Little Sister


* Second ending *

Nikki, "There's nothing to tell, it felt like the right thing to do at the time, we were this close to dieing.

Johnny, "Oh"

Nikki, "I mean unless you ...

Johnny, "No no were good, friends are best unless you...

Nikki, "Nope I feel the same we need to stay friends, I mean one day it could happen but that won't be for awhile." she said slowly

Val, "That's it, man you guys have gotten boring." she said then grabbed her coffee and walked away.

Nikki, "We are not boring, tell them Johnny."

Johnny, "Were not."

Camera zooms out of bay window and into the streets.

And in the end Mara stayed living with her grandpa and visiting with Nikki and the gang almost everyday. The man who killed Mara's mom was sentenced to life in prison.

So what do you think? Was it one of my best or worst fics? Thanks for reading it! LiLHeatherD