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Chapter 26: The Real Issue

"Hey!" Yami brightly greeted Kaiba as he let him into his house.

Nodding as he entered, Kaiba asked as they entered the living room, "Is there somewhere more…private we can talk?"

Eyes lighting up in perverse possibilities, Yami replied, "Sure," as he led the way to his bedroom and shut the door behind him. "What's up?"

"We need to talk," Kaiba bluntly informed him as he set his briefcase on Yami's desk, having yet to work out a tactful way of broaching the subject.

"That sounds…less than good," Yami said with a frown as he studied Kaiba's demeanor.

Pulling out the magazine from his briefcase, Kaiba held it up for Yami to see and looked at him expectantly. "Oh," was all Yami could initially say, not having seen the magazine spread yet.

"Oh?" Kaiba scornfully repeated. "That's all you have to say for yourself?"

"I was just doing what I was told," Yami defended himself. "It's not like the model has any say in the artistic process—"

Interrupting him to say, "You could have just walked out," Kaiba was starting to feel his anger come rushing back to him.

"No, I couldn't have," Yami disagreed, "not without making both of us look bad."

It was a valid point, but Kaiba wasn't in the mood to listen to reason. "So you're fine with what he made you do?"

"It's just a silly photo shoot," Yami replied, not seeing why Kaiba was as upset as he was.

"You're half naked, damn it!" Kaiba snapped as he pointed at the picture for emphasis. "And I just know that pervert—"

Realization dawning on him, Yami interrupted to ask, "Is that what this is about? You're mad because Keisuke-kun was the photographer?"

"He touched you," Kaiba hissed, the idea not sitting well with him as that ugly jealous flared deep inside of him.

"Not like that," Yami insisted, wondering what crazy ideas and scenarios Kaiba was picturing in his mind. "First off, there were like twenty people there helping out so he couldn't possibly have—"

"That doesn't matter!" Kaiba angrily protested, even as a voice inside of him warned that he sounded ridiculous over the matter. He was too riled up to listen to it, however.

"It does matter," Yami insisted. "How many times do I have to tell you that you have nothing to worry about with Keisuke-kun?"

"He likes you," Kaiba retorted, having no doubt that the photographer had an impure interest in Yami.

Shrugging at the statement, Yami asked, "So? What does that have to do with me?"

"What does that—? Everything!" Kaiba exclaimed, tripping up in his words in his worked up state.

"It's not like I'm going to act on it," Yami reassured him, hoping it would sink in somehow. "His feelings make no difference to me."

"So I'm just supposed to be okay with a guy having a crush on you and making you strip in sexy poses?" Kaiba demanded, his cheeks flushing slightly at the last part.

Even though he disliked Kaiba's misplaced anger on the issue of Keisuke, Yami couldn't help but find that specific reaction endearing. Choosing to focus on that aspect of it to try and deflect some of Kaiba's worries, Yami asked, "So you thought I was sexy?"

"You'd have to be blind not to see that," Kaiba growled in irritation, standing his ground as Yami approached him with a sway of his hips that made part of his brain perk up in appreciation.

Taking the magazine from his hand and setting it on top of his briefcase, Yami wrapped an arm around Kaiba's waist and pressed close to him as he murmured, "Doesn't it make you feel good that you're the only one that gets to experience that side of me?"

"Yes, but he—"

"—he doesn't stand a chance against you, don't you understand that?" Yami interrupted to finish his sentence. "You're all that I want."


Leaning up on tiptoe to kiss Kaiba into silence, it took some coaxing to get him to respond properly. Once he did, Kaiba embedded his fingers in Yami's hair to pull him closer still as he deeply kissed him with the full force of his passion. It distracted Kaiba from what he was going to say temporarily, but he tried once again to express his concerns on the issue, "But he—"

"—he doesn't matter," Yami once again cut off Kaiba to say. "No one else matters but you. How many times will I have to tell you that before you believe it?"

It wasn't about that, but Kaiba was having difficulties expressing himself with Yami pressed flush against him, with crimson so close to him. "Look," Yami tried to explain a different way, "I had fun with that shoot, okay? If I got the opportunity to do it again, I would, regardless of who the photographer was."

"And that's supposed to make me feel better?" Kaiba demanded as he tried to take a step back from Yami's embrace and was denied.

"No, but knowing that I was thinking of you in every picture should, though," Yami continued.

The information filled Kaiba with mixed emotions as he thought of Yami's heated gaze in the photographs that had managed to arouse him despite his anger. It had been like Yami was looking right at him, but Kaiba suspected anyone with feelings toward him would feel the same way.

"I like feeling sexy and you make me feel that way," Yami told Kaiba, trying to make him understand. "So if you're waiting for me to apologize for doing that photo shoot, it's not going to happen. I did nothing wrong. "

"There's plenty wrong about it," Kaiba insisted.

"Ask yourself this: would you be this upset if the photographer was someone else with no interest in me?" Yami challenged, still trying to get Kaiba to come around on the issue.

Taking a deep breath, Kaiba tried to reflect on the question with a clear mind. Yes, he probably still would have been shocked and a little upset at seeing Yami displayed in such a way, but he wouldn't have had the same anger on the subject.

When Kaiba failed to say anything immediately, Yami prompted, "Well?"

"I don't like the idea of people seeing what's mine alone," Kaiba finally said, voicing his concern out loud for the first time and feeling a little ridiculous for it.

Eyes softening a little, Yami still felt the need to say, "People are going to think what they're going to think about me, Seto. You can't control that. I'm exotic looking and comfortable with my own sensuality. Not to sound arrogant, but people are going to think I'm sexy. Your displeasure at that doesn't stop it from happening. I mean, would you rather everyone be repulsed by me?"

"Of course not," Kaiba denied, finding the very idea ridiculous.

"Then what's the real problem?" Yami asked, trying to get Kaiba to see it as much as he was trying to get an answer.

"I just…" Kaiba mumbled, looking away from Yami's understanding gaze momentarily.

Reaching up and gently guiding Kaiba's cheek to make him face him once more, Yami softly asked, "What?"

"Everything…In my life—people have always," Kaiba tried to explain in a jumble of words, the thoughts not coming out right. It was embarrassing to say and it was only as he was saying it that Kaiba realized what the real problem was. It was a startling realization for him and he didn't know how to feel about it.

"You can tell me," Yami encouraged him, wondering what could possibly make Kaiba look so lost.

"I've lost everything in my life," Kaiba finally said in halting words, wanting to look away and forcing himself not to run away from what needed to be said. "Starting with my…with my mother, then my father, our family's fortune, even that bastard who adopted me, my company, my brother—everything I've ever cared about has been taken away from me at some point. My company and my brother I've managed to take back, but the threat…"

Eyes going wide in realization at what Kaiba was confessing, Yami promised, "I'm not going anywhere, Seto. You don't have to—"

"You don't know that!" Kaiba immediately protested, having learned from a very early age that those words were almost always a lie.

Yami corrected himself, "I'm not going anywhere to anyone else's side. I chose you and no other person is going to manage to change my mind about that. You don't have to worry about Keisuke-kun stealing me away from you because I will never allow that to happen. Understood?"

Nodding numbly, Kaiba couldn't help but feel better hearing it spelled out so clearly for him, even though deep in his heart he knew the words to be true.

"Besides, now that I know you care, you're stuck with me for good," Yami teased as he lightly kissed Kaiba in a bid to draw him out of his mood.

Kaiba's natural inclination was to protest against any claims of emotional attachment, but he doubted Yami would believe him and he wasn't even sure he believed it himself. Somehow Yami had begun to matter and it made Kaiba want to guard him closely, especially against any perceived threats, whether they be real or imagined.

"Yami," Kaiba whispered, trying to find the words and failing.

"Shh," Yami hushed him, knowing that he had said enough to make himself understood. "It's okay. I didn't mean to upset you and I should have told you about it. That was wrong of me."

The apology loosened something in Kaiba's chest and he leaned down and captured Yami's lips in a languid kiss. Yami responded to it with pleasure and Kaiba backed them up toward the bed out of instinct. He wanted—no needed—to be closer to Yami and there were too many clothes between them for that.

Yami didn't resist as the clothes came off, but he did issue a warning, "Aibou is right down the hall, so—"

"I'm not the one you need to warn about being quiet," Kaiba interrupted to tease, knowing that Yami was by far the more vocal of the two of them.

Laughing at that, Yami said, "Good point," as he finished stripping them both bare.

Kaiba pressed closer still and paused for a moment as he basked in the feeling of being so close to Yami, indulging in another kiss just because he could. Yami sighed into it softly as he wrapped his arms around Kaiba and held him. He was so proud of Kaiba for confessing such a private thing and he wanted to reward him for his honesty.

Eventually they parted and Kaiba nudged Yami onto the bed and followed him onto it. He started kissing all along Yami's body, although his range of access was limited by the fact that Yami had a much smaller bed than Kaiba did. Still, he managed to make do with it and enjoyed himself all the same.

Yami focused on remaining as quiet as he could so that they wouldn't be interrupted and caught in an embarrassing position. Somehow he didn't think Kaiba would be very forgiving of that. But it felt so good to have Kaiba's hands and lips on him that it was hard to stay silent. When it was starting to be more teasing than Yami could put up with, he reached over into his nightstand and pulled out the lube, asking Kaiba, "Do you want to do it or should I?"

Given that there wasn't a lot of room for him to sit back and watch the show, Kaiba took the lube as his answer and poured some on his fingers and began prepping Yami with a patience he normally lacked. He had to bite his lip to hold back a moan at the sight of his fingers sliding in and out of Yami and he felt himself harden further at the thought of that being his cock doing the same soon. He never tired of the feeling of being buried to the hilt inside of Yami and he wondered if the novelty of sex would ever wear off for him. He sincerely hoped not, because it was an amazing experience that he was glad he got to share with someone as amazing as Yami.

"Seto," Yami breathily called out in the softest of voices and it made Kaiba inhale sharply at the sheer sexiness of it. Despite his distraction, Kaiba still got the hint and pulled out his fingers and looked around for somewhere to wipe them after he finished coating his cock first. "On the sheets is fine."

Kaiba scowling in distaste at the thought, Kaiba did as he was told simply because he wasn't responsible for doing the laundry; that was Yami's problem now. Sliding in deep, Kaiba sighed softly at the pleasant feeling and started an easy rhythm. He was forced to stop quickly when he heard how much noise the bed was making, a dead give away to their activities. "Switch me places," Yami suggested, figuring if he was on top the bed would make less noise since it would be more bouncing and less thrusting.

It took some effort to comply on the little bed, but they finally managed to rearrange themselves and Yami slid onto Kaiba's thick cock with a quiet moan that he couldn't smother at being filled so completely once more. Kaiba gave him a warning look that was promptly ignored as Yami started to move. However, they were disappointed to realize that the same problem persisted and Kaiba had to hold back a growl of frustration. He didn't want to be denied!

"Fuck it, the floor, then," Yami suggested breathlessly, his body tense from all the starting and stopping.

Although Kaiba normally would have complained, if it was the difference between being with Yami and not, he'd take the floor. Yami quickly scrambled off of him and positioned himself on the floor and Kaiba was fast to follow, pinning him down on the floor. Positioning himself once more, Kaiba slid in started a fast pace that had Yami holding onto him desperately as he tried to ground himself amongst the onslaught of incredible feelings. It was hard to hold back his sounds of pleasure and Yami had to muffle himself with his hand sometimes.

Even though part of Kaiba felt ridiculous that they were on the floor, he didn't let it stop him from enjoying himself and Yami. He was pleased when Yami wrapped his legs around Kaiba's waist and it caused him to shift positions slightly, which resulted in heightening the pleasure for both of them. Kaiba continued at the same pace, causing Yami to thrash beneath him as the onslaught of pleasure started to become almost too much for him. Yami had to hold back a cry when Kaiba stroked his member and he came soon after, his body shuddering in the aftermath as Kaiba continued thrusting into him with vigor. It felt amazing and Yami hated having to muffle himself, but it was better than the alternative of stopping.

Kaiba wasn't far behind Yami in finishing and he finally stilled as he finished. It felt great and Kaiba was loathe to pull out, but he finally did to lie down next to Yami, curling up around him and holding him close. "Mm, Seto," Yami murmured as he gently kissed him, indulging in the rare tenderness that he would have no complaints about seeing more of as they stayed together longer.

They stayed like that for some moments, content in the afterglow as they rested. But finally Yami felt the need to wipe the seed off of him and he forced his tired body to move to get some tissues from his desk. Discreetly wiping himself off as best he could until he could get in the shower, Yami then brought the box over to Kaiba so he could do the same. It was appreciated and Kaiba said a quiet word of thanks over the gesture; he realized it would be too suspicious of them to both go to the bathroom at the same time and even stranger for him to take a shower himself while there at the Mutou's house. The less they did to arouse suspicions, the better. It did make him wonder though, "Does your grandfather know?"

"About us?" Yami asked, receiving a nod in answer. "Of course."

"And he's okay with it?" Kaiba asked in surprise, knowing that people of that generation weren't always so accepting.

"Yeah," Yami said with a smile that made Kaiba's heart flutter. "He just wants me to be happy. And I am very happy with you, so…"

Gesturing for Kaiba to follow him, they got into bed together instead of lazing on the floor any longer. Kaiba once again held Yami as he curled up on his chest and it made Kaiba question, "Can I ask you something?"

"Anything," Yami replied, finding the question odd.

"Are you gay?" Kaiba asked, finally getting the chance to after it had been plaguing him since dinner that night after the tournament.

The question made Yami want to laugh, but he got the impression that was the wrong response. "I should think it's rather obvious," Yami dryly said in answer. "What brought that up?"

"Just curious," Kaiba answered.

"So what do you I identify as?" Yami asked, finding it a curious subject since Kaiba brought it up first.

Shrugging, Kaiba said, "I never really thought about it before. Women, men, I had little interest in them or what they had to offer."

"So what does that make you? A Yamisexual?" Yami teased, laughing at the very idea of it.

The concept made Kaiba laugh quietly despite himself and he said, "Quite possibly," before kissing Yami just because he could.

"I guess it's not surprising, though," Yami mused as he continued turning the idea over in his mind. "You always seemed more driven by your company and your brother than by sexual desire."

"Obviously," Kaiba haughtily replied, knowing those two things were far more important than getting off ever would be.

"I never saw you as asexual, though," Yami continued, "probably because I was too busy thinking you were sexy."

"Yeah, it's so sexy when I scornfully ignore you," Kaiba sarcastically said, knowing he had done so for a long time.

Laughing at that, Yami said, "Something about being an untouchable beauty," as he touched Kaiba in contradiction to his statement.

"And now look at you," Kaiba retorted, gesturing to the way that Yami was draped over him so casually.

"I told you before, I like my close up access now," Yami told him as he snuggled closer still. "I like seeing sides of you that no one else ever will."

Before that statement would probably have bothered Kaiba, but now it was an okay concept for him. He was fine with Yami having access to those softer sides of himself that he once would have denied even existed or that he only showed to Mokuba when they were by themselves. "I know the feeling," Kaiba finally said, recognizing that a response was required of him to keep the conversation going.

Even though his body was content to stay as it was, Yami forced himself to relocate onto on top of Kaiba so he could have better access to kissing him freely. He immediately took advantage of the position, kiss melting into kiss as he continued enjoying Kaiba's talented tongue. "Only ever yours," Yami promised in between kisses.

Wrapping his arms around Yami and pulling him closer, Kaiba murmured, "Mm," as he continued indulging himself in his boyfriend.

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