Title: Discovery

Summary: Kaiba Corporation's recently opened Cosplay Cafe has a new star attraction that intrigues Kaiba.

Pairing: Kaiba x Yami

Rating: M for graphic lemons, sexual content, and mature language.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! does not and never has belonged to me.

Chapter 01: Alerted

Kaiba Seto was bored. Oh so painfully bored. His first meeting of the day was dragging on and it was beyond painful. He could only hope that his day would improve later, otherwise he was in for one hell of a shitty day.

Nakagawa Masahiro, senior vice president of Nakagawa Industries, offered as a toast, "Congratulations on the success of your latest venture!"

"The cosplay cafe, right? I can't keep my son out of the place! He's fallen for the girl who dresses as Mai," joked Uchihara Waki, president of a technology firm.

Kaiba nodded and said nothing, accepting the compliments with feigned interest. At least until he heard Nakagawa say, "My daughter is just as bad. She goes almost every day to see Yuugi."

"Just be thankful that it's a cafe and not a host club," Uchihara said with a boisterous laugh.

Kaiba laughed as well, although it was because of the image of a very awkward Yuugi trying to be a host. He had yet to visit the cafe since it opened last month, although he had carefully gone over all of the details before giving his approval. His current project had distracted him from his customary follow up, but he was already starting to think ahead on a new idea based on the cafe's success. The next logical step was having employees dress up as their favorite Duel Monsters and even though it was premature, Kaiba was considering ordering his secretary to pull the file for him to examine.

Nakagawa stated, "That hasn't stopped her from trying to pursue him, though."

The idea of anyone wanting to pursue Yuugi was laughable, but he said nothing as Nakagawa continued, "Apparently she's not the only one, either."

"My son has already lost one of his girlfriends over it! And she wasn't even dating the Yuugi cosplayer!" Uchihara exclaimed with a laugh that the others joined in on together.

That made one of Kaiba's eyebrows raise in surprise, although he couldn't figure out which was worse: having multiple women or losing one because of a Yuugi impersonator. He was suddenly curious to see what all the fuss was about. How could anyone with a resemblance to Yuugi cause such extreme reactions?

Nakagawa questioned, "It must be reassuring in light of the problems around your upcoming tournament, ne?"

Kaiba refused to show any reaction over the intentional low blow, so he simply smiled and reassured them, "Regardless of what rumors you might have heard, I'm confident that there will be no problems at this year's Grand Prix."

Uchihara said, "That's good to hear," although it was easy for Kaiba to hear his true feelings on the subject. "There were some people who thought that Kaiba Corporation was having a hard time finding other sponsors."

It led Nakagawa to ask, "Is it true that Mutou Yuugi isn't participating this year?"

Kaiba answered, "Nothing has been decided yet," although it pained him to admit it. He had just assumed that Yuugi would compete again this year, but he hadn't received confirmation one way or the other. After last year's fiasco with Siegfried, it was important to him to have a Kaiba Corporation Grand Prix that would make everyone forget the problems that had plagued the previous tournament. He didn't need Yuugi in order to succeed, but the boy was pure publicity of the best kind—not to mention great for securing additional funds. "But I trust I can count on the support of both your companies," Kaiba said with a confident smile over a well-played tactic.

"Of course," they both chimed in with wide smiles, seeing nothing buy dollar signs in their futures.

"And if you need any help with the cosplay cafe, just let me know," Uchihara suggested, knowing that the rewards would be worth any investment.

It had been one long day of mishap after mishap and Kaiba was starting to chafe under his collar. He needed a break and lunch was just the excuse he was looking forward to right now, but first he needed to touch base with one of his executives.

Leaving his office, Kaiba happened to overhear a female employee exclaiming, "Oh my god, I finally went last night!"

Another female employee gloated, "Now do you understand?"

The first woman moaned, "It should be a crime to look like that!"

Pointing out with a laugh, "It technically would be if it was the real Yuugi," the second woman was in good humor despite her point.

The first woman said, "Yeah, I was glad that this guy looks older. Otherwise I'd feel like a lecherous perv…"

Laughing again, the second woman countered, "You are a lecherous perv. I just wonder what he looks like normally?"

"I wonder what he looks like naked!"

The second woman toasted with her coffee mug, "All I can say is god bless Kaiba Corporation's high standards."

The first woman said, "I know, right? Although you know who else looked pretty good…?"

Kaiba stopped paying attention as he diverted into a different hallway on his way to visit one of his executives. His curiosity was starting to get the better of him and he was tempted to pay the cafe a visit. Random inspections always kept employees on their toes and went a long way toward ensuring consistent quality. Besides, it was almost lunchtime and Kaiba didn't have any meetings until later in the afternoon.

Decision made, Kaiba put the thought from his mind and focused on his task at hand.

A/N: I know this one is off to a little bit of a slow start, but it's necessary for setting up everything. So pleased hang in there with me and I promise it'll be a fun ride.


It all suddenly made sense to Kaiba and he could have kicked himself for not realizing it earlier.

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