An X-Men one shot by Andrew J. Talon and inspired by Captain Sarcasm

Disclaimer: This is a fan based work of prose. X-Men is the property of Marvel Inc and Disney Corporation. Please support the official release.

Author's Note: Just a silly one shot based heavily on the X-Men: First Class Movie...

Sometime in the nineteen sixties...

Outside the lab where Cerebro was being tested, Erik Lensherr, the man who would one day be Magneto, hummed thoughtfully as he looked at the double doors leading to the experimental device.

"So this machine is supposed to do what?" Erik asked, stroking his chin.

"Oh, it will boost Charles' powers exponentially! Allowing him to scan every mind on the planet!" Hank McCoy, codenamed Beast, said cheerfully.

"And influence them?" Erik asked.

"Well potentially," Hank admitted. "Charles can't control every aspect of his subconscious, after all. However, as highly focused as he is now, with few distractions, I can t see anything getting through the link to the rest of the planet."

"Hmmm... You don't say...?" Erik asked. He then smiled.

After all, if he was going to have a movement of mutants... They needed a running start.

Erik entered the lab, as Charles Xavier strained in a large, funny looking helmet hooked up to a wide variety of electronic devices. His eyes were intent and focused, his incredible mental powers bent upon the monumental task of reading the minds of millions of human beings.

"Hey Chuck! Funny thing about those mutants, huh?" Erik asked.

"Trying to not give millions of people aneurysms here, Erik," Charles replied. "What is it?"

"I was just thinking how weird it is that, basically, MUTANTS ARE THEIR OWN RACE!" Erik shouted. Charles blinked.

"Why are you shouting?" Charles asked, straining to regain his focus.

"I'm not shouting, I'm projecting. It's part of public speaking," Erik explained. Charles frowned, in confusion and trying to regain where he was. Paraguay's minds maybe? He'd heard some Spanish but that didn't narrow it down. He expanded his consciousness back to as many minds as he could read, everywhere...

"...Right..." He said. "Erik, I really need to-"

"And I bet," Erik went on, rubbing his fingernails against his turtleneck, "since, you know, MUTANTS ARE A NEW SPECIES, that ORDINARY HUMANS WILL COME TO HATE AND FEAR THEM!"

"Erik, that's a horrible thought!" Charles gasped. "How could you possibly-?"

"Ooops, look at the time! I need to go watch your hot sister do her exercises! Pleasant speaking to you, Charles!" Erik said, waving as he left the room. "You just keep thinking about that HATE AND FEAR!"

"Why are you shouting?" Hank asked.

"PROJECTING! HATE AND FEAR!" Erik 'projected' as he strode down the hallway. Charles blinked a few times, the whole of humanity blinking with him.

"...What an unusual fellow," Charles muttered.

"Hey Mom?" A young Richard Kelly told his mother at the kitchen table.

"Yes dear?"

"I think I fear and hate mutants!"

"What are mutants, honey?" Asked his mother in a tone that indicated she was humoring him.

"I don't know! I just know I hate them!"

"That's nice dear..."

And now you know... The rest of the story.