Introduction: The revival of the Theater

xxxDreamingflowerxxx: "Welcome guys to the revival of Theater of Parodies. Republic Empire had asked me to take over his stories after he decided to retire and I gladly accepted. Now that I have my stories a bit more… in order and my head feels refreshed too, I'll be ready to start writing this madness! So my lovely readers enjoy and welcome to the world of humor, randomness and more!"

"… What have I done to deserve this?" Green sighed.

"Oh come on Guri-chan." Blue giggled. "This could be interesting."

Green grumbled. "Who told you to call me that?"

"Hell yeah!" Gold cheered. "We got a young girl writing stories for us. Maybe she'll write awesome stories with me as the hero and surrounded by hot gals."

Crys face palmed and hit her golden-eyed friend with a book. "Keep dreaming."

"Maybe he'll dream about food and flowers!" Dia said while munching on his rice ball.

"That's not funny Diamond, now if you let me finish with my introduction. I have a lot to tell you guys." The young author said while clapping her hands gleefully. "Now where was I? Ohh yeah, staring from now on the other dexowners will join the show too. Now say hello to the Unova Pokédex Owners!"

Black, White and Hugh entered the stage. "Thank you so much for giving us the honor to join this great event!" White said while bowing politely. "We'll try our best to not mess it up!"

"I'm glad to hear that, of course the gymleaders, Elite four, the Champions and other well-known trainers will show up from time to time to help with the show. Now let me fill you in with the newest play I got for you, which will be the Swan Princess starring: White and Black as Princess Odette and Prince Derek. Ow and don't you dare to mess up the lines!" Dreamingflower threatened.

The dexowners gulped and nodded in agreement.

"I feel like we'll have a long day ahead of us." Sapphire sighed.

"Enough chit chat! The list of the cast hangs in the hall, you can't refuse your role or ask for someone else's part, or you'll have to play as a female clown."

"That won't be a problem." Gold grinned. "I'll be fine as long as I get a good role. *wink wink*"

All the dexowners, with the exception of Black and White who already knew what roles they'd play, made their way to the hall. They were all curious about what role they'd have. Some didn't have high hopes and others were enthusiastic.

"It could be worse." Green commented while checking the list. "But why did she have to write the list as if it's meant for making fun of people or as if she didn't put any effort in it?"

Hugh, Pearl, Crystal, Platinum, Sapphire and Silver sighed in relief. "Wow our roles aren't that bad." Pearl commented while scratching the back of his head.

"I guess I can go through with this." Silver mused.


Everybody turned to Blue, who was jumping in happiness. "I love you Dreamingflower. Thank you so much for giving me such an awesome part!"

Emerald and Ruby looked at each other. With mixed feelings about their parts.

"I'm not sure if I should be relieved or disappointed." Emerald commented.

"Your role is at least better than mine." Ruby protested.

"What's so good about having the midget role again, most people give me the midget tile." Emeralds answered in disappointment.

"What are ya guys complaining about? Your roles aren't that bad. At least you're roles aren't described as depressing as mine." Sapphire said clearly showing her annoyance.

Emerald and Ruby looked at each other, still feeling a bit down, but they decided that it's no point in complaining about it.

"I guess you're right." Ruby agreed.

"Yeah, it's at least a better role than Gold-senpai's" Emerald nodded.

"WHAT THE FUCK?! How could you do this to me?!"

All the attention turned to Gold who was fuming and throwing tantrums in the hallway. Yellow sweat dropped. "Poor guy."

"This isn't funny! Why would she give me such a shitty role?!"

Cast list of The Swan Princess play:

Princess Odette: White

Prince Derek: Black

Rotbart: Silver

Speed (The turtle): Diamond

Jean-bob (The French frog): Ruby

Puffin (The bird): Blue

King William: Pearl

Queen Uberta: Platinum

Bromley (The childhood friend of the prince): Hue/ Hugh/ Hyū

Bridget (the old hag who works for Rotbart): Gold

Lord Rogers: Crystal

Chamberlain: Emerald

Crocodiles: Red, Green

Soon to be dead knight who got killed by Rotbart: Sapphire

Everything else/ bunny musician: Yellow

"Why is she using 3 different names for me?"Hugh sighed.

"Gold, remember what I said about complaining?" Dreamingflower said, while looking stern at the gold-eyed boy. "Do you want me to get the clown suit already?"

Gold grumbled. "No, I'll play my role as you want me to."

Dreamingflower smiled half sadistically. "That's a good boy, now hurry and practice your roles, here's the script, ow and I asked Republic Empire, our lovely director to supervise you while you practice and to make sure no one tries to sabotage the play." She explains, while looking especially at Gold's direction.

Not soon after, Republic Empire himself appears and drags the hatcher away for practice.

"No please don't do this to me! I thought we were buddies? Please don't force me to go through with this!" Gold begged.

And so the remaining dexowners plus the author watched silently how Gold got dragged away.

"You know, I kinda feel sorry for him." Yellow commented.

"Don't be, maybe he'll learn something from it." Crystal reassured the blond while patting her back.

"Okay guys, time to start your rehearsals the clock is ticking!" The author announces and she shoved them all into the rehearsing room.

xxxDreamingflowexxx: "Please stay tuned my dear readers The Swan Princess play will be aired after the commercial. The story and characters are used for non-commercial uses; Pokémon Special characters are property of Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto and The Theater of parody series is an idea of Republic Empire. No person or Pokémon has been hurt or killed during the shooting…"


Dreamingflower: "Not psychically at least. We'll be back after the commercials!"

Well that was fun to write, I hope you guys liked it. The next chapter will be up tomorrow, since I want to check the grammar and spelling for one last time and because I want you guys to keep wondering how the play will be. Yup I am evil!

I hope Republic Empire likes it, I tried my best to make it funny and thank you for giving me the honor to continue the story.

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