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He then sighs. "And I wanted to bathe together. You are going to find me a very affectionate mate, mi amor. I apologize, but my momma raised me to be a gentleman and taught me how to treat a woman. Unfortunately, my beast was under the control of Maria and he is not such a gentleman. He will always be loving, but he is the one, with your own beast, that drove us both to mating right away. Not that either of them was giving us a choice. But I will woo you, my Bella. I will love you, and I will make sure that nothing will ever harm you. Will you give me this?"

And there is the question that has been bugging Jasper. He is holding his breath and waiting for her answer… The answer that will allow him to know how much he will need to grovel for her forgiveness and how their mating will be.

There is nothing more serious than her answer, and it seems as though the world is waiting for it.


Bella is looking up into Jasper's eyes, and she can feel his emotions as though he is sending them to her, but somehow she knows that is not the case.

She can feel the other being within her that he talked about, and she turns her attention to it, feeling as though this is something she needs to do.

Looking within herself, she can feel this other side as it seems to pace inside her mind. She soon finds herself in a room and can see this new side, a catlike shadow pacing. She asks, "Who are you?"


Thinking, she asks, "You are me?"


Taking a risk, she says, "Do you know what is happening?"


She snorts. "And let me guess, you only know one word answers? I thought I would be more conversational with myself."

The sound of laughter reaches her. 'I can answer more than one word, but you haven't asked for more.'

Bella drops to the floor into an Indian-style sitting position. "Great. I am a wise-ass to myself too. Well? What can you tell me? Jasper is out there waiting for an answer, and I have a feeling it's a pretty important answer I need to give him."

The shadows move then the voice comes to her. 'You are me, and I am you. But I am the bestial side that humans keep hidden. As a vampire, you can fight me and make your life harder than it needs to be, or you can work with me and we can be powerful, unique.'

Thinking on it, she asks, "Will it help me with Jasper and to understand what is going on?"


She sighs. "And there is no point in fighting you is there?"

'You'd be shocked at how many vampires do.'

Gnawing on her bottom lip, Bella finally says, "If you are me, then spell it out. Tell me what I need to know. You know I need to know."

A sigh explodes from the shadows. 'You are correct. This is what is happening: Right now, you are mated to Jasper. You will not be far from him, ever. The pain will be unbearable. But the benefits are as he said, lesser bloodlust. You both will help carry each other's bloodlust and temper it. Jasper has already gained his natural eye color back and you will too after you decide what you will be doing. Your bodies are different. Basically, you are an evolved version of vampires. You blend in more with humans, you are able to draw them in more.'

Bella sits there taking it in. Then she asks, "And if I give in and work with you?"

The shadow…pulsed. 'If you consent to work with me, you will actually finish the change. The last of the change is always the fight between a vampire and its human side. Our conversation right now is not normal. Normally the human is frightened and is attacking everything because in their mind they are trying to come to grips with what has happened and why there is another presence there. The year generally attributed with newborns is really the process of breaking down the human side to the extent where they can work with the vampire side, which is more animal like. Instead, you are one of a very few that has been changed by your True Mate. His influence is helping us both. I know what we need to do. His vampire side, that he actually coexists with at a level few understand, is helping us. Bella, Jasper is your other half, not Edward. He will never treat you different if you wish to be yourself. Be the self that you were until you came to that dreary town. Give him a chance. Give me a chance. What can it hurt?'

Bella thinks on it and she asks, "If I get what you're saying, the longer we fight on this, the less intelligence I'll have, the less everything."


She shakes her head. "That is stupid then. And Jasper as my mate? I don't even know him!"

'Neither did you know Edward, and really, he did not know you.'

Sighing, Bella comments, "So it will make no difference either way will it, to fight you, the mating, him?"

'Why would you fight yourself? Your other half of your soul, something that has already taken place? Why are you questioning this? Are you enjoying fighting with yourself, fighting what you really want?'

The shadows move closer and she can feel its breath on her, 'Why deny to your very self that you have always been drawn to him since that day in the cafeteria. That you have dreamed of him, desired him, and only transferred it to his brother because you felt guilty for wanting him? What good is it to deny yourself the truth?'

"Because he was taken!"

'And now you know he is yours. Why are fighting this?'

Bella lowers her head, her hair sliding around her face. "Because what happens when the real world comes back and he remembers what Alice is to him?"

There's a huff from the shadow as it slinks in closer to where there is nothing but shadows with Bella in the middle. 'He is yours. He is ours. Mine. No one can take him from you. Now what do you answer?'

Bella looks up and somehow, Jasper's face is there again, with the shadows around it as they both await the answer.


The roar from the shadows makes Bella seize in Jasper's arms as it jumps into her and the two combine into a merger that has never been known in the vampire world.

Holding her to him, he feels his own beast roar and he surrenders to it, allowing them to merge to find what is happening to his mate.

The two of them remain in the cave, going through a merger that will tear apart the world as they know it. They turn and bite, each striking where their marks are, finalizing the first complete True Mating of a Bonded Pair.

Peter is enjoying himself. He grins down at his mate as they are standing upon the glass walk out on the Grand Canyon. He knows that Jasper and Bella are going to change the world, and quite frankly, he is looking forward to it.

He had already gathered the supplies the two of them will need. Charlotte had asked him Bella's size to make sure she will be comfortable. She already knows what Bella looks like, but to be truthful, her mate is much better at guessing sizes.

Right now they are waiting, and they both stiffen as a vision comes to Charlotte. A snapshot is all she gets, but with Peter's knowing, it is enough. They grin and head back to the rest of the coven.

James is sitting there with Victoria between his legs, waiting. When he sees them coming back, he raises an eyebrow. "Can we get them now? I cannot tell you how much I want to shower and get a haircut."

Peter laughs at him. "You're just happy that your so called nomad days are over. But you know Jasper is going to hurt you for what you did to Bella, right?"

Frowning as he looks off in the distance, he nods. "I expect it. But I am glad we found her and that she broke the hold those two had over him. I am glad to be able to shed this disguise. I haven't been this man in decades. To be able to be ourselves…" He sighs and holding his mate close to him, he nuzzles into her.

Victoria laughs. "When are you going to take out those horrid contacts?"

Peter laughs as he looks out and pinpoints the canyon they will need to make their way towards. "I think he likes the way red eyes look on him."

James snarls as he reaches up and takes them out, flinging them away from him. "It really is okay?"

Looking back at him from over his shoulder, Peter tells him, "Yes. Jasper is mated. He is now not just himself, but somehow, Bella has made it to where he is the God of War now. He is fully one with his beast as she is with hers. Our coven is complete."

He then arches his eyebrow, "You did take care of Laurent, right?"

James lets out an evil chuckle. "Yep. The Volturi's little spy is taken care of. Why did we need him around all that time?"

Victoria laughs. "So they won't suspect a thing. You know they were told by the little seer what would happen if the coven formed. So Laurent was added to us in order to make sure it didn't."

Charlotte is grinning as she heads to the truck and grabs a couple of duffel bags, tossing them to Peter and James. "They had no idea that Peter has been one step ahead of them the entire time."

Peter kisses her head when she comes up and wraps her arms around him. "They don't know what True Mates are capable of. And Jasper and Bella? No idea at all. They are the first to fully mate as a Bonded Mate pair. Now, let's get them, because if we don't the mind-raper is going to get close and it is not time for Jasper and him to meet yet."

With that, the group is gone within the next second, only the wind leaving witness to their passing.

Jasper moans as he opens his eyes. He can feel his mate underneath him and he is trying to remember what happened.

While he is trying to remember, his hands and nose are already busy making sure Bella is fine and a smile comes as he feels her doing the same to him.


She looks up from her check on him, and looking into his green eyes, she sees his widen.

He reaches out and cups her face and looks. "How?"

She chuckles. "According to my beast, it is because I agreed to work with it from the beginning. And it is only possible because of you. So thanks."

He just shakes his head. "Life is sure going to be different with you, darlin'." He then pulls her closer for a kiss and tells her huskily, "And you're not goin' to hear me complainin'."

She grins shyly to him and reaches up to him. "Jasper, what is going to happen now?"

He rubs his face into her hand and gives her a grin with dimples. "Depends on you, mi amor, and what you are wanting. I am here for you. You are my biggest concern."

She looks down, and his hand is quickly there to raise her face to his. "None of that. I get to see these beautiful brown eyes for the rest of our lives. Plus, there is nothing I want more than to really look at you. The brief time we had when I talked to you in the hotel was not enough. Shit, for the rest of eternity will be too brief."

She shakes her head. "I told you that I accepted the Mating, there is no need for you to sweet talk me."

His grin breaks out, and his hand moves to run through her hair. "Darlin' this is not sweet talking you, this is me telling you the truth. Get used to it."

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He rests his forehead against hers, both of them connected as intimately as any couple can be, both of them gasping.

Bella is the first to catch her breath. "Is it always going to be like this?"

Not able to help the smirk that comes to his lips, he tells her, "Better if I can make it, Darlin'." He leans forward and captures her lips with his and he kisses her possessively. "Thank you," he murmurs right above her lips and kisses her softer. Her lips answer his, both of them content in that moment, connected to each other.

But too soon, life came crashing in with Peter's voice echoing to them, "So Major, when you going to grab this stuff so we can take your mate somewhere more classy? Which shouldn't be hard with you starting out like this."

Jasper's growl sounds out and Peter laughs. He tosses in the bags, telling him, "Blood bags in the first one, clothing for you and your mate in the second. We will be waiting for you, so no fuckin's, ya hear?"

Another growl sounds out and Peter yips as Charlotte slaps him behind the head. "No embarrassing her, you dumb hick."

Laughter sounds as the coven members grin before they all take up positions, guarding their leaders as they get dressed.

Jasper kisses her one final time and sitting her carefully down on the side of the pool, grabs the bags. He opens the one with the blood and tosses one to her. He tells her, "Use your fangs to pierce it and drink from it."

He watches her, and when she starts drinking, he spares a look to see how many blood bags are in the duffel. Counting, he raises his eyebrows. He picks it up, and brings her another one when she finishes the current one.

She grabs it and is soon drinking it and then another after it. But then, she notices he has not had any and she stops.

He smiles and tells her, "I'll drink when you are done." When she started to protest, he reached up and cupped her face. "It's instinct, mi amor. As my mate, I make sure you are satisfied before I eat. And you can't fool me, so drink up." He watches as she goes back to drinking. He chuckles, then goes to grab the last duffel bag.

Opening up, he smiles to see what he considers normal clothes. He grabs them and dresses quickly, watching his mate all the while. When he senses her getting satisfied, he grabs her clothes and is by her side.

She watches him, then hands him the bag she had been drinking from. Watching him grin, he puts his fangs in and is drinking from it. He watches as she looks through the clothing, then nodding, she puts them on.

He finishes with the blood bags quickly. He doesn't need as much as she did, and he is pleased with how she handled dressing herself. He still had his old clothing in case she ripped through anything, but instead, he places the empty blood bags in the empty clothing duffel, placing the other one in it too along with his old clothes.

Bella laughs at his sneer. "I never thought those were your type."

He shook his head as he holds out his hand for her. "Never my style. And that is going to be the first thing we find out. How the hell did I get so fucked up?"

He had been walking with her out of the cave and Peter appeared before them, walking up slowly. He had been careful not to startle her, knowing that Jasper would literally have his head if he did. "I told you she wasn't yer mate, Major."

Jasper grins. "Peter. Is everything ready?"

At his nod, Jasper looks to his mate. "I'll introduce you to everyone soon, darlin'. But for now, let's get out of here."

As she smiles, Peter takes the bag from Jasper, and soon the coven is making its way out of the canyons, heading quickly for Nevada.

Final Count: 3,112 words

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