I JUST HAD TO WRITE THIS BECAUSE WELL OMG I DIED! Tonight's ep was so to many words to say like just omg Swanthief :(

"What do you wanna hear, Neal? That it kills me you never came looking for me even once while I was locked up? That it didn't hurt that you found Tallahassee with someone else?" everything they went through everything flashed through Emma's mind she couldn't lose him. She held on to everything she had.

"Please don't let go...I need you...I love you." She said holding on as hard as she could. She looked into his eyes.

"I love you too." Neal said and let go. He didn't know where he was headed he didn't know why he let go but now he wasn't going to be in Storybrooke anymore.

"Noooooooooooo!" Emma shouted then the green portal closed and she was stuck there alone. Tears streamed down her face she lost him now. She cried on the ground for what seemed like forever but it was only a few minutes. She composed her self and walked back too the apartment, but the minute she walked into the room she saw eyes on her.

"Emma! Where's Neal?" Snow asked. Emma looked at her mother and father tears filled her eyes..." He's gone" she said unable to say anything else.

"Gone?" Snow said.

"Ta...mara hit the bean too the ground and he fell in saving me." she said..."I loved him I admitted it he admitted to me he loved me and I lost him." Emma said breaking down right there she didn't care anymore.

"Oh Emma!" Snow said taking her daughter in her arms. Emma looked up and saw Regina laying on the bed but couldn't get herself to confront her. Just then she heard Regina say something.

"He might be in fairytale land or..." Regina said in a whisper. "Neverland" She took a deep breathe. Emma moved over too Regina was.

"He's not dead?" Emma asked but wasn't sure how to react.

"We can only hope the bean...saved him."

"He got shot." Emma said chocking on tears.

"Shot?" Charming asked to here Emma correctly. She nodded "Where's Henry?"

"With Red and Granny right now." Snow said. She wasn't sure how her daughter would tell her Henry at all. "Did Tamara shoot him?" Charming asked, bending down and wrapping his arms around his daughter who let her walls down and held her back.

"YES!" Emma shouted between sobs she couldn't believe it. She might have lost him forever. "I can't believe I lost him."

"I...I...Love him..." She said barring her face into her mother and fathers shirt. Regina sat up looking at the little of family of three. She put a hand on Snow's shoulder. Snow looked up and smiled at Regina.

"I am...Sorry." Regina said Snow nodded and Regina new she had to help defeat Tamara and Greg. She has lost too much she won't lose the last family she has left no matter what kind of family they are.

"Emma." Regina said she looked up wiping tears from her eyes.

"I will help find Neal." Regina said Emma nodded but the tears kept streaming.

A/N- Okay so a little out of character but I hope you like it and OMG I really hope Neal is just like in Neverland or FTL because I Swear if he's gone I can't watch anymore gosh! :( Emma needs her happy ending with him. Really hate Tamara and Greg:(

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