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It was a different black cat this time.

So, Kagome stared at it and it stared right back with its piercing eyes – though they differed from Yoruichi's as they were red instead of gold. She tilted her head and the cat followed the motion and she knew the cat was not normal just by looking into its smart eyes.

"Are you a friend of Yoruichi-san?" Kagome asked curiously and the cat blinked, trying to act like a normal feline would, "Don't worry, I know you aren't a normal cat. In fact, a talking cat visits me every few days, so I'm wondering if you are with Yoruichi-san?"

"I do not know of this Yoruichi," The black cat answered and Kagome wasn't surprised at all that it could also speak, "How peculiar. And this other talking cat you speak of was not a white cat?"

"No," Kagome shook her head, "Yoruichi-san is a black one like you," She hummed, spotting the crescent moon showing in its fur, "So, what do you need? Are you working under Sesshoumaru?" The crescent moon was facing the wrong way, but she had to ask.

"I was observing you for the past few days, Higurashi Kagome," The cat said, "I do not know of the Sesshoumaru you speak of. My name is Luna."

Kagome blinked again, "Why have you been watching me?" She didn't feel any hostility from the cat, so she wasn't worried for her family's safety.

"I believe that you may be Sailor Moon, whom I have been searching fo–!?" Luna couldn't keep her legs up as something heavy settled on her back, "What in the Moon Princess' name!?"

Kagome smiled sheepishly as Buyo nuzzled into Luna's black fur and purred loudly while she struggled to even breath under his large girth.

"I guess Buyo really is a ladies' cat..."