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Letty opened the fridge and took out five eggs and a carton of milk. Within a few minutes the smell of scrambled eggs filled the kitchen.

"G'mornin'.." Leon entered the kitchen with Vince right behind him. They pulled out a chair and waited for her to finish cooking. As they waited, a teenage girl's head poked through the door.

"Hey.." She said as she awkwardly waved at the boys. Letty turned around and a grin appeared on her face.

"Mia!" Vince gasped and stood right away. "You okay?"

She smiled and pulled out a chair next to him, "I'm okay, V.. I think it's time to go back to school.. Uh, Let, you gonna burn that if you're not focus" she pointed at the stove.

"Oh! Shit!" Letty lifted the pan off the stove and turned off the stove.

"Are you sure, baby girl?" Leon eyed the youngest Toretto with uncertainty.

"I'm sure, Le. I miss some normalcy"

He nodded, "I'm glad"

"I'll take you to school" Vince patted her shoulder and kissed the top of her head as he strutted to help Letty with the plates.

"I'll take them" Dom said with a smile, opening the kitchen door wide open.

"Dom!" Letty gasped, almost dropping her plate.




"Bye, Dom!" Mia kissed her brother's cheek from the back seat and stepped out of the car, a handful of her friends gathered around her immediately, offering their condolences and tried to cheer her.

Letty's hand was on the door handle when Dom grabbed her elbow.


She glanced at his grip on her elbow, he let it go immediately.

"There's a race, at the railroad, Friday"

She rolled her eyes, "No! You're still in grieving period! I don't think that's a good idea, Dom"

"I need to do this, Let.. I need something to get my mind off it, or I'll go crazy"

"You can't race.."

"Wanna bet?" His smirk bloom. Her brows scrunched with his words.

"O-oh, you want something don't you?"

"Just a date, with you.. A real date"

"Fine dining? Fancy restaurant? With candle light and violinist?" She snorted, "we got more important things to think about Dom"

"You said first things first, and to me.. You are the first.. You are an important thing to me"

"Uuggh! Enough with the cheesy pickup lines!" She groaned.

"Then take the bet" he shrugged. "If I win, I took you on a date, If I loose, that'll be the last pickup line you'll ever hear coming from me"

"I can't believe this" she shook her head.

"So?" He dared her.

"Who you race?"


"Edwin?! Nu-uh.. There's no way I took a bet when he's involved"

"So, who d'you want?"

"I'll race you"

"You're kidding.. Right?"

"Since our last race was screwed, I think we should have a re-match"

He smiled, "You're on"




"Hey.." Letty smiled when she saw Josh Miller in the hallway, school was over and he was heading for football practice. He closed his locker and greeted her.

"S'up, Let?"

"I don't know how to say this, but Dom challenged me to race, and I need to borrow your Mustang" she blurted out.

His jaw dropped.

"Uh, say something.. Josh?"

He smiled, "He challenged you?"

"Well, technically, I wanted to race him, but it was his idea to make it a bet"

"What's the bet?"

"He'll stop pissing me off if I win"

"And if you loose?"

"You don't need to know" she grinned.

He chuckled and folded his arms to his chest, "Then I won't lend her to you"

"Aw, come on, Josh.. For old time sake!"

"Nope, tell me what happen if you loose" he insisted.

She bit her lips before answering, "He'd take me on a date"

He laughed, and she scowled. "Stop laughing, it's not funny"

"Ooh, believe me, it's funny.. That poor guy" he shook his head, "I guess I was lucky huh? I don't need to risk wrecking a car to ask you out"

"You know that was just for play" she rolled her eyes.

"That Mia kid had a very devious mind" he chuckled.

She snorted a laugh "You don't know the half of it"

"Maybe you should tell me about the half of it" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"You know what? I think you should date her" a grin spread her face with the thought, they'd be cute together.

"Pfftt.. With a big brother like Dom? Nah.. I still like my limbs all attached, thank you very much" he laughed. Letty playfully shoved him.

Josh cleared his throat and composed himself, "So, you need my car?"

"Since I don't have a car to race, and yours is .. Well, fast.. Yeah, I need your car"

"On one condition" he smiled wickedly.

Letty narrowed her eyes skeptically, his smile was too similar with Mia's when she's thinking about an evil plan. "What is it?"

"One last play"




Dom leaned to his Civic and glanced at his watch again. Where is she? He has been waiting for fifteen minutes. Letty called him earlier saying they would race tonight, but she doesn't want any audience and instead of a quarter mile race, she asked to race from the railroad to spring hill, it's a small hill that over viewed the city, it got an abandoned drive-in. At night the view of the city lights is beautiful and at weekends the place would packed with lovers, but since it was Tuesday, he expected the place would be empty.

A flash of red car reached the corner of his eyes, he whipped his head to the direction, soon the car stopped next to his. Josh's car? Didn't they broke up? Now they together again?

Letty and Josh stepped out of the car. Josh smiled politely at him and approached him.

"Hey, Dom.. Good to see you again" he offered his hand.

Dom forced a small smile and shook his hand, but said nothing.

Josh awkwardly took a step back before walking back to Letty who was leaning to his car.

"You gonna be alright?" He whispered as he placed his hands on her shoulder.

"I'll be fine" she dipped her thumbs between his belt and jeans and pulled him closer. "One for good luck?" She licked her lip.

"Oh you need a lot more than luck" he bowed his head until they could feel each others breath on their skin.

"I'll handle the rest" she said before her lips met him. His hands traveled up and cupped her jaw as she pulled their lower body until they were pressing each other.

Dom's hands were clenched and un-clenched by his side, his jaw tight. Was the fuck is this? Were they back together again? When? How come she didn't mentioned it to him? That stupid jock, with his stupid smile, and stupid car.. he shouldn't be touching his Letty! He'll make sure of it, after this is over, she won't even remember the boy's name.

Letty let out a moan, and Dom gritted his teeth before saying. "Are we racing or are we making porn here?"

They broke the kiss and she glanced sideways to him.

"Call me" Josh said as he took a stepped back. She nodded. He waved his hand to Dom before walking away, "Good luck, Dom"

Dom replied with a growl.

Letty had to turned her back from him and bit her lower lip to stopped herself from laughing.

"What was that?"

Her shoulders jumped when she realized he was standing next to her, with his arms crossed on his chest. Shit! The guy was fast.

"Nothing" She shrugged her shoulders, trying to be nonchalant as possible, fighting the sudden rushed of blood cruising her vein because of their close proximity.

"It didn't look like nothing"

"Let's just race, okay?"

"You brought him here on purpose, didn't you?"

"You're delusional, Dom"

"Oh, I can see it" he smirked snobbishly "You tried to ruin my concentration by making me jealous"

"Make you jealous?" she snorted a laugh, "Why would- umph!"

Her words were cut when his lips crushed hers, his hands pinning her to the car. Oh fuck! Not again! Letty's mind screaming at her to fight him. Don't let him do this to you! Come on Let! That's right, run your hands to his chest and shove him hard, shove! Shove! No-No-No, don't open your mouth! Aw, fuck. You know damn well what that wicked tongue of his can do to your innards. That's right, it made it turn to a giant pile of useless mush. You ruined it, girl. Wait, what are you doing? Stop grinding you pelvis to his groin! You gonna make him have an bon- Oh,.. You're in a deep mess.. Deep-deep.. Hmm.. Damn, that's one big boy.

Letty sucked a breath and quickly grabbed the door frame behind her when he finally released her mouth from captivity.

She saw his eyes and his wicked smile.

"I think that'll do.." He smugly said, "Now we're even"

He did it to make her loose her concentration, she realized. She shoved him hard, making him took a few steps back. "Let's race and get it over with, Toretto!"




The busy street of LA were cut by a stream of red and grey, shouts of curses was heard as the grey civic and the red mustang swerved and turned in a single heart beat.

Letty bit her lip, trying to focus on the civic's tail. Damn him! Why must he kiss her? After her years of wanting him, adored him, she have come to peace with herself that he didn't want her, she was nothing to him. Josh was the last straw. A result of Mia's silly-stupid-idea, and it work. To make Dom jealous, to make him wants her. It's funny how a male ego works, like a child with his favorite toy, clutching it so tight when someone else want to play with it, but ignoring it when no one wants it. And now Dom wants her, but she won't give up without a fight.

She saw a gap between cars and took her chance, swerving towards a roundabout she almost hit him by few inches. She smirked as she bypassed him and she saw him smiling, a genuine smile, like he was pleased with himself or is it with her? Not his usual smug smile or know-it-all smirks.

He pulled the hand breaks and the car drifted. Her jaw dropped with his sudden action and his smug smile grew on his face, they were side by side, her car move forwards while his driven backwards. Her heart almost came to a stop. He looked at her and their eyes met. She held her gaze, smiling at his gutsy act. It was like they were dancing, only with cars, but the intensity in his eyes, it was like they were only an inch apart.

She's not giving up, Dom thought, keeping his eyes locked with hers. Like an unwritten rule, it was their game, whoever break the eye contact first would loose. The wind blew her hair and a strand of her dark locks flew across her lips. Keeping the steering wheel with one hand, she raised a hand to tucked her hair behind her ear, still locking her gaze. God, she's beautiful, he always known she was beautiful, but seeing her in a car, behind the wheel, with that dark eyes piercing into his soul. That's hot, very very hot, sexy.. No Cindy or Candice or Candy would ever match how sexy she looked right now. Damn her and her dark eyes, and her full lips, her mischievous smirk, ...aaand his boner making him broke the eye contact. Crap! How can he focus on the race with a boner?

Letty chuckled as Dom shifted awkwardly in his seat. They were in the suburbs now, less traffic, and spring hill is up ahead about a quarter mile. He turned his car around, and gathered whatever focus he got left. Shifting his gear, their car were nose to nose. Letty shook her head, the mustang roared when she pushed her to the limit. The car was fast but it's only stock car standard, unlike Dom's which was modified to race. Damnit, she should have tweak it a bit. She glanced at Dom, his eyes were focus on the road ahead as their cars climbed the hill. Come on! I can't loose to that Jackass!

Yes, that's it, baby! A little more.. Dom smirked when his car launched forward keeping the half a body gap with Letty behind him.

"Noooo!" she screamed as Dom's Grey Civic took a turn in front of her and entered the abandoned Drive-In.




Dom smiled smugly as he waited for Letty to stepped out of the car.

"A bet is a bet" she said as she walked towards him with her hands deep in her jeans back pocket. Dom round the car and popped the trunk. Letty watched him with curious as he pulled out a blanket and a white plastic bag.

"What are.." She laughed when she realized it, "Right now?"

"Come here and help me set these up" he called her over.

She shook her head, "You're so sure you're gonna win, aren't you?" she took the blanket from his hand.


"Such a stuck up douche" she muttered as she laid the blanket on the ground.

"I heard that" he said, closing the trunk.

"Good" she took off her boots and laid fetal position on the blanket.

"Hey!" Dom shoved her, "Sit! this is supposed to be a date, so behave"

She snorted, but got up anyway. "Wow... candles?" she smiled watching him light two thick but short candles inside a clear glass.

"It's not a fancy date without the candles"

She rolled her eyes. "What d'you got there?"

"Lasagna and Braciola" he set up the plates, spoon and forks, while she opened the packages.

"Hmm.. Italian.. "

"It's in the blood, baby"

"Being a douche too?"

"You love this douche"

She snorted again, "Kinda hard not to" she took a pinch of the lasagna and ate it.

Dom froze. Letty glanced at him and raised her brow, "What?"

He scrunched his brows, "Uh, you mean that?"

"That you're a douche? Of course" she shrugged and took another pinch of lasagna.

"No, the other one.. that you love me" he looked at her with hopeful eyes.

She crossed her arms to her chest, faking a scowl "Yeah, for quiet a while, actually. You got a problem with that?"

He let out a breath and pulled her to his arms, "Come here, you little devil"

She laughed until his kiss stopped her.

She smiled against his lips and wrapped her arms around his neck. He ruined her, ever since their first kiss on the side of the road, he caught her heart and branded it as his, the tenderness of his lips, gentleness of his touch, his skin on hers was all she knew and she never wanted anyone else.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead on hers, "Be mine?" He asked, caressing her lower lips with his thumb.

"That's a lot to ask don't you think?" She raised her brow.

"I'll make it up to you" he kissed the corner of her lips.

"With what?"

"With being yours" he looked at her and she saw it in his eyes, his truth and his promises, not only he wanted her, but he also wanted to be hers.

She bit her lip. The feeling was overwhelming, when you wanted someone so bad, to be a part of your life, to share, to fight for, but in the same time you had to sacrifice your own. Would you take the chance? Not knowing what would happened in the future, risking your heart on the line... Hell, yeah! Her mind shouted. You never back down from a challenge, and this is your challenge, to let go and give your heart in his hands, surrendering it to the bad boy. You can do this. It may not be a walk in a park, but you can do this. Because he's here, with you.

You're no longer alone, Letty.

She ran her hands down to his chest and smirked, "Then you better start kissing me again, Toretto"

He gave a short chuckle before his lips sought hers again.



-End of Let Go-

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Don't you just hate traffic jam ?

Stuck in Traffic (Bonus Story)


"Ugh.. I hate this" Letty pulled the lever to reclined her seat, the leather covered seat descended with her weight.

"You think I don't?" Dom sighed watching the back of the vehicle in front of them, not moving an inch in the past ten minutes. They've been stuck in the traffic jam on their way to LAX to pick up imported parts needed for a Subaru they were working on.

"Should've brought my NintendoDS" she folded her arms to her chest.

"Stop complaining, just enjoy the moment" Dom said as he turned on the radio.

She snorted. Wise guy.

He smiled when he heard the song playing on the radio.

"I can promise you tomorrow.. But I can't buy back yesterdaaayy.." Dom sang along with Jon Bon Jovi from their car's audio system.

Letty raised her eyebrow skeptically at him.

"What? It's a great song" He shrugged.

"You're off key"

"So? It's not like I'm competing for American Idol here"

"No wonder we never go out to a karaoke, glass would shattered"

He ignored her and continue singing. Letty rolled her eyes and looked out the window. The BMW next to them moved about a meter.

"Hey Dom, d'you know the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?"

"Huh? .. What?"

Letty turned to him and said,

"A porcupine keeps its prick outside"

"Hahaha.." He laughed, "Nice"

"Anything to stop you from singing" she smirked.

His smile dropped.

"I'll be there for you.. These five words I swear to you, when you breath, I wanna be the air for you, I'll be there for youuu.." He sang louder this time, drumming the steering wheel and thumping the car's floor. The car rocked gently with his move.

Letty rolled her eyes again. She looked back outside, watching the line of cars moved little by little.

"Words can't say what love can do, I'll be there for youuu.." He was lost in his own universe.

She smiled listening to him sing the song. Honestly, he sounded awful, his heavy baritone voice didn't fit the song even if he was on key. His voice was made for growling.. Threateningly.. To any guy that looked at her or Mia in the wrong way. Never for singing.

"Changed the channel Dom. Find some news channel so we can find out what the traffic is all about"

"No, I like this song"

"Shut up. Just changed it"

"Make me" he dared her. Eyes shone mischievously while his large hand covered the radio switch protectively.

"You really want to test me?" She sweetened her voice, but threat lingered every word.

He didn't say anything, but tilted his chin up as a challenge.

She narrowed her eyes threateningly.

He smirked mockingly.

She sat up and slapped his hand.

"Nope!" He shook his head, grinning.

She grabbed his wrist and pulled with all her might, he resisted, his veins and muscles bulging from the use of force to prevent her from removing his hand from the radio.

"Ughh.." She groaned when when her two hands were unable to move his. He almost laugh when instead.. She jumped off the seat and leap to his lap, her knee bumped the stick but she ignored it.

"Whoaaa..!" He was by reflex shouted from the sudden movement and the sudden weight pinning his thighs.

She looked behind her to the radio, his hand were off of it and settling on her waist. She reached the switch and turn it off. It was her turn to smirk.

"Told you" she said.

"You cheated" he faked a frown.

"Come on, Dom. You've always said I'm evil, and now you complained when I prove you're right?" She raised one eyebrow.

He shook his head in defeat. She laughed. He pinched her bottom to stop her laughter.

"Ouch" she slapped his arm. She faked a glare, "You shouldn't start what you can't finish"

"Who said I want to finish?" He slid a hand on her lower back, slipped it under her black tank top to feel her smooth skin and pulled her closer to him.

His lips automatically found hers, like opposite magnets they were drawn to each other. He could feel her lips tugged to a smile against his. His hand roamed her skin, memorizing every inch of her back. She moaned to his mouth, he slid a tongue in to met hers, he could taste a glint of the Coke she finished fifteen minutes ago. She ran her fingers on his cheek up to his exposed scalp, he deepening their kiss and pulled her closer to him, letting her felt his growing arousal, when any other girl would do much more to even have a reaction, when he was with her, the simplest innocent touch could send him to the brink. She moaned again when he squeezed her luscious ass.

He broke the kiss.

"You're driving me insane, Let" he whispered to her mouth.

"Like wise, Papi" she rest her forehead to his. The mixture of love and lust evident in her eyes.

He placed his hand on her shoulder and gently pulling her away from him, giving him the space he needed to buried his face between her breasts. She threw her head back and he accepted the offer to explore her neck. Trails of kisses tickled her skin, she closed her eyes, surrendering to every pleasure he given her. Until she felt him tugged the upper part of her tank top and exposed the upper half of her naked breast.

"You want to give them a free show?" She raised her eyebrow.

"You want them to pay?" He smarted out.

She pushed him away so she could sat up and she bit her lower lips, eyes glancing up, pretending to think. Dom was pulling her again to his embrace when..


They both groaned from the interruption. Letty shifted the gear and then Dom stepped on the gas pedal. They moved about a good twenty meters before stopping again.

She sat back on her seat, fixing her clothes to their proper position.

She sighed, "well, that's one way to spend time in traffic jam"

"Why do you think I bring you along, instead of Vince?" Dom grinned.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"You gotta admit it Let, it's way better than Nintendo"

"We should do both to test which is better" She smiled mischievously. Dom grinned.

"You're on. Set the time and place" he said as the car move another yard.

"Alright" She smiled. So, it turned out to be a good day after all.



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