I'm restarting Pokémon Emerald... ha... one of my favorite Pokémon regions!

This continues from it left off last chapie, with Misaki going to Shinobu on a Saturday afternoon, except that it begins with Masamune and Ritsu.

I don't own any of Nakamura's works or Pokémon, this is Fanfiction.

Hearing a knock on his door, Masamune raised his brows seeing Ritsu fidget with his work bag with his papers inside. "Yes?"

Ritsu couldn't help but glare at him. "You yelled at me last night for trying to fax these over so, can you look over them?"

"Okay," he directs Ritsu to the couch. "Want some tea?"

"Ah, no thank you..." Ritsu starts a bit as Tsuki goes to sit next to him asking to be pet. "Oh, hello. If you want to visit Taiyou and everyone else, the door's unlocked." Her ears perk at this before shyly shaking her head and just laying next to him.

"Takano-san," Ritsu pauses for a bit to get a carton eggs out of his bag and scoots it across the coffee table that was separating them. "Here."

Masamune stares at it before looking up at Ritsu, frowning. "You'd rather buy me a carton of eggs instead of going on a date with me where you don't have to pay a thing?"

Ritsu blushes. "W-well, yes."

He taps his pen against the paper he was currently looking over. "Name one reason why you can't go on a date with me."

"Just one?" Ritsu shrinks back at Masamune's glare.

"Fine. Five reasons."

"Uh, um... 1. You're my boss, 2. You're a man, 3. I don't have room in my life for romance, 4. You scare me, and 5. You threw a ruler at me, and I'm not up for that kind of relationship."

They have a stare-down as Masamune shoots them all down with, "Oh? 1. That doesn't matter, 2. It didn't stop you last time, 3. Yes you do, 4. That's for work purposes, and 5. That's also work and has nothing to do with our private life."

'This guy...' Ritsu thought, glaring, before he becomes confused. "Last time? What do you mean?"

'OH MY GOSH! It's them!' Ritsu starts at the thought that he assumed was his Furret, looking at the wall connecting his and Masamune's apartment in surprise.

'What's wrong? Are they listening in?' Ritsu wonders, and then the door opens with a bit too much force. They look to see Taiyou walking in and staring at Tsuki for a long moment before looking at Ritsu. 'What..?'

And then he pieces it all together as he looked back and forth between his Espeon and the Umbreon before glancing at Masamune, who waited for him to figure it out.

Finally it all clicks together and Ritsu screams like an idiot. 'Huuuhh?! It's them?!' He calms down, holding his hands to his head as he remembers their last moment together before he left:

"Senpai, do you love me?" 'If he... If he- then I...'


Slowly, Ritsu just stares at him, at those eyes he couldn't see well and the slightly curved smile, absorbing that in before smiling in sadness. "Is that so?" He sighs.


'Then... It should be okay to leave then... How do I tell him though?' Ritsu frowns. 'He wouldn't care...'

He couldn't help but feel angry. Why couldn't he see that he was being played with all along?

He takes a deep breathe. 'Okay...' Quickly, he turns, taking out his Pokéball and putting back a sleeping Taiyou inside before he round kicked Masamune at the front before fleeing.


Not knowing how to begin properly, Ritsu fidgets a bit with his hands. "So... 'You're Takano' now?"

"After my parents divorced, I took my mother's last name and had to move with her to Shikoku. I didn't have more time to look for you then."

This surprised him. "You looked for me?"

"When someone you love suddenly kicks you and leaves without a trace, wouldn't you go out and find them and ask what went wrong?"

"Well- I mean..." he looks away. "I'm sorry I kicked you in the head."

"So you're not sorry for leaving me?"

"I had to leave! I had to go on a journey!"

"And you couldn't tell me that so you kicked me?"

"It's not like you would have cared either way!" Ritsu huffs. "You never even cared, so why bother?!"

"What do you mean I never cared?!"

"Come on! Even when I looked back it was so obvious!" Ritsu crosses his arms. "Anyway, we're over with, so why ask me on a date? To play me again and laugh at my face? I don't think so!"

'You're getting too angry,' he hears Taiyou communicate to him, 'Calm down.'

"!" Ritsu sighs before taking a deep breath and sighing. He realizes that this slowly became a little too hectic. "I'm sorry," he tiredly apologizes to Masamune. He turns to Taiyou and Tsuki who are still standing there. "I'm sorry."

Suddenly, Masamune gets up, leaving Ritsu's papers on the coffee table and grabbing his coat.


"Go get your coat."


Masamune regards him intensely, and Ritsu shrinks back at how those brown eyes gaze at him so seriously. "We're going to go on a date."

At the park...

"Shinobu!" The young man being called looked up, kind of smiling, but not really. "What's wrong?" Misaki asks.


"So let me get this straight," Misaki begins, as they watch their Pokémon play on the playground with the little kids. "You now live next door to this man named Miyagi-san. Your sister was married to Miyagi-san, who Hiroki-san works with, and then they got a divorce."


"And then you fell in love with him in this bout of fate that you have completely no control over and he finds the age gap too much, not to mention you are is boss's son. Your sister tells you that he has been in love with this one person for a long time."


"And that person happened to be his high school teacher, who had just as much as a age gap like you guys."

Shinobu nods, kneading his hands together. "The sad thing though, that I respect him for, is that she's no longer alive and yet he still cares for her, and her Pokémon."

"Her Pokémon?" Misaki says in surprise.

"I thought it was strange that he had a Delcatty and Lopunny among his other Pokémon. It turns out they were hers." Shinobu sighs. "They were there when I confessed to him."

"Were they upset?"

"I don't know; they just kept staring at me while Miyagi rejected me. They didn't seem happy or sad." He pats his pants pocket absentmindedly before realizing something. "Damn it."


"I think I left my wallet there because he needed me to get something before I confessed."


"..." Shinobu gives him a small smile. "Get it for me?"

"Why me?" Misaki whines as he gets up. "Where again?"

"M University- it's around the corner from here. Just ask for Kamijou cause it's easier."


Peering into the room, Misaki is relieved to see no one. Looking around, he spotted Shinobu's wallet and grabs it before leaving.

"Hey, you." He turns to see a dark haired, middle-aged man, with a Delcatty and Lopunny keeping him company. "Did you need something?"

Misaki notes how they seemed to be glaring at him and the wallet in his hands. "I just needed to get my friend's wallet, that's all."

"And this friend's name?"

"Takatsuki Shinobu."

Apparently, Miyagi didn't seem to believe him as he remained where he was and crossed his arms, and Misaki didn't understand. "Why didn't he come get it himself?"

"Professor?" They turn to see Hiroki.

"Hiroki-san!" Misaki says, grateful.

"What are you doing here, Misaki?"

"I came to get Shinobu's wallet," Misaki pauses for a moment. "He's... busy at the moment."

"Okay, then go. You're going to cause hall traffic."

"Thank you!" He runs off.

"Oy," Miyagi turns to Hiroki as they enter the office. "Why did you let him off? What if-"

"That's Shinobu's best friend, Misaki- honest kid who has never stole in his life. Now go do your work, Professor. Your break is over."

"You seem to know a lot."

"We traveled together for the past 10 years, even though I had come home frequently for the past 6 years. I thought Takatsuki-san or his daughter would have told you."

"Oh..." He sits down at his desk, not noticing that his Lopunny and Delcatty had left to follow Misaki.

"Where'd it go?!"

"Over there?!"

"I dropped my lip balm, hold on!"

"Boss is going to kill us!"


'Are they still there?' Shouta thought, looking behind and corner and sighing before walking out and heading home. Cautiously, he opens his unusually bumpy jacket and looks down at the purple-gray fish Pokémon. "You okay?"

It nods slightly, and he realizes that it needs to get into the water- he remembers that a park with a lake was nearby, so he decides to head there. His Pokémon could also play and have their fun as well.

He was walking away from Marimo books a little dejected until he found the shady group from the corner of his eye at a suspicious fish selling stand, especially because there was a fish selling stand, because hours and days before the stand didn't exist until this day.

Very suspicious. Seeing it for only a few moments Shouta noticed how everybody just ignored it.

Anyway, he decided to check it out. From the farthest left end at one of the stand's small pools was where he spotted and met the strange fish Pokémon. It looked like this one Pokémon he knew about, but the color was different and the face was distorted so it looked like a dragon-snake head with a fish tail and fins.

Somehow, he made a connection with it.

Shouta didn't realize he ended up talking to it for hours until the guy selling began nagging at him. He then considered buying it and the guy told him an outrageous price that didn't make sense and that's when the shady men came.

Apparently they worked with the man and the man himself was doing the wrong thing and told him to close the stand. Then they mentioned eating the fish and Shouta feared the worst for his little fish friend; quickly, he grabbed and stuffed it in his jacket before running.


'Finally here,' Shouta thought in relief, finding a bench near the water and sitting down after releasing the fish into the lake. On the way here he bought some snacks, taking them out and setting them next to him before taking out his five Pokéballs and throwing them into the air. "Come on out, everybody!"

Chiaki didn't know what to do-

One minute, both his friends Tori and Yuu arrive at his place, saying that they wanted to hang out with him.

Second minute, both men were glaring at each other down, leaving Chiaki uncomfortable. Sumiko had taken his Pokémon for check-ups because he had to turn in a manuscript this morning. She should be bringing them back soon.

'It'd be rude to kick them out...' Chiaki thought, pouring water for them. 'What should I do? Wait- wait, first of all, why are they glaring at each other?'

'They weren't like this back then... were they?'

How he had met them... He had known Tori since his childhood until he had to leave and travel with Ritsu and everyone else. Many times he came back to visit, and that's when he met Yuu.

Then college time came and he began working manga- and he spent time with Tori and Yuu- before deciding to go back and continue traveling and working much like Ritsu did.

And now...

"What's with you guys?" Chiaki asks, and he frowns when the men ignore him. "Guys?"

No answer.

Sighing, he then turns his attention to the door when Sumiko invites herself in, having been given a key by him. "Hello!" she greets, handing him his Pokémon inside their Pokéballs. "They're all good- they could just go battle and exercise a bit more is a recommendation." She gives him a grin. "Want to battle? Micchan text me that Shicchan and him are down at the park."

"Yeah!" He goes to grab his bag and jacket.

"Are they okay?" Sumiko asks, curiously staring at the glaring men.

Chiaki sighs, "They're fine... I think." They stare at the two men for a few more seconds before leaving, closing the door behind them.

"Onodera, get out here!"

"No!" Ritsu protests, keeping his door shut.

'Ritsu, you're being childish,' Taiyou thought at him, outside in the hall with Masamune and Tsuki.

'...Why didn't you take me inside with you?!' he then whined just as childishly, shuddering from the intense stare the Umbreon was giving him. 'Why?!'

'I'm sorry!' thought Ritsu, 'I thought you were right behind me!'


"I've never seen them so scared," Senri the Beautifly comments to his other Pokémon teammates from on top of Ritsu's Tyranitar, Gaito. "Should we do something?"

Sighing, Mizuo (Golduck) approaches Ritsu. 'Ritsu, there's a little gap on the sides of your door along with the keyhole- just let Taiyou in his Pokéball from the other side of the door, and then let him back out in here.' The Golduck preferred to communicate to the minds of his fellow teammates and trainer instead of being vocal.

"Oh! Oh yes..." Ritsu says aloud, stumbling a bit in a rush as he got it out and returned Taiyou before letting him out again in the living room.

'Thank you!' Taiyou thought in gratefulness, shivering.

'A little date wouldn't hurt,' Denri (Ampharos) communicates to Ritsu through Mizuo's influence.

"But..." Ritsu sits down against the door. 'I don't want to go through it again...'

He flinches from a loud bang on his door, Masamune's voice following after it. "Onodera!"

And now he kicks the door.

Sighing, Ritsu gets up, staring at the door for a long while before putting his hand on the handle. "One date. That's it, right? One?"

All heard was a intake of breath and silence before Masamune responded, reluctantly- no doubt though, that he would find a loophole through this, "Yes. Just one date."

Slightly, Ritsu opens the door. Shyly, he comes into eye contact with Masamune before blushing and looking away. "...Okay. What do you have in mind?"

"Is there anything you want to do?"

"What I... want to do?" Ritsu frowns in thought before remembering something An told him. "There's... something at the mall-"

"That new Pokémon store-playground thing?"

"Yeah...? I think..."

"Okay then, we'll eat somewhere for dinner and then go and walk around there and the rest of the mall. You haven't been back here in a long while right?"

"Yes- then, um-" he feels his cell phone vibrate and he takes a quick look before saying, "Can we go to the park first? It's fine if we stay out long, right?"

At the 'stay out long' part Masamune felt a little relief at how long their 'date' was. "Sure."

Ooh, something's going to happen at the park!

And then the actual 'date' and stalking stuff.

I think I'm going to keep Chiaki single and strong throughout this whole thing. Like, Yuu and Yoshiyuki are going to fight for something that's not going to happen. I don't really know...