A/N: I'm sorry it's taken so long to update. I know Leanne didn't come until Season 7; BUT I want to include her because she was in the show.

Matlock, Charlene and Leanne were sitting at the kitchen table.

"Ben, that's great. I'm glad to hear you're happy." Charlene smiled. "I think it's time for you to be happy." She put her hand in the crook of his elbow. He put his hand on top of hers and smiled.

"Thank you Charlene. I am happy. Are you going to be able to get away from your practice long enough to come for the wedding?" She looked at the table.

"I'm not sure Ben. I have a lot of cases lately and I was barely able to get away just for the weekend that we are staying right now." Ben nodded.

"I understand." He turned to Leanne. "How about you Leanne? Are you going to be able to come?" Leanne smiled wide.

"I'm so happy for you Pop. Of course I'll be there." She kissed his cheek and Charlene glared at her. Ben and the girls heard the front door open and footsteps.

"Ben?" A sweet, gentle voice called.

"Julie?" Ben questioned. Then, she walked into the kitchen and stood next to him. He stood up. "Charlene, Leanne, this is Julie." Julie nodded.

"Hello." Julie smiled. Charlene stood up and shook her hand.

"It's nice to see you again Ms. March." Charlene said. Ben looked between the two of them.

"Do you two already know each other?" Julie shook her head. Charlene spoke up before Julie could respond.

"Yes Ben. We met when she came into town three years ago. She defended you in a jury tampering case." Matlock nodded.

"I remember that now." Julie smiled.

"I'm glad to see you Charlene." She nodded and Matlock and Julie turned to Leanne. She stood up and hugged Julie.

"Julie, this is my oldest daughter; Leanne." Leanne looked at him.

"You didn't have to point that out dad." She laughed. "Besides it's only a six year difference."

"I'm glad to meet you both." Julie responded smiling. "I have never had children before, I'll be glad to have you and your families in my life."

"Julie, sit." Ben helped her into the chair he had been sitting in while Leanne and Charlene sat back down. "Charlene was just saying that she wouldn't be able to get away from her office long enough to be here for the wedding." Julie nodded.

"I can sympathize with that." She laughed. "This is a lawyer family. Ben is one of the best lawyers in Atlanta, and if I understood it correctly, both of you went to law school?" Leanne nodded.

"I wanted to be a lawyer like Pop and Charlene followed in my footsteps."

"I wanted to be like dad, I wasn't doing anything to be like you." Charlene snarled and then looked at Matlock. "I'm sorry dad, I can't do this." She walked out of the room. Julie looked at Matlock.

"Did I do something?" She asked softly. Matlock and Leanne chuckled.

"It's not you Julie; it's just my sister." Leanne sighed and looked at Matlock. "Now daddy, I can make it to the ceremony."

"You can?" Matlock asked excitedly.

"I haven't started truly practicing law yet." Leanne looked at Julie. "My husband doesn't want me to work even though I have a law degree and could make more money in a courtroom than he makes, but I don't tell him that." Julie nodded.

"My ex-husband felt inferior of my career as well. I know what you are going through." Leanne leaned her elbow on the table.

"What field was your ex-husband in?" Julie sat up.

"Oh, well he was a lawyer too; but he didn't want me to work. He wanted me to be a stay at home wife more than anything." Leanne nodded.

"And you just wanted more for your life." She looked at her watch.

"I'm sorry to cut this short; but I told Michelle and Conrad that I would go to lunch with them before I headed back to Philadelphia." She stood up. "Bye Pop."

"Goodbye Leanne." Matlock paused. "You are coming back aren't you?" He walked over to her.

"Of course I am." They walked away from Julie. "I have to go to this lunch and I thought you and Julie might like some time alone." She whispered.

"Why?" Leanne looked at him.

"I know mom's gone pop, but it hasn't been that long."

"OH." Matlock said and then looked at her. "Oh no, Julie and I wouldn't do anything like that. We aren't even married Leanne."

"It's the 80s Pop, things are changing." She kissed his cheek.

"Not me. I don't change." He exclaimed at Leanne walked through the house.

"Bye Pop." She said and then closed the door. Matlock walked over and put his hand on the back of her chair. Julie looked up at him.

"I think that went well Ben. I really like your girls." She paused. "They both live in Philadelphia?" Matlock nodded.

"Leanne went to Harvard for law school like I did and she went to Philadelphia when she got out." He paused. "Charlene stayed here and was part of my practice for a while; but she went up to Pennsylvania about two years ago to be close to her sister and have her practice there." Julie nodded.

"They don't seem to be very close even though they live in the same city." Matlock nodded.

"Charlene has always felt like she lived in Leanne's shadow since they both went to law school and work in criminal law."

"I'm sure that doesn't make me seem more of a welcome change in the family since I'm also a lawyer."

"You're the assistant D.A. in Atlanta. The best one, might I add." Julie blushed. "You are different. I'm trying to get clients out of jail and you are trying to get them put in."

"Well, I never thought of it quite like that Ben." Julie smiled. Julie was going to fit in just fine with this family of lawyers; even if she was a prosecutor.