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Oh fuck. Bella naked on her knees... I need to change my train of thought now knowing her dad can arrest me for breathing wrong in her direction. My breathing speeds up since I am now turned on, and she's wrapped around me; my vision blacks out, and the last thing I can think of is how beautiful she is and how much I want her.

~Ch 4~


Oh my God, what have I done? Here I lay, wrapped around bronco like I have dreamed about, and he is passed out in my arms.

I quickly disentangle our bodies and lay him flat on his back. I shout for someone to grab the smelling salts.

I begin pushing the hair from his face and beg him to wake up. "Come on, Jas, baby, wake up."

"My beautiful Swan," Jasper moans in my arms. "So perfect, my sweet angel," he breathes out.

I hear the snickers come from everyone around us as I try to hold onto my own giggles.

"How sweet is that?" Rose inquires. "He's out cold and can only think of Bella."

"Now that she kicked his ass, I know she can keep his ass in line. She's perfect for him," Edward says to the room.

"I'm all for him having Bella to keep his ass in line. Maybe he won't be so sullen for being the only one who's alone in our group."

Why do they keep saying I am perfect for him? Am I? Do I even want him? I know he's hot and I lust after him, but could it be more?

"Momma must have sent her to me from Heaven; my perfect, sweet, beautiful angel. I can't wait to marry her. My Swan," Jasper sighs from my arms.

Who is this man in my arms? He thinks his mom sent me to him from Heaven. What happened to his mom? Why does he keep calling me his angel? He wants to marry me? WTF?

"Come on, Jas. Wake up, you fucker!" Emmett shouts out as I wave the smelling salts under his nose.

He springs up off of my lap and looks around wildly.

"What the fuck? Where am I?" he shouts out.

"Do you mean you don't remember getting into the ring with Swan and getting your ass kicked by losing consciousness?" Edward chides.

"She didn't knock me down and put me out, did she?" he asks in confusion.

"Yeah, and then you spilled your guts while you were out," Rose teases.

"Oh God, no," he whispers as his face pales.

He turns to me and his eyes widen in shock since my face is a deep, beet red from his revelations.

"Please say that I didn't reveal what I thought about my momma and such?" he drawls.

"Not only about your momma and such, but you said you were gonna marry her," Edward guffaws.

I feel him trying to get out of my arms and turn in the other direction so I can't see him. He turns his head toward me and gives me a sad smile.

"You don't have to hold me up anymore, darlin'. I will just get my stuff and go. I'm sure that you really want nothing to do with me after hearing what I'm afraid you heard." He hangs his head in shame.

"I think the guys and I are going to go next door for a drink, Bella. We will be back later," Rose offers.

"I'll come with you. I'm sure Bella doesn't want anything to do with me now that she heard all of that, Rosie," Jasper whispers out.

I tighten my arms around his shoulders.

"You are going to stay here and talk to me, bronco."

"There's nothing to say, Bella. I obviously said things I shouldn't have, and now I can't even look you in the eye. I'm so ashamed of myself."

"Why?" I inquire.

"Not for what I said, but for how I said it. If I would have had a chance, I would have taken you out somewhere nice and told you about my thoughts, but now I ruined it by telling you when I was unconscious."

"You want to take me out somewhere?"

"I did, you are by far the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Inside and out, darlin'."

I turn my head and look around in surprise to see everyone gone. We didn't even notice their departure.

"And here I thought you only wanted me for my body," I tease.

"Not only your body, but that's a nice bonus." He smirks at me as he looks me up and down.

"Oh really? Cause I remember something about your momma and being called and angel. What's up with that?"

"I figured my momma sent you from Heaven, since you are exactly like her. Feisty, smart, funny, and beautiful. She always said to never settle for nothing but the best, and the best was exactly like her. The bonus is, apparently, you can kick ass and take names as well. You sure as hell put me in my place, and I am a big guy."

"I haven't seen it yet, but we will have to see," I tease.

I watch his face as my words sink in, and I watch him blush a fierce shade of red as the realization of said words work into his consciousness.

"Fuck me, she's a dirty girl too," he whispers so low I'm not sure I even heard correctly.

"What was that, bronco?"

"Nothin'," he mutters.

"How are you feeling now?"

"I'll be fine, darlin'. How are you?"

"I feel bad about making you pass out."

"Hey, there will be no feeling bad. I obviously underestimated you. I now regret that and will not make that assumption again. I already know for a fact you can kick my ass, and now I am scared shitless of screwing up in any form in the near future."

"And what would you like in the near future?" I ask shyly.

"To take you out to dinner. Are you free tonight?"

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