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"Armin!" Jean watched as a rogue Titan swatted the blonde boy like a fly, a puff of dust blocked Jean's sight from the downed soldier. He hung from his 3D gear in a tree as another Titan joined the last one. He struggled with his wire trying to tug it from the tree's branch, it didn't budge even as the Titan's surrounded him, stalking him like he was a rabbit and they were the hunters.

Well, you could say that's exactly what he was in this moment; he was stuck by his own 3D gear just dangling in front of them. Caught by his own trap.

The Titans were close now, uncomfortably close Jean almost let himself dangle and willingly be eaten but his mind ran back to Armin. Where was he exactly? Was he hurt? Could he get away if he just let the Titans' make a meal of him? Jean found himself scanning the area where Armin was earlier smacked into.

Jean spotted Armin's unmoving body and reacted quickly. C'mon kid, there's no sleeping on this job. He tore the 3D gear's wire from the tree and quickly latched onto one of the Titans, spinning around its head he sliced deeply into its neck. Withdrawing his wire again he took out the next Titan before the first one could fall.

He tumbled to the ground sprinting to Armin. No way was he being left alone on this mission. They'd started out with six people this morning, two were killed immediately and then the four that remained were forced to split up, Jean and Armin together and the other two trainees whom Jean hadn't bothered to learn the names of. He probably wouldn't need to learn their names now either.

Jean fell to his knees, cautiously turning Armin's body over. A few bruises formed on the left side of his face and he was bleeding from a wound over his eye.

Tch great, now I'm going to have to carry your happy ass to safety and manage not to get the two of us killed. Jean thought to himself as he looked around again, paranoia had him looking over his shoulder every second as he picked up the unconscious form. Armin wasn't as heavy as Jean thought he'd be which was good, it also stirred up more thoughts in Jean as he awkwardly 3D geared the two of them away from the recent battlefield.

By the time Jean found a small undestroyed house he was ready to just throw Armin to the ground and leave him. His muscles ached from the over-exertion, he hadn't a clue how long he'd been traveling but it seemed like forever. Jean checked his gas and realized he was nearly out, he mentally kicked himself because he couldn't even muster up enough strength to do it physically. Deciding it was best to not leave Armin out of the house he struggled to pull Armin inside the safety of the four walls.

Finally inside he slumped against the door, breathing rapidly as he ran a hand through his hair. He shut his eyes for a moment and drifted off to a much needed sleep.


Armin groaned pulling his legs up to his chest as he struggled to make the throbbing in his head hurt less. It didn't in fact it seemed to worsen as time passed, his whole body felt like lead. He listened for a minute waiting for a breeze to come and be alerted that he had been left alone to die. But it never came. He listened longer his blood pressure sky-rocketing at the dead silence, was he dead? No… he was very much alive his heart was beating loud enough to be heard.

He tilted his head to the side noticing he was on the floor in an unfamiliar house. How did he get here again? Was he carried or did he walk, maybe he even dragged himself here? He didn't remember how he'd gotten here or why he hurt so badly. Oh wait… Jean and I, we were-

"Jean?!" Armin sat up quickly, pain nearly making him black out. He coughed and wheezed trying to regain breathing control. He was panicking now; he struggled with breathing and trying not to black out as the pain of everything smacked into him like tidal waves threatening to pull him under.

"Jean…?" His bottom lip trembled and his eyes filled with tears. Don't tell me I just left him to die, how cruel… Armin thought to himself guilt washing through him as he brought his hands up to wipe his eyes. Just as Armin was about to scream bloody murder, the door opened to the house and in stepped a hooded figure.

"You're awake, Armin? How do you feel?" The familiar voice shocked Armin to his feet, he was shakily walking over to where his companion stood.

"Jean. I- I thought y-y-you…" Armin stumbled and was caught by Jean quickly.

"Who do you think carried you all the way here, dumbass." Jean held Armin up staring down at the very upset blonde.

Armin was suddenly very relieved to know he hadn't somehow abandoned his friend and then forgotten about it completely. His knees shook and finally caved beneath him, he stared at Jean as he was protectively picked up and placed in a chair.

"Could you not be such a pain, jeez." Jean taunted as he wiped a tear from Armin's cheek. "And what are you crying for?"

Armin stilled almost leaning into the touch. He blinked a few times trying to think up a better reason for why he was crying.

"I thought I had somehow managed to get to safety and left you behind…" Armin choked out looking down at the ground so that Jean couldn't see the warmth that heated his cheeks. How long had it been since he'd realized his feelings? It wasn't any normal admiration, Armin felt deeply for Jean, feelings that were tainted and impure. Armin frowned at himself for not hiding his feelings better.

"Well, after I make some breakfast I'll tell you what really happened." Jean smiled at Armin, messing up his hair. Jean was relieved to know that Armin was awake now, it'd been two days since he lost consciousness and he was starting to think he'd never wake again. Jean stood squaring his shoulders and disappearing into the next room.


Jean made a simple breakfast for two, a couple potatoes and some bird eggs and some bread he found around the village, seemed to him that it had recently been inhabited and was deserted quickly. They'd gotten lucky this time around. He told Armin what had happened watching the boys' reactions; Armin winced as Jean explained how he had been pounded into the ground like a fly, and then again when Jean explained how they'd gotten here. He even apologized to Jean when he added how sore he was.

"Don't apologize, without you I've got no way of getting back to the rest of the guys. Besides, I'd rather have you living then being Titan food." Jean laughed finishing off the last of his bread. Jean swallowed hard as he watched Armin's face turn red, it startled Jean at first but then again it also stirred a complicated feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I owe you one then, thank you Jean." Armin mumbled pushing himself up from his seat, a bit too quickly on his part for he began to sway and was once again caught by Jean.

"Take it easy, you hit your head pretty hard so my bet is that your center of gravity isn't quite back to the normal state it's been."

"I-I see." Armin stuttered turning a new shade of red that pulled at Jeans groin. "I'm just going to go lie down, is there a bed?"

"Yea, I'll show you." Jean replied pulling himself from his drifting fantasies and standing.

They made it about halfway down the hall before Jean decided to carry Armin to the room, he'd tripped and nearly fallen about three times already, and it was just a real pain to watch him struggle with such a simple task.

Jean pushed open the door to the bedroom walking to the two-person bed and setting Armin on the edge. Armin immediately laid down shutting his eyes as the covers were placed on his body. Jean felt his own exhaustion creep on his body, from what he could tell there wasn't another bed in this house either, he'd really rather not sleep on the floor either. It was cold and very uncomfortable, making up his mind he shucked off his jacket and 3D gear bands.

The ruckus apparently pulled Armin awake and he watched Jean as he set his boots neatly at the end of the bed. Jean went to the other side of the bed and pulled down the covers to let him in.

"W-w-what are you doing Jean?" Armin squeaked, obvious nervousness plastered on his facial expression.

"Going to sleep." Jean replied simply tugging his shirt over his head and tossing it to the end of the bed too. His exposed torso chilled and he quickly joined Armin under the blankets.

"There's got to be another bed here, I'll do sleep in that one."

"There isn't and this is a better idea anyway. I can make sure you don't freeze and you're already here." Jean muttered a little insulted that him lying in the same bed caused such discomfort.

"It's only for a few nights, you'll be okay. We can snuggle." Jean winked, half-meaning what he said. Jean shuffled closer to Armin watching the color drain from the blonde's cheeks. A smirk pulled at the corner of his mouth as he draped an arm over Armin's smaller body. Armin pushed the heavy arm away, scooting to the edge of the bed.

"P-please don't tease me Jean." Armin turned on his side trying to hide his embarrassment and very obvious attraction that seemed to be compressed by his pants.

"No fun Armin~" Jean purred, forcing his arm around Armin as he pulled the smaller body against his own. Armin was surprisingly warm to the touch, Jean found himself holding Armin closer soaking in the heat.

"P-please let go of me." Armin squirmed under Jeans grasp scared that Jean would read him and feel disgusted.

"I'm cold, no." Jean replied quickly leaving no room for argument. "Just think of this as a survival technique where we both can stay warm this way." He drifted his hand down Armin's torso slowly, feeling the blonde shudder under his touch. Jean snaked his other arm under Armin's body hugging him from behind.

"Umm..." Armin murmured, he stiffened when Jean's hand continued on its path down his body. Stopping on when it cupped Armin's bulge. Armin's jaw dropped when Jean didn't pull away disgusted, even when Armin moaned as Jean rubbed him through the fabric. Armin instinctively pulled his knees up into a half-fetal position as his bulge was massaged and squeezed.

"You're hard." Jean said pressing his mouth to Armin's ear physically smiling as the blonde flinched forward. Jean nuzzled Armin's neck before biting his earlobe gently his own groin tightening at the slight moan that poured from Armin's lips.

"I-I'm sorry, p-please let go." Armin grabbed Jean's forearm struggling from his grasp. He was wasting energy with the useless struggle that he only half-heartedly wanted to give. Armin gasped as his earlobe was bitten and Jean's hand sank into his pants, he grabbed the muscled forearm with both hand pushing his waist back into Jean attempting to withdraw the foreign hands. Armin was overpowered quickly and Jean wrapped his hand around the leaking erection, he pumped Armin's length watching as his eyes grew wider and a small line of dribble slid down his gaping mouth.

Jean pushed himself up by his elbow devouring Armin's mouth with his own, he swirled his tongue into the warm opening claiming every sweet inch of the blonde's mouth. Jean suddenly found himself between Armin's legs pressing his clothed erection into Armin's, he ground his hips in a circular motion groaning into Armin's mouth at the arousing sensation. He bucked his hips against Armin, grinning at the pleasured moan that poured into Jean's mouth from Armin.

He pulled away admiring his writhing prey beneath him. He made quick work with getting rid of the 3D gear straps and Armin's dirty pants, he pushed them off the bed and then hit the floor with a loud smack. He looked back down at Armin who was now pulling his shirt down to cover his erection, Jean grabbed Armin's hands pulling them above his head he held them there by one hand as his other drifted up the blonde's shirt.

Jean twisted Armin's nipple between his fingers as he bit Armin's earlobe again, he was treated to another moan from Armin that aroused him further. He slid his hand down to Armin's boxers; he slid the fabric from Armin's waist to his knees. Jean returned his attention to Armin's member which leaked with pre-cum, his mouth traveled down Armin's body leaving small marks on the unscathed skin. He released Armin's hands as he took Armin's member into his mouth; hands flew into his hair instantly trying to pry him from the sensitive organ.

He sucked on the head listening to the soft-whimpers Armin managed to choke out, he then pressed his mouth further down Armin's shaft taking him in completely. Armin's body curled around the action, his legs straining from the intense feeling. He moaned as Jean's hot tongue slid up his shaft, Armin fought to not buck his hips. Then he found himself fighting himself to not come.

"I-I'm going to come Jean. L-let go." Armin pleaded, tugging Jean's hair harder. A finger brushed his entrance and Armin's hips spasm in two different ways. He swallowed hard as his climax came closer to the edge, as a final attempt Armin pulled a bit harder managing to lift Jean from his shaft a bit. Jean moaned the vibrations sending Armin over the edge, he threw his head back and moaned as his body convulsed in and under Jean. "F-fudge…"

Jean sucked Armin's tip one last time before pushing himself on top of the smaller man, he pinned Armin's body down as it still twitched and convulsed from the climax he was coming off of. He licked his fingers coating them in saliva, Jean slid his fingers slowly into Armin's entrance scissoring the virginal hole gently. He kissed Armin hard, deepening the kiss as he slid his tongue into Armin's overly-wet mouth; he dominated both of Armin's entrances quickly adding a third digit to Armin's lower hole. Armin moaned beneath his weight, rocking his hips into Jeans hand.

Deeming Armin ready for entering, he withdrew his fingers and lined his own member up to Armin's entrance. He brushed Armin's hair from his face whispering lowly that it was going to be a tight fit because he was rather large. He didn't mean to sound like he was bragging, but the smirk from Armin told him that he'd done just that. He laughed, thrusting into Armin without warning.

Armin moaned as he back arched from the bed, a small ache ran up his spine as he was further stretched. Jean pushed himself hilt deep into Armin, loving the tight feeling that clamped around his erection. He waited knowing Armin needed to adjust, that was just fine with him. He wanted to have all of Armin to himself, he drove deeper into Armin. It was glorious this feeling of being completely surrounded by such a warmth, he shuddered wrapping his arms around Armin's torso.

"Yes..." Jean groaned through clenched teeth as he slid himself from Armin and drilled back into him repeatedly. Skin slapped and moans were spilt as Jean lost himself in the depths of Armin finally finding somewhere he felt he belong and that it was molded specifically for him.

He slid his hand into Armin's kissing him softer; cherishing the person who seemed so fragile yet was so strong and durable. That comforted Jean as he pounded into Armin's prostate with every intent on getting another climax out of the smaller man. Grinning as Armin's hips convulse and he moaned loudly Jean felt his own climax growing. The heat warming his lower stomach, Jean was first to release not bothering to pull out. Armin followed spilling his seed on his stomach. Jean watched his new mate closely as he rode out his second orgasm.

Armin squirmed beneath Jean realizing that he wasn't going to pull out.

"C-can you take it out now Jean?" Armin asked softly watching as Jean's smile widened.

"I think I'll sleep like this, its warmest here." Jean teased, sliding his soft member all the way back in.

Armin laid there shocked that Jean somewhat meant what he was saying, he lifted his hips pulling himself off Jeans member. He moaned softly at the loss but quickly blushing as warm goo slid from his hole.

"What a lewd body." Jean teased again watching the blonde's face heat up all over again.

"You're not doing this again." Armin barked, pulling himself from the bed and disappearing into the bathroom to clean him-self up.

That didn't hold up long, in fact it didn't hold up at all. Jean dominated Armin for the next three days before scouts finally arrived. Whom-ever said persuasion never helped anyone?

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