Bitter Blood, Chapter One.

the sword boy and the girl with the knives

I'm not perfect,

But I keep trying

cause thats what

I said I would do from the start.

~Perfect, Hedley

Clove POV

I press my back against the cold gun metal cornucopia. Knife in hand. This is going to work.

Cato doesn't trust me already. The arrogant ass he is, he is right he shouldn't. We don't trust each other.

He doesnt trust me but he and I both know well that I am completely capable of killing 'Fire Girl'. That bitch killed Marvel and Glimmer, Cato and I are out for blood.

I turn my head a little to look around. No one. Just as I think that the red-head from 5 'Finch', sprints right out of the cornucopia and off into the woods with her pack. Hmm smart.

I know Cato will be after her. He might be a massive person but he can run just as fast as her and me.

I hear feet hitting the hard compacted dirt in the ground. Too light to be Cato or Thresh, I emerge from the side of the metal cornucopia throwing one of my sharpest knifes right at the person.

The silver triangular blade hits Everdeen straight in the forehead right above her right eyebrow and the wound instantly starts to gush blood an she falls to the ground but gets back up.

I run straight at her. She tries to shoot me with her arrow but she misses me by a long shot.

I slam into Katniss sending her to the ground but she isn't going down without one hell of a fight.

She flips me off her trying to run off but I pounce back on her. She isn't getting away that easy.

We roll on the ground for a while trying to choke, strangle, punch, and fight against each other. Most of the punches Katniss throws is just to get me off her and for her to get away from me.

I get her under me long enough to pull another knife out and try to stab her. Katniss dodges her head away from the knife and it lodges in the dirt and I try again and she dodges yet again.

I finally somehow pin her down completely. My knees pinning her shoulders and arms to the hard fake earth beneath us. She wont stop trying though.

"I don't think so, 12" I tell her and she just glares up at her.

"Wheres loverboy?"

She doesn't give me an answer.

"So, whats in the backpack? Medicine for loverboy? To bad he will never get it" I say a bit sickeningly like a insane person and put a lot of emphasis on the word 'Never'.

Katniss jerks under me trying to loosen me from the grip I have on her.

"Don't even. Your not doing anything. I didn't train my whole life to let some pathetic girl from the- what do you call it 'Seam'? In district twelve to kill me or get away."

"Were going to kill you. Just like with your little ally what was her name again? Rue? Well first Rue, then you, and uh I think we will just let nature take care of loverboy, hows that sound?"

This seriously pisses Katniss off and she spits blood and saliva in my face but this just gets me angrier.

I wipe it off my face angrily and teasingly drag my knife down the side of her face. She knows whats in for her. I cant help but give a crooked and twisted smile.

I make the first cut at her lip but I am quickly pulled off her and slammed against the cornucopia.

Now I'm being strangled almost and gasping for air like a fish out of water. "What did you do to that little girl!" The boy from eleven yells at me.

"No! It wasn't me! I swear!" I yell trying to breath and get free from his grip.

"You kill her! I heard you!"

I know by the look in Threshes eyes that he will kill me. I don't want to, I really don't but I-

"Cato! Cato!" I screech Cato's name at the top of my lungs. Cato please.

Nothing comes in return. Nothing.

"Cato!" I scream one last time in hope for something in return...but nothing comes. Cato please...

Thresh grabs me harder by the neck and slams me into the cornucopia once before he lets go not even finishing me and I fall to the ground.

Im not that injured my head is bleeding a bit but this wont kill me. Why did Thresh let go?

I hear a load thud. My eyes immeaditly shoot up in fear expecting Thresh to grab me and slam me against the cornucopia again.

But no its not for me.

I see Cato angry, vicious, malicious yelling at usually bright blue eyes almost black, he has Thresh by the neck pushed against the cornucopia before letting Thresh go to do worse damage.

"Don't you ever touch her! Ever!" Cato yells loud and clear even my ringing ears can pick it up. Cato is never like this, protective almost.

Thresh fights back but Cato stabs him with the sword and it goes right through him.

Thresh falls to the ground. Seconds later his cannon fires.

Im on my hands sitting back on the ground shocked.

Cato turns towards me after wiping the blood off his sword and onto the grass.

Cato places his sword back in his belt and pulls me up by the collar of my jacket.

"You have this?" He asks viciously and angry through gritted teeth.

"I didn't know he would come" I say in my defense but not looking weak.

Cato lets my jacket go and his expression changes from scary to not trying to rip my head off.

"Are you hurt?" Cato asks me his eyes now back to blue.

"A little blood no big deal" I tell him crossing my arms over my chest.

"You look shaken up"

"I almost had my head bashed in! Yeah just a little!" I yell at Cato and walk in front of him.

Then I realize it.

"Fire bitch got away" I say angry with myself.

"Doesnt matter you hit her hard enough she was practically bleeding to death" Cato tells me picking the heavy pack off the table and flips it over his shoulder as we walk off.

That night it starts to rain and not just rain. Downpour.

I pull my knees to my chest trying to stay dry under the tree. The blue tarp of the tent is draped across the branches over me keeping most water. Inside our pack was body armor for both Cato and I from our ankles to our necks that we are both now wearing.

Its so cold out. I hug my arms around me and try not to look weak but I shiver a little.

Cato comes back over and sits down next to me. The explosion caused by twelve blew up my sleeping bag and Cato wont give his to me even though he doesn't sleep in it.

There is about 6 feet to the left and right of me and 3 in front of me that isn't wet. Cato isn't helping the situation he is soaked to the bone.

"Its cold" he says rubbing his hands together.

"No shit sherlock. I know that." I tell him looking out at the thick forest of trees. Everything looks a pale blue and gray in the woods. Cato and I both know that Katniss wont be wandering the woods with Peeta and Foxface knows we would kill her... If we catch her that is.

"Do you now? Because Im the one who ran back to get the supply we have left." Cato tells me trying to make a point but fails to.

"Yeah I know"

"Would it kill you to say thanks or even smile" he says a bit orderingly.

I look him straight in the eyes and say it crystel clear. "YES"

Before I know whats happening Cato grabs my waist and flips me over his wet shoulder. I scream at him punching and kicking him. Even though Im sending painful kicks to his ribs he doesn't let go and walks right out into the rain.

"Cato put me down! What is wrong with you! You pycho put me down!" I scream and continue to kick him.

We are in the middle of the plain right next to a lake in a rainstorm. I hate rain! "Cato you ass put me down!"

"You cant do anything!" He yells and spins around getting me completely soaked.

"I will shove knifes so far down your throat that you will cough them up for the rest of YOUR PATHETIC LIFE!" I yell kicking him so hard that he drops me in the mud.


"You kicked me! You BITCH."

"No shit! I cant believe you! I hate the rain and you!" I yell at him.

I get up out of the puddle and walk back over to the tree. Once in the protected spot where Im sheltered from the rain I strip off my jacket and squeeze the water out of it. That boy gets on my nerves.

I hang my soaking jacket from a branch and sit back down with Cato next to me but I wish he would just piss off.

"Maybe we should find some where else" he suggests.

"Where we cant go to far"

"Over there." Cato tells me acting as if I am an idiot and I have no idea what he is saying, then points to a place across the lake. Its covered up more than here. Its a cave pretty big too.

Cato and I grab every thing including the tarp and make a run for it but I sprint as fast as my legs will let me go.

When we get everything we sit at the mouth of the cave trying to dry off.

After an hour Cato and I are almost dry but Im freezing. I don't want to look weak but I cant help it I start shivering.

Cato seems to notice this and looks over at me. "You okay?" He asks.

"Why do you care?" I ask him a bit ruddily.

"I don't"

"Then why did you ask!?"

"I don't know! Your my district partner I cant have you die before WE win!"

"You said 'we' " I tell him. All he has ever said was for himself to win never both of us.

"No I didnt" he says.

"Uh yeah you did"



"Whatever. So?"

"So what?" I ask him looking at him annoyed.

"I don't know. Im bored... Did you like Marvel?" Cato asks me.

"Uh yeah as a friend." I tell him.

"No not like that"

"No. Why would you think that? And why would you care? You and Glimmer were always all over each other" I say rolling my eyes.

Before I can react Im pushed against one of the cold hard rock walls of the cave roughly.

Cato holds me to the wall.

"Let me go!" I yell at him. His grip is starting to hurt.

"Clove, where is Glimmer?" He says through his gritted teeth looking me seriously in the eyes. His eyes growing dark.


Seconds after I answer his lips slam roughly and hard onto mine. I let out some sort of squeal shocked.

Cato grips my wrists tighter and pushes me against the wall even more, kissing me harder and hungrily.

WHAT IS HAPPENING!? Cato is kissing me! I have never ever kissed a boy in my life!

For some unknown reason I kiss him back the way he is kissing me. I can feel Cato grin as his lips move under mine and honestly I want to slap him but I get this weird flickering feeling in the pit of my stomach that I don't know what it is.

Almost as if he knows he is pushing his luck he tries to push it farther. Cato bits hard down on my bottom lip drawing blood and clasping his fingers around my belt.

I brake my wrists free and push him to the floor of the cave and keep kissing him. Cato grabs my waist and pulls me down on top of him.

Cato tries to go farther with his dumb luck. His hand slips under my shirt and starts to slide up my side but I pull away catching my breath and push his hand away roughly.

I get off him and crawl back to the mouth of the cave. I fill with anger, wanting to kill him.

"Clove" is all he says.

"What?" I ask looking out at the gray and dull woods outside.

"I didn't mean to make you angry okay maybe a little but not uncomfortable. Im not a perv" Cato says.

"So you only kissed me to get me mad? Well thanks because thats a real boost of self of steam" I say.

"Clove, come on you and I both know that kiss didn't mean anything!" Cato says sounding irritated.

"I know that but then why did you do it?!" I yell furiously at him.

"Why does it bother you!?" Cato yells at me his eyes turning a shade of dark blue close to black again.

"Because I have never been kissed and having someone actually kiss you to tell you it meant nothing sucks!"

Cato expression changes as he looks at me a bit surprised.

"You have never been kissed?"

"No, okay now go tell someone who cares" I mutter pulling my knees to my chest.

"I didn't know that. But your fourteen, Clove"

"I know that genius! But Im not like you or Glimmer... People don't tend to like me very much and Im not drop dead gorgeous either. I don't have blonde hair and I'm not tall and a tooth pick like the girls most guys go out with back in two" I tell him.

Cato doesn't reply and we just watch the rain all night not speaking.

"Clove, sleep." Cato orders. "I will wake you up in a few hours".

Sleep isn't a bad idea. I haven't slept in two days and with my injuries it doesn't help much.

I lie down on one on the cold hard rock floor and lie my head down on one of the remaining back packs and try to sleep but its too cold.

My eyes are closed and Im practically asleep but I can hear shuffling. Cato wouldn't kill me. Would he? Honestly I don't trust the boy and I sleep with knives.

I shiver a little before I feel my body lifted up and then put back down on warm fabric that covers me up to my neck.

I think about questioning this but I am so tired I would fall asleep while talking.