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Santana's POV:

"Mija.", my dad said as I hopped into the car. "Hey dad."

"How was your day? I want to know everything. Any cute boys?", he asked. Eww, even the imagination of talking about boys with my father was...eww! "I won't talk with you about boys, dad. I told you so many times." The truth is, there were no cute boys to talk about. Maybe Sam. But it's not like I was into him. Sure, he looked really handsome, but there was nothing special about him.

"Yeah, I know. I just thought this time you might have met someone." When he said that my first thought went to those sapphire eyes. Confused I shook my head. I mean, she was a girl. And I really wasn't into this. I never really thought about my sexuality, but there was also never a girl I was attracted to.

Until now.

When I woke up the next morning, the sun shone trough my window. I was in a hurry to get to school to be one of the firsts in the classroom, so no one would stare at me like the day before.

My dad left pretty early, so I had to walk. When I closed the door behind me and made my way to the pavement I saw an old blue truck parking in our driveway. There was no need to think about who might be in the car, because the driver's door opened and a tall blonde stepped out.

"Sam.", I greeted him. "What are you doing here?" (I really didn't want to know why he knew where I live...) He smiled at me and shrugged. "I thought, maybe you need a lift to school." When he said that I could see his cheeks becoming a light pink. "Are you blushing?" I knew this question was unnecessary because I could totally see it, but I didn't know what to say. "Uhm... no. I just thought it would be nice, so..." "Uhm...okay, I mean, it is." I put a fake smile on my face and walked around the car towards the passenger side and hopped in.

"You coming?", I asked playfully and Sam nodded, smirking. Whe he turned on the engine, music began playing. It was something slow, emotional and I began humming along the music almost immediately. When I realized what I was doing I stopped and felt the heat rise to my face. Sam was eyeing me all the time and said softly: "Wow...you were really good. What are you up to after school?" I turned my head towards him and smiled shy. "I don't know, I mean, I didn't plan anything..." Sam smiled at me and began driving. "Want to come to Glee-club with me today? It'll be fun, I promise. And you do have a really good voice." "I was just humming. I didn't even sing.", I said. Wasn't Glee-club just for all those losers? What the hell was Sam doing in Glee-club? "I just... I can tell that you can sing."

I really liked to sing. It's just, I only ever sing in the shower. I didn't know why I never sang in front of other people. Not even my father. Okay, he probably heard me sometimes because his office is right next to the bathroom. And actually there was no reason to not join Glee-club.

"Okay, I'll come with you.", I said sighing. The blonde next to me just kept smiling while we were driving into the parkinglot. When my eyes catched a pair of light blue ones my heart began beating faster.

"Who's her?", I asked Sam. He looked into the direction I looked first and rose an eyebrow. "Are you talking about Brittany?" I just shrugged. That was exactly the deal. I didn't know what her name was. "Tall? Blond? Leather jacket?" Yap, sounds like her. Even if he forgot to mention her never ending long legs, her ocean blue eyes and that smile... god, that smile just made my knees go weak... wait what?! Did I really just thought about a girl like this?

Focus Santana, there is a hot boy next to you who seems to have a crush on you. "Uh-huh.", I said while playing with a stray of my own hair. "Yeah, that's Brittany Pierce. She pretends to be badass, but everyone knows that she's just fucking her way through the school and skipping classes all the time."

I just nodded, confused. Even if I didn't knew her, I was sure that it was just a facade. Her eyes seemed so bright and broken at the same time. She didn't seem like a girl who is fooling around with everyone just for fun. She had to has reasons for the things she did. And I really wanted to know them.

When I dared to look in her direction again, she was long gone. "What are you thinking about?" Sam's voice pulled me out of my crazy thoughts. I shouldn't think about a girl I didn't even know like that. It was none of my business. And if she had that bad reputation, I probably should stay away from her.

But there was something... there was just something about her. I couldn't even describe it.

"Nothing.", I said. "Just let's go in." Sam smiled and nodded and made his way out of the car, but waited until I followed him. When we got into the building I was really glad that nobody was staring at us, except a boy and a girl walking towards us with a big grin on their faces. Immediately I knew there was something so not right.

The mohawk-guy and the blond cheerleader stopped right in front of us and when I looked to Sam he was clenching his jaw and his hands balled into fists.

"Hey Sammy, finally got yourself a girl?", the mohawk-guy said. "I'm not..." I wanted to tell them I was not Sams girlfriend, but nothing came out. When Sam was about to say something, the cheerleader grinned evilly and I saw that she was holding a cup in her hand. Sam didn't even had a chance to say something before blue iced water was dripping down his face and clothes.

"what the hell is your problem?", I said loud and some people were turning their attention in our direction. The hazel-eyed blonde made a step towards me, so she was standing barely a few inches away from me. "so...you want one, too?", she asked, her voice soft like a feather.

There was no time to react until the girl was shoved off me and a different blonde stood by my side. "you good?", she asked me and i just nodded. I think i wasn't able to speak right now. "you better get going.", Brittany said to the girl and glared at her angry. The mohawk-guy walked in front of the mean cheerleader and said: "Come on, babe, it was just for fun."

Wait, what? Brittany was his 'babe'? Like...couple-like or just his...babe? Screw it, I was just confusing myself. And like I already said: NONE of my business.

"Whatever. Just leave them alone.", Brittany said and walked away, without looking back. Idiot 1 and idiot 2 looked at each other and made their way after Brittany. When they were finally gone I realized where I was and what just happened. "oh god, Sam are you okay?", I asked and tried to pick pieces of blue ice out of his hair. "I'm fine.", he said bitter and grabbed his bag. "just...go to class, I'll be there in five. I just have to change first." Sam sounded hurt and angry at the same time and I just nodded.

"did that happen before?" I didn't plan to ask him that. It just came out. Gd looked at me with a sad expression. "it happens almost every day. On bad days more than one time."

"why?" that was the question. Sam might be not the brightest star in the sky, but he looked really good and was a great friend. As far as I could tell. There was no reason to be mean to him. Except one. "I'm in Glee-club.", he said with a small voice, turned around and disappeared through the door to the men toilet. I sighed. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to go to Glee-club today after school if I wanted to stay invisible.

No one's POV:

"Why did you do that?!", Brittany yelled at Quinn, who was hiding behind Puck. He stepped towards Brittany and smiled at her. "Babe, calm your tits. I already said it was just fun." He tried to take one of Brittanys hands in his but she pulled her hand back before he could even reach it.

" . .", she said in low voice, still angry. "Why are you even defending those Glee-nerds? They are on the bottom of the society. WE are the top. And we have to show this to them!", Quinn said loud and crossed her arms above her chest. Brittany tried to find an answer for this question, but she couldn't. Why was she defending this guppy mouth and that girl who hit her with a door? Twice... She wanted to tell Quinn she was just being nice, but 'nice' was nothing Brittany was able to be. At least not in front of people like Puck and Quinn.

"I lost a bet and had to help someone. So? That was it. I'm done being nice.", Brittany said and rolled her beautiful blue eyes. "Good. I didn't like it.", Quinn said angry and walked away, now only Puck and Brittany left under the bleachers. "You didn't lost a bet, did you?", Puck asked, his eyes focused on Brittany. "No. But I don't know why I did it." Puck nodded. he was as dumb as a bunch of wet hair, so it was enough of an answer for him.

"Wanna make out?", he asked grinning. "Sure.", Brittany replied and walked towards Puck. A bad fuck was better than nothing. And even a make out-session, still better than nothing. Puck's hands immediately found Brittany's hips and while he buried his tongue in her mouth she grabbed his mohawk to pull him closer. They began walking and Puck pushed Brittany on the nearest wall. They always went under the bleachers to be alone. No one ever came here, probably because they knew they were there.

When Puck started to suck on Brittany's neck, a phone started ringing. "Ugh...I'm going insane!", Brittany said mad and stepped away from Puck, who was looking for his phone. When hehung up, he turned to Brittany and asked: "Wanna go to my place? My mother called and she said she won't be home until late." "Yeah, let's go."

Brittany really needed to get off and she knew Puck could manage that. When they arrived at Puck's, they quickly made their way to his room and into his big water bed. Puck leaned in and kissed Brittany, his tongue slowly dancing around Brittany's. She pulled his body close and rolled them over to straddle Puck's hips. She sat up and threw her shirt off and Puck brought his hands up to stroke at her abs. After some minutes of making out furiously, Brittany pulled back, took her bra off and let it fall to the floor next to Puck's bed. Puck spent a while licking and massaging Brittany's breasts and the sensation was driving her crazy. She had enough teasing. She needed something inside her. Now.

She brought a hand down to quickly rid herself out of her shorts. Puck continued kissing Brittany, pinching her nipple with his left hand and now stroking through her folds with his right. Puck could tell that Brittany liked it. His hand was soaking wet from the blonde's juices. He entered Brittany with two fingers and started up a slow torturous pace.

"Faster, damnit!", Brittany hissed instantly, and Puck does as he's told with a smile on his face, mouth coming down to suck on Brittany's neck. Puck brought his thumb up to rub at Brittany's swollen clit. Brittany let out a loud moan and buried her nails in the boy's neck. Puck could feel that Brittany was close, so he decided a change of their position. He kissed his way down between the valley of the Blonde's breasts, over her abs and further down. Puck settled his head between Brittany's thighs and licked his way up from entrance to clit, moving his tongue every possible way while his fingers worked inside the blonde in a fast pace. Brittany grabbed at the sheets hard with one hand and Puck by his mohawk with the other to push him further in.

The sensation of Pucks tongue on her clit was so, so hot and gave her the push that she needed. She let herself go and felt her orgasm wash over her as Puck began flicking his tongue fast and furious. She felt her inner walls clenching around Puck's fingers and let out a last high pitched moan.

"That was...nice.", Brittany said panting after the guy pulled his hand slowly out of her. "Just nice?", Puck asked with a raised eyebrow. "Just nice.", Brittany replied. Puck scoffed. "So... want me to fuck you or just BJ?" The Blonde turned towards the mohawk-guy and said sweet: "Next time. Now I have to go. I have spanish next lesson and I don't wanna miss it." The truth was, she knew that this new girl was in this class and there was something about her... something new.

Santana's POV:

I had spanish next class. Ugh... I had no idea why I had to go to spanish. I mean, I am fluent. There was no reason to sit in this class. I would probably just fall asleep. That's what I did.

When I opened my eyes I saw a pair of light blue ones staring back at me. "Brittany...", I thought and my heart began beating faster. She sat on the left side next to me, the seat where that Asian guy sat yesterday. When I looked to my right, Sam wasn't there either. Why was she sitting next to me? Before I fell asleep the seat was empty."What are you doing here?", I asked dumbly. The blonde grinned at me and said in a low voice: "That's my seat you are sitting on. So I chose the one next to it." Wait, what? her seat? Oh god... But yesterday... "I thought the seat was free. Fuck, I'm sorry, I-"

A smooth finger on my lips stopped my rambling and I looked into Brittany's eyes shocked. "Wow. You used the 'F'-word, how badass... well, I told you: ." All I could do was nodding, so I did. When the finger on my lips disappeared I almost felt disappointed.

"Actually, it's a lie. It's not my seat. I just wanted to sit next to you." I stared at her and my eyes widened. "What? Why?" God, Santana...just slap yourself or something?! "Well... I like you." "You don't even know me.", I replied immediately. That's probably a good thing. If anyone would know me... well, then they wouldn't like me.

"You're right. So let's change that. Wanna come to my place today?", Brittany asked sweetly. "Uhm...I don't think that's a good idea...", I said shy. "I promised Sam to go to Glee-club with him." Brittany's eyebrows furrowed and she just nodded. "Was Sam the gyu Puck and Quinn slushied?" Puck and Quinn? They had to be the mohawk-dude and the cheerleader-bitch. "Yeah..." Brittany nodded again and said: "So, what about tomorrow? Any plans after school?" I shook my head like a child. Why was she even talking to me? I was just some freaky nerd and she was... well, hot and in some way... bad.

If Sam was right with what he said, then Brittany literally screamed 'trouble', but she was so...different than I expected her to be. Around that Puck guy and the blonde cheerleader she seemed so...mad and angry. I was sure she just wanted to hide how broken she really was.

"Good. We'll be hanging out tomorrow, okay?" That really wasn't a good idea and I was totally about to tell her so.