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"Hot and sassy, just the way I like 'em," he retorts.

"Psssh, you couldn't handle this cowgirl, bronco. Not in your lifetime," I sass in my Texas drawl that I normally hide when doing parties.

~Ch 2~


"Hey, asshole! My eyes are up here if you wanna say something to me," she snarls at me as she points to said eyes.

"Hot and sassy, just the way I like 'em," I sass back.

"Psssh, you couldn't handle this cowgirl, bronco. Not in your lifetime," she retorts in her sexy as fuck Texas drawl.

Cue instant boner. I look her up and down from her fuck me high stilettos to her jeans that look painted on. Her luscious breasts are barely contained in her red halter top, and her long as fuck brown hair is just begging me to wrap that ponytail around my hand and ride her into the sunset.

"Bring it on, darlin'. But I think you won't win."

"What's my record if you seem to know who I am?"

"She's undefeated, Jas. Back off. I think if she could take down Em; she could take you on too," Edward warns.

"Thanks for warning him, pretty boy, but I don't need your help. I can handle him just fine on my own. The bronco could never handle me. Now do you three mind? I'd like to get back to my demo so these ladies can go home and have some fun with their new toys."

"Uh, well, uh," Em stutters out.

"Move along, children, I know none of you could handle little ol' me. Now off to the man cave or whatever. You couldn't handle what I have to say."

Fuck me! I want her, I want her so much it hurts. It's only been a few minutes in her presence, and I already want to take her back to my house and fuck her six ways from Sunday. My cock is harder than steel at this point, and I think if I hear another word out of her mouth, he will break through the zipper on my jeans and attack her in front of everyone, audience be damned.

I feel my arms being pulled from behind me since I am standing here mute and stuck to the floor in shock at her words and actions.

"Come on, Jas. Let's go into the den and watch a fight," Em says, dragging me down the hall and out of the great room.

"Let's leave the girls to their fun, come on." Edward yanks my other arm to prove his point that I am standing still and not following them.

I look back into the great room before Em closes the door to find all the girls looking down that hall at me and laughing at my expense. I jump slightly as Em closes the door, and scowl as Em and Edward start to laugh at me.

"What?!" I shout.

"Looks like Jasper has finally met his match and is in lovvveeeee," Em teases.

"I am not!" I growl at him in reply.

"I'd say that bulge in your jeans says otherwise, bro," Em replies as he points at the python who is still trying to get out and into her sexy as fuck jeans.

I quickly cover up said bulge as they both start to laugh at me.

"I thought Jasper said he wouldn't date just anyone, said that the girl had to be like his mama," Edward says.

"His dick obviously thinks she is, hell, she does sound like her. Did you hear her southern drawl?" Em replies.

"Yeah, I was about two seconds from taking her in front of everyone because of it too. Audience be damned."

"It must be serious if he says that. You know he hasn't dated in two years, Edward."

"I know, Em. Now let's sit back and watch the Mayweather fight. It's about on."

I watch Em turn on the fight and sit back on an overstuffed chair as Edward takes up the couch. I take myself over to the love seat and lay across the cushions.

We watch the fight, moaning and groaning as Cotto lands a few punches on Mayweather, and growl at the ref for not separating them when need be. Em, Edward and I hoot and holler at the TV when they call the fight in the twelfth round in Mayweather's favor.

After the call, we head back to check if the party is over. I walk into the great room and am frozen in place by the sight in front of me.

My sexy Swan is bent over, and I can see her tight ass on display just for me. My cock immediately takes notice like a homing device attuned to only her and hardens on sight.

"I'm so happy you have decided to join us this week, Bella," Rose says excitedly.

My head snaps in her direction as the words come spilling out of her mouth.

"Thanks for inviting me to join you this week. It's sounds like it will be fun."

"Oh, Bella. You have no idea. We have plans to do lingerie shopping, hit a strip club, the spa, pole dancing class, and stripping lessons. Then on Friday morning we leave for Vegas."

"You want me to come to Vegas too?"

"Sure, you can come for the wedding, then stay with me during the boys' fights."

"But you barely know me," Bella protests.

"I don't care, you are fun and know the MMA world. I like that we can talk about that and compare the men during their fights."

"I'm not gonna win this argument, am I?"

"Nope, learn that now. I fight to win," Rose says in victory.

"Tell me the airline and hotel and I will book myself in," Bella acquiesces.

"Don't worry about it. We have enough rooms and are taking a private plane to Vegas. We have room for you too."

"Then I am buying you some awesome bridal shower and wedding presents."

"Order me one of those Lelo's and we can call it even," Rose says, laughing.

"Tell me which one, and I will."

"Awesome." Rose turns to me in the hall. "Jasper, you can come out now. You don't have to stand in the hall; Bella and I won't bite."

"Speak for yourself, Rose," Bella retorts. "I just might."

I watch Bella turn around and I get a peek at her backless shirt. She has stars across her back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, with script underneath. The stars at night, are big and bright. Aw fuck! She's from Texas too. Could she be anymore perfect for me?

"So are we up for class tomorrow at your place, Bella?"

"Sure, Rose. Ten am, The Graceful Swan is on Main in Edmonds."

"Is the class open?" I stutter out.

"Yes, why?"

"Just curious."

"You and the boys need to keep your creepy selves out of my dojo or I will resort to kicking your ass," she warns.

"You can try, but I am bigger than you. You'd lose," I say smugly.

"The bigger they are, and all that." She waves me off.

"I guess we will have to see and all that..." I trail off.

"Bring it on, bronco. I will buck you off like my horse, Lightning, tried to do to me when I was ten."

"Tried to do?" I question.

"Tried being the key word. I have amazing thighs and stayed on by squeezing them together."

I groan at her words.

"You are going to be the death of me, woman."

"But, oh, what a way to go," she teases with a wink as she grabs her bags and heads for the door. "I'll see you in the morning, Rose. I'd say it was a pleasure meeting you guys, but I'm not sure pleasure is the word I would use after being almost tackled by one, and visually undressed by another. Pretty boy was the only one who behaved himself, so I will say this, it was nice to meet you, pretty boy. Catch you on the flip side."

"It was nice to meet you too, Miss Swan. I look forward to seeing you later this week. Maybe you can show me some of your moves."

Edward smirks at me as he says those words to her.

"I will let Rose know when and where if you are interested."

"Fuck you, Edward," I hiss at him as she walks out the front door.

"Ha ha, Jasper. She told me goodbye, and said she'd see me later."

"I'm so gonna kick your skinny ass in the gym tomorrow, asshole."

"Jasper has a crush, how cute is that?" Rose plays.

"Mark my words now, Rose. I'm gonna marry that girl."

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