Four's POV

My mom was screaming at me. I had to come home. Today, it was Reaping day and the odds are in my favour. My name is only five times in that bowl, so I'm not worrying about the Reaping. 'Mom, I go to Alicia, I'll be back in thirty minutes,' I yelled at mom. I was running to Alicia. She is my girlfriend and I really love her. No other girl is like Alicia. She is fast, sweet and she does everything to keep me happy. But she can be annoying, for example when I talk with other girls, she can be jealous! But I was going to Alicia, because I know she is worrying about the Reaping.

Alicia opened the door and she hugged me as no one else could hug me. 'Four,' she started, 'I was waiting for you.' She looked beautiful in her Reaping dress. I said to her 'Sweetie, please don't worry about the Reaping, your name isn't that much inside that bowl.' In the poorer district they put their name multiple times inside the bowl for food stamps, but we in District 2 don't need them. We are the most important District, we give the Capitol peacekeepers. When I'm grown up, I'll become a peacekeeper. I kissed Alicia and told her I had to go, putting my Reaping clothes on.

Back at home, my mother gave me my clothes and said me 'Dear hurry, you're late, always that girl.' My mother didn't like Alicia. She is from the poorer families in 2. I putted my white blouse and blue jeans on and brushed my hair. The signal that the Reaping is going to start.

I stood between the 16-year-old boys. Our escort, Librae Vipointe, a blue haired female around the 20, stepped forward to the microphone. She started with the speech about the Dark Days, then the National Anthem of Panem started and there it was, the moment of the Reaping. 'And as usual,' Librae started with her annoying Capitol accent, 'ladies first.' She put her hand in the bowl and walked back to the microphone and said 'Alicia Herriot.'

I saw the look in her eyes and she walked to the stage. No volunteers for Alicia. I has to volunteer for the reaped boy, so I could protect Alicia. Librae picked a note from the male bowl and said the name. I couldn't care about who it was, I just screamed 'I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!'