It's been a while since I last wrote a Fast Furious Fic. This is just something I came up with, it's light and fun about the team, set before the film.

None of the characters are mine..

"Jesse, focus!"

"I know, Let!"

"Listen to me! if you giggle even once, I'll skin you alive"

"Alright-alright, might as well gag me you know.. I know how kinky you guys.."

Letty slapped his arm.

"Ouch, that hurts"

"Shut up! Here comes Vince"

Vince half ran to where Letty and Jesse were hiding, behind the garage.

"Let, you're crazy! And in case we didn't survive this, I just want you to know that I love you"

She rolled her eyes. "Shut up Vince, you got it?"

"Of course!" Vince handed her a set of keys, "you got two hours top, we can't keep him longer than that"

"I know, we'll keep in touch okay"


"Where the fuck is my car?!"

A loud bang of the slammed front door shocked the house residents. Dom's eyes were full of rage as he scanned the three guys sitting on the couch in front of him. Jesse dropped the game controller. Vince, Leon and Jesse quivered in their seat. O-oh..

"Dom, calm down!" Mia followed behind him, she was the only one other than Letty that would have the guts to stand in front of an Angry!Dom.

"Don't tell me to calm down, Mi!"

"I'm your sister, I can tell you anything I want Dom!"

"Just shut your mouth, I can't think!"

"You think I can think with you being a Domzilla about a stupid car?"

Dom glared at her, but she was way passed glaring contest at this rate.

Suddenly Vince phone rang. The three stooges jumped at the first rang. He pulled it out in an instant, avoiding Dom's death glare.

"Yeah? Uh-huh.. By the beach? Okay. We'll be there.."

All four pair of eyes were on Vince.

"Letty found your car Dom, at the abandon building by the beach"

Dom quickly snatched his jacket from the coffee table. "Well, what are you waiting for? A fucking written invitation?!" he snapped at them.
They went outside and in their car in seconds. Dom was riding with Vince while Jesse and Mia rode with Leon.


"Dom! Over here...!" Letty shouted when she saw Vince car pulled over.

Dominic quickly ran to her, she pointed inside the abandon building.

"Is she okay?" he asked.

She shook her head "You better take a look at her yourself Dom"

He entered the building and found his car there, there's not much light, but he could see that there were no scratch on her. He opened the door and scrunched his brows.. "What the fuck?"

The smell of genuine leather filled his nostrils. He saw that the interiors were all brand new, red maroon and black leather beautifully combined on the door trims, roof, front and back seat.
He turn to look at Letty, who wore a grin from ear to ear, she stood there along with Mia, Vince, Leon and Jesse, all wore the same grin.

"Happy Birthday Bubba" Letty said.

He sighed and ran to her to hug her. She laughed as he buried his face on the crook of her neck, hiding his tears. "Come on you big sap!" She teased.
He let go of Letty and turn to Mia, "I got you Domzilla" she winked.

"I let you get away with that this once, Lil' sis" He hugged her and kissed her forehead, then took turn to hugged Vince, Leon and Jesse.

"Thank you guys.. You got me.. All of you, even Jesse. Great acting bro"

"It's not over Dom" Vince said as he clapped his hand two times.

All of the sudden, the dark abandon building was lit up. Dom squinted his eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness. Emerging from the dark corners were their friends; racers and not. He could see Hector and his crews, Edwin and his girls, and other racers whose name he can't even remember.


"Oh God!" Dom's jaw dropped. Letty and Mia laughed watching Dom's face.

"Hit it!" Leon shouted. The thump-thump of bass were heard, soon music were filling the air and beer bottles were passed on.
A huge grin never left Dom's face as he greeted and hugged his friends. When he finally done being congratulate to, he pulled Letty in his embrace.

"So, whose idea is this?"

"Mine" she said full of smug.

"Well, I should thank you then"

"Yeah, you should"

"I could think of ways to do that" he smiled suggestively at her.

"Why don't you stop thinking and start doing Dom" she raised one eyebrow. He bowed slightly to sought her lips, "Thank you, Let"

"Ugh, guys, enough already!" Mia rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, come on Dom, it's time to get the birthday boy drunk" Leon and Vince pushed Dom away from Letty.

"Don't worry Let, we'll get him back in the morning" Jesse said as he followed the guys headed to a cheering crowd.

"Come on Let, let's grab some beer" Mia pulled Letty's arm to the stacks of beer crates they made as a bar.

"So you called him Domzilla? He hates that name" Letty asked as she opened a bottle.

"I know, I guess I got carried away.. You know how I love to pull his strings"

They laughed and clinked their beer bottles. It was a good night.