Little sister


** Mara who? **

"Fire" Nikki yelled at Johnny. Someone left the butane burner on and It caught some papers on fire, Johnny came running over to were Nikki was stainding, they both grabbed some papers and thrue them i the sink.

Johnny, "Who left that thing on?"

Nikki, "I dunno" she said soaking the papers with water

There was a knock at the door. They both were startled. They looked at the door then each other. "I'll get it." he said then walked to the door and opened it. In the door way stood a young girl about 16. She had shoulder length hair which was an auburn red color. She had brown eyes and was wearing jeans and a blue tank top.

Girl, Hi is there a Nikki Franco hear?" she asked

Johnny, "Yah hold on." he said looking a little puzzled. he looked at Nikki and motioned for her to come over. "This girl asked for you." he said to Nikki then looked at the girl.

Nikki, "Hi can I help you?"

Girl, "Uh yah, umm well there's no easy way to say this but....I'm your sister."

Nikki, "That's impossible."

Girl, "Actually it's not."


They invited her in and were all sitting at the table.

Nikki, "Ok well what's your name?" she said

Girl, "Mara James"

Nikki, when were you born?"

Mara, "June 31, 1986."

Nikki, "Well my mom died before that." she said suddenly

Mara, "Well if you let me finish...?"

Johnny, "Keep going"

Mara, "ok well, your mom couldn't conceive a baby so they had to artificially inseminate her. So "our" dad left his "little guys" at the sperm bank just incase they wanted to have more kids, they could just go and... Get it...

Nikki, Hold on a sec are you allowed to say those words?"

Johnny, "So that's how they had Nikki, so how did they have you?"

Mara, "yep, and then until 16 years ago my mom bought his "little guys" and then had me!"

Nikki, Didn't your mom have a husband or a boyfriend?"

Mara," No."

Johnny, "What brings you hear?"

Mara, "My mom died a couple months ago, her parents can't take me in and they haven't herd from her other sister in a couple of years. They all had a huge fight and she just left. so I found out I had a sister , you, and decided to contact you.

They all just sat there for a minute she then decided to call Kay.

end ch 1

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