the fire, Teekl set the baby down and gave him a look that said: stay here. No messing around.
Wally swallowed audibly and wisely sat down on the floor. It wasn't like he could use his super speed to run anyway, let alone move much at all.

Looking over to her witch boy, Teekl almost snickered. Klarion was slightly snoring. Not too loud, but not unnoticeable either. That was probably because he was leaning to his right so far that it was kind of hard to believe that he hadn't fallen to the floor yet. Taking a deep breath, Teekl went closer to him. She needed to be careful not to startle him, or he might through a fireball or two thinking there was someone trying to get him. Teekl shuddered. That happened once. She definitely didn't want it to happen again.

Teekl gently put a paw down on his lap and shook him a little. Klarion's face scrunched up and he stirred, but didn't wake. "mmm…five more minutes…" He murmured. Wally almost gaped. He never thought the witch boy could look so…normal. He was acting like any kid who just wanted to stay asleep while his mom was trying to wake him up from school! Teekl meowed quietly for such a big cat and leaned in to nuzzle his face. Klarion sighed dramatically. "Teekl…what do you want? I said five more minutes…!" He growled, keeping his eyes closed and turning his face away.

Wally couldn't help himself. He was grinning and snickering quietly, but stopped when his stomach suddenly gave a loud growl. Klarion opened his eyes, squinting and looking down at the baby sitting on the floor in confusion.

"Mreaw…" (he's really hungry…and I think he's slower now too?) Teekl stated. Groaning, Klarion, gently pushed her away and got up. Klarion stretched and yawned, then proceeded to scoop Wally up from under his arms, holding up to get a good look at his face.

"Aww…ith da paw baby hungwy?" Klarion smirked. Wally growled. Leave it to the darn witch boy to make fun of him every chance he got. Klarion just laughed at Wally's pouty face and started walking back to the kitchen. Klarion sat him down on one of the chairs went around the table to sit across from him. Looking up, Klarion suddenly doubled over laughing.

"WHAT?!" Wally yelled, super annoyed now.
Klarion didn't answer. He just snapped his fingers, making the chair Wally was sitting on a bit higher. Before, the poor speedster was so short, the table reached up to his shoulders when sitting on the chair.
"…I hate you…"
"pfft. Hey, it's not my fault you're so short…and chubby. Are all two-year-olds as chubby as you, or is it just that you need to cut back on your food?" Klarion replied, finally managing to stifle most of his laughter.
Wally just glared. "YETH! Babieth awe aww tthubby, and NO I don't need to cut down on food!" Wally spat. He was not fatter than most kids! Heck, most two year olds were probably fatter than he was right now! His stomach growled loudly again and he wrapped his arms around his stomach, involuntarily whimpering.

Wally could have sworn that Klarion's eyes widened for a second, but the witch boy quickly seemed to turn his eyes away and sigh as if he was bored. What was up with that? Klarion snapped his fingers three times, making two bowls of chicken soup and a plate of cat food appear. As an afterthought, Klarion proceeded to snap his fingers several times to make multiple plates of different foods appear in front of the baby speedster, knowing that there was no way that only one bowl of soup would satisfy Wally's stomach.

Wally hurriedly began to dig in like a wild animal, not caring what the witch boy would think of him, even if he would call him a pig later. He was just so darn hungry! Klarion's face seemed to twist in disgust before he just sighed again and placed the plate of cat food on the floor for Teekl. Looking back up to the table, his eyes widened when he noticed that there was absolutely no food left in any of Wally's plates. In fact, they looked like they may have actually been licked clean! His eyes shifted to the baby speedster and he was taken aback by the Wally's puppy dog face. The little boy had his big green eyes widened and his bottom lip trembled. "Okay, okay fine! Jeez…" Klarion hurriedly snapped his fingers some more and more food appeared on the table. Wally's face totally lit up like a Christmas tree and he dug into his food again.

"Okay, seriously! Slow down! Are you trying to disgust me?" Klarion growled, irritated. The speedster just glared, but slowed down anyway. Klarion sighed again and began eating his own food. For a while they just ate in silence, but soon Wally decided that the silence was getting a little awkward and he asked the first question that popped into his head.

"Why ith dere nofing but cat food in the cupboardth and fwidthe?"
Klarion looked up and blinked. How did the speedster even know that in the first place? Did I miss something?
"Mreaw…" (I found him on the counter looking through the cupboards before I woke you…) Teekl filled him in.
"You did what?!" Klarion dropped his spoon back into the bowl, effectively splashing soup all over his suit and tie. He groaned, looking down at the mess, but quickly forgot about and focussed back to the current topic.

"Are you stupid or something?! What if you fell and broke yourself?!" Klarion yelled angrily.
Wally seemed to slouch in his chair, almost as if trying to shrink away. "W-why do you even care?" Wally straightened back up in his chair and glared. It wasn't a very affective glare, considering the fact that his eyes were watering a little and his face was a little too cute to be intimidating. Either way, though, it did make Klarion reconsider. He's right…why the heck do I care…?

An awkward silence fell between them as they just stared at each other before Klarion finally spoke. "There's only cat food in them because I can just make any food appear without needing to prepare it…" He said. He decided to continue eating after that.
"So den why have any food ow pwates in dewe at aww?" Wally asked after a little more silence. Honestly, Klarion hadn't expected him to reply so quickly, but he was grateful that he didn't dwell on his previous question.

"Just in case Teekl is left here by herself…" He answered. For a while, the silence continued, until Wally did a double take.
"Wait, what? I thought you nevew went anywhewe widout youw cat!" He said.
"Tch…believe it or not, I do leave her here sometimes…Well, I used to anyway. People leave their pets at home all the time in this dimension, don't they?"
"Weww yeah, bu – wait you'we fwom anodew dimenthion?!"
Klarion just rolled his eyes, not answering Wally's question.

Wally pouted at being ignored, but didn't say any more. He continued to eat, but soon the curiosity started getting to him and he started to fidget, trying to resist the urge to ask more questions to break the suffocating silence. His fidgeting didn't go unnoticed, but Klarion decided to ignore it.

Finally, Wally cracked…

"Um Kwawio – "
"just shut up and eat…"
Teekl looked up from her plate and nudged him with one big paw. "Mreaw." (don't be mean.)
Klarion sighed and rolled his eyes. "Fine…What do you want now, pip-squeak?"
"Even if you did weave Kitty awone hewe, how da heck would thee be abwe to open da canth?"
"I put a spell on them to open when she picks it up…And wait a minute. Did you just call her 'Kitty'?"

Wally seemed to blush looking away as if embarrassed. "Um…yeth?"
"Her name's Teekl, you moron…"
"Mreaw!" (hey, what did I say about being mean?! Besides, I like it. It's cute.)
"Shut up, you stupid cat! You're not the boss of me! I can call him whatever I want!"
"Mreaw!" (no, you can't. I will stop talking to you for a week if you keep being mean to the baby!)
"No you wouldn't." Klarion challenged, narrowing his eyes at the cat.
"Mreaw." (try me.)

Klarion considered his options. Teekl was pretty much the only one he could really talk to. She did actually give him the silent treatment once until he apologised to her. Man, that was torture…

"tch…fine…I'm sorry." Klarion looked away, folding his arms over his chest and pouting again. Wally's mouth dropped open. Klarion? Apologising?! Is the world coming to an end?!
"Mreaw." (don't say it to me, say it to the baby speedster.) Teekl said, looking from him to Wally.
"What?! NO!" Klarion looked at her in alarm. He wasn't going to apologise to his prisoner. What kind of villain would do that?!
"Mreaw…" (Klarion…) Teekl growled in annoyance, which, to the baby speedster sitting across from him, made her look like she was going to attack Klarion.

Klarion just rolled his eyes as if he didn't even care. Finally looking back at Wally then away, he sighed. "I…I'm sorry I called you a moron…" He grumbled. If the room wasn't so dead silent right now, Wally probably wouldn't have heard him at all. Yup…the world must be coming to an end!

Breakfast – well maybe Brunch, Wally thought – went on very silently after that. They all just continued to eat without a word. When everyone was finished, Klarion just had to snap his fingers to make the plates float over to the sink and clean themselves, then place themselves in the right cupboards. Klarion was a clean freak, that much was obvious. He just couldn't live with the idea of anybody touching anything if their hands and mouth weren't clean, so he even washed Teekl's muzzle, even if she hated that. He watched as Wally washed his hands and mouth as well, not really trusting him to do a good job with that. Wally could understand that. Because, really, if there was a 2 year-old toddler running around the house with dirty hands touching everything, he was sure he'd want to pull his hair out. But seriously he was sixteen! He could handle washing his hands without someone watching him do that!

After they all finished washing up, they sat down in the living room, each minding their own business. Wally was sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, his back leaning against Teekl's side as she drifted off to continue her catnap. Klarion sat in his favorite sofa, reading as usual. Wally sighed. He was so bored right now. He really wanted something to do, but what was there to do? It's not like Klarion had anything that interesting to do here. Maybe the kid had video games? He didn't look like the type to be interested in those things, but it was worth a try. Besides, they were in the 21st century! Everyone has at least something for video entertainment. Speaking of which, didn't the guy own a TV?

"Kwawioooon?" Wally asked, sounding like a real 2 year old would.
"What?" Klarion asked confused. Why was the pip squeak doing that?
"Don't you have a TV?" He asked, looking at the older boy with large curious eyes.
Klarion had to look away, reminding himself that the baby was in fact 16 years old and not 2.

"No, I don't need one. I can just use a hologram as a TV when I want to."
"oh…" Wally kept staring at him, though, making Klarion shift in his seat uncomfortably.
"What?" Klarion finally asked, annoyed with the staring.
"Can I uthe it?"
"Wh – why?!"
"Because I want to read. The noise would be too loud for me to concentrate."
"aw, but I'm baaaaawwwd!"
"No you're not, you have hair…"
"Kwawion…I mean I'm bored."
"Well too bad, I'm not turning it on."
"But – "
"I –"

"Fine…" Wally crossed his arms and pouted. After all if he wasn't allowed to use the TV, then he couldn't really play any console games if there were any. Klarion again had to remind himself of Wally's real age.

Klarion continued to read for a few minutes before he heard the sound of Teekl grumbling. Looking up, he noticed Wally lying on his stomach over Teekl's neck and head. He was tickling her ears, making her grumble more, but not wake from her slumber. Klarion was trying not to smile, but failing. It was just really funny. Thank God the pipsqueak was too busy to notice. Klarion covered his mouth to stifle a snicker as he watched Wally place his finger in his mouth and wet it with his saliva. He pulled it out, and to Klarion's utter horror and amusement, stuck it in Teekl's right ear. The Saber-Tooth tiger's eyes snapped open and she violently jerked, making Wally fall backwards onto her back.

Klarion couldn't hold it in, he laughed out loud as the cat looked around wildly, only to find Wally giggling on her back. The kid just gave her a Wet Willy! Or in his case, a Wet Wally! Klarion wiped a few tears from his eyes caused by the laughter and looked up. The other two seemed to have stopped moving altogether and were staring at him. Teekl seemed happy, but Wally was looking at Klarion as if this was the first time he ever heard laughter. Did the pip squeak honestly think that villains didn't laugh like human beings?

"What?" Klarion asked still struggling to stifle his laughter, but struggling not to squirm because of the staring.
"Uh…nofing…" Wally replied, seeming to snap out of his thoughts. Indeed he was quite surprised that Klarion was laughing like he was actually having fun. It wasn't even the kind of fun than one would expect a 'bad-guy' to enjoy. Heck, his laugh didn't even sound evil this time! It was just a kid's laugh when doing or watching a harmless prank!

Wally actually had to remind himself that Klarion indeed was the bad-guy, and he was his prisoner…

A doorbell suddenly sounded throughout the house, which didn't really surprise Wally…until he realized that there wasn't really a door in the first place…

Klarion finally stopped laughing and rolled his eyes. Wally watched as he raised a hand and several circular holograms popped up in a semi-circle before him. Each of those semi-circles had a member of the light's face on it.

"Klarion, it's time for our meeting. Let us in…" Vandle spoke.
Klarion nodded to the man, and the holograms disappeared. Klarion then snapped his fingers and a large portal opened up, allowing the other members to enter. Wally's eyes widened as several of their most notorious enemies now stood before him. Vandle Savage, Queen Bee, Ras' Al Ghul, Brain along with Monsieur Mallah, Lex Luthor, and Black Manta all stood around him and Teekl, forming a complete circle along with Klarion, who stood in silent greeting.

Wally, who was now sitting up on Teekl's back, suddenly snapped out of it when he felt Teekl twist and nuzzle his cheek with her big nose. The sudden movement, to Wally's dismay, seemed to catch their attention, and they looked down. When they finally took notice of him, Wally squirmed, and he seemed to try and hide his face against Teekl's neck. Some of the members' eyes widened at the sight of a toddler in the middle of a super villain's living room. others either already knew that he was there (Vandle) or were surprised, but didn't really care.

After a few seconds of staring, Queen Bee seemed to snap out of it first. Smirking, she walked over to one of the other sofas closest to the fire, across from Klarion's favorite sofa. Wally watched her until she was finally seated, and blushed when her eyes met his, quickly looking away from her.

"Come here, little boy." She said, reaching both arms to him as if asking for a hug. Wally only shook his head nervously, keeping himself from looking at her.
"I said come. Here." Her voice becoming icy, unlike the sweet tone of voice she was using a moment ago. Wally didn't want to go to her, afraid of the evil queen. However, suddenly, he felt an overwhelming urge to listen to her. To follow her every command. Wally looked over to her and his mouth opened to for an 'o'. Wow, she looked pretty. And she seemed smart too. Wally felt appalled. How could he have thought so badly of her before?! This kind, wonderful woman only asked him to come over to her, why didn't he listen?

Klarion shifted his black eyes from Queen Bee to Wally, who was now sliding off of Teekl's back and starting to walk over to her. Something stirred in Klarion's stomach and he almost felt sick at the thought of Wally being controlled by that woman. Sure, he had seen her use her abilities on countless men and boys alike, but something about her being able to control Wally like all the rest so easily seemed to make his insides squirm. Was that fear? No, why would he fear for that brat?!

When Wally was finally standing right in front of the woman, she picked him up and turned him a little so that he would sit comfortably on her lap. "Well, aren't you precious?" She said, moving a strand of orangey hair from Wally's face. One look at his face and Klarion almost threw up then and there. The kid's eyes were half lidded and he had that dumb smile on his face, making him look almost drunk…or like a zombie. That was it. Where this feeling suddenly came from, he just didn't know, but if he didn't get the pipsqueak away from that woman, he was sure he wasn't going to get rid of it. Teekl didn't get up, but tensed and growled from her place on the floor, as if in agreement. Klarion knew that she had never liked the evil queen.

"Yeah yeah, whatever, playtime's over, queeny." Klarion said, pretending to only be annoyed. He knew exactly how to cut off her control on Wally, and so he snapped his fingers, making two red half-orbs cover Wally's ears for a few seconds. Wally rapidly blinked, seeming to snap out of his trance. He looked around, and his eyes met Queen Bee's again. Realizing what had happened, Wally gasped and scrambled off of the queen's lap and quickly backed away from her.

"Come 'ere, pipsqueak…" Klarion called. Wally didn't care. All he wanted was to get away from the evil woman. He didn't even protest as he felt the Witchboy slide his hands under his arms from behind and lift him up. Twisting around, Wally wrapped his arms around the Witch boy's neck and buried his face is his shoulder. Wally could feel the hair at the back of his neck stand again, much like the last time he was hugged like this, but made sure to keep himself looking bored and nonchalant.

"What?" He asked, annoyed, when he finally noticed that all eyes were on him now. Everyone standing just turned around and sat in the remaining seats within the room. Vandle Savage continued to stare at Klarion, though, raising an eyebrow as if asking 'when did you get so chummy with my enemy's sidekick?'. Klarion chose to ignore the look and sat back down in his previous seat, letting Wally – who refused to look up the whole time – sit on his lap.

Wally didn't dare look up, even when they began taking about him. "I was unaware you had family on this plane, Klarion…" Ras' al Ghul said, seeming to study the two from afar. Klarion rolled his eyes. He looked to Vandle, who smirked and turned to Ras' to answer. "He doesn't. The child is not related to him."
"a stray, then? I had no idea you cared enough." Queen Bee scoffed.
"Shut it. Why would I care? If you'd just stop yapping, then maybe you'd find out why he's here in the first place, queeny." Klarion sneered back, knowing she hated the nickname.

Just as he hoped, the Queen growled. Unfortunately for her, since Klarion wasn't from this dimension, he was somehow different from the other human men here, and she was unable to control him like she could others. As for the rest of the members of the light, she would rather not risk controlling them, especially since Klarion could wake them back up at any time. Then she would be in immense trouble. No, that would not do at all.

"Let's stay focussed now, if you would be so kind…" Vandal growled out, in no mood for an argument among his allies. Klarion smirked. He loved it when he got to say something last. The queen continued to glare, but said nothing more.

"Klarion, you may want to take the Speedster boy away, so we can continue with our meeting." Vandal suggested…or ordered. Klarion shrugged and got up. Turning away from the group, he walked over to the hall, and headed towards his room with Teekl right behind him. As they walked, Wally raised his head, and his eyes immediately snapped to Queen Bee's face. Unfortunately, she noticed and waved, and Wally quickly hid his face again.

The remaining men in the group watched her as she chucked to herself. "Precious indeed…" She murmured.

Klarion entered his room and stared to set Wally down. Wally looked behind him, and when he noticed that Klarion was trying to put him in the crib, he clung to him as long as he could, refusing to be put down. "Come on, quit it, will you! Ugh!" Klarion grunted, finally leaning over the crib and letting go of Wally so suddenly that Wally lost his grip and fell in, landing on his back. Wally wasted no time in getting up, but Klarion blocked him from jumping back on to him with a red translucent barrier, then locked the railing in place with magic from afar. Klarion glared. "Stay." He sneered. "Watch over him, okay? Don't let him go back to the living room until I call for you." He said, turning to Teekl. The Sabre Tooth nodded as the witch boy left then turned back to her baby speedster, trying to give him a soft smile like she learned from her witch boy. Wally didn't seem to notice, however, as he kept staring at his little feet, trying his best not to cry.

Klarion rejoined the rest of the Light and sat back down in his favorite chair. "go on…"
Vandle cleared his throat, and continued. "As you have just seen, there is a child currently staying here within Klarion's home. Can anyone guess who this child is?" He smiled as the others – sans Klarion – looked at each other as if searching for whoever had the answer. Vandle then nodded at Klarion, and the witch boy snapped his fingers. Several circular holographic screens popped up, showing several pictures, video recordings, and information about Kid Flash. The other Light members' eyes widened as they looked at the holographs, and Klarion snickered.

"Wait, wait, wait. You mean to tell me that that little boy, and that speedster brat are one and the same?" The queen exclaimed.
"Quite." Vandle answered, still smiling maliciously. "We managed to capture him almost 24 hours ago."
"And what was the point of that?" Asked Brain, speaking for the first time since he had entered the place.
"Patience, Brain…" Vandle turned to Klarion. Understanding, Klarion made more holographs pop up, this time showing the red clad speedster – and one of Vandle's most hated enemies – the Flash.

"As you all know from previous meetings, the Flash harnesses his speed from something he calls the Speed Force. I did not tell you, however, that he was able to acquire his speed by being soaked in a chemical formula…"

The room was silent for a few seconds. Everyone just stared, seemingly confused as to what Vandle was getting at, and Klarion rolled his eyes. Jeez, even he got it the instant he said it. Vandle sighed.
"just think of what we would be able to accomplish with the power of the Speed Force. The Justice league would be totally incapable of stopping us – "
"Yes, but I believe you're forgetting one or two who can…" Luthor jabbed sarcastically.
"psh…even the speedsters can't be everywhere in the world at once, smart ass." Klarion jabbed back.

Luthor glared, and seemed to want to say something, but Vandle cut him off. "Klarion is right. Even the speedsters cannot be everywhere at once, and the rest of the Justice League would be too slow to fight us off as they usually do. The world would easily become ours with them out of the way."

Klarion watched as everyone else in the room nodded. "So you kidnapped the child to hold him hostage, and the ransom is the formula…" Queen Bee summed it up.
"Right." Vandle said.
"so what now?" Ras' asked.
"Now, all we need to do is make the Flash desperate enough it give it up. This will take time, for he is a stubborn one. He'll try everything he can to get his precious little side-kick back, but he'll run out of ideas soon enough. To make things go a little faster though, I think it best to…encourage him."
Queen Bee smiled. "Taunt him, you mean?"
"Ooh! Ooh! I'll do it!" Klarion said, giddy at the thought of dangling the baby speedster in the older one's face.
"Not yet, Klarion. We need to do this little by little. First we'll start subtle. We need to make our allies remind him of his missing side-kick. Then we'll work our way up to showing him what he cannot have unless he gives up the formula. We need to work up his desperation to guarantee that we get it."

At that, Klarion pouted, but nodded.

"Now, I think it best if you give our favorite little Rogue a call…" Vandle continued, his smile getting wider.

Author's note: I really have no idea whether that's actually how to snap a guy out of Queen Bee's control, but i wrote it down anyway.