Okay, so I know you all really want a Reiner/ Bertholdt fanfic. But I really do not know a lot about Bertholdt's type of personality. At least with the episode that showed today I know a little more about Reiner, which is fine by me. To be honest I'm a little more attracted to Reiner atm than anyone else in Snk. Unf.

Anywho, this is gonna be a Reiner/Eren fanfic, and my next one will probably be a Reiner/_?_ fanfic. Really depends on my mood, creativity and inspiration. Feel free to pm me with requests and such, I won't use your exact idea, but I'll alternate it to my own form of idea so I don't feel like I'm ripping someone else off. :c Well now that we've accumulated a massive intro let's get to the story shall we? -P.

A whimper pulled Reiner from his sleep, he shifted onto his side listening for the direction again. He didn't really have to listen to know where or who had produced it but he'd rather not get out from under the warmth of his blankets without confirmation. Rustling from the only other bed in the room alerted Reiner to be ready to move. Silence fell over the room, not even a mouse dared move.

Another deeper whimper came from the opposite bed.

Pushing himself from his covers Reiner got up and sleepily drudged across the room he knelt beside the bed, slowly smoothing the brown locks from the strained face.

"Eren, it's just a dream. You're alright, Eren?" Reiner cooed concerned with the way the sheets were tangled around Eren's smaller frame. He watched as the bushy eyebrows pulled together and then Eren's eyes to crack open.

Eren's sleepy gaze hung on Reiner as a few minutes ticked away, he began to drift off again but was reminded of his last dream. And suddenly he was breathing hard again and his eyes were searching the room for any sign of abnormality. Nothing. See Eren you're only freaking yourself out.

"Eren, you're alright." Reiner assured the calming brunette again. His usual smile was replaced by a small frown, worry and sleep lines creasing his face making Reiner look years older than what he really was. Eren nodded, leaning into Reiner's touch.

"Did I wake you up again?" Eren's throat was sore and dry so his voice came out croaked and he visibly winced as pain flashed behind Reiner's eyes. He didn't need an answer, he knew the answer already. "I see."

"Scoot over." Reiner demanded politely, he waited for Eren to untangle himself from the blankets and sheet that wrapped around his half-clothed body. A dusky nipple slipped out from beneath the covers and Reiner felt his groin tighten slightly. Shaking his head he slid himself one leg after the other onto Eren's small bed and under the blankets.

Eren watched as the blonde adjusted everything so that he was comfortable and then made himself comfortable against the half-naked blonde. Warm. Eren thought as he buried his face into Reiner's chest, his eyes drifted shut and he was fast asleep again.

Trapped in his dreams.


Reiner was torn from his sleep again when a blood-curdling shriek resonated from his arms. His arms tightened around the brunette's waist, softly trying to wake him or soothe him. Eren started to thrash around, accidently punching Reiner in the jaw.

Reiner called Eren's name softly, watching the brunette's face contorted. Wake up Eren. When Eren's eyes opened, unshed tears pooled in his eyes, his breathing was quick and he just couldn't get enough air to function. He started to hyperventilate.

"Eren, shhh you're alright. Breathe you know how to do it. Inhale exhale." Reiner soothed the brunette as he held himself up by his elbow. He pulled the covers down telling Eren wordlessly that he wasn't trapped, that he could breathe.

"I…" Eren choked on a sob that wracked his body. Reiner made hushing sounds, softly brushing back Eren's hair. His heart ached watching Eren in this situation he wished he could somehow help to stop these private breakdowns.

"Don't… leave …me." Eren clutched onto Reiner's arms his body shaking and damp with a cold sweat. The blonde shook his head a small smile tugging his worried lips, he bent his neck forward pressing his forehead against Erens.

"Wouldn't dare." Reiner purred patiently waiting for Eren to calm further. His breathing was more even now, exhaling slowly Reiner let himself relax again. No more sleep tonight… I can nap tomorrow. Eren turned over to face Reiner accidently bumping his thigh into the larger mans groin. Reiner groaned lowly, his eyes falling onto the blue orbs that watched him. A small blush formed his on his cheek when Eren pulled himself on top of the blonde.

"I'm sorry for waking you up again." His voice was low and apologetic, and completely a turn on. Wait, is it inappropriate to do this when he's only just calmed down? Guess it can't hurt anything.

Go for it Reiner, the worst you could do is say 'Hey Eren I know you just had a minor panic attack in your sleep, but can we put that aside for now? I really want to be balls deep in you.' Reiner could smack his conscious right now, but doing so would kill the mood Eren was setting. So instead he noted that he'd deal with his thoughts later and for now he'd just let things go the way they'd go.

Eren pushed himself into a sitting position on top of Reiner, watching as the blonde waged an internal war. He grinned feeling a bit guilty for always worrying the man, his dream tonight shook him and now that he'd calmed himself he really wanted Reiner. He was tired of things being platonic between them two, and when he wasn't having nightmares he was having steamy dreams, filled with the blonde devil himself.

Reiner's hands drifted up his bare legs meeting the fabric on his boxers and continuing up to his hips, which he held firmly his eyes never leaving Eren's. He was fully aroused now, the sight of Eren making his member twitch. His hair was messy, sticking up in all ways, old tears stained his cheeks and his eyes were hooded with lust.

What a friggin turn on.

Eren smirked watching the change in Reiner, he felt the change too nudging his bottom almost as if asking 'Eren, may I come in?' a shudder of pleasure rushed south warming Eren to the core. He rocked his hips back enjoying Reiner biting his own lip, but suddenly wanting that lip to himself too.

"Eren, don't push yourself. You don't have to do this." Reiner mumbled stilling the brunette's hips, his erection strained for attention lifting the fabric from his skin. Eren shook his head, sliding his hands up Reiner's chest leaning down.

"I'd like to do this…" Eren pressed a chaste kiss on Reiner's lips hiding the small blush that found his cheeks. Reiner loosened his grip on Eren's hips allowing the smaller boy to grind and tease him through the fabrics.

"Hnng. Eren." Reiner moaned excited by the pressure on his member. Eren's weight left him and soon he felt his tented boxers being peeled down his thighs where Eren left them at his knees. Hot breaths brushed his thigh then directly above his member, Reiner looked down just as Eren took his length into his hot mouth hungrily. S-shit.

Reiner groaned as Eren's tongue slid up the bottom of his shaft, here and there he'd brush his teeth sending shivers of pleasure to his abdomen which pooled with a heavy heat. He wasn't happy with him just being pleasured, he wanted to taste Eren too.

"Eren, turn around and get on top of me again." Reiner groaned breathily as Eren complied his mouth never leaving Reiner's member. Reiner slid Eren's boxers off throwing them aimlessly off the bed. Eren spread his legs on either side of Reiner curiously, then gasped around Reiner's length as his own member was absorbed into the heat of Reiner's damp mouth.

He sucked hard on the throbbing member, stiffening when Eren's moan vibrated down his own length. He hollowed his cheeks and took Eren completely into his mouth rubbing his salivated tongue around Eren's member.

He tasted salt and groaned at the lack of heat around his member, sucking harder on Eren's member.

"R-Reiner I'm …stop, let go… hnng ahh!" Eren groaned, his hips and legs beginning to shake. "I'm going to… yahh!" he tried again, moaning loudly when Reiner's teeth grazed his base.

Reiner listened to the small pleas, pushing Eren further to the edge. He was bucking his hips into Reiner's heat now, still pleading on deafened ears. His body convulsed involuntarily, Reiner almost gagged at the force but caught himself quickly, Eren's length twitched in his mouth threatening his release.

"Rei..nghhh, your mouth… hot, too hot. I'm… yahnng going to." Eren arched his back, trying desperately to pull the heat from his sensitive organ. His arms wobbled beneath his weight.

Reiner swallowed Eren again, the muscles slowly jerking the brunette off. Salty pre-cum oozed down his throat. You're close Eren, give it to me. As if actually hearing the command Eren orgasmed, Reiner swallowed the thick liquid slowly releasing the organ from his mouth.

"B-baka, Reiner, asshole." Eren mumbled turning himself back around to look down at the blonde, he stilled looking at the heart-wrenching grin plastered on Reiner's face.

"I'm a what now?" He teased watching Eren with lusty eyes.

"You're a…" Eren quieted, an idea filling his thoughts. He acted before Reiner, quickly positioning himself above Reiner's growled realizing his thoughts, he pressed his entrance open with Reiner's tip forcing the length past the strong muscle. He moaned at the fullness, taking it in completely.

"You aren't even prepared Eren." Reiner scowled feeling as if his dick was about to be taken off. Eren groaned lifting himself off Reiner and then pushing himself back down. He tried different angles making a rhythm, pleasuring himself with Reiner's member.

Reiner was a bit slow to react, still shocked that Eren was taking the lead, but he caught up slowly joining the pace Eren had set. He moaned as his orgasm came closer, wanting to hide itself deep in the brunette riding him.

Eren's face was red and tears again pooled in his eyes, not from hurt but from pleasure, Eren was pleasuring himself more than Reiner was. The thought sparked something inside Reiner and he took command of the situation, he braced Eren and spun their positions around his member never leaving Eren's warmth, in fact it seemed to be sucked deeper in the changed position. He groaned along with Eren and started pulling out.

Eren clung to the sheets as Reiner drilled into him, over and over and over, harder, faster, stronger, deeper, he had no limit if Eren whispered harder he went harder every time nailing him in his prostate. His moans became louder and more strained it was the only sound that was louder than the sound of skin on skin, or Reiner's groans and huffs.

"Yahah ..Reiner." Eren was cut off as the blonde's lips softly pressed against his own, a warm tongue sliding between his lips asking for entrance, which Eren willingly gave. The muscle slid around Eren's instinctively, dominating the brunette's mouth muffling the hoarse moans. Eren's body showed early signs of an orgasm and Reiner took it as his note to go harder, his own climax coming on.

Reiner ground his length into Eren somehow finding extra inches to fill the smaller body, to engrave his presence so that no one else could satisfy this lusty brunette. His muscle shuddered as his final thrust pulled them both over the edge and into the abyss.

"F-fuck!" Reiner groaned throwing his head back and then collapsing on top of the brunette. The two of them breathed heavily together, Eren a bit more labored from Reiner's weight.

"Reiner I can't breathe." Eren murmured next to the blonde's ear.

"I was that good huh?" Reiner chuckled, throwing himself off the brunette and dodging a playful punch from the said man. He pulled the covers back up around them, and nuzzled close to Eren.

"You were that good just by the way." Eren mumbled, a small blush reappearing on his face.

"Well, that's good, because I forgot to pull out." Reiner laughed trying to play it off.

The next morning Reiner was sleepless, had a few bruises on his face and Eren was walking with a limp.

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