Dean's POV

I sit on this lazy couch, munching away at the taste of Doritos and soda. The walls in front of me give this room a cold chill. I embrace this cold with my own chills, slowly sliding down my spin, hitting the nerves so quick I jump and part my lips to a low groan. Too much junk food. Smiling at the remaining taste of the orange goodness, I quickly straighten up and hold the bag sideways in my hand as I walk towards the kitchen. Throwing the bag on the counter, I stop and look at my surroundings. For hours, I became locked inside my world. My own thoughts. I feel my heart jump when that familiar noise hits me.

Quickly, I lower the blinds on the window and see, beyond the darkness, red streaks walking towards the front door. I huff and close the blinds, walking back to the counter and grabbing the bag of Doritos. The keys jangle in the lock, the doors creak open, and that same sigh comes out. I'm in no mood tonight.

Clicks of high heels, thuds of a large purse. She comes around the corner and the mood changes. Throwing her arms around my neck, a peck on the cheek to what is normal, but tonight she gives me a deep kiss on the lips. I can't help but feel the touch of her soft skin, my fingertips roam free and trail down her back. I return the kisses, and she lets me go a moment, looking into my eyes.

"What?" I ask, my shoulders up in confusion.

She smiles wickedly, giving me another chill. She mumbles something against my skin, kissing my neck and collar-bone. I forget what the matter was and quickly lean her head back to kiss her on the lips. Instead, I jerk back and drag her along, her screams of pain the sweet sounds I want to hear. She groans when I toss her on the ground next to the bedroom. She clutches her red hair and groans in pain, her body curling up. I grin and step past her into our room. I'd rather it be mine.

After a few hours, I felt her skin pressed to mine. She fooled me with her tricks. She wanted me to toss her around this room, waiting for the moment I'd get the hint and play along. It took a long time, but I gave in and helped her after a long day at work. She definitely deserved a break.

Moving out of the warm blankets, I walk into the bathroom and get a good look in the mirror. It's my face. My body. My thoughts lurking back in the deep parts of my mind, the place I wish to go when anger becomes a release. I turn on the water and quickly step into the shower, my clothes already taken off. The warm water soothes me, my mind going to that peaceful place. My deepest thoughts returning. I close my eyes and lurk around the darkness to those thoughts. Inside, I see those images. The people screaming. The dogs barking. The men cheering, women sobbing. Cries of pain. Flames of fire. They all are clear. Opening my eyes, a cold feeling trickles down my skin. I quickly catch that red hair again, only this time she's rubbing her hands through my hair, the cold conditioner very useful in times like this. I just smile, for I know I can't help but like it.