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"I should have done this sooner actually, but I kinda forgot… besides I had to make a decision for the next show's cast… Anyway welcome back my lovely readers! Another chapter of the Re: Theater of parodies! The first show was such a success! Hopefully this one will be as good or even better!"

"… you think?!" Black snorted. "I don't think sending Hugh to the hospital is a success for the play. Half of the people here are still recovering and Pearl-sempai was freaking impaled with a sword!"

The said boy nodded. "The doctors said that it would take days till I recover, how do you expect me to join the next play?"

The author frowned and put her hands on her hips. "What do you think? You'll be on painkillers during the next play, the same counts for everyone else who has been severely injured, cept for Hugh, since he's still in a coma."

"Poor guy…" Yellow mumbled. "I think we should send him some flowers and pay him a visit after this is over."

"Go think about that later!" Dreamingflower commanded. "We have a second story to work on!"

"Wait, wait!" Crystal interrupted. "I don't think that giving Pearl and the others painkillers is a good idea. What if they become addicted?"

"That's their problem."

"But you're the one who came up with the idea of giving them those."

"So? If they become a drugs addict, it's their fault for not resisting temptation. Now back to what's really important!"

Crystal sweat dropped and sighed. "But if that were to happen it would be your fault." She mumbled softly.

"For our next play, we'll have Blue and Green as our stars!" Dreamingflower continued.

"Yippie!" Blue clapped delightfully. "It's finally my turn to be the center of attention!"

Her co-star didn't look as thrilled as her and groaned. "Great, she's going to use me as a target for her torture. What's worse, it'll be with 'her' of all people."

"Don't complain so much!" White scolded. "You don't even know what play we'll have to do."

"Does it matter? Pearl had a partly normal role in the first play and look what she did to him! Gold was forced into a dress and Black was acting like an idiot."

"Well at least they didn't let a building collapse on their juniors." White countered while giving Green and Red a cold look.

"… Are you still mad about that?" Red sweat dropped.

"Of course I am! You could have killed us and Hugh was already gravely injured."

"But none of you died, right?"

"Hugh is lying in the hospital."

Green rubbed his temples in frustration. "That's in the past already, get over it!"

"NEVER!" The president of the BW Agency yelled.

Their bickering got interrupted when the author started to cough dramatically. When she was sure everyone quiet down, she continued her speech. "So, as I was saying, Green and Blue will be our main characters in this play and the story will be; Beauty and the Beast!"

Gold blinked. "Really? I thought you'd pick wild girl and prissy boy for the main characters in Beauty and the Beast."

"That's too predictable. Besides having these two playing the main characters will make it interesting, not that Ruby and Sapphire wouldn't make it interesting, but if I choose them, then Belle would end up in the hospital for picking a fight with the beast."

"… Is that supposed to be funny?" Ruby and Sapphire asked in unison.

"In a way, yeah."

"Try better your best next time." Sapphire snorted.

"I thought it was funny." Gold commented.

"No one asked for your opinion!" The tomboy threatened.

"Everyone, please leave your bickering for later. For now try to focus on the play, I'll reveal the roles so you don't have to wait any longer."

PokéSpecial Beauty and the Beast cast:

Belle: Blue

Beast: Green

Gaston: Gold

Gaston's sidekick Lefou: Emerald

Belle's dad Maurice: Silver

Lumiere: Ruby

Coghsworth: Sapphire

Ms Potts: Diamond

Chip: Pearl

Cheff: Crystal

The enchantress: Yellow

The girl/ feather duster Lumiere always flirts with: White

Clothes closet/ Wardrope: Platinum

Gaston's 'fangirls': The Stration brothers

Asylum owner: Black

Understudy: Red

Hospital patient: Hugh

Everyone became silent for a while…


"At least my role is an acceptable one." Platinum mused.

"And I have at least a stable role." Yellow smiled nervously.

"This is just mean; you shouldn't make jokes about Hugh." Crystal commented sternly.

"Why are you giving me the midget part again?!" Emerald protested angrily.

"As if playing one villain hasn't been enough…" Gold mumbled defeated.

"… I'm Dia's kid…" Pearl mumbled lifeless.

"Oh my Arceus, I'm going to be Pearl mother!" Diamond exclaimed excitingly before Pearl smacked him on the head.


"What's an asylum?" Black asked confused. "Wait, White's going to play WHO?!"

Ruby and Sapphire stared suspiciously at each other, until Sapphire's stare turned slightly into a glare. "If you say anything wrong, I'll kill you. Don't you dare to touch White!"

Ruby flinched under Black and Sapphire's glare. "I ehh… I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!"

"I swear, if you touch my wife I'll make you pay!" Black yelled after Ruby, as the coordinator made his run to the men's restroom.

"White slightly blushed at Black comment. "I don't think Dreamingflower-san would care about any of our opinions, thought." She mumbled softly.

Meanwhile Red blinked and rubbed his eyes a few times before looking at the list again. "So I don't have a role this time?"

Dreamingflower crossed her arms while closing her eyes and making a face that looked as if she was thinking very deep. "Well… I wanted to make you a Gaston fangirl in the beginning, but I thought that choosing the triplets would be a better choose…."

"I-I see." Red answered nervously and relieved.

"But…" Dreamingflower continued happily. "If you want to be in the play that badly, I supposed you can be Green's pet dog." She took the list and crossed understudy before writing Pet dog underneath.

Green spit out the soda he was drinking and coughed. "W-WHAT?!"

"… Just what I needed…" Red mumbled depressed.

Blue's ears perked and she stared at the two Pallet town trainers with a lewd face.

"Don't get any things in your head you lecherous woman!" The raiser glared.

"Who said I had any lewd ideas?" The brunette asked innocently. "Mou, I only look at you two and Guri-chan has already such thoughts about me. Who's the lecher here?" She shook her head while showing a slight mischievous expression.

Green's face turned red. He glared one more time at the woman before walking off and mumbling about her being a pesky woman.

Red watched his friend walked off, until he realized something. "Hey Blue, how come Silver is so quiet? Normally he'd glare at Green for saying such things about you, but I don't feel any intimidating aura."

Blue snapped out of her tricky thoughts and looked around the room. She spotted Silver a bit further. The teen was still staring at the cast list. The brunette hopped over to her little brother figure and patted him on the head. "Silver, why are you still standing there? It shouldn't take that long to register in your brain what role you got."

She looked at the list to see why Silver was so engrossed with his part. Of course she found the answer quickly. "You'll be playing the part as my dad, heh? She said teasingly.

"Eh?" Silver snapped out of his trance and looked at his sister figure embarrassingly. "No, it's not that, it's just that I was."

"I got it I got it. Let's do our best in the next play and hopefully we won't become any trolling targets." Silver's expression became slightly worried, until Blue grabbing his arm and dragged him with her. "Let's start practicing already. We'll make this play even better than the movie!"

"Uh… uhnn" The red head nodded slightly.

"So…" The evolver started with a smirk on her face. "Everyone stay patient for the next chapter and make sure to read it for me and Silver! Till well… the start of the play! Let's hope Dreamingflower-san won't take another month to write like 60 pages for a play and of course the disclaimer; Only I, Blue, own myself and everyone!"


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