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Fred woke up in the morning feeling like death. Worse than death actually. Like death that crawled in a hole and died. A happy hole though, because he kissed Hermione. But a hole where death had died none the less.

"Wake up Freddie! We've got a Hogsmeade to visit! A Zonko's to raid!" George bounced on his brother who groaned in response. Immediately George realised something was wrong and stopped bouncing. "What's wrong Gred?"

"Hermione Granger."

"Oh. What happened?" George knew about Fred's huge crush on Hermione. But that's all he thought it was. He had no idea – yet – how real Fred's feelings really were.

"We kissed. And then she ran. I never normally have that effect on a woman." Fred groaned into his pillow.

"Oh." George repeated. "I see. Well. You know what will cheer you up? HOGSMEADE!"

Fred sighed. Hogsmeade was a good option he supposed. Crawling out of bed he grabbed some clothes and slowly got dressed. "Come on then. Let's get to breakfast."


George silently followed his brother down the stairs of the dormitory and out of the portrait hole. He knew exactly what Fred needed. A day out in Hogsmeade and a visit to Zonkos.

When they reached the Great Hall Fred went to sit next to the bushy haired fifth year and her friends but sat somewhere else when he figured they probably weren't going to be talking. George said nothing but he had noticed Fred falter before sitting down.

They ate in almost silence until Lee joined them and struck up a conversation about Zonkos. All three of them chatted for a while, and after breakfast they all made their way down to Hogsmeade. Fred's third of the conversation faded when he noticed Hermione, Harry and Ron all making their way to Hogsmeade as well.

Fred was trying to listen in on their conversation. Hermione, like Fred was quiet, probably just listening to the boy's conversation about Quidditch. Although Hermione enjoyed watching the games, Fred knows she doesn't really understand the game. He was trying to listen in closer when he realised he was started to drift slowly towards them.

"Fred!" George whispered, pulling him back. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, ummm…" Fred had no answer. He had barely noticed where he was heading until George had grabbed the collar of his shirt.

"Right. Well we're heading to Zonko's. Come on." George let go of his collar and pushed Fred towards the crowded joke shop. They walked in and was immediately attacked by colour and smell. In the far corner, a kid was covered in smoke from an explosion, who on closer inspection, Fred realised was Seamus Finnigan. Fred rolled his eyes and headed over towards the dung bombs. He grabbed two handfuls, plus a couple of bars of frog-spawn soap and went to the counter to pay. He found George and Lee at the counter both with handfuls of joke sweets and George had a set of nose-biting tea cups.

"Do you think we have enough?" Lee laughed, indicating to the four bags they all had.

Fred shook his head, also grinning. "We might have to go back. But now can we get some butterbeer, I'm freezing!" George grinned at his brother. He knew Fred needed a trip to Zonkos to cheer him up.

Fred pushed open the door the Three Broomsticks and they made their way over to their usual table. Lee ordered the drinks and they sat silently sipping their drinks.

"So. I was thinking, for the skiving snackboxes, we need to make them tastier. I mean, people want to skive class but they won't buy our sweets if they taste like hippogriff dung. So my question is, what sort of flavours? We could make a range of flavours for different sicknesses." George set his drink down and looked at Lee and Fred for suggestions.

"How about chocolate to make someone faint? We could call them…Fainting Fancies. Yeah, how about that?" Fred suggested. Georg nodded and got out a piece of parchment to write it down.

"Something with fudge. Everyone loves fudge. A fudge to give people a fever?" Lee said. George nodded and wrote it down.

"This is good. We just have to think of a few more and we can start adding the flavours and a few illnesses. We already have nosebleeds and puking but we need to add flavours to those ones."

George wrote them a note to remind them to think about the other flavours. Fred nodded and looked around to make sure no-one was listening. His eyes stopped at the door where he saw Hermione, Harry and Ron coming through the door laughing about something.

It was nice to see Hermione smile. She had looked so troubled this morning at breakfast. He had been starting to worry that what he had done last night had really upset her.

Hermione looked over and saw Fred watching her. He quickly looked away when she noticed him and went back to what he was doing. She watched him for a while as he put his head together with George and Lee and they started talking quietly.

"Hermione?" Ron waved a hand in front of her face. "Hermione?!"

"Oh, sorry, what?" Hermione turned to Ron. She had completely tuned out, and Ron had been trying to get her attention for the past minute.

"Are we gonna get drinks or are we just gonna stand here like idiots?" Ron asked. Hermione nodded and they all sat down at a table in the corner. That table just so happened to have a perfect view of Fred and George's table, a couple of metres away. Harry ordered the drinks and Hermione sat back and watched Fred.

During the course of their visit to Hogsmeade, Harry and Ron probably had to shout to get Hermione's attention at least twenty times. She spent so much of her time looking at Fred that she barely noticed it had started to snow. When they walked outside, Hermione shivered and wished she had ordered another butterbeer to keep her warm as they walked back up the castle. She conjured a small fire to float along in front of them and put out her hands to warm up. Harry and Ron smiled gratefully and put their hands out too.

They walked in silence until they reached the castle and bumped into Fred, George and Lee. Harry and Ron struck up conversation about Quidditch and Hermione tuned out. It quickly became obvious to Fred that she hadn't told her friends about the 'incident' last night. Otherwise, he was pretty sure they would have torn him apart by now for hurting Hermione. Though, actually, if anyone was hurt in this scenario it was Fred. Hermione was the one who had run off.

Fred was almost as quiet as Hermione. Neither of them were talking much and Fred was barely listening. Instead he was focusing on Hermione. She was bored. Obviously she was bored. She had never liked talking about Quidditch and that's all anyone seemed to talk about at Hogwarts.

"You alright over there Hermione?" Fred asked, trying to act normal. Hermione's head jerked up at the sound of his voice and she blushed.

"Yeah. Fine." She looked back down at her shoes. "Thinking."

"When aren't you thinking?" Ron snorted. Hermione stuck her tongue out at him.

"Oh. Attractive." George said. Hermione poked her tongue at him as well. George poked his tongue back at her.

"Mr Weasley, Miss Granger, what are you doing?" Professor McGonagall was coming down the huge stairs in the Entrance Hall where the six of them were standing. Hermione blushed under the gaze of her professor and glared at George.

"Nothing Minnie. Nothing at all." George grinned her.

"What did you call me?"


"It's professor to you Weasley."

"Does that include me Minnie?" Fred asked, grinning at her.

"Yes Mr Weasley. That includes you."

"But Minnie. I thought we were friends?"

"And friends should be on a first name basis."

"We are not friends, Mr Weasley. Nor you, Mr Weasley." She frowned at Fred and George and walked into the Great Hall. The six of them followed her in and took seats at the Gryffindor Table. Fred and Hermione accidentally sat next to each other but were too awkward to move so just sat there.

Harry started complaining about Umbridge and Hermione listened but didn't say anything. Fred nudged her and nodded towards the door. Hermione nodded back and got up. If Harry and Ron noticed, they didn't say anything. She walked out of the hall, grabbing a sandwich as she went. It's not like she planned on starving.

Fred followed her, watched by George who elbowed Lee who also watched. "Where do you think they're going?" George whispered.

"I don't know. Follow them?" Lee whispered back. George shook his head at Lee.

"Let's give them some privacy. Maybe in a minute…"


Fred led Hermione to a tapestry on a fourth floor corridor. She raised an eyebrow at him when he went to pull her inside. He rolled his eyes and pulled her in and let the tapestry swing back into place.

"What did you want Fred?" Hermione looked up at Fred suspiciously. She wasn't sure whether or not to trust Fred hidden behind a tapestry in a corridor no-one goes in. He might be angry with her and kill her something and no-one would ever find her until two weeks later when she starts to smell and rot and everyone-

"What happened last night? You ran off. I have had a lot of stuff happen to me but never has a girl run away when I've kissed her."

"I'm sorry. Did I knock you confidence a bit?" Hermione winced at her words. This morning she had been hurt with him and didn't want to talk with him and suddenly she was being harsh. Fred sighed. Girls.

"No. But you hurt me." Fred looked down at his shoes.

"Fred, I'm not used to people suddenly declaring their love for me. It took me by shock and I kinda freaked. You just said it so easily and did you what you did and then-"

"It wasn't easy for me say it! I had to say it twice! I wasn't sure if you would say it back or whether you even have feelings at all for me!"

"Let me say my piece Fred. You said what you said and did what you did and I didn't know how to react. I couldn't think, I couldn't speak and I certainly couldn't declare feelings of love that I barely knew existed until yesterday when you punched Malfoy."

"So what are you saying?" Fred asked, feeling a faint glimmer of hope in his heart. Maybe she loves me too and we can be together and we can get married and have little bushy-haired ginger babies.

"I'm saying, you big idiot, that I love you." Hermione said before standing on her toes and kissing him. Fred's brain and heart exploded. His head was an explosion of excitement, happiness and simple OMGing.

When Hermione pulled away she was grinning. Fred pulled her closer and grinned down at her as well.

"So, what does this mean? You're not gonna run away on me again are you?"

"Nope. I'm happy right here thanks." Just then they heard a loud WOOP from outside. Fred tugged open the tapestry too find Lee Jordan and George Weasley standing outside looking sheepish.

"Hi Fred. Lovely day isn't it?" George said, slightly scared of what his twin brother. Fred glared at George and Lee.

"What are you doing here?" Fred ignored George and skipped straight to the point.

"I thought I might go make a snow angel, what do you think George? Play in the snow?" Lee added, also slightly scared of Fred.

"Snow angels are fun to make-"

"Stop talking about snow angels! What are you two doing here? Were you following me?" Fred interrupted.

"Well. Simple answer? Yes. But it was Lee's idea!" George pointed at the boy standing next to him before hiding behind said boy.

"Don't worry George, Lee. Fred, isn't angry. Are you Fred?" Hermione smiled at the boys and looked up at Fred. Fred looked down at Hermione and sighed.

"Fine. I'm not angry at you. BUT why were you following me?"

"Because Lee is a sad boy with no life and he feeds of the life of others." George grinned at Lee who punched his arm, hard. "OW! That was uncalled for."

"Oh really? How about you think back to the past five seconds and then tell me if that was uncalled for. I am not a boy. I am a man. I have facial hair and everything." Lee said stroking his small goatee.

"Excuse me but I think my facial hair is one to be reckoned with." Fred said stroking his non-existent beard.

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