I lost the last version of this part due to... my ignorance, good thing is the edits I made are small ones and most of them were grammar or spelling correction. Anyway here's the not-so long-awaited part 2!

The Swan Princess Part 2

"Okay, let's make a list of things we should ignore." Hue said, as he took out a piece of paper and a pencil.

Black frowned. "Why? Is it that necessary to make one?"

The prince's friend gave him a skeptical look. "Of course, knowing how distracted you are and let's not mention your horrible aiming."

The prince glared, but decided to let it slide. "Fine." He answered reluctantly. "Let's start with your list."

"No bugs, only an idiot would think that's a threat, no mice or any other rodent. Since those are hardly any main villains."

"What about humans?"

"What do you think?"

"Well I know very well that you can't trust every person. And I wouldn't be surprised if there are wizards or sorcerers who can use transformation magic."

"Good, if the person is suspicious we'll shoot them. At least I won't be the only one in pain then." Hugh mumbled.

"… In some way that's kinda heartless."

"In this play no sane human would walk around a forest alone, unless they're creeps, hobos or the main villain."

"I guess you're right. So, if a creepy looking guy or woman approaches you, shoot him or her. But we won't act like idiots and kill every moving thing in the area."

The prince nodded in agreement. "Now let's have some lunch I'm starving!"

Hugh smiled and took out the basket they brought with them. He took out some fruit and bread and handed Black his share of their lunch. They spent the rest of their time eating in silence.

Back at White and the others, while Blue was preparing their plan, the princess and her friends were busy in their… quite unique conversation.

"I am so sorry for watching you guys, while you were going all the trouble to help me." White said for the billionth time.

"White, for the last time its alright. I'll forgive you, as long as you don't get any inch closer to me." Ruby said, while backing away from the swan slowly.

"Ruby, I…"

"Don't, don't make it any harder or complicated than it already is."

"… Fine I won't feel guilty about it, now I've wondered since I met you, are you really…?"

"For the last time… I AM NOT GAY!"

The princess blinked. "Not even bisexual?"


"I also used to think he was bi." Diamond whispered.

"Oh, come on! What part of me screams; I'm interested in the same-sex?!"

Diamond and White looked at each other for a second before the turtle opened his mouth.

"Don't answer it!" The ruby-eyed frog yelled.

'He's in denial.' White and Dia thought.

Not soon after Blue arrived with a big smile on her face. "So are you guys ready?"

The friends nodded in unison.

"Great, Ruby, Dia get to your positions and wait till we get back and what will you do when we get followed by a crazy serial killer?"

"Run for our lives; when one of us is in life threatening or humiliating trouble, its each man for himself."

"No, you're supposed to help us!" The small bird protested.

"No way, I don't want to die, or get blood on my body or get my reputation screwed." Ruby argued.

Blue snorted. "You have a reputation?"

Ruby glared at her, but she ignored it. "Well at least I know that I can ditch you too when things get ugly."

"You'd be the first one to leave us fight for our lives." Ruby mumbled softly.

"Okay White, let's go look for your prince. You know, at times like this I wish we had internet that would make our search so much easier."

Princess White remained quiet. She knew her friend was saying the truth, but thinking about all the humiliating stuff Black could post on his FB profile made her shudder.

"Okay guys, take your positions we'll be back when our mission has succeeded or failed." Blue declared as she and White flapped their wings and started their search. Diamond and Ruby waved at their friends until they were out of sight.

"I hope they will make it out alive." Diamond mumbled softly.

Ruby glanced at his friend surprised. "Well they have to or else it'll screw up the plot… Just the thought of seeing them getting served with butter in a restaurant makes me shudder."

A few kilometers away in a forest near the lake…

Prince Black and Hyū slowly made their way through the forest. Only the noise of animals and the wind that carried the leaves was heard. A very rare occasion with the prince present, if it wasn't for Hugh forcing the prince to stay silent by gagging his mouth, how gross. The two got of their horses and Hyū freed the royal mouth from its 'prison'. The prince started to cough and made gagging noises, he took out a water bottle and spilled all the content in his mouth, while almost choking in the progress. When he finished he wiped his mouth dry and glared at his friend. "What the hell was that for?!" He hissed. "You had any idea how annoying it was? I felt like puking if I had that thing any second longer in my mouth!"

"I had no choice. You were so loud on the way; you'd scare all our possible targets away. Now let's go we have to get back before the party."

The prince sighed. "Fine, so which way should we go? Or shall we split?"

"It's hard to say, if we split one of us could end up dead, like in those horror movies and it's always the idiots who get caught first." Hue replied casually while smirking at the glaring prince.

"Fine, let's not wander too far off from each other in case one of us is in danger."

"Okay, just make sure not to kill too many innocent victims."

"Don't worry." The prince smiled goofy at his friend. "He's in here Hugh, I can feel it!"

"How will you know if it's the great animal when you see it?"

"I'll know."

Hugh face palmed. "Maybe I should hire some lawyers just in case." He mumbled softly.

So they started their search and looked in every nook and cranny. They were so engrossed in the useless search that they didn't notice when they went their separate ways.

"Still no luck." Hugh mumbled. "And where has that idiot gone off to? I hope he won't do anything stupid like."


The said boy flinched at his friend's yell. He turned to his left were he saw the prince yelling and glared. "SHHHH!"

Prince Black gave him an apologizing look. "Sorry, but I just noticed how long my boots are."

Hue sweat dropped. "So what?"

"It's too girly! What if they think I'm gay like Ruby?"

"Take them off then."

"But that's not fitting for a prince and the script said nothing about taking off my boots."

Hugh groaned. "Suit yourself then!"

The prince rubbed the back if his head. "I wouldn't be surprised if every guy in this play loses his men pride when we're finished." After looking skeptically at his boots he decided to complain about it later and continued his search.

Hue on the other had walked around casually, since he hasn't got that must free time; he should enjoy the scenery and fresh air while it lasts. He blinked in surprise when suddenly a dragonfly appeared. The boy frowned and tried to scare the animal away, but instead it kept bugging him more. "Shoo, go away! I don't have time for you!" The boy yelled while trying to slap the bug away. The bug was persistent and refused to leave, to Hyū's annoyance fifty more of those bug appeared and buzzed around his head.

"CRAP! Those aren't dragonflies, they're trollflies! NOOO LEAVE ME ALONE!" He yelled in horror and he quickly covered his ears.

"Troll troll trollollol!"

"NOOOOOO GO AWAY!" Hugh tried to scare the trollflies, but they refused to leave. After a while the boy took out the bow and decided to kill the leader of the trollflies. "Trollflies; they look harmless from afar, but once they see a target they won't stop until they're satisfied. Their horrible screech can even turn Banshees and Siren mad. Till now there haven't been any reports of people who survived after encountering these evil beings. The only way to get rid of them is by killing the leader, who hides behind his subjects. Locating the leader is the hardest, since they look almost identical to the others; the only difference is spotting the microscopic mini crown that rests on the troll face of the monster bug. Maybe they were responsible for the death of King Pearl and Princess White's disappearance. Damn, this is going to be hard, but I have no choice." The blue-head cursed under his breath. "At times like this I wish I had Sapphire's eyesight."

He narrowed his eyes and inspected the bugs quickly. "There!" He released the arrow, but the leader troll was quick and evaded the attack. "DAMMIT!" He quickly grabbed another arrow and shot again, this time one of the other flies flew in front of the leader and got itself killed instead. "Oh for fucks sake, DIE ALREADY!" He repeated the process over and over again.

Meanwhile a few kilometers up in the air, Blue and White were making their way to look for Black's castle.

"What if we get killed by hunters?" White asked worried.

Blue giggled. "Ohohohoh, don't worry about that. With me here we'll be safe; I can smell danger from miles away."

The princess looked at her skeptical. "Really?"

Blue nodded proudly in agreement. "Yup, after everything I've been through in my life I developed like a 6th sense for it… arrow at eight."

"Huh, what?" Before White could understand her friends meaning, the little bird pushed her away right before an arrow shoot across them. Princess White stared dumbfounded. "Thanks…"

"You're welcome, now you see that you don't have…"

Blue got quickly interrupted by a scream that White knew all too well. "It's Hugh, that means… Black is here too!"

"Hey wait a second! Remember about the plan we made? Don't rush things, or it could end up badly." The little Moltres warned, but White had already descended and didn't hear anything about her friends' warning. "What a stupid brat, if this is going to be our dead because of her, I will make her dead a living hell."

So while Blue was chasing White who was looking for Prince Black, the said prince was leaving a trail of dead animals. "Squirrel oops, snake oops, fish wrong one again!" One by one all the animals got killed. He rubbed his head feeling slightly guilty about his unnecessary killing. "Maybe I can bring them back to the castle and ask the chef to use them as dinner for the party. At least they didn't die in vain then."

"Pardon young man, but could you be so kind and tell me which way i…"

"Old ugly hag!" Black immediately shot the innocent old woman. She dropped dead on the ground immediately. Blood was streaming out of the woman. "… I wonder if the chef also makes some ugly old hag dishes. What they don't know can't hurt."

That is just disgusting. Anyway, he put the old woman and the animals in a sack and dropped the sack against a tree so he could retrieve it later. He didn't notice Princess White, who was getting closer to the prince's location, looked around hoping to spot him. The sunrays reflected randomly against her feathers. "Wait, since when can bird feathers reflect sunlight? Don't tell me my wings are made of glass or mirror shards?" in the end she shrugged it off.

Hugh was running for his life, while getting chased by the trollflies. He had only one arrow left, and still hadn't killed the leader. He tripped over the roots of a tree and fell over a mouse, which was eating in peace. Hue groaned and lifted is head slowly. Before he knew it he was eye-to-eye with the angry rodent. "Uh good Pichu, nice Pichu, please don't hurt me, I am already at the verge of dying sooo…" The electric rodent glared even more fiercely. Hugh felt like he was at the end of the line. "Oh crap."


And so the last thing he saw were the sparks from the little mouse's cheeks and the trollflies that were set on fire thanks to the angry yellow creature.

Black looked to his sight, alerted by the sounds of screaming, electricity and the agony of the trollflies. He shivered, but decided to proceed, instead of wondering if something bad happened to his best friend or even trying to look for him. Ah friendship is so great.

White spotted the prince and flew blindly towards him. Yup love makes blind, so don't fall for it. Black noticed the reflecting sunrays shining on his face. Surprised and confused he hid behind a tree, his confusion increased when he saw a swan approaching. "Since when can feathers reflect sunlight? Unless… that thing is the monstrous shape shifter, who killed the king and kidnapped my fiancé! Now think Black, what did Hugh said again? 1. Don't get suspicious of every animal approaching you? 2. Think before acting? 3. Run away or it may crap on your head like every bird? 4. it's a screaming pain-poop bird, hide or it will crap paint on you? 5. Kill every moving bird? It must be the last one." Black readied his bow and aimed at the unsuspecting swan. "Stay quiet, it must not suspect my presence."

"Black…" White mumbled, she never felt so happy with just seeing his face after such a long time. Her stomach was filled with butterflies.

But her dream got crashed the moment the idiot jumped into view and shot an arrow at her. Luckily for her Blue was near and she pushed her friend out-of-the-way.

The prince cursed inwardly and ran after the duo.

"What the hell were you thinking? Weren't you listening to a word I said?! You were this close to getting served as main dish!" The little Moltres hissed.

"I'm sorry; the script was taking over my head. I wasn't able to think clearly. The plot was moving my body! But don't worry; Black is a terrible at using his bow, unlike Hugh who has a sharp aim."

"But wouldn't that mean that he'll shoot all his arrows randomly. I don't think we can escape that easy when we have to dodge all those arrows."

"… Oh shit! He's also quite athletic, if you ignore his bad aiming."

"And you dumped him the first time?" Blue asked, while looking at her friend skeptically.

"He said that he only wanted me for my body, I commented that he liked my butt!"

"You should feel flattered, it means you're pretty."

"Now's not the time to joke around! So, do you have any plans?"

Blue grinned. "Of course, who do you think I am?"

"What's the plan then?"

"We make him blind."


"Hurry and fly into the sun!"

White complied and flew as fast as she could. Blue's plan worked, the prince quickly hid his eyes when he tried to hit them again. "Arrgh the sun, it's burning my eyes!" The prince looked into his pockets and took out his sunglasses. "Oww yeah, you can't be too cool when you're celebrity!" He exclaimed while putting on the sunglasses. "Now where were we?"

Blue groaned. "Crap, why has that idiot got a pair of sunglasses with him, while he's in a forest?! Also what's the use of it, if the sun is descending anyway?! I guess it's time for plan B." The little bird dragged her friend into a tree. "I can't believe I have to do this." She took out a magazine out of nowhere. "This is my secret weapon."

Princess White lifted her eyebrows. "A magazine?"

"Don't open it! You'll regret doing so for the rest of your life!"

The princess looked at the cover. "Don't tell me its playboy."

A grin appeared on Blue's face. "You could say that, but on the other side you can't." She dropped the magazine on the ground, where the prince could find it with ease. "Now stay quiet."

Prince Black was still wearing his sunglasses and because the sun went down, he kept hitting his head against trees and tripping on branches or roots. After his billionth fall his hands felt the magazine in front of him. Confused and surprised the young royal removed his glasses from his face and put them on top of his head. He picked up the magazine and inspected it curiously. He quickly clutched his nose as he felt the blood leaving his nose. "Oh damn and I forgot to bring my tissues." He stared at the magazine, trying to make his mind if he should open it or not. "If I open it, I'd be unfaithful towards White, but I am a teenager. Guys my age need this kind of magazines. No that would make me sound like Gold-sempai, but it's just a peek and it's not like it's unusual for guys my age. No I shouldn't if I were to see a naked girl, then it would be White!"

"… I don't know if I should feel flattered or punch his face. Why has Dreamingflower-san written such an awkward and stupid script for him?" White mumbled softly, while giving Black and disapproving glance.

"If those lines were written in the script." Blue corrected teasingly.

"What, what do you mean?"

"Well you know how she tends to like to have us a free will and act as we want to. So some scenes have no lines, so we can be creative and come up with lines ourselves."


Blue quickly covered the princess mouth. "SHHHH be quiet and enjoy the show!" She hissed.

After a while Black decided to open the magazine, thought his eyes weren't pleased with what he saw. Use your imagination for the magazines content, like a scary masculine female in underwear, or a masculine cosplaying guy. "OH MY FUCKING EYES! WHAT'S WITH THOSE HORRIBLE PICTURES! I AM BLIND, MY BRAIN GOT DAMAGE, THIS IS MIND RAPE!"

So Black went wild and hit his head against a thousand of trees again. Blue grinned in content. "That's our cue let's go!"

The two birds immediately few towards the lake. Ruby and Diamond were waiting patiently, while holding glow in the dark sticks to show their friends their position. Black was still hot on their tails, despite his momentary blindness. Sadly for him the path stopped as he arrived at the lake, where White and the others spent their time.

"We did it!" Blue exclaimed happily. She turned to look at the turtle and the frog who were still holding their glowing sticks. "Where did you get those?"

"Last Hatsune Miku, it was so beautiful!" Ruby squealed. "We got to see our non-existent idols from up close!"

The little Moltres puffed her cheeks in jealousy. "Lucky bastards." She quickly turned to her friend White. "Okay girl, it's almost time go to the lake and wait till you transform."

"Are you crazy?! If I do that he'd kill me!" The princess protested.

The blue-eyed Moltres groaned n frustration and grabbed her friend by her neck. "Listen you little brat, I missed the concert of one of my idols, while those two could enjoy it the whole night. THEY EVEN GOT A SOUVENIR! We've been flying for our lives back there only to lure that stupid boy here and you said you refuse to go?! I won't allow my hard efforts to go in vain! No stop complaining and go!"

So without a warning Blue threw her friend into the lake. Black was surprised when he noticed the falling swan. He got his bow ready until something got his attention. "Dat ass… it looks so familiar… IS THAT WHITE'S ASS?! I has to be, I recognize that ass everywhere!"

Just soon as he said that the lake started to glow and water surrounded the swan and before Black was able to blink instead of the swan, White stood there looking super embarrassed at him. The prince couldn't believe his eyes, the girl he's been trying to find for such a long time was standing there in front of him. So many things were going through his head, but he could register a few thoughts; 'Don't make the same mistake as last time, damn she's still hot, no Black don't say them out loud, we've practiced this. Just go to her and hug her.'

So after a few seconds of staring he finally ran up to her and hugged her with all his might, while lifting her from the ground. He tried to kiss White, but she blocked, by shoving her hands between their lips. Prince Black gave her an unbelieving look. "Seriously, after all we've gone through?"

"Just because you found me again, doesn't mean you deserve to kiss me, since it were my friends and me who led you here and you tried to fucking kill me!"

"B-but I missed you and I've made a whole speech to prove that I really like you for who you are. I-I'm really sorry, I'll try to make it up to you."

"OMA REALLY?!" White squealed. She coughed quickly after she realized her reaction and fixed her composure. "I'd love to hear it."

"Awesome, get your friends and I'll read it when we get back at the castle."

"Sorry, can't"

Black crooked his eyebrow. "What? Why?"

"He's got me under a spell… or curse…" The princess explained.


The princess quickly turned around when the wizard called out her name. "Oh crap, of all the times he has to show up now?"

"He? Who's he?" Black asked feeling slightly angry.

"The nerd who cursed me."

Black looked blankly at White. "… You got cursed by a nerd?" He snickered.

"No no no! He's some idiotic mega-anime otaku wizard who wants daddy's kingdom. So he put a spell on me in the hope to control me, not that he succeeded.


Black felt his blood boil when he heard the wizard again, but he decided to hold it in. "Come with me then!"

"Can't, when the moon sets I turn back into a swan."

"How did you become human then?"

"The moonlight that reflects into the lake can change me back into myself."

Black scratched his head and thought for a minute. "Well, I can ask my mother if we could keep you as a pet, we can use the water of the garden to turn you back into human."

"Wow, I never thought of that… but I think it only works on this lake."

"Did you try?"

"No and I don't want to risk to destroy the plot."

"You've got a point, is there any way to break the spell? Like finding the book that has it mentioned and then uncast it?"

White mind slapped herself. 'I can't believe those idiots didn't come up with that.' "… There is a way, you have to make a vow of everlasting love and prove it to the world."


Princess White felt like her nerves were about to explode. Can't that annoying red-head leave her alone for once?

Black frowned. "… Well that sounds gay, that's impossible to do, do you have any idea how many people life on this planet. Can't we just make love instead?"

The princess' face turned red from embarrassment. "Y-you, s-stop kidding… we're not even married yet…" She started to fidget with her fingers. 'Becoming official with him is something I've always dreamed off, but we're not that far in our relationship… we need to go on dates, have our first kiss, hear him say how much he loves me and we need to move in together first! No wait that happens later.'

Black blinked. "White are you alright?"

"Huh, yeah of course, uhm… should we wait until later for… m-m-ma-mmaking out? Ack I mean, are you crazy! We can't do that and it won't break the spell I think."

"… Can you at least come to the party tomorrow night? My mother is having one out of boredom, the theme this time is fantasy and nature, so your Final Fantasy dress won't do."

"But I don't have anything else!"

"… maybe if you come early I can ask my mother to get something for you."


White lost the little bit of patience she had left. "GET LOST YOU FUCKING OLD MAN! GO BACK TO YOUR ANIME!" She sighed and quickly pushed Black away. "You have to go now, before he sees you, I promise I will be there at the party."

Black quickly threw the necklace she lost at her. The brunette stared at it happily before quickly hiding it between her boobs, not soon after Silver appeared. "… Fucking old man?! You really think I'll be nice to you if you call me names like that."

"You think I care if you're nice to me or not, by the way what happened to your sex slave?"

"You know that you've lost all the respect and politeness from me after that comment?"

"I still don't care."

"How many times do I have to tell you, to come when I call you? Didn't you hear me?"

"I'm having my period you sick jerk!"

Silver's face turned red of embarrassment. "A-aren't you supposed to be under a spell?"

"That doesn't mean that my body will work differently you pervert! This is more embarrassing for me that for you! I'm forced to pee in the bushes and use leaves to cover for my periods! I've never felt so humiliated in my life! A princess isn't supposed to act like that."

Silver frowned and scratched his head. "You're a much better liar than the girl from the movie."

The blue-eyed brunette snorted proudly. "Of course, I'm the president of the BW agency I train my clients to be perfect actors and actresses!"

"Too bad for you that I am the villain, I grew up with Blue nee-san and I can smell lies from miles away. I also found this in the woods." Silver said as he took out a bow.

The princess stared at the bow, just like she would with toilet paper. "A bow, what about it?"

The wizard looked dumbfounded and the girl. "Don't you recognize it?"

"It's a bow, why would I recognize a bow?"

"Don't you find it even the slightest bit suspicious that it was lying around in the forest?"

"No, someone could have dropped it while they were hunting. Did you see pools of blood on your way?"

"Damn she's good. But still you called me a fucking old man and you also ridiculed me with Gold. Do you know what that means?" The wizard smirked evilly.

The princess gulped. "Oh crap."

"I need to come up with something fast before Black's stupid proclamation of love or whatever thing he's planning will break the spell."

Silver was pacing around the main room of his castle while trying to figure out a plan. "I could use my powers to go to where Prince Black lives and kill him, but Queen Platinum is there too. I could also just kill White use a substitute for her and get her kingdom, or I could destroy her kingdom and take it by force. Sadly that all goes around the storyline, so let's take out the black swan."

Gold who was sitting in a corner still grumbling, heard the last words of his master's sentence. "Uh wait a second dude, if you going to use a fake to fool Black, aren't you supposed to look for a volunteer?"

Silver smirked and stared at Gold, whose face turned white after realization. "Oh no, nonono! I am not going to the party and cross-dress as a princess! I am not taking the part of the black swan you hear me! I refuse to wear a bra, panties and a dress!"

"Your opinion is of no interest to me. Now for the ladies and gentlemen, I present you… the black swan!"

The wizard waved with his hands and in seconds Gold turned into a… Black wearing a dress. "Huh, what the fuck?! Idiot you got the wrong person! I am not supposed to wear a dress! THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE PART OF THE SCRIPT AND… AM I WEARING A THONG?!" Black yelled in embarrassment. The crowd fell with laugher and the actors backstage joined in. Black tried his best to hide away. "Get me out of here this instance!"

Silver sweat dropped. "Oops wrong spell."

He repeated the same trick and Black disappeared, instead of his place Gold was standing there, with a brown wig and a dress. "I'm so going to fucking kill for this, you bitch!"

The silver-eyed wizard snickered. "Pffff, good luck with that in the meantime you can enjoy the party in that."

"Do you honestly think they would fall for this shitty disguise?"

"I think they'd be too busy with laughing that they wouldn't notice." The wizard answered; while not even bother to hide his amusement. "Now if you excuse me, I need to go to my room. I have to laugh my ass off. "Hehehehe! Oh and don't forget to practice you walking and your lines. You need to sound and act more like Princess White, so try to take notice with your swearing and don't masturbate." He said while tossing a White mask at the servants head.

And so he casually walked away, while Gold glared fiercely at his master. He was gritting his teeth and his fists were balled. "Take notice to your sweating my ass! I'll tell you, I swear to Arceus that I'm going to kill you, bastard!" The golden-eyed servant hissed as he walked off to find a dressing room, while falling every second because of the high heels. "How the hell are girls able to walk on these hellish things?!"

Back at Queen Platinum's castle, Black returned with a stupid grin on his face that made every person in his presence feel very uncomfortable.

"Black Derek! Since when have I told you that you're allowed to have such a ridiculous expression?!" His mother asked him sternly.

"B-but I finally found White and she decided to give me a change."

"She still hasn't kissed you has she?"


"Come on, you're laughing like some idiotic virgin who never had a girlfriend before."

"Why are you making it sound as if I normally can't get a girl?"

"Because you always act like an idiot, I'm sure you tried to kill her first, before noticing that it was Princess White."

The prince gave his mother a half guilty look. "… I only wanted to be with her again. Oh and she's coming to the party so I can un-curse her. So can you get a dress ready for her?"

"Finally, I was afraid all the planning was for naught. I'll get it ready right away."

"Ohh and I want white flowers at the party." The prince commented while he looked around the soon to be party hall. He stopped when he saw Yellow walking by with a stray of snacks. "Dude, is this what you feed to a swan?"

The girl looked as if the lad had grown another head. "Black, please try to stick more to your role and you don't feed a swan human food, so what are you trying to imply?!"

"… What was the theme of the party again?"

The blonde sighed and walked away from the slightly puzzled prince. Prince Black made his way to Lady Crystal who was checking the music they would play for the party. "I don't have to remind you that the queen will be furious if you try to change anything she planned, do I?" The girl said plainly without looking up for the music sheet.

"So can I ignore that part of my text?"

"It won't bring the plot in danger so yeah."

"Cool, so continue the good work!" He complimented, while petting the girls shoulder.

Crystal finally looked up from the music sheet and gave the prince a suspicious look. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

The prince shrugged. "Did I forget something?"

The blue-haired girl sighed. "Never mind, by the way, what happened to your childhood friend?"


"Didn't he came back with you after you found White?" Crys asked confused.

Prince Black scratched the back of his head nervously. "Eh… well you see…"

"You forgot him in the forest again, didn't you?"

"… I'll find him after the party, but I refuse to go at night. The creepiest creatures come out and are more active at that time. I don't want to run for my live for those trollflies and unknown 2 with their creepy touch." The boy shudders at the thought of it.

"Suit yourself, but don't complain when you find him dead tomorrow." Crys answered casually. She waved the prince goodbye and continued with her duties.

Black just stared at her blankly as the queen approached him. "I just want to inform you, if you find your friend dead the next day; I'll refuse to pay for his funeral. You need to take responsibilities for your mistakes."

"… But who's going to be my best man?"

"Don't worry, I have a Hugh pillow somewhere in the storage room, we can use that as a replacement."

"… That's very cold mother…"

"I didn't kill him, now stop complaining and get ready for the party, knowing you, you wanted to make White's appearance a surprise." She sighed. "So we'll all try our best to act surprised."

The prince groaned. Everyone was always so… sarcastic when he made mistakes. He took a rose from the vase that was standing in front of him and inspected it. "I guess she wouldn't mind the color switch. White suits more the theme than red, unless the theme is a forest fantasy nightmare."

"You know, this is as hard for me as it is for you." Silver commented. "But since you insulted me I had no choice, besides there wouldn't be a moon tonight anyway, unless you wanted to appear as a swan."

Swan White glared at him from the water filled dungeon. 'It's a party organized by Queen Platinum, she wouldn't complain if I appear as a swan as long as it fits the theme." The girl thought.

Silver sighed… "So now I'm supposed to throw these roses, right? How tacky, but I have to obey the plot, since it gave me something even better in return." He snickered and so he threw the rose down to where White was. The swan wasn't please and destroyed them piece by piece. "I wouldn't be happy either with mere roses." The wizard mumbled.

Silver's mumbling was interrupted by the sound of footsteps and grumbling. Gold appeared with what looked like a traumatized Hyū. He was completely stiff, electricity running through his whole body and he kept mumbling about random things almost inaudibly.

"I found the poor lad in the forest and from his condition I can guess that he's gone through some terrible things. Leaving him to his fate is just too cruel so I took him with me." The wizard explained.


"It's a miracle he survived the attack. Never in my whole life have I encountered a human who survived a trollfly attack. If he ever goes back to civilization he'll go into history as the most lucky and brave person in the world. I really admire him."

"How ironic." Gold commented. "Instead of a coward we got a brave guy with lots of guts and a damaged brain. Man, am I lucky that I'm not in his shoes."

The red-headed wizard gave his slave a slap on his cheek. "Silent man skirt, now throw the lad in the dungeon so the water can cool his brains!"

The golden-eyed crossdresser glared at his master and decided to release his negative emotions on the poor damaged spiky-haired boy. Hue got the shock of his live when he felt and suddenly wasn't able to breathe. Princess White quickly dove under water and grabbed the traumatized boy. She pushed him up and dragged him towards a hanging chain, where he could hold on too.

"Wait!" Hugh called. "Please don't leave me! What if bloodsuckers are going to suck me! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! SOMEONE HEEEEELP ME AND THIS STRANGE BIRD THAT I DON'T KNOW!"

Silver sighed and rubbed his forehead. "He's in worse condition than I expected. The guy will need a lot of counseling to get over his trauma." He mumbled to himself. "Don't worry; I made sure there aren't any bloodsuckers or any other creepy animal that can damage you. Now I have to go, because there's a party I have to attend to. Why don't you two try to have a nice conversation so you can kill time? Bye-bye!"

So Silver and his slave left and Hyū was left with White. The boy gave the princess a nervous and suspicious look. "You won't troll me, right?"

And so the time of the party has arrived, a lot of guests arrived at the palace and as Platinum wanted, they got no introduction or a welcome, since the party was supposed to be about her and no one else; so, no cheesy singing and dancing introductions for the unimportant nameless guests. The main hall was streaming full with guests and of course or lovely team was there present too. Luckily for Yellow she still had time to eat a bit and enjoy the party before she had to perform together with Wally, Cheren, Bianca and other musicians who aren't that important to be mentioned. Sapphire of course was at the food table and was busy with enjoying the tastes of heaven that were prickling her taste buds. Crystal was supervising the room and enjoying the party sphere and Emerald just finished inspecting the guests and was on his way to the queen and prince, who were still getting ready for the party. "Uhm, your highness, the guests have arrived, well not all of them, but still."

Queen Platinum looked at Emerald through the mirror. "Great, you can start the fashion show already, since it would be such a shame if my guests would be bored."

Black glanced at Emerald with a disappointed expression. "Uhm, Emerald, have you seen perhaps a brunette with long wavy hair, with a nice body and clear-blue eyes?"

"No prince, Princess White hasn't arrived yet."

Black sighed sadly. "She said she'd come a bit sooner so she could get dressed. Did something happen?"

Emerald half-listened to the prince and turned his attention to Platinum. "Uhm, will you be ready before the party officially starts. It would be uncool if you two come late."

The queen laughed. "Nonsense, we are never later! The guests are just early! Now Black, stop pouting about White and get ready. She'll arrive when she wants to, besides this party is about me!"

Black and Emerald sweat dropped. "I swear if there were to be an award for the most selfish and egocentric person, she'd win that award." The chamberlain whispered to the prince, who only gave an awkward look as response.

Back at the tower; Blue and the others were pondering a plan for White and Hugh's escape.

"Ah! I got it!" Blue exclaimed in excitement.

Ruby and Diamond looked at her curiously. "What?" The turtle asked.

"An idea to free White, duh." She retorted. "According to the actual script we're supposed to find a leak in the walls of the tower and make it bigger, but that's too plain and boring, so I suggest we blow the whole thing up."

"If we blow the tower up Princess White and that guy will get injured."

"Don't worry, Hugh has been through worse, he can handle it."

"What about White?"

Blue frowned. "You're right, the explosion could mess up her hair and clothes and she can't show up at a party looking like that."

Ruby sighed. "Blue, I don't think that's what Dia…"

"OKAY! Let's go back with the old boring plan. Ruby, you'll go look for the hole, while Diamond and I will distract the smexy crocodiles."

The frog sighed. "She isn't even listening to us. Hey Blue, don't tell me the only reason you're volunteering to help out, is so you can play around with Green-sempai."

Blue wasn't listening; she was looking in a mirror and working on her look. "Sexy and attacking has always been my style. Okay, I am ready let's start with the rescue mission, before that ugly old fake hag arrives at the party and seduce Black. I won't allow such a humiliation; a woman shouldn't lose against a she-male hag, especially if that woman is a friend of mine!"

The two boys gulped. "I have a bad feeling about this." Ruby sighed.

Back at the castle,

Platinum was, of course boasting about her fashion show and her clothes. While Emerald, Black, Crystal and the others were getting bored as hell.

"At least it's better than having a slutty princess fashion show." Sapphire commented.

Black, who was almost fast asleep, quickly woke up by Sapphire's sudden comment. "Ehh, what eh, yes yes, I also like soda better than milk!" Everyone gave him a weird look. "Oh, you mean the fashion show? I guess you're right, it's better than all those dresses filled with bling-bling and princesses with terrible taste for clothes and try to suck up to me in order to get their hands on my money and wealth. I mean, who uses corn for a hair accessory of for their dress? Or who has a nose and cheeks made of steel?"

Emerald blinked. "Uhm, Lady Gaga?

"Those freaks were women?" Sapphire asked surprised. "I thought they were robots! I mean those robotic smiles, the way one of them walks in such an ugly uncomfortable dress! I was already surprised that she could move in it! Ugh I hate dresses!"

"Robots, freaks, Lady Gaga it's all the same." Crystal mused.

Yellow sweat dropped. "But isn't that a bit too mean to say, I know Lady Gaga has an unusual taste in clothing and wearing corn or remodel your nose, chin and cheeks into one of the robots isn't the smartest thing to do, but everyone has a different taste... What am I saying, it makes no sense!"

"Yup and it's almost time for you to perform with the others." Sapphire grinned while taking a bite from her chicken wings.

Prince Black's head shot up. "Time?! She's here finally? Where?"

The prince got smacked on the head by his mother who glared at him. "Since when have I ordered you to sleep during my fashion show?!"

After a few more minutes, what seems like hours for most, the fashion show finally came to an end. Emerald ran up happily to the stage. "Thank you for watching, I hope you're all able to remember most… or nothing of it also I am glad that I don't need to sing a cheesy/ crappy song. So next on the agenda for tonight is…"

The sound of knocking on the door made almost everyone surprised, with the exception of Black who looked excited, Platinum and their friends.

"It seems like our guest has finally arrived or they finally found my turtle." The queen mumbled. "Or maybe Hugh finally found his way back. Emerald could you please open it?"

The chamberlain slowly made his way to the door. "If Hugh returns in zombie mode, Black has to compensate for his dead by sacrificing himself as snack. If it's White then… she has to listen to Platinum's scolding and I won't listen to her for the rest of the night."

Emerald opened the door and as he expected, So, Emerald opened the door and as he half-expected… GOLD GET YOU FUCKING ASS BACK TO THE STAGE!

"No way in hell, I 'm not going to get on just to play president girl's role! Go give that part, I'm sure she'd looooove to dance with mister makes everyone deaf! I'm not going to play some stupid love-sick girl in a dress! My men pride has been damaged enough."

You never had one from the start, anyway 'White' was standing in front of the chamberlain smiling casually, wearing a black dress.

"Black my dear; you're taking responsibilities for your friends dead and my turtle." Queen Platinum commanded.

The prince sweat dropped. "Why is everyone blaming me for his disappearance?"

"My apologies for arriving late." White commented.

Emerald frowned. "Was someone following you?"

Confused the princess shook her head.

"Did you smell the scent of the dead on your way here?"


"Did you saw something strange on the way?"


"Were you bitten by zombies?"

"… Did you smoke weed or something?"

"… Please come in…"

White made her way slowly to Black, who was giving her a suspicious look.

"What's the matter Black?" The girl asked innocently.

" Didn't you tell me that you don't have a dress?"

"I stole it."

"From who? You're only neighbors were a man wizard and a fugly small he-hag."

White tried her best not to giggle. Revenge can be so sweet. "Do you wanna dance or not?"

After considering for a while Black agreed, but his face still kept a sign of suspiciousness.

Back to the tower! Ruby was getting ready to start with Blue's plan. "I still have my doubts about this plan of yours."

Blue frowned. "And why is that?"

"Well, for a start, Red and Green aren't motivated at all." Diamond answered.

The trio looked at the two crocodile boys, who were loafing around. Red was lying on the ground and enjoying the sky, while Green was leaning against the tower wall.

Blue rolled her eyes. "Oh come on guys! We're trying to do a play here! Work a little with us!"

Green glances at the girl. "No."

"Why not?!"

"Well first, I am not going to humiliate myself by chasing you like a bunch of kids, seconds we don't have lines, we can do what we want as long as we won't foil the plot and I think us doing nothing won't change anything important and third I refuse to be used as a puppet for others pleasure, that includes you and Dreamingflower! And last, you still have my shirt! I refuse to be a tool for fanservice!"

"Besides…" Red started. "We're not that good at acting."

The blue-eyed brunette groaned. "Seriously you two, we don't need to be acting talents; Pearl sucks and look how good he did! Diamond isn't even doing his best with acting, Black can't act at all, Sapphire neither, Hugh didn't have acting classes, Gold is terrible and look how much pleasure he gives us and the readers! Also Ruby is terrible!"

"Bitch!" Gold grunted in annoyance.

"Hey!" Ruby countered angry.

"Just admit it; you're only good for comical relief! Only thing you do is complain over your part and insult the guys by telling them they're gay!"

"You're just jealous…" The ruby-eyed boy mumbled.

"Just shut up everyone! Red, Green, if you two don't want to do your part, and then at least pretend you're rescuing White!"

The two boys glanced at each other and sighed in defeat. "Fine." Red mumbled. He and Green searched their pockets and took out their Poké Balls.

"Go Saur!" Red yelled.

"Get ready Charizard!" Green hollered.

The two Pokémon roared the moment they got out and looked at their masters expectantly.

"Make a hole in this tower!" The boys yelled in unison.

White, who had been stuck in the tower heard the commotion and placed her head against the wall, hoping to hear something. "What's happening outside?"

Suddenly she heard something rumbling and before she could react the wall got crushed by two powerful beams. One was Frenzy Plant and the other Blast Burn. She and Hyū yelled as they got caught in the attack.

"There you go, she's free now." Red exclaimed happily.

Blue and the others stared horrified at the rubble. "Oh my Arceus you two idiots killed them!"

Ruby and Dia quickly ran over to the caved in dungeon. "White, Hugh! Are you guys alive?! Please don't die!"

Red stared blankly at the rubble he and Green caused. "… Oops…"

Green groaned. "I can't believe I let myself get carried away by Red! I knew it participating in these events brings bad luck! No participating with Red next to me brings me bad luck!"

As if he says something new… Anyway, taking that into consideration! So Ruby and his friends, together with the two idiots who caused the commotion did their best to find the victims as soon as possible. Luckily they found White rather quickly. "Princess, I am so glad you're saved!" Diamond said, as he tried to patch her up as best as he could.

"Those bastards tried to kill us!" White yelled angrily. "I can't believe it! Is this how you treat your juniors?! Just bury them under rocks! You should be ashamed of yourself! You're supposed to be the famous champion and second runner-up/ gym leader of Kanto's 9th Pokémon league! If it weren't for the fact that you did more good than bad I'd sue you!"

Diamond poked White to get her attention. "White… you know how messed up our system is. I don't think suing them would do any good. Those two are as good as inviolable."

The brunette snorted. "So am I! I'd sue them to Dreamingflower-san! Her rules makes even less sense than ours!"

"Good for you!" Blue yelled in exhaustion. "Now go to your party and seduce your prince before I go insane here! We'll go look for Hugh in the meantime!"

And so while everyone was looking shocked at Blue, the girl took White and dragged her away.

"… Blue is getting stressed?" Green asked out loud in an amusing tone. "Is that even possible? For the first time things aren't going as pesky girl wants…"

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH GREEN!" The girl in question screamed back.

Now we finally get back to the ball. Black and… the Black White were still dancing, even during their dance the prince stayed suspicious. "You know White, for some reason you seem… different."

Black White crooked her eyebrow. "Different? What do you mean?"

"Well, you walk a bit different and you talk different too."

"Well I'm stuck as a swan for most of the time. My manner of speech and way of walking could be affected by the curse."

"You smell different too."

"I was stuck in a lake, I couldn't put any perfume on."

"Your breath smells different too."

"What are you a smelling pervert? You think Silver will lend me a toothbrush every night so I can wash my teeth?"

"Did your boobs shrink a size? You ass doesn't look that tempting either."

"And why are you wearing girly boots?"


"You must be very tired Black, but don't worry after tonight everything will be perfect." B-White reassured with a smile.

The prince frowned. "… Girl what happened to the necklace I gave you?"

"…Necklace? What necklace?"

"The necklace you dropped when you were kidnapped. I gave it back to you before I left, where is it?"

"… Aren't you supposed to declare your love for me to the world?"

The prince stopped his passes and glared at the girl. "You're not my White, what did you do to her?!"

"Is this even in the script? Black, what are you doing?"

"Don't think you've won this!"

The whole crowd was silence as everyone's attention turned to the red-haired wizard that was standing at the door way.

The young prince blinked. "… Dude do you have an invitation? This party started ages ago."

Silver face palmed. "'Dude' I am the bad guy!"

"Super surprising gasp! I didn't saw that coming!" Black yelled. "Anyway, I am sorry to tell you this, but I folded your plans! You weren't able to trick me! No matter how many times you clone my White or brainwash her! I'll notice!"

"Your idiocy does seem to be useful, but you still got it wrong." He grinned. He pointed his finger at B-White and shot a beam of magic at her. B-White felt on the ground in front of a half-shocked Crystal.

Black and Crystal looked worried and confused at the fallen White, but to their half-surprise and amusement, B-White turned into Gold, who was wearing a dress and a wig with make-up. "My head hurts so much… you'll pay for this I swear! Huh?" The golden-eyes boy looked at the unusual view in front of him; Crystal's boobs. He clutched his nose when he felt blood dripping on his hand and looked at the said girl's furious expression. "Uhm before you'll injure me. I have to say in my defense that this wasn't my idea. Silver and Dreamingflower put this up, so you should release your anger on them and leave me a…. GYYYAAAAA!"

Lady Crystal repeatedly kicked him in his golden nuggets without showing any mercy at all. "You think I'll let it slide with such a lazy excuse as that! Instead of blaming it on others, you should try not to look with a stupid face! You pervert!"

The crowd stared amused at the odd couple for a while, until Silver broke the silence with a couch. "So where was I? Ohh yeah, the matter of Princess White and the prince; as you can see she isn't…"

"Stop right there you stupid red-head!"

Again the crowd got distracted by the new guest; it was White is Swan form, while holding a large blade in her mouth. Sapphire dropped her food in amazement. "OMA how awesome! I want that too!"

"How was she able to carry that all the way?" Yellow asked.

"You should better ask; why is she in swan form?" Platinum corrected.

"White?" The prince asked confused. "Why are you in swan form?"

"Damn I forgot they can't understand me in this form… What do I do now? 1. Go back and get Ruby and the others? 2. Attack Silver blindly, if Link can kill monsters and Gannon as a wolf then I can kill a Wizard as a swan. 3. Use Black as shield and let him fight for me? 4. Use Platinum as shield and let her fight for me? 5. Use Sapphire as shield and let her eat Silver? 6. Try to eat him myself? 7. Let him get attacked by trollflies? 8. Find a substitute for the moon? They sound all good dammit!"

By the way if any of you is wondering how she got inside, she just broke a window and flew through. I always thought it was stupid why Odette didn't do that in the movie.

So while White was still pondering her options, Platinum and the other partygoers were well snapping out of the unique and amusing scene. "… Black, didn't you said, that she turns into her real form at night? Why is she still a swan?"

Black got out of his shock and pondered over his mother's question. "… maybe the spell has a bug? Is there anyone in the room who can speak ducks?"

"Son, it's a swan." The queen sighed.

"Duck, swan, they're both birds, you know what I mean."

Sapphire shook her arm. "Ohh I know! Yellow can communicate with Pokémon, so she can talk with Swanna White!"

Black sweat dropped and rubbed his head. "Oww yeah, how could I forget? Yellow?"

"Are you guys still following the script?" The blonde asked with an indifferent face.

"Well, I don't know, people start to act the way they want to and say things that we didn't even practice, so I thought if I just played along things would be fine."

"But, White is supposed to be almost dying after you… messed up your vow…"

"The everlasting eternal true vow of the world love thing is cheesy and stupid! No way in hell I'd do that! Besides, you have to be an idiot not to notice your love had been replaced by a fake. Okay White had to play the part of B-rabbit, I mean BG-White, I mean the role Gold-sempai was supposed to play, but come on even magic can't make an exact copy of the original. Also I wanted to create a full moon to transform her into a human, by the way what happened to that pendant and where the hell is Hugh?!"

Silver crossed his arms and sighed and mumbled something like not wanting to know how Black would create a full moon. "Can we get this over with? I mean the scene is messed up, I don't even know what I should do and I really wanted to do the last few scenes because of some things I want to comment on.

… Let's skip to the part where White lies almost dying at the lake…

"No White, don't die! I still haven't got my first kiss yet! Also I didn't mistake the old ugly Gold-sempai as you and made a sleazy speech in front of a crowd full of strangers! Only an asshole would do that! Please I promise I will get rid of these stupid girly boots that we both hate and become more aware of people around me! I'd prove I'd be worthy as a man!"

"Black… that was the sweetest man-speech I have ever heard, since this is the first one. I gladly would like to kiss you, but I feel so weak. I got buried under a pile of heavy rocks thanks to the idiotic hot-blooded fanservice duo."

"Wait does that mean I have to beat Red-sempai and Green-sempai?"

"No, you have to confront Silver with the holy sword, after Ruby, Diamond and Blue killed the evil demon dragon King his power is weakened severely."

"Wow that makes no sense White, can I kiss you now?"

"… fine, but only on my forehead."

"… I guess better than nothing." Slightly disappointed, the prince leaned in and kissed Princess White's forehead. Not soon after the princess closed her eyes. Broken hearted Black placed his love gently on the ground. "… No first kiss, not even our first time… DAMN YOU! I'LL BE A VIRGIN FOREVER THANKS TO YOU! THAT VOW I NEVER MADE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR HER! YOU HEARD ME?! THAT VOW I MADE WAS FOR HER!"

"No need to yell. Geez, do you want to make me deaf or something?" Silver groaned while rubbing his ears.

"You fucking asshole! Thanks to you I couldn't deflower White!"

"You know, you kinda sound like a pervert. Just go find another sweetheart."

"No way! White is my true love! She's my soulmate!"

"Could you keep your tone softer please? I am kinda attached to my hearing. I wouldn't be able to enjoy Proteam Omega if you make me deaf."

"Of course I'll yell! I am Black! If I don't yell or scream I wouldn't be me!"

"And Sapphire wouldn't strangle you every morning when we have our dexowner get-together."

"That does it! You're so dead!"

"… Do I really have to fight?"

"Don't tell me you're backing off."

Silver rubbed his head. Even if he didn't have that much screen time as Black and White he had his limits and now, he really wanted to have some rest. "I'm not in the mood for a battle, I already had one with King Pearl, and man; he really doesn't know when to give up."

"So you're giving up like that?" Black asked surprised.

"Yup, nee-san wouldn't want to see me injured like that and so do my fangirls. Ugh if I hear them scream; Kyaaa Silver-sama one more time I swear I will hang myself. So, good luck with your life."

And just like that he walked off, leaving a baffled Black.

The prince blinked. "What the hell was that? White is save, what about Hugh?"

The brunet turned around when he heard the sounds of rocks falling and a familiar groan. He looked around and saw Blue and the others carrying an almost unconscious Hue."

"OMA HUGH! You're alive!" Black hurried happily to his childhood friend who gave him a fierce glare.

"Don't OMA you're alive me! You left me wounded in those woods to fend for myself, I didn;t had a chance to recover properly after you almost killed me at the bow training! I was attacked by trollflies, a tiny mouse, thrown into a dungeon that later collapsed on top of me, all because you were so focused on finding that stupid beast and White! That stupid beast even left without a fight and made all the other lines, scenes and whatever else was needed useless! I wanna go home! I'm tired, my whole body hurts and I'm covered in blood! Here's a stupid last arrow that was left after my failed attempt to protect myself against demon spawn and bow and go shoot this ugly monster behind you!"

"Ugly monster? What ugly monster? OMFA the Evil Demon Dragon King is still alive!"

And just in a whim he shot the arrow, but instead of killing it the dragon get even madder and stomped the prince flat.

"It doesn't work and that hurts… Why isn't it working?! In the movie the arrow is supposed to be crucial for killing the main villain!"

"You're fighting against a dragon and it's a final boss for Arceus' sake, you think a puny arrow can kill it?" Hue snorted.

Black glared. "Then, why did you give me that in the first place?"

"That was payback for everything you did to me in this play."

Meanwhile Blue and the others were watching the not so epic boss battle. Ruby and Diamond were getting worried about the prince's safety.

"Hey Blue, aren't we supposed to help him or something?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah… so you guys go bring White's sword; Gram to Black, it's a high-leveled dragon slaying sword that can pierce through anything."

The ruby-eyed frog frowned. "Why don't you do it yourself?"

"Because I'm a beautiful woman and I'm too lazy to do it myself." Without a warning she picked up the frog and threw him towards White's lifeless body."

Ruby tried to pick up the sword, but it was too heavy. "What?! How is that possible, if White was able to pick the stupid blade with ease in swan form, then why can't I pick it up?"

You're supposed to be tiny, as I said, Ruby had trouble with picking up the holy blade, no matter what he did the weapon didn't bulged, until Diamond assisted his friend and lifted the blade.

"Wait Dia, don't you dare to throw that sword while I am holding it!" Ruby warned.

Too bad Dia was a bit slow at listening and threw the holy weapon along with a screaming Ruby at the prince. Black noticed the sword approaching. "Good, things are finally turning for the better, I only need to catch that sword and…" Black's train of thoughts got interrupted when he heard something hard ringing in his ears and the feeling of something warm and wet dripping on his face. The prince blinked in surprise and tried to wipe the wet feeling away, but to his shook he found blood on his hands. He lifted his head and found the sword with a screaming Ruby impaled in his head. Only now did he noticed that the ringing sounds were Ruby's curses and screams filled with agony along with his own because of the pain he wasn't aware of until now. "GYYAAAAA!"

Both boys dropped on the ground. "Oh no, they're losing!" Diamond yelled.

"Geez and whose fault do you think it is?" Blue retorted.

"At least I did something."

"And that resulted in a worse situation that it could have been if you did nothing."

"Do we have some potions left?"

Both animals turned to Hugh. "DO SOMETHING!"

"I am not supposed to understand you." The boy replied.

"Not understand my ass! They're both dying!" Blue yelled as she grabbed Hyū by his collar.

"And what they've gone through is nothing compared to what I had to go through!" He hissed while gritting his teeth."

The blue-eyed brunette sighed in defeat. "… Fine you win, let's bury their bodies and save this story ourselves."


The group looked up and saw to their surprise a bloodied shirtless Black, who was covered in wounds.

"What happened to your shirt?" Blue asked.

"Well the dragon attacked us while you were bickering, so I came out worse than before."

"Okay… how come you're still alive?"

"Well I suddenly felt a burst of energy as I was nearing my end and I heard the voices of all my friends and allies who told me not to give up and keep fighting also King Pearl appeared and gave me a willpower speech. It must be one of those last moment scenes where the hero gets driven by a corner, but then gets encouraged by useless reasons and motivation."

"What's your useless motivation then?"

The prince smirked stupidly. "My first kiss with White and her virginity!"

Blue and the others gave him an; 'are you kidding me' look. "You know, I feel like punching you now."

"Do that when this story is finished." He got into fighting position and charged at the dragon. "I'll make you proud of me my dead future father in law! FOR SPARTAAAAAA!"

A brilliant flash of light followed by an explosion filled the lake and everything turned white. The last thing heard, were the screams of the Evil Demon Dragon King and Black merging together…


Wedding bells filled Platinum's whole kingdom and everyone cheered when a bandaged covered Black and White walked out of the church.

"I can't believe we're finally married!" The brunette explained happily and she gave her prince a deep kiss while cringing in pain.

I can't believe it either, good thing your world has no law that allows people to marry when they've reached a certain age, by the way you can't undo it.

"And I can't believe I finally got my first kiss." Black smiled brightly. "Wait, did I just received my first kiss in a play and what do you mean with our worlds law?!"

Quoting earlier message: "The play needs to be as lively as possible. To give our public the best entertainment possible, we provide everything 100% natural to present the most realistic play ever!"

White and Black's faces turned pale. " WE'RE OFFICIALLY MARRIED?!"

Blue clapped loudly, her body and face were covered with; scratches, bruises and also bandages, but despite her condition, she didn't mind showing the amusement on her face. "Congratulations, Mr. White and Mrs. Black! I hope you'll have a wonderful life together."

"B-b-but, we're too young! I wasn't able to get on any proper dates yet!"

"Pooh, doing everything according to the booklet is old school, you can have your dates after the honeymoon."

The bride gritted her teeth. "You were behind this, weren't you sempai?"

"I wanted to, but Flower-san beat me to it. Now if you excuse me, Green and I are going to enjoy the party." She explained happily as she latched herself onto Green's plastered arm and dragged him away.

"Let go of me, pesky woman!" He protested while grunting in pain. "And don't act so rough, we're both wounded remember!"

A recovering Hugh was standing further away from the new married couple along with Platinum, who was hugging Diamond, Crystal, Emerald and Gold, who was lying on the ground also recovering, but form a different 'wound'.

"This is the last time I'll play in any of these circus acts. I can't afford to die at a young age and leave my sister alone, nor do I want her to see this humiliation or the condition I'm in. I'm through with this!"

"Well I'm happy that I finally got my Diamond turtle." Queen Platinum exclaimed happily. "Black was at least able to do one useful thing. He reunited us, didn't he Diamond?"

Diamond looked up into Platinum's face, while eating a cake. "Mmmeah."

"Such a cute face!" The queen squealed as the hugged her turtle tighter.

Diamond cringed. "Moshoshamaistshurshpweashuwetguo."

Emerald yawned. "I'm tired and this is boring, when can we leave?"

Gold gave Crystal a sad apologetic look. "Come on super serious gal, I've been through worse than you! I was forced to play an old hag, I had to wear an ugly maid-outfit and I was treated as a slave and got injured at my soft spot by one of the most dangerous and closest friend. Do you think I wanted any of this? It wasn't even my intention to stare at your boobs at that moment, staring at your cute face would have been better."

Crystal frowned sternly her face was showing a slight shade of pink. "Do you mean it?"

The golden-eyed boy grinned. "Of course, if I want to stare at your boobs, I'd pick a better moment to… GYAAA!"

Gold cried in pain as Crystal kicked him again. "For once try to act like a gentleman!"

Yellow and Red were watching the scene on the opposite side; they were feeling sorry for the lad. "Maybe we should have a proper talk with everyone about how we should treat each other." The blonde suggested.

"You think they'd really listen?" Red asked. "After everything that's happened today I think the majority will end up complaining."

"Maybe Crystal would listen."

The two were silent for a while before Yellow broke the silence. "Does it hurt a lot?" She asked with a concerned face.

"Yeah, but the painkillers help a lot. Too bad I can't battle or do my usual daily activities."

"Well, i-if you want, I can stop by once in awhile and help you out... in... your house." The blonde suggested nervously.

"Thanks, it's be great if you came."He answered while smiling his usual smile that would make the healer's heart skip a beat.

Yellow nodded and hid her blush underneath her bangs.

So everyone was talking about anything but the fact that two of their juniors got married. Ruby, was sitting alone grumbling about things. He was wrapped in bandages, band-aid and an eyepatch over his right eye. "Is this how you treat your actors?! I look horrible, my clothes were covered in my own and Black's blood, I could have ended up dead!"

Ruby looked at his right when he saw a plate of food next to him and Sapphire, who was giving him a gesture that is was for him. He took the plate and started to eat slowly. Sapphire was quiet and took a seat next to him. "… Ya know, at least there's no need to hide the scars you got, since most of them will be hidden under yer shirt, isn't that right froggie?" She grinned. Ruby stayed quiet and took a bite of his food. The brunette sweat dropped, trying to break the ice would be harder that she thought. "Oh come on are you still angry because of the role you got? It's not a big deal, Pearl died and my fate was dying too."

An angry Ruby finally turned his attention to the tomboy. "Not a big deal?! Not a big deal?! I got mortally wounded! You just left them there to save your own ass! Pearl is still in the hospital and I'm surprised he didn't complain about the way he was treated! I almost died as an ugly frog and don't start about those stupid fairytales, we all know that that's just a stupid kids tale! So just shut up and…!

Ruby froze when Sapphire boldly leaned in to him and silenced him with a kiss. Before he knew what had happened, the ruby-eyed frog felt something strange. He looked into the reflection of the fountain that was in front of them and to his shook he hasn't the ugly frog anymore, but a handsome teen. "What the hell?!"

The sapphire-eyed teen grinned. "What did ya say about fairytales being bullshit?"

The now young lad stared at his hands. "Did I, have I, you just…"

Sapphire rolled her eyes; she leaned in again and covered his mouth with her finger. "Chill out, shouldn't you be happy? Yer not a fugly frog anymore."

"Sapphire… that's a word used for Gold-sempai…"

"And since we're on the subject, do you 'remember' the accident on Mirage Island now?" She asked while looking sinisterly at the boy.

Ruby flinched. "W-what do you mean…?" He asked nervously.

"Don't act as if ya don't know! I know you remember! Admit it!"

"Ah look at the time, I think I have to go now, see you later!"

Ruby walk away quickly, while evading eye contact with Sapphire. The girl looked baffled at the boy. "Don't think this is over! Get yer ass back here!"

So while our famous and lovely frantic couple got back at their daily fights, Black and White where sitting somewhere away from the crows pondering about the set-up, they were caught in. "So president… are we really married?" Black asked still shocked about the revelation.

"… I don't know, but I don't think that the author was lying. Oh Arceus what do we do?" White exclaimed frantically while she covered her face in her hands.

"Do you hate it that much, being married to me?" Black asked, feeling slightly disappointed at his wife's comment.

White quickly shot up and looked nervously at her partner. "That's not what I mean, it's just… it's going to fast… we need to go on dates, move in together, also we're the youngest of the dexowners, we should have been one of the last ones to get married." She answered frantically.

Black grinned. "Chillax president, I was just joking, you're right this is going too fast."

"So, what do you suggest?"

"Hmmm, how about we'll try to declare it null and void or we divorce?"

"Black, did you forget what the author said? And for a divorce we have to stay at least 6 months married! I can't get a divorce that'll ruin our reputation!"

"We should give it a try then." The Unova champion sighed in defeat.

"Eh, what?"

"I'll move in with you and… take on the husband role." Black answered while covering his blush with his hand. "Let's also try all the things you wanted to do; go on dates, give each other presents on Valentine's Day and White's day and I'll try to make you happy."

The BW president looked astonished at her best friend/ husband. "Y-you mean it, you'd really do all that for me?"

"Yeah, I mean it can't be so bad. Try to see it as setting a good example for our seniors." He joked.

White giggled. "Alright, if you said so."

"Alright, let's do it president!"

White shook her head. "Call me White." She demanded.

Black nodded. "Alright White." They both smiled and leaned in for their 2nd kiss.

And they all lived happily ever after! Okay some had to recover in a hospital, other got beaten up for playing ignorance and other stayed shirtless for a long time and Agencyshipping became cannon thanks to me! *Bows*


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Rewatching the movie made me aware of a lot of things that I didn't notice when I was a kid. Like when Pufin and the others they tried to get the map, Jean-Bob did fell against a book about Swan Spells, it was written on the freaking cover. Wouldn't it have been smarter if they took the book instead of that useless map? Odette can fly on her own, so skimming the place would have been smarter and faster, besides there are thousands of lakes were the moon can shine on.

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