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"Dammit! The deadline's almost coming up! You guys seriously need to get your shit together!"

Frantic loud stutterings of 'Sorry!' filled the room as Masamune continued to yell and work at the same time. Really, he hated this time of month.

Marukawa Publishing is at its worse point now; deadlines must be due, and it's utter hell.

At least it got better when Isaka Ryuuichirou took over. He moved everyone to a bigger building, and it's happy times, happy times.

Not! He wanted to go home!

"Tsuki," he called to the Umbreon laying peacefully next to his feet despite the chaos, "You can just go home and get something to eat, okay? The others are probably already eating." Dark ears merely twitched at his words, but the female continued to lay peacefully against the ground.

One of the rules at Marukawa Publishing: You can have one Pokémon out of its ball at a time. For Masamune and most people though, they just bring one Pokémon and leave the rest at home.

Tsuki has been with him since middle school; she used to be a rather hyper Eevee then, until in high school, when his boyfriend and his Eevee suddenly upped and disappeared... Even later when they befriended five more Pokémon and Tsuki evolved, they still missed them.

"Oy, Takano~!" His eye twitched in irritation as Ryuuichirou came towards him during lunch, along with his glaringly obvious energy spreading around the room.

"What is it, Isaka-san?"

"We have a newbie today! Fresh from a world of Literature!"

"What? Why would you have someone from Literature in the Shoujo Department?"

Ryuuichirou just looked at him for a scrutinizing ten seconds with his wide smile before saying, "That's a secret!"

Masamune's eye twitched in irritation again. "Excuse me?"

"Funny guy too. I've known him for a long time now- traveled with him and others occasionally before I worked here permanently. Actually, he had recently returned after some 10 years- he's been doing his work for few years through online and faxing."

"You really want me to take in a newbie while we're in this hell?"

"Yeah! Whatever you give him to do, he'll do it!"

Masamune sighs in frustration. "Isaka-san..."

"..." Masamune glared in annoyance as Ryuuichirou's Shedinja floated down next to his trainer, staring silently at the direction of where the elevator was.

"Oh?" Ryuuichirou looks that direction. "Is he here now?"

"Sshhhheee..." Shedinja zooms out of view and they hear a scream, followed by a crash. Her interest perked up, Tsuki runs over to see with Masamune and Ryuuichirou following.


"W...why...?" Disgruntled, Ritsu sits up against the wall, holding the ghost bug in front of him. "We told you, don't do that anymore!" It escapes his hold and goes to rub up against his cheek lovingly. "Yeah, yeah, I know..."

"Umb..." Feeling a slight pressure on his arm, Ritsu turns to see Tsuki sniffing him before looking up at him with her head cocked to the side.

"What is it?" She continues to stare silently at him before putting a paw on his forehead, trying to separate his bangs at the middle. "Wha... What are you doing?" He just let her do it seeing that her claws weren't out.

"Wow!" He turns to see Ryuuichirou and another man he didn't know. "The wall didn't get a dent! Good catch!"

"Isaka-san..." Ritsu points to the cheek rubbing Shedinja while continuing to let the Umbreon mess with his bangs.

"Okay, okay," He takes out a pokéball. "Kage, return for now, okay?" It nods before letting itself be returned into its pokéball. He then looks at Tsuki. "What is she doing?"

"I don't know."

Before Masamune could get a word in Ryuuichirou speaks.

"Oh wait, wait a minute..." Ryuuichirou grins. "She probably saw you on TV long time ago during a contest! Before you changed your hair, I mean. Obviously she doesn't like your current look."

"What?! I like this look!"

"Just part it a bit for her to see."

"Fine," he sighs before gently pushing her paw away and using his fingers to separate his bangs in the middle. "Like this?" Masamune's eyes widen in recognition.

"Nah," Ryuuichirou shakes his head, "Your features have changed a little since then..." He remembers Masamune. "Oh, yes, Onodera, this is Takano Masamune, head of the Shoujo Department Emerald."

"Oh..." Ritsu looks up at him. "Nice to meet you, Takano-san. I'm Onodera Ritsu."

"...Nice to meet you," Masamune says quietly, and before he can say anything else Ryuuichirou speaks up again.

"By the way, where are your Pokémon? I thought you'd bring them with you- some guys even requested to battle you."

"Ah, they wanted to stay at home."

Ryuuichirou sighs. "Guess battling will just have to wait for another day-" He looks down at a still sitting Ritsu. "When are you going to get up?"

"Ah, sorry," he gets up, blushing slightly in embarrassment.

At Ritsu's Apartment...

"I'm bored!" whined the Beautifly, twirling around in the air of the spatial apartment in boredom. "We should've gone with Ritsu!"

"But it says only one of us can be out during work, Senri," communicated the Golduck through telepathy, lying casually on the couch and looking up at the ceiling. "I'm bored too."

"At least you guys can move freely..." grumbles the Tyranitar, standing in one place and looking about warily.

"You know you can move right, Gaito?" says Senri, landing on his head. "That's how you got to stand here."

"No, right when Ritsu let us out I didn't move."

"I can't believe you actually think you're going to break through the floor," communicates the Golduck, Mizuo. "You've been on the second story of a Pokemon center for goodness sake."

"But this is a normal apartment suited for small pokemon and humans," Gaito explains. "I'm going to crush something, I know it."

"What are you guys talking about?" asks Taiyou, Ritsu's Espeon, coming out of Ritsu's room and stretching. "His bed is so nice to sleep on..."

"Gaito thinks he's going to break the floor," Mizuo explains.

"What? You're not going to do that," Taiyou goes up to Gaito, and puts a paw on his legs. "Just take one step and you'll see."

"No way!"

"Hey guys!" Their Furret and Ampharos companions come out from the bathroom. "The shower and tub are so shiny!"

"You both went in there together?" asks Mizuo in disbelief. "In the bathroom?"

"Hey," Denri the Ampharos pats the Furret's head. "He had dirt in this one spot he can't reach so someone had to do it!"

"It was sooo annoying!" Ootaru whines, shaking his brown and cream head. "I couldn't wait for Ritsu to get rid of it, it was just that annoying!"

Walking up to him, Denri looks up at Gaito. "You know there's a Aggron right at the top floor, right?"

"What? Seriously? So-"

"Don't worry about your weight," she says, nudging him to move. "I can hear you guys since we didn't close the bathroom door."

"Okay," Nervously, Gaito takes a small step before taking other seeing that the floor didn't crack underneath him. "Whew," he sighs in relief.

"You did it!" Senri says, swirling out a light Silver Wind out of his wings like confetti, "You did it!"

"See?" Taiyou says happily. "You're not able to break this floor."

"Yeah," Gaito walks over towards the kitchen with Senri still on his head, "If a Aggron can be here, then..."

As he chats happily with Taiyou (Espeon), Senri (Beautifly), and Ootaru (Furret), Mizuo (Golduck) turns to Denri (Ampharos). "There is no Aggron, is there?"

She shrugs. "Lairon, but the little guy's almost there. Besides, it was either that or I slam him to the ground," she shakes her head. "Thinks he's big enough to break the floor."

Back at Marukawa...

"So that's him?" Takafumi says, he and Masamune a little bit away out of earshot from Ritsu.

"Yeah. Apparently he's been out traveling all this time."

"Traveling, huh?" Takafumi says, skeptical. "And he doesn't remember you?"

"I didn't recognize him at first until Tsuki tried to mess with his hair, it's probably the same with him."

"Well," Takafumi crosses his arms. "You still going to go after him, aren't you?"

"Of course. But I'm waiting until he recognizes me first."

"And when's that going to be?" Takafumi sighs. "I don't want you hurt again. What if he's going to string you around?"

"Him? String me around?" Masamune snickers. "He wouldn't do that."


"Gosh, look at them," Takafumi's Umbreon, Tsukimi glares lightly at the two men. "Takafumi can be so... ugh sometimes when it comes to Masamune, but he means well," she sighs before facing her best friend. "So, Tsuki, is it really that Ritsu?"

Tsuki nods. "He changed so much though, I wonder if Taiyou changed just as much."

"Obviously. Hearing you talk about him, I can see him becoming a Espeon."

"An Espeon...?"

"Aww, he must be so pretty, I want to meet him- wait!" Tsukimi heads towards Ritsu.

"What are you doing Tsukimi?!"

"If I mess with him enough, maybe he'll show me a picture!"

"How is that going to happen?"

"Just watch." She jumps up on the table and lies on Ritsu's work.

"Uh," Ritsu looks around in a panic before gently trying to push her off. "Please get off..." She gets off the table and sits on his lap. "I-Is there something you want?" Ritsu sighs, "You remind me of Ootaru when he wants to play..." She nudges his chin urgently. "W-what? Ootaru?" She nods. "What about Ootaru? I don't think you even know who he is..."

Pausing in thought, she turns and taps on his cell phone seeing that it was on the table. "My cell phone?" At this she nods, and moves slightly to share room with Tsuki as she jumps on his lap as well. "Y-you too?" Ignoring the pain on both of his thighs he opens his phone and shows it to them.

"Is this what you want?" Ritsu mumbles. "If Taiyou or Mizuo were here I could understand you guys better..." He notices Tsukimi cock her head at the names. "Oh, you guys don't know Taiyou or Mizuo are, huh?" He smiles, "Here, I'll show you what they look like," he goes to his cell phone's pictures while Tsukimi cheers silently in victory.


Hearing a chuckle, Takafumi and Masamune jolt in surprise as Kaede (Mino) appears by them, looking at Ritsu. "I heard Isaka-san saying that many Pokémon tended to get attached to Ritsu, but not that attached." The two men look up at that to see their Umbreons on Ritsu's lap as he went through his phone.

"Ricchan," Ritsu started at the nickname as Shouta came back from the bathroom. "Why are they on your lap? Aren't they heavy?"

"N... Not really," he tilts his phone to the side so Shouta can see, "My Pokémon tend to do that a lot, so I'm sort of used to it..."

"Eehhh," Shouta then notices the stacks of catalogues on Ritsu's desk. "Why do you have all of that?"

"Oh, I figured I should know all of them just in case."

"No way," Shouta shivers. "I can never read all that!"

Ritsu laughs, putting his phone back on the desk while the two Umbreons jumped off his lap. "I read all of the books at my high school, so I think I can handle this. I never got to read that much after that since I had to go on a journey-" His phone rings. "Ah..." He looks to Shouta. "Is it fine if I pick up?"

Shouta shrugs and Ritsu picks up. "Hello- W-what? What's wrong?"

Standing up with his cell phone to his ear, Ritsu makes his way to the windows. "Just them two?" He looks out above the buildings. "Where are you? Okay, they're not with me, but I can still- wait! I see them," he frowns at what he sees. "Why did they resort to hot air balloon? O-Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming," he hangs up and looks about the windows, before picking the closest one and opening it.

"Oi, Onodera, what are you doing?!" shouts Masamune.

Zoning him out in serious mode, Ritsu grabs a two pairs of scissors off of Masamune's desk and jumps out.

"So guys," they turn to see Ryuuichirou walk in, "How's Onodera doing-" he sees the open window and rushes over to look out, seeing Ritsu scaling his way down the building. "What is it now, Onodera?!" he calls out.

Ritsu points at the hot air balloon and Ryuuichirou shouts at him. "Wait, wait! Come back! Let me handle this! Come back up!" Ryuuichirou takes out all of his Pokémon outside the building. "Okay guys, over there with the hot air balloon- I guess they got their budget up or something, go do your stuff!" Nodding, his team of all bug Pokémon fly off as Ritsu makes his way back up into the building.


After Ritsu climbed back inside he faces Ryuuichirou. "Maybe it's too soon for me to come to work..." he sighs as Ryuuichirou looks out to see his Pokémon.

"No. You can do this," Ryuuichirou says, still looking out the window. "You're just too used to doing that is all- see? We beat them." He points out as the hot air balloon blasts away. "And also, we are now in the grounds too sue them."

"That's why they have the hot air balloon..."

"No, not that, but the air space. If they try that again you know who I'm calling."

"Oy..." They turn to see everyone in the office stare at them as Masamune spoke to them. "What's going on?"

Seeing his Pokémon return he put them back in their pokéball before facing everyone. "Nothing. Nothing happened." He leads Ritsu back to sit on his desk before taking his cell phone of said desk. "I'll give this back to you after work."

Ritsu sighs. "Okay."

"Remember, this is work time, where you worry about work." Ryuuichirou faces everyone again before leaving. "Pretend all this never happened and don't pester Onodera about it."

Hours later...

'It's finally over... for now...' Ritsu sighs as he leaves the building. 'I'm glad everyone still treated me the same, even though I suddenly did that... Takano-san even threw a ruler at me...'

'Should I go see how Misaki is doing? Since his brother is out in Osaka he's currently staying with his brother's best friend, Usami-sensei... But Misaki didn't call so there should be nothing to worry about... right? Everyone else went home, so...' He takes out his given back cell phone and dials. "Misaki?"

"Hmm..?" he hears Misaki mumble.

"Are you okay? Are you sleeping?" Ritsu asks.

"Um, yeah... Actually..."

"What is it?"

"I didn't see Usami-san today at all since he was stuck in his room by his editor to finish his manuscript, so I ended up cleaning his whole apartment."

"Oh. Are you settled properly?"

Misaki yawns. "Yeah. You should have seen it though, when his editor, Aikawa-san, told me he had installed a pool all the way up there in the penthouse, I thought I'd go clean that too. When I went up there though, he had a bunch of random water Pokémon and 5 Gyarados!"

"All up there?"

"Yes. I was so surprised... All I had to do was feed them since I guess they sort of clean the pool themselves. And he also has a Ursuring wandering around along with a Plusie and Minun. I thought they wouldn't like me, but they're nice. They really like Chupika, and the others seem to get along with them as well."

"I see, well, that's good."

"How was your day at work?" asks Misaki.

"Ah... An-chan got in trouble and I jumped out from the building. Isaka-san told me to come back while he handled it."

"Oh yeah, An-san called and warned me."

"Oh, that's good-" He noticed he was at the train station now, "Ah, I"m at the train station now."

"Okay, see you."

"Bye." he hangs up and goes down to go to his train.

"I'm home-" Ritsu gasps as Ootaru (Furret) and Senri (Beautifly) tackle him to the ground. "Guys..."

"Welcome home!" he hears due to Mizuo's sharing with him of telepathy. They let him get up.

Senri flies to his head, cuddling into the softness that was Ritsu's hair. "Hey, can you make some poffins? Or pokéblocks? Or both?"

Ritsu laughs. "Okay." After putting his stuff up on the couch he heads to the kitchen.

Ootaru goes to sit on the couch. "Mizuo's in the tub, and everyone else is asleep."

"Oh, okay. Did you guys eat?"

"Yes. Taiyou and Mizuo freaked out a little earlier, but they're okay now."

"I did not freak out." Mizuo communicates, coming out of the bathroom with a small towel around his neck. "I was silently troubled."


"Oh, oh," Senri flaps his wings a little. "Gaito thought he was fat and going to break through the floor."

"He won't break through the floor."

"Yeah, we all told him that."

"Oh," Ootaru speaks up. "They're all sleeping on your bed."

"Ah... I see..."

"But don't worry! They all fit and the bed didn't break!"

"I wasn't particularly worried about that..." Ritsu then noticed he didn't have any eggs. He looks at the clock on his wall. "You guys think the neighbor is awake?"

"Well," Ootaru's ear twitches. "I hear moving."

"I never got to introduce myself yet," Ritsu takes a deep breath and heads out the door.

"Excuse me," Ritsu says after he knocks and the door opens, "I..." His eyes widen in surprise. "Takano-san?"

Masamune's eyes widen as well. "Onodera..."


Masamune watches as Ritsu begins talking. "R-right, I'm your new neighbor and um... Do you have one egg?"

"One egg?" 'Why just one egg?' wonders Masamune.

"Yes, one egg."

"I have two cartons."

"Can I please have one egg?"

"Can I just give you a whole carton?" 'And my heart? But I can't say that.'

"No, thank you. Just one egg please."

"...Well," Masamune goes back inside, "Hold on." 'Got to think of something quick.'

And he comes back with a carton of eggs. "Here you go."

"But I-"

"See you tomorrow..." He closes the door, quickly adding. "And you owe me a date."

"Wait- what?! Takano-san!"

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