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Chapter Two

As Hercules charged Percy and went to punch him, Percy ducked under the punch and grabbed his wrist with one hand, while with his other hand put it on his stomach and used his foot to skid against the ground and disrupt Hercules's footing and flip him over, throwing him using Hercules's own speed and strength against him allowing Percy just to use a little strength and throw him in to trees, making everyone that is watching gasp at how easily Percy threw Hercules over his shoulder and into the trees.

As Percy looks towards the forest, he can see Hercules running at him and tries to punch Percy straight at his face, only before one could blink Percy just tilts his head to the side calmly, so the punch narrowly misses him, making Hercules angry running at Percy at incredible speed to everyone that can see him, as Hercules reaches Percy again he jumps in the sky and goes to punch Percy, but misses, and hits the ground with his fists making the ground shake a little, but still enough that it starts to shake and so he quickly tries to a punch at Percy, but Percy still dodges it by tilting his face then ducks under Hercules's fist that was aimed at where Percy tilted his head, as Percy ducks under Hercules's quick fist jab that could still hurt, Percy punches him in the stomach winding Hercules a little bit and then just as Hercules recovered from being punched he gets grabbed at his ankle by water and gets thrown in the ocean.

Hercules tries to get up but ends with a riptide at his throat, thinking to try and get out of his situation Hercules stupidly out of pure desperation to want to win this fight splashes Percy, When Percy just gets splashed Percy smirks and raises an eyebrow at him, Percy puts riptide away and starts walking away from him and towards Artemis and the hunters who is along with the whole camp staring at him open mouthed apart from Artemis who is grinning at him being put in his place finally.

When Percy is just about to reach them he gets punched in the back and goes flying into the dining pavilion and lands face first into the ground under a table, as Percy recovers and gets up, Hercules is just standing there looking at him with a smug smile as the look would say (I told you I was the most powerful demigod puny sea spawn), Percy just looks at Hercules's face and laughs making him angrier than before, (If that was even possible) and charges Percy, Percy creates a giant fist out of water then turns to ice quickly as Hercules charges him drawing his sword a.k.a. riptide and charges trying to swing and get past his defence's as he just dodges and as everyone watches this, they can all tell that Percy is just toying him and throws the ice fist at his face and sends him flying, finally making Hercules get a bleeding nose.

"You'll pay for this worm!" shouts Hercules flying in the sky as clouds are up in the sky starting to darken making thunderous sounds, making Hercules smile and everyone else at camp apart Percy worry what he is going to do

As Hercules raises his hand to summon a bolt and throw at Percy, Percy just casually raises his hand towards the sky calmly smirking and sends the clouds away so it is a cloudless day and so Hercules can't summon any lightning from them, at this everyone just goes open mouthed in shock that he has basically made it not possible for Hercules to use his lightning powers.

"How'd you get rid of my lightning worm!" shouts Hercules frustrated that he has no more lightning

"(Son of Stormbringer)" replies Percy keeping his face completely emotionless

as Hercules reads his response he clutches his fists hard with a really angry expression on his face that some veins are showing on his neck and fists, without a minute thought of what to do next Hercules dives down from the sky with his fists out in front hoping to hit Percy along with roaring in anger, as he is just about to connect his fists with Percy, he smiles, but as he is a few inches from connecting Percy disappears from his sight as he hits the ground with his fists making the ground have a small crater in the middle of camp, when he looks up , he sees Percy looking at him with massive disgust then clicking his fingers facing Hercules and blue fire shoots towards Hercules surprising everyone as Hercules goes flying and lands in the ocean again yes even the gods watching the fight, and the camp in uproar at the damage he has to camp, he starts to notice that the fight is over as he struggles to get back up and everyone quiets down as all the Olympian Gods flash in. (This does not include Hades and Hestia FYI)

Artemis and the Hunters same as the fight started

As Hercules gets flipped and thrown into the forest Callidora and Artemis notice Zoe had tears rolling down her cheeks, but smiling at what she read from Percy when he made words appear with the water in the air, and so now everyone knows the truth, somehow knowing that he was talking about her.

"Zoe are you alright?" asks Artemis frowning

"Yes milady it's just now everyone will know what he really did, so now I expect him to pay for what he has done, also I want to know how he knows this if he is from thee future" replied Zoe smiling with tears on her face watching the fight silently enjoying how easily Hercules is being taken apart by this male she thought evilly

"Yes I quite agree Zoe, this peculiar male is easily taking that ignorant boy easily, but as I do would like to see that disgusting pig put in his place if it gets out of hand then I am going to have to stop it, and I do find it strange that I would bless a male with archery and stealth" says Artemis narrowing her eyes at Percy as the ground shook from Hercules punching the ground from missing Percy

"My brother is different from any other male I have ever seen and have you noticed milady how his eyes show complete pain, but he is trying to mask it and not show it to people, also when I first talked to him I somehow felt like I could trust him with anything" said Callidora frowning at Percy as Percy has a sword at his throat that looked like that it appeared out of nowhere.

At Callidora's face of confusion, that Zoe noticed, Zoe saw Percy recapping the sword turning into a… "What is that that he recapped it into" thought Zoe thinking that it looks like the sword she made that turned into a hairpin, trying to put the pieces together on where she has seen that sword

It is then that Callidora, Zoe, and the hunters noticed Lady Artemis smiling at the male that is called Percy, but quickly turns to disgust as she sees her hunters looking at her strangely for smiling at a male, and then they see Hercules punch Percy from behind sending flying into a table in the pavilion, half the hunters look at Hercules with even more disgust as he is wearing a smug look, possibly thinking that he is the greatest hero ever, while the other half along with Artemis is looking at Percy wondering what he is going to do.

As the rest of the hunt turns to see what Percy is going to do, they see a giant fist of ice appear out of thin air now wondering how he did that, as his brother's Orion and Theseus along his other siblings have no powers over water and he is controlling it with ease.

As they see Percy hit Hercules with the frozen fist and gets sent flying out of the pavilion with a bleeding nose.

"You'll pay for this worm!" shouts Hercules flying in the sky as clouds are up in the sky starting to darken making thunderous sounds

At this everyone is starting to panic, while Artemis and the hunters look at Percy who is looking anything but scared and frightened of what is happening, staring at him in shock as he raises towards the sky calmly smiling and sends the clouds away, so that Hercules couldn't summon any lightning making everyone goes open mouthed in shock.

"How'd you get rid of my lightning worm!" shouts Hercules clearly frustrated

"(Son of Stormbringer)" replies Percy keeping his face completely emotionless

"Just how powerful is this boy?" sneers Artemis knowing how strong Hercules is who is now nothing compared to how strong this male is. "If this male is this strong than he must've done something a near death task for me although I can't think of anything that a boy could've done for me to be able to get my blessing, I will have to ask him myself" thought Artemis angrily having to talk a boy about what he has done to get her approval of him while trying to swallow down her pride

As she looked at her hunters for an answer even though she knew that they wouldn't have the answer either, and she notices Zoe not paying attention to the fight, but trying to concentrate on thinking of something, with deep concentration of thought.

"I know that this fight is pointless Zoe, but that male is finally showing that disgusting pig his place, anyways, why are you in deep thought about?" asked Artemis smirking with a hint of amusement in her voice

"I am thinking about that boys weapon, I was just wondering Lord Apollo said that he got a vision from the fates themselves right?" asked Zoe watching the fight with her frowning at the fight before them

"Yes what about it?" asks Artemis getting confused wondering where she was going with this

"He has the sword that I created with immortal power from when I was a Hesperides, so I am wondering how he got it, because I certainly know that giving my sword to Hercules was a big mistake" says Zoe saying Hercules's name in huge disgust

As Zoe finishes this sentence she looks up towards the sky to see Hercules charging down at Percy with an angry roar with clenched fists in front of him clearly wanting to hit Percy as hard as possible, as Hercules is just about to hit Percy, he disappears; surprising everyone now, then they see Percy standing a few feet in front of Hercules looking at him with massive disgust on his face and clicks his fingers at Hercules surprising everyone when blue fire comes out and hits Hercules sending him flying into the ocean again even the gods that are watching this fight is shocked along with Athena's mind going at thousand miles thinking of how he was able to do that, then Artemis and the hunters start hearing campers shouting at Hercules for the damage he has done to camp but everything quiets down as the Gods flash in.

3rd POV

As the Gods flashed in with mixed face expressions, Apollo is smiling at Percy, Hermes smiling thinking that he has found a pranking partner, Hephaestus is just standing there tinkering with something in his hands, Ares smiling at the fight that just happened, Aphrodite smiling at Percy lustfully which Percy notices and looks away with disgust on his face which Artemis and the hunters notice frowning at him then notices who he was turning away from and gets the look of disgust as well although the thoughts going through their heads were, Athena had look like she was trying to figure something (When isn't she honestly) looking at Percy, Demeter was looking at the plants that were destroyed during the fight with a sad look on her face (Hopefully I got that right sorry if I didn't), Poseidon was frowning while looking at Percy, Zeus, well Zeus looked beyond pissed that his favourite son got beaten so easily by a son of his brother none the less, Dionysus looked bored out of his mind while drinking some wine, and Hera well Hera was looking at Hercules with a lot of disgust on her face while plotting to get rid of her husband's half-blood children.

Once they all flash in everyone bows, making the gods smile looking smug, then they each raise an eyebrow at one person who is just standing there looking towards the ocean with a complete face expressionless, all the other Half-bloods notice this along with the hunters and one thought went straight their thoughts apart from Callidora.

"He's dead" thought the campers and hunters, Hercules thought happily with a smile

"Bow brother don't disrespect the gods" thought Callidora pleadingly

When Percy turns around he notices everyone looking at him, then he sees the gods staring at him with raised eyebrows, Percy knowing what they wanted just snorts and picks up his stick and starts walking, thinking that he must be coming in front to bow to them and apologize, while Zeus gets this real mad look when Percy just walks past them and straight into the dining pavilion making everyone apart from the gods gap at him in shock that he would straight to their face disrespect the gods, Zeus is beyond mad

"Demi-god turn round and bow to us now!" bellows Zeus with some veins popping out (Would the Gods have veins in their necks?)

Percy just keeps walking stunning them even more so Zeus gets his master bolt out and aims it at Percy, as everyone sees this they cower apart from Hercules who is thinking gleefully that the worm is going to die.

"Father! Just because he doesn't show respect towards us doesn't mean that you can blast him, plus I got a vision from the fates that he is from the future, so if you blast him it could annoy the fates, do you really want to do that?" asks Apollo for once being serious letting everyone know where Percy came and that it is true.

"Father if what Apollo says is true, then you really don't want to do that even if he has ignored us, you need to swallow your pride for now and let it go, plus if he was sent to our time which is his past and our present then we need to do that, and devise a plan to know what he is doing here and what his story is" says Athena stopping Zeus from firing his master bolt at Percy who is now sitting by the hearth and has got his eyes close, as even Zeus doesn't want to cross the fates, so he puts down his master bolt with an annoyed look on his face and leaves along with Hera

After he leaves Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Athena, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Hermes leaves after a few minutes who were talking to their kids (I don't know think that Hera has made that rule where the gods can't see their kids yet), when the all the gods apart from Artemis flash out and everyone goes in the dining pavilion to have tea, Hercules goes up to Percy smirking, but Percy still has his eyes closed. Hercules finds this annoying that he thinks that he still isn't the attention that he thinks he deserves, so he throws another punch at Percy, at this everyone gasps as Hercules throws the punch Callidora tries to run to stop it, but again everyone is stunned as Percy with his eyes still closed blocks Hercules's fist.

Percy opens his eyes, looks up at Hercules and points his hand at him, when he does this Hercules starts stuttering trying to back away but can't because Percy is holding his fist tight.

"D-D-Don't do I-It a-a-and I w-w-will d-d-des-destroy y-you" stutters Hercules struggling to get out of his grip so he tries to punch him with his other hand.

At this Percy along with Artemis and the hunters snort while laughing apart from Percy

As he throws his second fist Percy clicks his fingers together, Hercules is sent flying out of the pavilion by a large portion of blue fire and starts bleeding, everyone is gaping Percy again, and the hunters start laughing along with Artemis who is silently chuckling

"Shut it hunters or I will shut you up myself" sneers Hercules shutting them up as they glare at him.

"What did you JUST say boy?" sneered Artemis angrily and everyone is either looking at Hercules or Artemis

As Artemis starts to walk towards Hercules who now notices that he has angered an Olympian goddess and starts muttering apologies everything stops, dead quiet as everyone sees someone doing something that would get you killed if you were a male, a hand was placed on her shoulder stopping her.

Turning around to see who dares stops her in her time of wraith and anger, Artemis sees Percy standing there looking calmly at her.

"(I apologize for putting my hand on you Lady Artemis, but you must know that he isn't worth it, he is just a pathetic little boy that thinks he can boss people around just because he is stronger than them, if you want to then please allow me to show him his place for disrespecting you and the hunters)" wrote Percy in the air with little trickles of water bowing to Artemis

"Fine boy, BUT if you ever touch me again I will do on what I was just about to do to that boy, do you understand me? And this is a warning" sneered Artemis angry that that male touched her, she punches him in the throat

Percy clutching his throat trying to regain the feeling of breathing normally Hercules smirks and rushes Percy when he is still sore, as Percy gets rid of the sore feeling in his throat he notices Hercules sending a punch at his stomach, Hercules smirks as he thinks that he has finally beaten him, but Percy mist-travels behind him without Hercules knowing he has gotten behind him, Percy punches the back of his head knocking him out.

Percy nods at Artemis and bows then walks away, and goes down to the beach to sleep as thunder makes a big boom noise.

Dining pavilion when Percy leaves

People start whispering at how easily he did that and is amazed at what has been able to do since he has gotten to camp.

Thunder booms telling Artemis to come to Olympus

"Alright hunters I'll be back in the morning I am off to Olympus"

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