Tony found himself in a rather small room with Elizabeth in a bed, with Harley, Alice and Heather crowded around it. Peter wiggled out of Tony's arms and scampered close. She smiled at him.

"Harley says you brought them here. Thank you." Elizabeth looked exhausted, but something else was bothering her. Tony shrugged.

"It was no biggy." He gave her a partial smile. She responded as Peter was lifted up by Alice to look closer at Elizabeth. "So what happened?"

"I wasn't paying full attention to the road and another car t-boned me. My car is totaled, but luckily the man survived." She said just as the door opened, and in walked a red headed man.

"Ma'am, I am Nicholas Bean. I heard you were hurt worse than me." He held up his arm. It was broken. Tony found himself glaring at the man, who looked at him with confusion. "I just wanted to say I was sorry."

"It's quite alright, Mr. Bean. I wasn't paying any attention." Elizabeth smiled at the man. "If you'll give me a week or so, I'll be sure to get you my insurance." The man nodded, looking at everyone, stopping at Tony. The red head nodded.

"I'll leave my information with the hospital I'll talk to you in a week." With that he left.

"I don't like him." Tony growled. Elizabeth smiled a little.

"Well that's to be expected." She spoke quickly looking at her kids. "I really hope you can get a babysitter, Harley. I don't think I'll be out of here for a while." She smiled at the boy.

"I can watch them." Tony wasn't sure why he spoke up, but it seemed right. Elizabeth looked worried, but Harley spoke up.

"Please Mom? We'll do all our homework, and any chores Tony gives us, and we'll be really good, right girls?" Harley was pulling the cute teen boy charm. The laughter came from all of them, as the girls nodded.

"As long as your sure you can handle them, Mr. Stark." She gave him a smile which made him feel challenged.

"Oh I'm sure. We'll have cookie batter every night for dinner and everything." The look on Peter's face was priceless.

"Really daddy!?" The little boy looked over joyed. Tony walked over and pulled his child into a hug.

"No. Not really. We've talked about real food, and what your supposed to be eating." The little boy sighed. "But I'm willing to watch them. It's not a problem." He smiled a little. "What do you kids think of letting your mom rest and coming with me to get some pizza?" he'd decided to get the kids calm. He glanced at Elizabeth, and she nodded, with a look that told him she understood better than the kids did.

"You guys should go. I need to sleep, call me tomorrow." She said softly reaching out and grabbing Harley's hand, and squeezing. "I'm fine Harley. Promise." Elizabeth spoke softly, when she looked at him. Tony nodded.

"Alright kiddos. Let's go get food, and then get your stuff so you can stay at my house." All four of the kid's faces were excited. Tony watched as each of them gave Elizabeth a kiss, before following him out to his car. He got them to a pizza joint, where the people stared at him, but he refused to not pay, though he was sure that the kids were overly happy to be getting pizza, including his next few hours were entertaining for Ton, as the kids raced around Elizabeth's house, grabbing bags, clothing, homework, and everything else they thought they would need. The car was overfilled when he finally got them in the car. From there it was simple to get home. Jarvis didn't expect them, but they were happy to converge on the living room. Tony did have extra bedrooms, in-case the mansion had to become headquarters for the Avengers. He got Harley in his own room, and the two girls were willing to share a room.

"Alright boys and girls. Homework now and then we'll see about the pool, and other fun games later." Tony ordered as the kids stared to get rowdy. "Homework. I mean it." Even Peter went to grab his homework. The kids were careful to not talk about Elizabeth, while Tony went into his home office and got Jarvis on the job with figuring things out about Mr. Bean, and the entire situation around Elizabeth.