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talking: Ya' know

thinking: Ya' know

jutsu: Flying Raijin Jutsu

Summoning talking: You little runt

Summoning thinking: You little runt

Tailed Beast talking/slight possession: Damn you 4th Hokage

Tailed Beast thinking: Damn you 4th Hokage

Chapter 1: Jutsu Found

The sun had risen just twenty minutes ago. The merchandise owners just starting to open their stands for the days sales wondering what their profit from a days work would be. People waking up, or already awake, getting ready for the day's adventures. Great Stone Faces being admired by admirers. All seemed quiet with in the Hidden Leaf Village, one of the five great shinobi villages.

NOT! Wild laughing could be heard coming from down the street in the direction of the Hokage's Tower, where one Naruto Uzumaki was running from a group of Chunnin with paint covering their backs. Naruto was a little shorter than most kids his age and he wore a bright "kill me" orange jumpsuit with blue on the shoulders and had bright golden blonde hair. He had just performed his best prank yet, on the Hokage no less, by setting up paint cannons five feet from the doors inside the office of the Third Hokage. The cannons were set via trip wires set above the door connected to the door handle so that when the door opened it would set off the paint cannons.

The Hokage realizing what had just happened after seeing himself covered in pink paint, looked around for the culprit. Then he realized that there was laughing coming from the chair behind his desk. The chair turned around and there was Naruto pointing and laughing as hard as he possibly could at the pink paint covered Hokage (who is probably into his early seventies). "Wow! You might as well hand this chair and that hat over to me old man. I mean if you can get caught in a simple prank like that! HAHAHAHAHA!" Says the laughing ten year old.

The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, breaths in and yells " NARUTO UZUMAKI YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!"

"YIKES!" Naruto says while he jumps out of the Hokage's chair and out the window still laughing.

"After him and bring him back unharmed!" the Third yells toward the Chunnin. The Chunnin within the tower begin chasing after Naruto wishing they could do some harm to the boy. Some wishing to just kill the boy, believing that he is the Nine-Tailed Fox the Fourth Hokage died sealing inside Naruto ten years ago using the 'Reaper Death Seal' with an 'Eight Sign Seal' on top.

"As if haha!" says Naruto as he lands after hearing the order given out by the Third Hokage. After landing Naruto runs out the gate leading to and from the Hokage tower. Naruto knowing he set up a trap incase this happened jumped just over the trip wire he set up that was connected to even more paint cannons set just under the ceiling of the gate. The Chunnin however missed this little detail, so when one of them ran into the trip wire it caused the paint cannons to fire at the Chunnin's backs with an even mix of pink, yellow, and purple. Which just caused Naruto to laugh even harder when he looked back after the paint cannons fired. Which leads us to where we first began.

So now Naruto is running away as he always does after pulling a prank no matter how small. He leads the Chunnin all over the village and one by one the Chunnin begin giving up on the chase.

"I don't have time for this"

"I got better things to do than chase a damn demon around all day"

Those being just some of the things said as the Chunnin gave up. Meanwhile Naruto had eventually lost all the Chunnin on his tail. The only problem is that Naruto had run into a part of the village he wasnt quite familiar with. By this time it had become noon as was going to start raining as storm clouds had begun to gather during the chase. "Oh man I need to find out where exactly I am so I can go to Ichiraku's for some ramen, hee hee."

After about 20 minutes Naruto stumbled across an abandoned property. The property had trees lined on either side of the walk way that was headed toward the house which seemed a ways more towards the back than it was the front of the property. Naruto seeing it was about to rain decided it was best to get under some shelter before getting soaked to the bone. So opening the gate, not noticing the glowing seal once he placed his hand on it to open the gate. Closing the gate behind him he ran towards the house as it began to rain.

Once Naruto was in the house he closed the door and turned on the light. Surprised that an abandoned house would even have electricity Naruto decided to search the kitchen for some food. When Naruto heading torward the kitchen something caught his eye. He looked at the portrait above the fireplace. *Gasp* it was a portrait of his idol the Forth Hokage with his arm over the shoulder of a beautiful red head with dark blue eyes wearing a white high collared shirt with a sleeveless dark green dress. The both of them seemed quite happy. "Whoa, this is THE Fourth Hokage's house? Awsome! Wait a sec. What if someone finds out I was here? Oh man I gotta get outta here!" Just as he was about to leave, a loose stone in the fire place connected to the floor, caught his attention. Knowing he should get going Naruto goes over and removes the stone to find a scroll hidden inside.

Naruto knew better than to take something that wasn't his, but for some unexplained reason he just couldn't help himself. Naruto took the scroll and put it in a pocket inside his jacket so no one could see it and it couldn't get wet in the rain. He then quickly turned off the light, ran to the gate opened then closed the gate behind himself and began to run toward Ichiraku's as if nothing happened. Not even noticing the letter that was left under the scroll.

By the time Naruto got to Ichiraku's the scroll was all but forgotten for the moment. "Hey old man, 2 miso ramen please." Said Naruto when he stepped through the curtains at Ichiraku's.

"Sure thing kid, I was just wondering where you were at since your usually here before now." Said Teuchi the head chef and owner of Ichiraku's Ramen.

"Oh uh, well I just kinda got caught in the rain ya' know. Heheh." Says Naruto just remembering about how he stumbled across the Fourth Hokage's house and Scroll. Naruto didn.t think it was a good idea letting anyone know what he had found, knowing he could probably get into a lot of trouble if anyone knew just what he now had in his possession.

"You mean after that prank you pulled at the Hokage Tower? Wow I gotta admit Naruto it was pretty funny hearing that the Hokage was covered in pink paint. HAHAHAHA!"

"Oh yea, I got some Chunnin that were chasing me after that too. HAHA!" Naruto replied with his large grin plastered on his face.

"HAHA! I guess the more the merrier eh, Naruto? Well here ya go eat up." Teuchi replies handing Naruto his first bowl of ramen.

After Naruto finished his ramen he then paid Teuchi and made his way home to his little apartment. Once inside Naruto turned on the lights and closed all the curtains and went to sit at the kitchen table. Once seated Naruto brought out the scroll and opened it. When he opened the scroll Naruto saw that there were symbols on the scroll. Remembering that the symbols were actually storage seals (although his memory about the subject seamed vague due to lack of paying attention). Naruto tried to remember how to access the contents of the storage seals but, just couldn't seem to remember.

Out of frustration Naruto slammed his hand on one of the seals. His frustration accidently caused his chakra to flow to his hand. As a result *poof* a scroll appeared. Naruto realized finally that he needed chakra to access the contents of the seals. Picking up the scroll that was about the size of a summoning contract scroll (though Naruto doesn't know that yet) that appeared Naruto opened it and saw an extremely complex jutsu formula, where at that beginning of the scroll it said "Flying Raijin Jutsu!".

"UUUGGGHH! Why would the Fourth Hokage have such a complicated jutsu?! I mean c'mon how is anyone supposed to figure how to use it aaahh!" Naruto says in frustration over the jutsu's complicity.

After about 5 or 10 minutes Naruto calms down enough to think about why his idol would have such a complicated jutsu. "Hmm, maybe it's because he didn't want anybody to figure out how to use his jutsu or any of his jutsu for that matter? Hm! I'll show him I'm gonna master this jutsu no matter what it takes, BELIEVE IT!"


Its been a year now since Naruto stumbled across his idol's home and jutsu scroll. Within the first month Naruto realized that he wouldn't be able to master the jutsu without studying what the symbols in the jutsu formula meant. So he would sneak into the library late at night since the librarian wouldn't let Naruto in due to her belief that Naruto was the Nine-Tailed fox inside him instead of its jinchuuriki (vessel/container).

So Naruto has been sneaking in and out of the library at night trying to figure out the "Flying Raijin Jutsu!". So now Naruto is sitting at his kitchen table in the middle of the night looking at the jutsu. "Hmm, it looks like this jutsu lets me teleport wherever I want as long as I have this certain seal where I want to teleport to. Awsome!"

Naruto decides to test the jutsu out, so he takes his kunai and carves the seal required for the jutsu on to his floor about 5 ft. from his front door. He heads back to the kitchen and performs the hand signs necessary for the jutsu. As he performs the hand signs Naruto calls out, quietly so as not to wake his neighbors within the apartment complex, "Flying Raijin Jutsu!".

In a flash of yellow Naruto disappears from his kitchen to his front door. Naruto looks around realizing he is in his living room now. He attempts to jump for joy but, instead falls to the floor with a loud *thump* because he became very dizzy, which happened to be a side effect to the first 20 or so times after performing the jutsu.

Once the room stopped spinning Naruto got up slowly so as not to have a relapse. "Oh man. What happened, why did i get so dizzy?" He said as he stood up. Naruto then walked to the kitchen to see if getting dizzy was meant to happen. After 5 minutes of searching Naruto found the caution stating "Caution! May cause dizziness and/or nausea after the first 20+ uses."

"Hmm. I guess I should have looked at that first before trying out my new jutsu. I just wish I knew why this jutsu would be so usefull to the Fourth Hokage in the first place... Oh well I guess thats enough for tonight, now time to get some sleep for the academy tomorrow." And with that Naruto went to bed with a huge smile on his face for finally mastering one of the Fourth Hokage's jutsu.

So how was the first chapter of my first ever story of Naruto? I'll accept any criticism. Just be gentle if you didn't like it at all ok?