Chapter 3
Wake up

What doesn't kill you
Makes your stronger
Stand a little taller
What doesn't kill you
Makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter Doesn't mean Im over
because your gone
~Stronger, Kelly Clarkson

My eyes open to a bright white lights. The room is just white. No doors no windows just white walls and lights above me.

I try to sit up but I'm strapped to the table by a thick white cloth over my stomach. Then I realize I'm naked under white sheets.

I want to get out but I can't. I begin to struggle free of my bonds but my eye lids grow heavy again and shut.

I again open my eyes to that bright light still on the bed but where am I?
I look over to my right and see a tall figure healthy and tall and strong with blonde spiky hair standing next to me.

"Cato?" I ask him.

"Hey Clover" he says grinning looking down at me. His blue eyes scan my body. Then I remember, I'm naked under the sheets.
I pull the sheet up over me more but realize I have a gray tank top and pink plaid shorts on. I can sit up again. "How long have you been in here?" I ask him.

"Ten minutes maybe" Cato says with a shrug.

I crawl out of the bed and notice my scars are completely gone. Even the ones from before the games. The long old pink scar from a sword fight that was practically engraved in my skin when Cato cut me by accident in sword fighting.

We stand there awkwardly silent for a few seconds but feels like hours. Then a woman bursts through the door. She has bright neon pink hair and blue lipstick. "Oh good you're awake!" She says cheerfully. To cheery for my liking. " you are needed for interview preparation and so is ."
I exit first and Cato follows not too far behind but then, disappears into a room near my own.

My stylist, Alora, has her back turned to me while she flips through a rack of dresses. Her blonde curls bounce up and down, exposing the hidden black streaks in her hair.

"Clove!" She says in a happy tone once she notices me and hugs me.

"Don't I have to get my hair done?" I ask not excited for the yes to come.

"No, your hair is already done." She tells me.

"I just crawled out of bed." I tell Alora, raising a eyebrow.

"Well, I know that but it was done hours ago. You see?" She points at the mirror. She was right. My hair is perfectly curled and trimmed. Not one hair sticking out of place.

"It's time for your dress." She tells me with a smile, her teeth so white they're almost blue.

"Yuck! Can't I wear shorts?" I complain angrily. I hate dresses. I've always been, well, a tom-boy.

"No, Clove you can not." She tells me sternly. Alora turns away from me, flipping through the dresses again.

She searches through the dresses the metal hangers make scraping sounds against the metal bar above them.

She pulls out a knee length black strapless dress with sparkles and a ribbon tied around the waist. It's what I put on.

Then, she passes me a pair of heels that are pretty high maybe 3-4 inches with black straps that wrap around my ankles. I smooth out the folds on my dress with my palms.

Alora hands me a black choker with a large round white diamond in the middle with a silver leafy pattern surrounding it.

"Time to go." She tells me.
Just then Enobaria Sevina, my mentor bursts through the door with Brutus Bale, Cato's mentor next to her.

Enobaria's reddish brown hair is neck length and curled. She is wearing a sparkly red dress with a slit on the right side exposing her mid thigh and the rest of her right leg it also has very thin straps. Its funny she is wearing black boots with the dress. Brutus has his dark brown hair combed for once and he is wearing a very simple black suit.

"You coming, Clover?" He asks me with a grin. Brutus isn't related to Cato but he's kind of Cato's adopted father I suppose. They are pretty close, Brutus treats Cato as a son having known him since he was 4 years old.

"Shut up." I say and walk towards them.

Enobaria concentrates her dark green eyes on me. "Brutus, a minute." He leaves.

Then she hugs me. I'm surprised by her sudden embrace. She and I are not really huggers.

"You did good Clo" She tells me.

"It's in my blood. You are my aunt and two of my brothers have won." I say to her with a grin. Our family almost always wins the Games.

"There's a problem. The Capitol expected one victor. Now, they're stuck with two. They're afraid the districts will rebel." Enobaria says.

"That's ridiculous. I'm from 2, I have no reason to rebel." I say sharply.

"I. AM. AWARE. But it's what they think. Just act as if nothing's wrong. Now go be the bitch I love." Enobaria tells me. She is only 26, she won the 66th hunger games the a year before Johanna Mason.
We walk through the white hallways, my heels clinking on the black marble floors.

Brutus and Cato come up behind us at some point while going through the hall. Cato is dressed in a black suit but has a white T-shirt V-neck instead of a dress shirt. His blonde hair is perfectly and sharply spiked. They must have used an entire bottle of gel on it.

Cato stands right next to me. Close, extremely close. He wraps his arm around my waist. This bothers me, the closeness. His hand slides down to my hip and he squeezes it. My head whips to Cato's direction and his face is right next to mine. I glare at him.

"Well, someone's pissy." Cato teases.

"Don't touch me, Cato." I tell him and break away from his grip. I walk far in front of him but he follows.

"Aww, who's being bitchy?" he says teasingly and wraps an arm around my shoulder. I struggle to get out of his grasp.

"Cato, leave me alone!" I yell at him. I elbow his side, forcing him to release me.

"That wasn't nice, Clover." Cato tells me in a voice people use to talk to dogs or babies, to be funny but I don't find it funny at all.
We finally come to behind the stage for the interviews our mentors want to go over a few things.

"You know what we said earlier, act like you don't want to constantly stab each other. Okay?" Enobaria says not really a question more like informing us what to do. Cato and I nod.

A lady with a black clip board comes backstage. She flips up a white paper and reads the names. "Cato Hadley and Clove Kentwell"
She looks up and sees us and then has us follow her through a short hallway and then its the real backstage of the interviews.

The crowd is screaming so loud, I can barely hear myself think. Lights flash different colors. I hear feedback from a microphone and Ceasur Flickerman speaks.

"Now are you ready to meet our new additions to our victors this year? Welcome Clove Kentwell and Cato Hadley! Our tributes of district 2!"

"Why do you get your name first?" Cato mumbles kind of annoyed.
I smirk at his comment and walk onto the stage my heels clicking. I can see my reflection in the shiny black floor. Cato is a short distance behind me and I can tell he is doing that on purpose.

I sit first. Then Cato sits next to me. The couch is plush and white and feel like I'm sitting on a cloud. Caesar Flickerman sits across from us smiling and ready to start the interview.

I sit cross legged with my hands in my lap while Cato sits so well, boyish. He legs spread apart, slouching, one of his arms on the top of the couch. So close almost touching me. His arm does go right behind my bare shoulders.

Caesars question brings me back to reality. "So how does it feel to be a victor?"

Cato answers first and I let him agreeing with it makes us champions and victorious hence us being "Victors".

Most of the questions are pretty useless and pointless to ask us but these are capitol people asking. "So Clove do u have any siblings back home?"

"I do. I have 2 older brothers Mason and Syliss and I have 2 cousins that live with me too Bree and Nix. Sadly I'm the youngest." I reply with a fake happiness in my voice.

"Your brother Syliss is a victor also am I correct?" Caesar asks curiously.

"Yes he is. How could anyone forget he never shuts up about it." The capitol people laugh at the comment about my brother I'm surprised they found that funny because its true he is a real pain most of the time.

"What about you Cato?"

"My family?" Cato asks. "I have a very large family. Theres Braydon, Beck, me and Rebekah. Plus my parents. And Braydon, and my dad are both victors."

Cato's family seems impressive but it really isn't. They are extremely violent people. The neighbors used to call the peacekeepers almost every night because of the fighting but it didn't do anything as long as we respect the capitol they don't give a fuck about what we do.

"Well both of you seem to have very impressive family history"

Both Cato and I nod in agreement. We do. "All right lets watch the recap of the games then."

The screen behind us flickers on and flashes to the cornucopia.

The camera zooms in on me. To my left four pedestals away is Cato. Three to my right is Katniss. My dark eyes glaring at the weapons in the cornucopia eager to start. Then a quick flash to Cato. What I see is surprising. He doesn't look determined like I do but he has a sick menacing look in his eyes before he goes into fighter mode and he drops any kind of emotional look and his eyes darken to a pitch black.

I hear the faint sound of the gong and we all run. The cameras shoot from above but I can tell everyone by the color of their jackets. Cato and I are the first to the cornucopia then the cameras shoot back to flashes of tributes for the bloodbath to begin.

{Flash back to the arena}

The boy from 8 goes to grab a pack and run but Cato swings his machete and the boy drops to the ground dead. Cato smiles at whats he's done and his eyes catch mine for a split second and a sick smile comes to his face and mine to.

I grab the first knife I see and throw it at the girl from 10. She hits the ground dead after it lodges into her back. I search for a knife vest knowing there will be one and the girl from 7 just picked it up. I grab her by the back of her head. By her red hair and pull on it hard. "Thats mine" I hiss into her ear and she whimpers. I decide to end her quickly remembering what Enobaria had told me 'The slightest distraction could kill you don't make them suffer wait till later on in the games. Quick kills in the cornucopia'. I slit the girls throat and walk away with the knife vest on and filled with many different kinds of knives.

I toss a knife at the boy from 7 and it lodges into his back sending him to the ground coughing blood. The boy from 5 who becomes to close for comfort, I slam him into the ground and stab him multiple times. I hate it that all these people think just because I am the youngest career I am the weakest.

I see Cato stab the girl from 4 in the stomach and throw her over some metal boxes. Marvel spears the boy from 6 and the girl from 9. Glimmer killing a random girl. I turn to see the boy from 11 stab a boy with a spear and run off. Where is that bitch from 12?

"Cato!" I yell at him as he just finished killing some boy he turns to me.

"Where is Fire Bitch?!" I ask him and he shrugs and starts to search for a sword.

I whip my head to the right and see the boy from 9 ready to kill Fire girl.

I throw a knife at his head and he starts coughing up blood and falls to the ground. When she is in sight I throw one at her too but she blocks it. Katniss digs her feet into the ground and runs and I chase her until- "Clove!" Cato yells at me ordering me to return.

I growl as she gets away. I will kill her.

{End of the flash back}

The games are just the most entertaining parts. The tracker jackers. Our food blowing up. Both Katniss' doing. Then Rue Wilkins death and Marvel Sanford's, which was incredibly sad I didn't know she died like that or Marvel even though I barely knew him he was like my brother-the one I didn't hate- but Katniss sung Rue to sleep that poor 12 year old-No! Clove stop you don't have sympathy for anyone!-.

Katniss and Peeta's romance is shown and so is Cato and I's small flirtation. The feast is shown then the cave where Cato kissed me and I get uncomfortable watching that to. So unlike are nature to show any sort of affection even if it means nothing. Then the final fight which is bloody, violent and messier than I thought. I don't even know if its me Im watching. So insane and heartless its just a surprise to see myself like that and a bit of a shock.

They even show the hovercraft. I look at Cato next to me and his eyes are looking down at his lap unable to look at the screen. I see what Cato did when he thought I was going to die. The screaming, yelling, fighting. He was punching things and people, yelling my name, knocking things off tables even though he was dying too. I feel that maybe Cato and I could be friends again, I thought that before I saw the recap but Im surprised. Me of all people that someone like Cato would do something like that for someone he has only ever fought with.


~ Prettylittlefuhrmanizer