Summary: During One of his beatings naruto had enough and beats the mobs down before is found by none other than Hajime Saito, Kenshin Himura, Sanousuke Sagara and Aoshi Shinamori they are disgusted with his treatment before deciding to take naruto with them to train him to become the strongest shinobi in the lands 'Watch Out Konoha This Fox Has Fangs.' Godlike/Dark/Smart Naruto/Harem. Sasuke/Sakura/Kiba/Kaka Bashing Civilian Council Bashing Character Death,Blood,Gore Good danzo, Good Elders

4 year old Naruto Senju-Uzumaki-Namikaze is pissed right now, why you say he found out why he was hated and is bubbling with rage at the stupidity of this village he is just the container how can they not tell the difference!

When he found out he notices they will never accept him no matter what so he does the next best thing he trained with little time he had and had success in mastering the style of his clan the Whirpool Fist that uses raw power and speed.

walking down the street his hand sin his pocket his eyes look like cold chips of ice something that made the villagers panick thinking the kyuubi was taking over but he gives them a glare saying 'Fuck Off' before walking home.

He ducks as a sake bottle is thrown at his head and glares at the bastard that threw it, before unconsciously speeding with a burst of chakra nailing the man with a knee to the nose breaking it causing him to cry out in pain.

This gets a mob of civilians angry that their whipping boy is defying them, but get angrier as he gives them a feral fox grin as he proceeds to beat them down brutally while a certain fox is cackling in glee at the bloodlust his container is showing.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

Kyuubi right now is cackling like a madman at seeing his kit lay the smack down on the arrogant civilians that abused him when he was younger .

"Hehehe, finally had enough eh? kit i'm glad you decided to let your mask go and show your trueself." Kyuubi said to himself before sensing anbu coming and see's his container flee leaving his victims bloody and bruised.

"I'll heal as best as I can kit something tells me you are going to surpass your mother, and father in more ways than one." The Bijuu Lord Said to himself as he begins to heal naruto's wounds.

With Naruto

Breathing Heavily naruto feels the kyuubi heal his inuries making him smile 'It seems i misjudged you fox you took care of even when i didn't deserve it.' Naruto thought his eyes droop indicating he is losing consciousness before finding a hiding spot that is far away from the village before succumbing to sleep.

Four people are watching him from the the trees two looking shocked and disgusted the others having sympathetic, yet awed looks for the fiery young vessel before jumping out of the trees the moonlight showing their features.

The first man has a lean, yet muscular build on him narrow amber eyes that resemble a wolfs short slick hair bangs framing his eyes giving him a feral look, his clothes are what you would see on a police officer he wears a blue button-up shirt with blue slacks and black dress shoes this is Hajime Saito the wolf of mibu a former fighter in the revolution in the kyoto.

This man has a kind, gentle look that holds a malicious intent with bloodlust of a killer. He looks to be in his twenties he has blood red hair tied in a ponytail and a x-shaped scar on his cheek he wears a white hakama with a dark blue kimono top sheathed at his waist is a sakabato (Reverse Blade-Sword) and black zori sandals. This is Kenshin Himura the battousai.

The third person seems to be the tallest in the group he has a white open jacket that showed his hard muscles with the kanji for bad on the back he has white pants and martial artist shoes and a blood red bandana tied on his head, he seems to be clenching his fists tightly blood leaking out trying to keep himself from killing the people in the village. This is Sanouske Sagara.

The last figure was 5'10 short black hair bangs framing his dark blue eyes wearing a long tan trenchcoat a blue training outfit underneath, at his sides are two kodachis he wears black fingerless gloves and black shoes his posture shows he is a experienced fighter in hand to hand fighting this is aoshi shinamori leader of the Oniwaban a group of mercenaries fighting for the title of the strongest group and right now he is not pleased scratch that! he is pissed off at these villagers as his hand is twitching toward his blades wanting to spill the blood of such vile creatures.

"Guys we need to go to the leader and get an explanation of why he is treated like this." Kenshin hissed his manslayer side wanting retribution for harming a child.

"I agree with kenshin this is just disgusting not even shishio is this sick!" Saito snarled his eyes narrowing into slits his protective nature flaring to the surface.

Sanousuke nodded and punched his fist into his palm "We are gonna get some answers alright." He said gruffly picking up naruto bridal style he walks with the others to the village hoping to get some answers or they're will be hell to pay literally.

Timeskip: 2 hours later-Hokage Tower

Sarutobi Hiruzen the kami no shinobi is pissed off, why you say he just returned from a council meeting when a mob tried to kill naruto again but this time naruto was the one doing the beating while cackling in glee making him shiver that cackle made him remember anko on a happy day.

Shaking off the disturbing thoughts he hears something sounding from the hallway and see's his door open to see four men with murderous looks in their eyes while one is holding naruto.

He gasps looking at naruto's fists they had dried blood on them and looked to be still clenched this made him smile at his grandson finally defending himself before his eyes harden into chips of ice impressing kenshin, saito, and aoshi at the coldness in his eyes.

"Hokage-sama i believe you know why we are here we want to know why this boy is treated this way." Kenshin demanded oozing bloodlust making the anbu around shiver at seeing their own deaths.

Puffing out smoke hiruzen sighs "It's because he is the container of the Kyuubi No Kitsune since it killed many people and their yondaime hokage he is a contant reminder of what they lost bunch of bakas if you ask me." He muttered the last part cold fury burning in his soul.

Aoshi suddenly speaks up "Are we to guess this boy is the yondaime's son because he looks just like him." Sarutobi nodded before walking to the picture of the yondaime biting his thumb he swipes his finger over a seal containing three scrolls one with a swirl on it, one with a lightning bolt on it, and a black and red scroll.

He hands these scrolls to aoshi who pockets them in his coat "If it's okay with you we would like to train young naruto we want to pass on our skills to the one who will surpass us." Kenshin smiled this causes the old man to get a devious idea that will kick the council in the ass.

"Wake up naruto first i want him to accept it before leaving." Getting a nod they tap naruto who groggily opens his eyes to see his grandfather standing with what looked like a bunch of samurai.

"Hello naruto-kun i have decided to you your inheritance since you deserve it and these men are going to train you." His grandfatherly smile on his face.

Naruto grins ferally before hugging his jiji tightly cryin tears of joy at finding out who his parents are this scene makes the other men chuckle.

"Naruto-kun always remember love can change anyone now go and meet them by the gate in 20 mins and remember get strong enough to beat hashirama-sensei and tobirama-sensei let your will of fire shine bright!" Hiruzen said in his hokage voice making naruto's eyes burn with a holy fire in them.

Aoshi speaks up "Before that go get some new clothes naruto you will need them." He said sagely getting a nod from the young vessel who leaps out the window and heads out to get some clothes.

20 minutes later- Konoha Gate

The four warriors along with the sandaime stand at the gate waiting for their friend and see him walking toward the gate wearing black jeans, black shinobi sandals a white shirt, a black jacket with tribal markings on the back, and black fingerless gloves with seals on them for repairing. (Alex Mercers attire altered and will be his clothing till the timeskip) and he had a feral grin on his face blood dripping down his gloves.

Kenshin smirks "Let me guess you beat the hell out of another mob eh bouya?" He teased getting a dark smirk from naruto making them wonder if he is going to get sadistic after their training but shrug it off.

After securing all his equipment and gear he gives his grandfather one last hug before setting off never to be seen for 11 years but, hiruzen knows naruto will surpass every kage in history he believes in him now he has one last thing to do.

Putting the arrogant clan members in their place!

Timeskip: 11 years

Letting out a sigh Naruto walks toward the gate of konoha with an annoyed look on his emotionless face. He has grown from 4'3 to 5'11 making him very tall he has his hair spiky blong with red tips violet eyes that hold a certain edge to them obtained by only a kage and sharper defined whisker marks on his face his face is also devoid of all baby fat giving him that regal handsome look, clothing consists of black anbu style pants, fingerless dark-red gloves with a metal plate engraved on them, tattoos in the form of a dragon and a fox on his arms, he has two swords strapped to his waist a carbon stainless steel sword that has a humming sound to it 15 ft in length (Hf Sword that raiden uses from Mgs4), his other sword is a blood-red katana 17 ft long 4 inches wide the tsuba looks like a circular guard while the hilt is pure black. This is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Apprentice to the four strongest men in the world and is returning to konoha to take the genin exam but hopes he is allowed to go solo since no teammates could keep up with his skill.

He see's two chunin bickering up ahead before landing infront of them he recognizes them as Kotetsu and Izumo the two eternal chuunin that guard the gates everyday pretty lame though he clears his throat getting their attention.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze returning to the leaf from a personal training trip nice to see you kotetsu, izumo how's it going." Naruto grinned at seeing his two best buddies who grinned back before engulfing him in a headlock making him laugh.

"Hehe, glad to see you back otouto we thought you had up and left so finally getting ready to be a ninja unlike the rest of these spoiled brats." Izumo grinned at naruto who gave the academy a bored stare getting the impression that it wasn't worth his time before giving them a goodbye wave walking toward the academy permission slip in hand.

Leaf Academy

Iruka Umino smiles at seeing his young academy students getting ready for their first steps into the ninja world, but knows some will not come back on from their missions, before he could continue on his thoughts he hears a knock at the door "I wonder who that could be maybe it's naruto?" Iruka thought missing his little brother he always used to take naruto out for ramen all the time when he was little.

Opening the door his smile lights up as he see's his little brother "Yo Iruka-nee long time no see can't have missed me that bad." Naruto replied teasing his older brother figure who gave him a mock glare before motioning him in getting squeals from the girls and heated glares from the guys including a certain brooder.

"Kyuubi should i use my eternal rinnegan to put them in a genjutsu when they chase me?" He asked his tenant mentally who does a mock thinking pose.

"I don't know but you need a mate kit, i will not have my vessel being a virgin for eternity." Kyuubi Mock scolded naruto who rolled his eyes before feeling someones glare on his head.

Turning his head he see's Sasuke Uchiha glaring at him trying intimidate before recoiling in anger yet suprise at seeing the newcomer with a doujutsu that looks like his clan's eyes but went back to brooding and planning revenge on his brother.

"Kyuubi we are gonna have to speak to jiji so i won't get put on a team especially with that emo brooder around." Naruto said clearly annoyed and can feel the fox's annoyance as well.

"Class today we are having a new student so please treat him nice." Iruka said smiling at the few nods his class gave.

A loud voice sounds out "Sensei why the hell do we have a new student when we had to go through this damn academy." This came from Inuzuka Kiba he wears a grey sweater with black shorts his eyes have dog-like slits in them but held arrogance and perversion leering at a shy timid girl who has widened eyes in realization who he is making naruto smile

"Seems hina-chan hasn't forgotten about me and i still see she has love for me as well." Naruto sighed sadly for never realizing her feelings and promises to make up for the lost time.

"Are you sure it is wise to question the hokage's order inuzuka-san." Naruto's voice grew cold and emotionless making everyone recoil in shock at how cold he is even sasuke is suprised.

Kiba get's mad and jumps at naruto who knocks him headfirst into the roof using the hilt of his sword, everyone looks at kiba and back at naruto over again "So anyone else want to try their luck." He drawled with sadistic glee in his violet eyes making them shake their heads.

"I'll go sit by hina-hime if that's ok with her." He smiled warmly causing some girls to go weak in the knees and get hot under the collar including hinata who gives him a nod ignoring the glares she got from naruto's fanclub.

Naruto sits down next to hinata who is trying not to faint "Hina-Hime it's been a while since i've seen you how is your family doing." He said warmly making her cheeks redden.

"Well.. my mom is ok thanks to you pointing out the poison, otou-san is happy but still strict, neji nee-san has stopped talking about fate and hanabi-chan is still a little childish." She said trying to stiffle a giggle at how her little sister is.

Naruto chuckles at this not expecting neji to actually stop talking about fate but hears iruka talk about the shodaime and face faults this is going to be day ever.

3 hours later

Walking down the street naruto decides to eat out at ichiraku's seeing the familiar stand he gets a grin at seeing teuichi "Yo old man your favorite customer is back and ready for some ramen." He shouted making the man turn around with a grin on his face and embraces naruto in a hug.

"Ayame come out back looks like our favorite customer came back." He called out hearing clangs of pots and spoons before seeing his daughter coming out.

Ayame see's naruto and blushes "So handsome..." She whispers before hearing chuckles and looks to see naruto with an amused look on his face making her pout before hugging him letting out tears of happiness at her little brother coming back.

"So naruto how was your training trip i'm sure you've become strong right." She teased getting an amused snort form the namikaze heir before hearing about what he learned and experienced during his travels and become gobsmacked at hearing his lineage before bidding him goodbye.

He's going to go far ayame-chan i just know it." He smiled getting a smile from his daughter.

"You can bet that tou-san naru-chan is always determined to protect his precious people." She smirked letting a happy tear out before going back into the kitchen.

Naruto walks to an empty training ground and summons 5500 clones "500 work on the sub-elements, 500 on taijutsu, 500 on kenjutsu katas, 500 on katon jutsu, 500 on suiton, 500 on chakra manipulation/shaping, 500 on fuinjutsu, 500 on genjutsu, 500 on our doujutsu, 500 on elemental control i want to be able to use my jutsu sealless, 500 on chakra control , I will be using my bijuu mode and see what i can create in this mode now get to it!" He shouted getting 'Hais' from his clones who jump away he sits down instantly activating his bijuu modo manipulating the chakra arms he has them do many variants of his father's rasengan while trying to increase the time he can keep it active up to one month so far he can go 4 to 9 weeks tops which is a good start.

20 mins later naruto's eyes glaze over from the memories of the clones looks like his contorl over his elements are getting better and a few made some jutsu fro his Jinton, Enton, Bakuton, Mokuton, and Sunaton his chakra control feels 5 times better than tsunades.

Suddenly he hears the sound of a shunshin and see's his surrogate grandfather sitting next to him with a smile "Hey ji-chan how's the paperwork." He grinned making his old man snort in amusement but smirks like he accomplished something.

"I found your father's note about the kage bushin and can't believe i the kami no shinobi couldn't figure that out." He pouted making naruto snicker.

"So naruto-kun who do you want on your team." Sarutobi asked getting a shaking of head form naruto getting a confused look from his surrogate grandfather naruto see's this and elaborates.

"Ji-san after i surpassed my senseis in their styles i was already kage-level but after getting training from ryujin-sama and Kyuubi i've become stronger than the rikudo sennin plus you do remember i have shadow clones to back me up as a team." He reminded his oji-san who blushed and looked sheepish and suddenly got an idea.

"Since you maybe more experienced than most anbu i will give you the rank of tokubetsu genin." He said smiling at naruto's grin.

"Thank you jiji i could have killed my team if it was hatake, haruno and uchiha." He said with venom getting a nod from sarutobi who was starting to question kakashi's morals since he would try to stunt naruto's growth.

"Oh and jiji my ninjutsu are the deadliest and guess which other element i got." Naruto grinned making the man perk up in wonder.

"So what is it and why from iwa." He asked curiously getting an evil grin from naruto who began to weave handsigns till a white cone formed in front of his hands making him grin evilly too.

"Jinton: Genkai Hakurei No Jutsu!" He yelled as the cone expanded into a huge dome surrounding half the forest before the inside of the dome flashes brightly.

The light dims down till it shows nothing but a barren wasteland making sarutobi gawk, he knew how skilled onoki was using the dust style but naruto makes him look like a damn amatuer hearing chuckling looks to see naruto shaking his head.

"Ji-san that was only 15% of it's power if i used higher than that this village wouldn't be standing Hehe..." He chuckled darkly making sarutobi sweatdrop "He says it as if speaking about the weather." He thought seeing his grandson yawn.

"Go get some sleep naruto you will need it."

"Hai Oji-san i'll try not to murder someone who annoys me g'night." Naruto yawns tiredly shunshinin to his family's estate for some sleep

Next Day- Academy

Naruto's eye twitches as he watchs the pitiful spars to think the academy has fallen this low, He looks down at the two blades in his lap two black kodachi's covered in seals for nature chakra gathering, and strengthening seals so they won't break the guard looks like a dragon's head and the hilts are red in color he practiced with these using his sensei aoshi's kenpo style nonstop mastering the katas before incorporating them together making the style all the more deadlier. He also had seals that would electrocute anyone who he dosen't trust touch them and can channel sub-elemental chakra for more deadlier effects.

Naruto seals them back into the tattoo of a spiral on his left hand and closed his eyes sleeping waiting for his name to be called.

A couple of minutes later naruto feels someone kicking him making him gain a tic-mark on his forehead making those around him back off except the ones kicking him. Some more kicking a vein bulges on his head just as one of them was going for a kick naruto sprung up lands four punches to his assailants faces blasting them through the academy walls.

He looks to see Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, Kiba Inuzuka, and Ino Yamanaka glaring at him making his violet eyes narrow into slits making the others flinch.

"May i ask why you were kicking me while i was trying to sleep so i can beat you down for your insolence." He said coldly making the anbu jump back in fright they knew who naruto was but they never thought he was this cold.

Kiba spoke arrogantly "Because you needed to learn who you're betters were and we decided to teach you!" This statement made naruto's face darken scaring even the kyuubi in his cage.

Naruto's eyes morph into his eternal mangekyou rinnegan "You Dare Patronize Me!" Naruto said darkly killing intent rolling off him in waves making pale at seeing visions of being decapitated, crushed and split in half.

Iruka walks to the center "Since these idiots decided to act like a bunch of pompous assholes this will be Naruto vs These four... The four attackers glare defiantly at iruka before he gives them a cold glare "Let this be a lesson to you four you attacked someone who just came back from his training trip just to satisfy your ego's." He said in a low dark tone "It seems you four need a lesson in humility this will be a battle with every go's but don't expect to win brats HAJIME!" Iruka announced starting the match.

The four get up into defensive stances expecting this to be an easy fight but stopped still at hearing dark laughter sending chills down their spines looking up to see naruto who's face was sporting an evil smirk.

They didn't know this battle was being watched by a certain hokage with the other clan heads.

==Hokage Tower==

Sarutobi Hiruzen looks at the scene with a coldness that was thought to be long gone but seeing his grandson assaulted like that pissed him off to no end.

A regal looking man with pale white eyes looks through the crystal ball with the fierceness of a protective father "It seems that some clan heirs think their status allows them to think they are the kings of this village but it seems my grandson will be delivering the punishment fit for them." He said darkly.

A feral growl comes from a wild looking woman who has red marks on her cheeks identifying her as an inuzuka who is angry at her son for hurting naruto to think her own son inherited his father's arrogance.

"I thought kiba didn't inherit his father's arrogance but it seem's kami is being a bitch today i hope he gets his ass stomped hard." She gave an even colder reply making the others even hiashi sweat a bit.

A tall blond haired man who had the same eyes as ino looked to have a dark glint in his eye "I told ino to stop picking on naruto when they were kids but the banshee haruno poisoned my baby's mind into thinking naruto, always did something wrong if she dosen't shape up i will disown her." He said colder than a blizzard shocking everyone who thought had a gentle look when looking at ino but they guess is because he dosne't like arrogance.

They look to see naruto giving them a look that would send madara uchiha running!... These brats are in deep shit now!

Back With Naruto

Naruto looks at them and shakes his head "Their stances are too weak, rigid, and full of holes an experienced genin i feel so embarrassed since i was arrogant back then i can still remember the pain i felt from my sensei's way of removing arrogance (shudder) oh well let's start the ass kicking." He grinned mentally before pulling out his custom-made sakabato getting into the hiten mitsurugi stance making those who knew the style pale at wondering how the jinchuuriki was a master at the sword art.

Kiba waits a few more minutes before charging at naruto blindly "Kneel before your betters you damn orphan!" Kiba arrogantly yelled expecting naruto to take it but is shocked, when naruto fazes out of existence as he looks around for his target but yelps when he gets smacked by the blunt side of naruto's blade.

"Dead." Naruto deadpanned making the others laugh at kiba before dodging a sneak attack by ino and smacked her in the head with his sheath making her yelp in pain.

"Dead Again." He deadpanned again before smacking away a kunai strike to his back and smacks sasuke with the sheath three times on his face making him growl.

"Dead again little sasuke." He said before slamming his sheath into the ground creating a shockwave that blasted all four opponents in different directions of the village.

He sheathes his sword and started to walk away, but stops and see's a basketball sized fireball heading in his direction "Does this idiot really think such a basic jutsu can stop me." He mutters his rinnegan activating again holding his hand out.

Fuuinjutsu Kyuuin: (Sealing Absorbtion Technique!)" He yelled as a transparent barrier forms in front of naruto and to the shock of everyone the fireball is absorbed into his palm adding the chakra to his reserves which are barely drained at all he has more chakra than hachibi alone.

Sasuke and Kiba burst through the foilage and start to throw barrages of kunai and shuriken makin naruto's eyes narrow before he stomps the ground a giant earth wall sprouting up blocking the projectiles thrown making all the passing by jounin gawk at the academy student's elemental manipulation skills that was beyond kage-level.

Kiba suddenly snapped "Why don't you die you clanless orphan trash like you should have don't deserve to be in this village!" Getting glares from everyone excluding sasuke, ino, and sakura who were laughing arrogantly at naruto thinking he would cry.

Naruto slowly unsheathes his sword "I am done being the nice guy just to get spit on." He said darkly before blasting from his spot leaving a crater as kiba and sasuke tried to defend themselves but end up getting knocked around the academy grounds like pinballs before getting smashed into the ground headfirst before walking to get his headband and head home ignoring the glares the civilians send his way.

"Hn, bakas should know when to realize that a fox isn't someone you wanna mess with." Naruto snorted in amusement before walking inside as his gates close and the seals lock the house up.

==Hokage Tower==

"So explain who you want as your students." The sandaime asked politely getting nods from the three jounin in the room.

Sarutobi Asuma stepped forward "I would like Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji i would like to recreate the Ino-Shika-Cho group besides they can be an Interrigation/Capture Squad." He explained getting a nod from his father who was right but gave him an idea.

"Asuma after they get their chakra control to mid-chunin have them find out their elemental affinites i don't want any sacking off understand." He added sternly getting a nod from his son.

A red-eyed beauty stepped up next "I would like Hinata Hyuuga, Aburame Shino and Naruto Namikaze they would all do well as a tracking team." She said ignoring kakashi's narrowing eye at the idea of the demon getting stronger.

"Kurenai-chan naruto has a higher rank than genin." He said giving a pointed look at kakashi who is looking suspicious.

She quirked an eye asking what rank is he? "He's a tokubetsu genin he told me that having teammates who can't keep up with him in battle would cause problems for him." He said softly getting a nod from asuma.

"I understand what naruto is saying he must be above kage-level from you're description of him pops."

"Yes asuma he told me he was trained by some people from feudal japan outside the elemental nations reach all of them were war veterans." He said impressed by naruto's teachers.

"They should have taught sasuke instead." A one-eyed cyclops muttered planning on taking this to the council getting suspicious looks from them.

"I would like Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto Uzumaki." He said the last name with contempt.

"Explain why you want naruto on your team besides wanting a four man squad." Sarutobi responded coldly.

"Kiba and Sasuke have a rivalry with naruto and i'm sure sasuke can use it to motivate hi to get stronger and maybe teach sasuke a few moves." He said eye smiling.

"No you will get sasuke uchiha, Kiba inuzuka, and sakura haruno i will not allow naruto to be used as a measuring stick for a stuck brat like sasuke." He said in a tone of finality ignoring kakashi's glare at not getting what he wants.

"If you even think of patronizing naruto i will allow him to put you in intensive care along with the rest of those civilians on that night naruto left the village." Asuma and Kurenai's eyes widen in recognition before grinning.

"Damn pops naruto did that at 4 years old two whole mobs with just his fists alone damn that kid is powerful." Asuma whistled impressed.

Kurenai nodded "He reminded me of anko he fought with such brutality it would make ibiki green with envy." She replied cheekily getting snorts of chuckling from sarutobi and asuma ignoring kakashi who is glaring at them.

"You are all dismissed." He ordered but an anbu walked in with purple hair and a neko mask and he can feel she is annoyed.

"Hokage-sama the council, has demanded that you come to this meeting about naruto." She said annoyed with civilians not knowing their place.

He raised an eyebrow amused at them demanding him the hokage! His face gains a large dark smirk on his face getting grins from the others except kakashi who is sweating.

"Well now let's go see what the little shit stains want now eh?" He said in a sickening sweet voice causing kakashi to flinch.

2 hours later- Council Room

Naruto is walking toward the council room entrance with a vein bulging on his head an aura of a snarling fox manifesting scaring the shit out of everyone.

He reaches the doors as the anbu loyal to the civilians try to stop him but punches them through the door leaving a hole in it.

He walks to the door cracking his knuckles before letting out a loud roar, smashing his fist into the door using his sensei's technique shredding the large wooden into sawdust with the shockwave before walking in smiling at the grins the elders and danzo gave him while glaring at the civilian council members except a pink-haired woman who is smirking like a fox making him quirk an eyebrow before reading her thoughts and is shocked that she was the one who prevented him from getting executed as a baby (I will not turn sakura's mother into an evil bitch so whatever might be added to the harem).

He gives her a wink causing the pink haired woman to blush and inwardly squeal getting a knowing look from the hokage who gave a hidden grin under his hat.

Naruto's face switched back to emotionless and coldness impressing danzo and the other shinobi especially the haruno clan head who feels weak at the knees from his commanding voice she can feel her pink panties getting wet.

"What does the council want with me when i was training my kenjutsu." He asked coldly. But most of it was directed toward the civilians bar sakuya haruno who is smirking mischievously.

A fat civilian member who's name is Genzo Hiachi one of the assholes that made sure to blacklist naruto on every store in his district and was the drunk who's nose got broken by naruto.

"We order you to surrender your jutsus, and weapons to uchiha-sama so he can kill his brother." He ordered arrogantly not seeing naruto's face darken.

Naruto's hair shadowed his left eye and glared with his bloodline flashing "You dare patronize me?" Naruto said darkly imitating madara's voice scaring the civilian member who spoke.

"Hokage-sama he needs to be executed he threatened a council member that is punishable by death." He said in a scared voice not sounding so brave but is shocked when the hokage ignores his plea.

"The uchiha doe's not deserve my possessions i earned these through blood, sweat and tears and if you think he is going to get them you better bring all the fucking bijuu against me!" He roared his violet eyes glowing as his chakra turns silver.

In his mindscape kyuubi has his jaw on the ground. He never thought that naruto would be willing to go that far and his aura matches that of the sage.

"Rikudo-Jiji could this be the one i was finally looking for maybe i should show him my real form." Kyuubi asked herself but watches the scene play out through naruto's eyes.

Sakuya Haruno shivers in excitement at the aura naruto is excluding 'He is definitely going to be more powerful than his parents that's for sure.' She added in her mind but see's movement out of the corner of her eye and see's kakashi running for naruto his chidori active.

Naruto turns his head lazily before fazing out of sight and nails the cyclops with a punch to the gut making double over in pain and sends a barrage of punches kicks knees and chops to kakashi who is having a hard time keeping up with his speed before jumping back going through 5 handseals.

Katon: Goukakyu No jutsu!"

He spits out a large fireball at naruto who to the shock of everyone smack the jutsu back at kakashi and does the dragon seal gathering air in his lungs.

Katon: Dairyuuka No jutsu!

He spits out a gigantic dragon of blue fire at kakashi who uses a kawarimi to evade being killed as the dragon explodes making a shockwave that knocks everyone back except those with shinobi training.

Naruto ducks a kick to the head and sends a kick to his stomach sending him in the air "Kage Buyo!" He appears instantly before delivering a barrage of punches before slamming him down into the ground with his heel making the floor crack from the power.

"Lions Barrage!"

Kakashi coughs up blood before falling unconscious from the pain naruto's kick caused on him.

Naruto picks kakashi up by his collar before tossing him through the air into the women's hotspring before walking back inside the council room whistling innocently getting sweatdrops from the anbu before shivering at hearing his girly screams.

Sakuya speaks up from her seat "Naru-kun could you tell us where you threw him please." She said in a voice that naruto had when he used to prank people.

Naruto notices her tone and grins evilly making the males in the room shiver "Oh you know the womens side of the hotspring and apparently anko, kurenai, hana, and hina-himes mom were in there relaxing." He said in a singsong voice making the females grin and the males look at him in fear at how sadistic he is 'Note to self do not piss him off EVER!' The males thought shivering at the implications of their sadistic wives meeting naruto.

Naruto looks at the time seeing it's nighttime"Well everyone it's night time so i think we should be getting to bed so ja ne." He said walking by sakuya slipping a note in her pocket making her blink cutely before reading the letter and blushes with a perverted grin on her face walking off giggling.

The guys from the shinobi and elder council look at a smirking naruto "Godson i got to say this you are one lucky bastard." Hiashi said humour in his voice getting a chuckle from naruto before walking home.

Naruto waves them goodbye before teleporting to his bed room and sleeps knowing in the morning he will have to do missions already discussing about what missions will be suited for him.


Naruto sighs as he turns in his report for an A-rank mission from iwakagure no sato for peace talks between country's he was met with many glares from men and lustful gazes from the kunoichi and had developed a fanclub in iwa.

He had talked with the tsuchikage who to his surprise didn't have a grudge against naruto's father but actually respected him. Naruto showed him his ability to use dust style which almost caused onoki a heart attack before giving naruto some scrolls on his flight technique he asked why onoki said this 'You have more potential to take it beyond my level and tell the old monkey i said hi.' Naruto accepted this and traveled back to report success of his mission.

Sarutobi reads over the report and is shocked that onoki didn't hold a grudge making sigh in relief and gain a tick mark from onoki calling him an old monkey.

"Congratulations naruto this is your 7th A-rank mission you have completed in record time your payment will be transferred to your account." He said getting a nod from naruto. The door bursts open and in comes team 7 wih kakashi reading his smut.

Kiba slams his hands down on the table demanding for a better mission but freezes as naruto places the edge of his kodachi on the boy's neck.

"Kiba-san may i remind you are just a lowly genin and demanding something of the hokage is a sure way to get executed do you understand inuzuka!" Naruto said calmly as his chakra slams down on kiba making him whimper in submission getting a nod from naruto as he removed the blade from his neck.

Sakura trys to attack him but suddenly falls to the ground as the gravity increases making her struggle to stand up.

"Haruno you should know better to attack a gravity user who increase the pressure on you till you become crushed from the pressure now wait for hokage-sama's orders understood." He told her coldly getting a meek nod before canceling the gravity technique.

He turns to his grandfather and says "Hokage-jiji i think they should get a c-rank mission so they can shut up but i would like to ask for neko and team kurenai to accompany us on the mission just in case." He exclaimed getting a wide eye from the sandaime at how commanding he is.

He smiles 'You will make a great hokage someday naruto, I just know it.' He thought giving a nod at his grandson's request.

Kakashi drops his head in shame at his treatment of naruto 'Minato-sensei would be dissapointed in me for how i acted i'm sorry naruto." Kakashi sadly thought as he watched his genin leave leaving him with naruto and the sandaime.

Naruto stares at him curiously "Kakashi what is you have to say to me." Naruto said cooly and is shocked when the silver haired man bows his head to the floor.

"Naruto, i realized my actions have done nothing but cause pain i thought you were the kyuubi nearly everyone i loved is dead the pain was too much please i am begging you naruto." Kakashi begged letting out tears of sadness, regret and pain making naruto's eyes soften before picking kakashi from the ground slowly and hugged him like a brother would.

"Don't worry about it kakashi i understand how you felt but your otou-san would not want to see you like this now go prepare for our mission tomorrow but on this mission no more being late and start back training you ar eslacking off kakashi." Naruto said warmly getting a tearful smile from kakashi who shunshins home eager to get his strength back to anbu-level.

Naruto walks outside the tower heading for ichiraku's and see's sakuya who dosen't notice him getting a grin he creeps up behind and rubs her bubble-sized ass getting a moan from her and a perverted grin.

Turning around she see's naruto and locks lips with him moaning as his tongue roamed her mouth, you see after the council meeting naruto found out that sakuya developed feelings for him from seeing his unbreakable spirit and fierce determination and most of all, his pure heart to love even when being hated.

So she took him on a date to the jade dragon where they had a romantic dinner as they were walking home sakuya confessed her feelings for him and shocked him by kissing him under the moonlight she thought he would leave, but he told her he is the heir of three clans so he will be in the CRA which she squealed at having harem sisters causing a large blush to appear on his face.

"Hey saku-chan, how are you doing today miss me." He asked in a teasing voice. She pouts cutely before gripping naruto through his pants getting a groan from naruto and a coy smirk from sakuya as she strokes him.

"Oh, nothing naru-kun just been waiting for my favorite kitsune and i hear you're going on an escort mission to nami no kuni." She said seriousness in her voice.

Naruto nods "Yes, it will be me, yugao, team 7, and team 8 we might encounter nuke-nin on the mission why do you want to know." He asked curiously before gawking at his girlfriend wearing a black and red version of jounin attire her white headband tied to her bicep.

She smirked "I asked hokage-sama to reinstate me since i retrained myself back to anbu-captain level so i can fight alongside the man i love and gave me permission to accompany you on the mission meaning we can have some alone time kitsune-sama." She said seductively making the bulge in naruto's pants bigger.

Naruto squeezes her ass again making he rmoan even louder "Are you sure you can keep up with me i have stamina in spades my sakuya-hime." He said huskily making her shiver.

"Oh i'm sure i can manage i will have you begging for more before this mission is over." She said challenging naruto who grins impishly.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

Kyuubi is giggling pervertedly at her vessel's actions, this woman has no idea the trouble she is going to be in when naruto fucks her.

Suddenly an idea clicks in her perverted mind she may not be able to influence him but she can increase his hormones to extreme levels that it will be hard to resist fucking sakuya.

She grins deviously 'Let's see you try to resist this naru-kun." She thought before sending a blast of chakra to her container.

With Naruto

Naruto is walking toward the gates with sakuya before stiffening as he starts sweating startling sakuya who asks him what is wrong. "Kyuubi is messing with my hormones and is using her chakra to heighten it so i won't resist." He grits outs making sakuya see how hard he is trying not to fuck her.

"Let's hurry to nami no kuni so we can take care of it." She said worry in her voice getting a nod from naruto before heading toward the north gate.

Timeskip: Forest In Nami no kuni

Naruto see's sakura throw a kunai into the bush but a white rabbit comes out making sakuya and naruto facepalm at her.

Suddenly they hear a whizzing sound of something cutting through the air making their eyes widen.


Naruto pulled sakuya and tazuna down while the others dropped to the floor as a large zanbatou sliced deep into the tree.

A man appears standing on the sword wearing a black muscle shirt and black pants short black spikey hair and brown eyes, he has bandages surrounding the lower half of his face and has bandages on his arms meaning he does alot of training.

"So these are the chumps tazuna hired don't look like much to me aoi get your ass out here." Zabuza gruffly said.

"Shut up no one can beat the raijin no ken i am invinicble with it so fuck off." Said an arrogant voice making naruto's eyes harden.

Aoi rokusho is 5'8 a scratched out ame headband standard ame jounin outfit green hair and brown eyes his face, a black hilt tied to his belt and an umbrella strapped to his back and an arrogant smile on his face.

Naruto quirks an eyebrow before looking at kakashi who has a deadpan look "It seems aoi could match sasuke in arrogance and brooding." They said in unison making zabuza and the others snort in laughter making aoi red in the face before pulling the hilt from his side activating the legendary thunder sword aiming for naruto slashing down.

Naruto steps to the side and smacks the sword from aoi's hand before knocking him threw five trees using his sheathe.

Naruto picks up the hilt dusting it off "You know the only one who can master the raijin no ken to it's full potential is one who is of senju blood and must be able to understand the weapon as if it was a extension of himself." Naruto explained as if he was a teacher making zabuza and neko nod since they were expert swordsmen themselves.

"But those who fully understand the raijin are able to manipulate it to different shapes to fight in different scenarios of battle which in my case." He said as he manipulates the sword to the shape of a whip making zabuza get into a stance with his sword.

Naruto suddenly lashes out to his left as aoi trys to backstab him with a kunai and wraps the lightning whip around his neck and charges chakra into it making the missing-nin scream in pain.

Naruto stares coldly at aoi's screams "You dare to steal the Raijin No Ken a SENJU HEIRLOOM OF MY MOTHER"S CLAN!" Naruto hissed at him even more colder making even zabuza take a step back at the coldness in his eyes.

Aoi grunts in pain "Y-you are nothing but a kid who dosen't deserve it's power i stole it so i can become the strongest ninja so i could have everything i want." He said arrogantly making naruto's eyes frost over killing intent rising every passing second.

"Than by the order of Naruto Senju-Uzumaki-Namikaze i sentence you to death may you burn in the flames of makai." Naruto coldly declared increasing the voltage incenerating aoi's body from existence.

Naruto looks at zabuza "Zabuza, you know our village has a need for another kenjutsu master plus i'm sure we can get your records clear and protection from mist hunter-nin as well as a home in konoha." Naruto offered getting wide-eyed looks from the genin.

Sasuke steps forward "He is a missing nin dope so he must be eliminated now." He said arrogantly before getting backhanded into a tree breaking a couple of ribs shocking sakura and kiba with his brutality.

Naruto yanks him up by his collar his rinnegan blazing "You listen to me genin i offered zabuza a way to repent for his crimes so don't tell me what i cannot do remember who is higher rank genin!" Naruto snarled at sasuke who nods rapidly obviously not noticing the growing wet spot on his pants.

Naruto looks at zabuza waiting for an answer "Ok gaki i'll come with but letme get my daughter Haku! you can come out we're going to our new home!" He shouted to the trees as a whirlwind of water sprouts from the ground.

Haku wears the standard attire for a mist-hunter nin her face looks beautiful chocolate brown eyes that hold so much innocence, and black hair tied into a bun by two senbons.

Haku looks over naruto's body with a calculating eye making sakuya raise an eyebrow 'Hmm seems, his daughter is checking naru-kun out seems kurenai and the others got more competition glad i told her and the girls about the CRA hinata squealed so much." She thought and glances at naruto sensing his pheromones leak making her womanhood wet and moans inwardly 'Damn his scent is making me go crazy after we get to the clients house we are so fucking tonight." She said in her perverted mind looking at naruto hunger in her eyes.

Kurenai and Hinata quirk an eyebrow at sakuya and grin knowingly 'Ho Ho seem's sakuya is getting naru-kun first i wonder how good he is in bed." Both kunoichi thought.

Zabuza gains a tic-mark on his forehead "Oi, haku you better not be oding what i think you're doing." He shouted making haku raise an eyebrow innocently making naruto quirk an eyebrow as well at her false innocence.

"Oh nothing just staring at his delicious body which i plan to ravage later all night long." She said cheekily making everyone except naruto gawk at her boldness.

Kyuubi raises an eyebrow in wonder "This girl's even more seductive than me no fair!" She pouts in mock hurt at how haku is better at being seductive than her.

Zabuza suddenly grins evilly "Well i'll have to take away what you plan to use when that happens." Naruto shoots a bullet of chakra from his finer at zabuza's groin making the man screech in pain before chasing after naruto who is cackling with glee while running through the forest.

Sakuya and the others collapse on the ground laughing their asses off at zabuza's futile attempts at castrating naruto.


Naruto is sitting down at the pier waiting for inari he remembered the training he did with kakashi and kurenai suprisingly sakura begged for his forgiveness and told himher crush on the uchiha was fake it was just to get him to notice her since she fell in love with him when he saved her from bullies till her uncle had someone seal her memories away of him.

Naruto suprisingly gave her a deep kiss that broke the seal that revealed her the true sakura haruno her body had high c-cup breasts, long shapely legs, and a round ass that naruto noted was just like sakuya's and he found out her chakra reserves were mid-jounin so he helped by teaching the shadow clone jutsu to speed up her training.

She thanked him immensely by saying she get's him after her mom does making him blush like an apple, as he could barely restrain his lust to take sakura right then and there.

Hearing footsteps naruto looks to see a sulking inari walking slowly naruto sighs and pulls inari into a hug suprising the little boy and trys to struggle but can't because of the tears making him finally crumble hugging naruto like a lifeline.

"Inari i know your loss but he wouldn't want to see you like this tazuna and tsunami are trying to make you smile so don't act like you have no one left who loves you." Naruto said in a brotherly voice making inari finally smile for the first time since kaiza died.

Naruto see's inari fall asleep and walks back to the house carrying him on his back seeing the teary smiles on tazuna and tsunami made him happy for some reason.

He sets inari down on his bed and closes the door seeing inari is sleeping softly now and walks back to his room and grits his teeth as his hormones are going crazy.

Naruto sighs and strips down to his black boxers and takes off his muscle shirt and seals his weapons into the seals on his body and lays down on his bed closing his eyes not seeing sakuya enter his room and lock the door.

(Lemon Alert)

Naruto groans as someones soft hands grips his member stroking it slowly "Do you like this kitsune-sama." A husky seductive voice said revealing it to be sakuya haruno wearing pink and white striped see through panties and bra.

"Sa-sak-sakuya wh-wha-what are you doing?" Naruto gasped out as the pink-haired beauty tore off his boxers licking and sucking his member making him moan in pleasure.

She took off her panties and unclippe dher bra making her Double J cup breasts pop out and jiggle before sandwiching his member between her mounds and move them up and down while sucking naruto's cock getting louder moans of pleasure from the man.

"Saku-hime don't stop keep going." He growled as she sucked even faster and harder making naruto grit his teeth as he feels he is about to cum.

"Saku-hime i'm about to cum!" He shouted warning her but to his surprise she removed her boobs and stroked him while holding her mouth open with a hungry gleam in her eyes.

Naruto couldn't hold it any longer and shouted "I'M CUMMMMING!" Sakuya moaned as her cheeks bulged from the cum Naruto's cock is shooting out in globs.

She pulls out narutos semi-hard member swallowing his cum while licking her lips like she had a great meal making naruto's member harden instantly.

Naruto growled before attacking her boobs licking and biting her pink nipples making her lacatate as he drinks her milk making her scream out his name in pleasure.

Having enough milk naruto looks at her pussy seeing a cute patch of trimmed pink hair he sticks his tongue into her wet folds getting a scream of pleasure from the haruno matriarch "YES NARUTO-SAMA! PLEASE DON'T STOP! MAKE ME CUMMMM!" She shouted as he licked her even faster making her cum he drinks it all greedily and licks his lips.

"Mmmh strawberrys and bubblegum me like." He growled ferally getting a full body blush from sakuya who looks embarrassed.

Naruto grabs his 12-in cock and places it at her entrance but stops looking at her for permission "Don't worry naruto-kun my hymen tore when i was training with gai so i won't feel any pain NOW STICK THAT THING IN ME AND FUCK MEEEEE!" She said giving his cock a hard squeeze making him nod before plunging into her pussy getting a giant moan from her.

Naruto groans as his girlfriends pussy feels soft, warm and velvety he felt like cumming right then and there.

Naruto pumps his cock in and out slowly picking up speed getting moans of pleasure from the pink haired goddess who rocks her hips at the same pace as naruto trying to match his speed and force but to no avail she loses and watches as her blonde-haired god of a man pounds into her hitting her G-spot multiple times causing her pleasure to spike and her pussy tighten around his member.

Naruto grunts and adds chakra to his knees picking sakuya up and puts her against the wall ad slams back into her making her scream as his hips become a blur as he fucks her ferociously like a wild animal making her eyes glaze over and drool escape her mouth with a 'Fucked Stupid Look' making his lust spike eveloping the room with their scents and wet smacking noises that can be heard in the house.

Naruto growls biting into her shoulder making her growl and bite him in the shoulder and channel their chakra making marks of a ten-tailed fox appear on his shoulder while a white dragon appears on hers.

This makes them feel their release wash over them as sakuya cummed her juices splashing on his cock and naruto grunt as he releases his seed into her womanhood making her stomach bulge slightly she screams in contentment.

Sakuya pants in exhaustion but feels her hips gripped before feeling naruto slam into her with his monstrous cock making her moan "Don't think you will be getting off that easy saku-hime i know you have more fight left in you than that!" He grinned as sakuya's eyes blazed with a hunger for more and wraps her legs around his waist making him pierce all the way into her womb before getting pounded even more.

Their moans and groans could be heard by everyone in the house and town making lots of women blush and men grumble at how loud they are.

(Lemon End I did a kickass job if i do say so myself)

Naruto and Sakuya walked downstairs with shit-eating grins on their faces and see's kurenai, haku, tsunami, and hinata with lustful looks on their faces and leer at naruto who gives them a challenging look.

Kakashi and Zabuza giggle lecherously before glaring at naruto in envy who gives them a smug smile saying 'I got me some and you didn't HA!' making them glare even harder at the taunt.

Sakura is grinning lecherously before walking over to naruto her hips swaying making her mother get the same grin she has before gripping his cock through his anbu-style pants.

"I get you next time naru-kun and trust me i will show you how much of an animal i can be in the sack." She whispered huskily getting a feral growl from naruto who is ignoring his instincts to pound sakura till she screams his name.

"Alright guys let's head to the bridge so we can complete it i feel someone powerful is gonna be here, naruto place some earth clones as sentries around the house." Kakashi ordered getting a nod from naruto as he forms a group of doton bunshins and mentally order them to guard the house.

Timeskip- Nami Bridge

Naruto and the others arrive to see the bridge empty but a mist in place this puts them on edge except naruto who knows the ninja who could produce this much mist and not drain his reserves.

"Guys be on your guard kisame hoshigaki is around here last i heard he is with his partner uchiha itachi." He warned getting wide eyed looks from everyone and a look of hatred from sasuke.

Naruto senses chakra use "EVERYONE JUMP BACK INCOMING SUITON JUTSU!" He yelled making everyone jump to the side evading a giant shark of water.

"Well,well gaki we meet again to bad your sensei's aren't here to help ya." Kisames said gruffly as the mist cleared to show kisame and itachi both who are looking at naruto in boredom expecting him to be an easy capture.

"Kisame and Itachi do you really think you wanna face me after i fried both your asses with that raiton jutsu." Naruto said in a singsong voice getting a shiver from the two before they shoot their killing intent at him hoping to make him submit.

Naruto grins darkly getting looks of pity from the jounin at the beat down that is about to commence as naruto's K.I spikes to the level of the sanbi making their knees buckle and their faces sweat.

Naruto slowly unsheathes his Hf Blade and blurs forward at low-kage speed leaving afterimages in his wake making the two s-class missing nin try to block his swipes in desperation, but get many cuts and scratches from his deadly kenjutsu style zabuza gasps at the style naruto is using.

"So the brat is the apprentice of the Kenshin The Hitokiri Battousai from feudal japan no wonder he is so good." Zabuza whistled amazed watching as naruto danced around their strikes and countered with brutal effiency of a master.

Itachi and Kisame jump back panting as their chakra levels are dropping fast "You know i never got to tell my blades special ability it allows me to absorb nature chakra making my chakra increase as i use it truly a sword better the the seven swordsmen of the mist." Naruto taunted getting a snarl from kisame who charges at himblindly ignoring itachi's warnings.

Naruto sheathes his sword and slides into a battoujutsu stance and vanishes behind kisame and stomps hard on the ground drawing his sword in a slash at ultrasonic speeds.


He roared as his sword lets out a huge shockwave that sails through the air cutting through kisame and gato's army including himself making a bloody mess.

Itachi shushins in a swirl of leaves to report to his leader on the kyuub's power not seeing naruto's smirk of amusement.

Naruto see's samehada whimpering, but looks at naruto with hope in his eyes. Naruto smiles and picks samehada up and straps it to his back and feels his chakra drain a little feeling the sword's happy growl before walking home to konoha with zabuza and haku but not before hearing 'The Great Naruto Bridge' making him smile before looking into the sky.

'I hope i made you proud tou-san, kaa-san.' Naruto smiled sadly at not being able to meet his parents.

What naruto dosen't know is someone is waiting for him in konoha that is going to shock him to the core.


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