Okay I need a story to distract me from the other ones for a while, needed a bit of a break! Oh boy, also I love Logan, has anyone noticed that?

From the safety behind her bedroom door, the young blonde stuck her head out and watched the slight amount of space that was visible of her living room from the second floor. Peering through the bars of the staircase she could see her brother's friends standing around laughing as they told a story about what happened on set. She could hear her brother's laughter before saying "Well yeah Carlos eats rice and beans with anything."

"Of course you would say that." She could hear Carlos huff, just imagining him shaking his head and the little frown on his face. Luckily in her perfect line of sight was one dimpled boy in particular. His dark hair standing up, his glasses hanging off of his t-shirt showing a tiny bit of manly cleavage, boy did he look perfect. The way he wore a light blue button down, unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up, oh it just made her want to rip it off of him and keep him as her own for one night.

"Hey how about that time we came over and we were trying to throw ice water on you while you were in the shower and it turned out to be your sister?" Kendall laughed, while the young woman upstairs just rolled her eyes in memory of that event.

"Ha ha yeah not funny." James snapped sarcastically. "Speaking of sister, hey Brooke if you're home come downstairs!" James yelled out. Brooke pursed her lips and looked over herself. Jeans, a grungy old Mickey Mouse shirt that had seen better days, and a pair of flats. Well that would have to do for now. She smoothed down her hair and took a deep breath, slinking out of her bedroom and quietly making her way down the stairs into the living room. Hearing that familiar bottom step creak, James turned around and grinned, walking to his sister and throwing an arm around her. "Hey! Hadn't heard from you since your semester ended, I thought you were dead." He laughed.

"Yeah well…second year of college complete, ready to go die now." She muttered and hugged him. "Wow, nice hair, it's still shaggy and in your face as it's been for years…"

"Uh, it's considerably shorter, not down past my ears anymore, make sure you recognize that." James retorted before ruffling her own dark tresses.

"Thanks James…ummm hi guys!" She smiled and waved to her brother's friends, trying to make sure she didn't lock eyes with the infamous Logan Mitchell, notorious flirt.

But of course, he wouldn't mess with his best friend's sister.

But deep down, she absolutely wished that he did.

Each of the boys grinned and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, they were friendly with the younger Diamond sibling, she wasn't much younger but James sure liked to pretend that she was. Apparently a two year age difference in his mind translated to ten years. When it came to Logan giving her a hug her breath hitched and she nearly melted into a puddle at his touch. Now Brooke wasn't quite sure if it was love or lust, all she knew was that when she saw him she wanted to jump his bones and never climb off.

Okay, so she wanted him pretty badly, but that was forbidden territory.

"How was your second year?" Carlos questioned as he turned his hat around, "Better than the first?"

"Eh…still don't feel like I'm learning anything that's actually valuable in any sort of way." Brooke shrugged, "I was thinking I could just pull a James and sit in front of the camera all day for a living." She smiled and looked up lovingly at her brother, who simply rolled his eyes.

"You have to have a pretty face if you want to do that." He grinned in response.

"Touché." She muttered with a pout. She glanced between her brother and the boys, and then decided that she needed to leave the room before she started to get dirty thoughts about Logan's mouth. "Alright I'll go to the kitchen and help mom with the food." She patted James' back before scurrying off.

"You left there pretty quickly; I thought you were looking forward to talking to the guys?" Her mom questioned as she chopped up some potatoes.

"Yeah I just uh, I'm a little tired still from my nap." Brooke lied with a smile, she couldn't exactly tell her mom she was desperately trying not to picture herself forcing Logan on top of the sofa and taking him right there.

"Oh, well you'll loosen up soon; have a cup of coffee if ya need it. We haven't seen your brother for a while so try to be livelier!" Her mom smiled and elbowed her, to which Brooke nodded. "I'm going to go out back and put some chicken on the grill….should I put this steak out too?"

"Is that a real question?" Brooke laughed, "You know those guys, you have to put an entire animal on the grill." She joked, and her mother pinched her cheek with a smile before walking outside. Brooke took over chopping up the potatoes for her mom, who went to man the grill while their dad was away. Something about a man's vacation.

That meant that he and all of his other married friends were going to go off and do something crazy. Something crazy for them meant camping and staying up past their usual ten o'clock bed time. That's disappointing…

Brooke could hear the guys' laughter get closer to the kitchen. In a whirlwind they were all grabbing drinks to take outside, leaving glasses by the sink before picking up more stuff to bring out. After she put the potatoes to boil she went to the sink to clean up some of the glasses. As she was humming to herself and washing, she heard footsteps but ignored them, until they stopped right behind her. "Hey there Brooke."

As soon as she heard Logan's raspy voice behind her, millions of dirty thoughts ran threw her mind as she dropped the glass into the sink where it shattered. "MOTHER FUCKER!" She yelled pulling her hand back quickly, only to see a slit on her ring finger where blood was slipping out.

"Oh shit." Logan muttered behind her and grabbed a dish rag, grabbing her hand and holding it on her finger. "Sorry about that, didn't think you scared that easily." He joked and looked down at her, while Brooke was in a daze as to why he even snuck up on her in the first place.

On the other hand, he was taking care of her, and this was wonderful progress from her just silently wishing to bang him on every surface imaginable.

"Yeah well, you shouldn't be sneaking up on people." Brooke replied with a shrug of her shoulder.

"Well like I said, I didn't' think you were such a scaredy cat, besides I wanted to see if you needed some help in here." Logan pulled the rag away to check on the wound before pressing it back on her finger. "Been quite a while since I've seen you ya know, you look very different."

Well, yoga does happen to make me look fantastic, thanks for noticing. It also helps me reach new positions.

"Thanks…well wait good or bad different?"

"Good different." Logan winked at her.


While Logan was taking care of her finger, he bent down right in front of her to get the first aid kit from under the counter, and Brooke's heart just stopped, watching him so close to her, oh boy was her mind just racing with a few racy thoughts. He stood back up and flicked the box open, sorting through it for something to clean her cut, and that's when James walked in.

"Hey what's going on in here?" James questioned, staring at the two of them, but focusing on Logan holding his sister's hand. "I heard you screaming like a sailor."

"Logan decided to scare me and I broke a glass." Brooke answered, not even acknowledging her brother, but he knew what this meant. He wasn't oblivious to his sister's infatuation with Logan. Truthfully he didn't see it, she usually went for the celebrities from television shows that she would never meet in her life and had no odds of dating and—oh…

Well suddenly this makes a lot of sense.

"Did he? Wow didn't even see Logan come back in here." James muttered, watching him wrap his sister's finger with a bandage. "How about you come back outside?"

"Oh sure in a sec I'm just going to finish wrapping this up, plus I figured I could help her around here in the kitchen." Logan answered, letting his fingers linger over her knuckles as he finished wrapping her finger.

"That's fine Logan I'll help my sister out, it'll be good bonding time, you can go outside." James walked over, patting Logan on the back which meant he wanted him out, now. Logan shrugged and winked at Brooke before leaving the kitchen. "That was weird wasn't it?"

"No…I thought it was nice he stayed to fix my finger up." Brooke answered.

"Yeah I bet." James muttered and picked the pieces of glass out of the sink. "You know, Logan's a huge flirt Brooke, don't be flattered by him."

"Flattered by Logan? Me? Nothing's going on James so don't worry there's no flattery or anything or stuff." Brooke said quickly, turning to stare up at her brother's knowing gaze.

"I'm serious Brooke, he's my best friend and I love him like a brother but I know he's trouble."

"Please, I can handle myself." Brooke scoffed, but all she could think about was Logan.