Tony panicked. He swore that he had only looked away for a moment! Peter was gone. The little red haired boy was gone! The last thing he had of Pepper! The man known as Iron Man stood up quickly and started to search. Where had the boy gone to? He couldn't panic. That wouldn't help Peter, or himself at all. Tony's sharp eyes swept over the play ground and saw nothing, just other parents, and kids. He moved quickly, calling out Peter's name.

He sighed in relief when he saw the red hair of what could only be his boy. He frowned as he saw a woman kneeling in front of him, a smile on her face. He moved quickly to see what she was doing.

"Your daddy is somewhere around here. I bet he's just on the other side of the play ground you know." The woman wasn't touching his son, but the boy looked like he was going to grab her hand. Tony snatched his son up. And the woman blinked in surprise before standing up. Before him was a brunet with dark brown eyes, hidden behind dark rimmed glasses. "So you must be Peter's father. He was looking for you."

"Daddy? Found this!" The little boy held out what could only be a rather crushed bug.

"Peter, we've talked about this. Daddy doesn't want you wondering off." He gave his son a disapproving glare before he held his three year old against him. The woman nodded at the look he gave her.

"Glad he's safe. By Peter!" She waved then turned, walking off. She was practically tackled by a little girl about six, who wrapped her arms around the woman's waist. The brown hair matched the woman's.

"Wait!" Tony called out as he moved forward, still holding Peter. "I'm Tony." He let his anger and fear drain away as soon as he was holding his son. It helped that she obviously had a daughter. She raised a finger as she spoke to her daughter.

"Heather, of course you can go. Just make sure your home tomorrow by noon! We've got that visit to go to." The girl looked up at what Tony assumed was her mother, and nodded, though she looked oddly sad.

"Ok mommy!" She gave the woman a quick hug then ran off, towards another girl and her mother.

"I'm Elizabeth. I am glad Peter is ok. Heather brought him over crying." Tony glanced at his son who was currently trying to eat the bug. He reached up and tugged it out of the boy's hands. While bugs weren't going to kill him, Peter didn't need to eat a stink bug."

"Thank you for comforting him." Tony nodded, feeling mildly awkward.

"Lithbeth?" The boy smiled at her, and then blew a raspberry at her. She laughed as Tony stared at his son horrified. His son pointed at himself. "Peter Stark!" He raised his hand up as if he was trying to be a superhero and she nodded.

"Aren't you the cutest little superhero I've ever seen?" Tony's gaze was taken off of his son's. She wasn't acting like someone who would have been surprised at the last name. The boy managed to wiggle his way out of his father's hand as this was happening and raced back to the play ground making sounds that were just like the one's Tony's suit's always made when fireing. He found himself staring at Elizabeth. She was watching his son with a half smile. "He's a good boy. Smart, though I think he prefers everyone act like he's three." She turned her gaze on him, and even through the glasses, Tony felt like she was seeing through him. It wasn't a piercing stare, but it was the kind that you noticed if you were watching. She saw a lot. "Well I don't think he or I meant to scare you, and I have to get back. It was nice to meet you Mr. Stark." With that she did leave. Tony hadn't said a single word and he wasn't fully sure why. There was no reason not to, after all she was just another woman. A mother at that.

Tony turned as soon as she got into her car and called for Peter as he made his way back to the bench that had all of his stuff. "Jarvis? Who was that?"

"That was Elizabeth Vyron, a book store owner, widow to Major Heath Vyron of the United States Air Force, sir." The voice was quiet for a moment as Tony grabbed his bag, and held out the Captain America back pack out for his son to put on. "Also, she was originally a member of the CIA before her husband died six years ago. Coincidently at the same time as her six year old daughter was born. Heather Vyron is the top of her class, and it seems that she'll be skipping first grade next year." Tony nodded as he wrapped his hand around the much smaller of his son. He crouched down before the boy and looked at him. The blue eyes were Pepper's, as was the red hair. It was like looking into her face again. He gave the boy a hug.

"We're going home." He told the boy before he stood up and lead the boy back towards his car. The boy started to babble about rocks and other things. Was he that talkative at Peter's age? Tony got his son in his car seat and then started the car, heading back to his home.