Kirsten POV

The Parade was really different than we see on television. This was… better. I don't know how to describe this experience, even when I know it will be one of my last great experiences. Mett and I looked beautiful, our Prep teams and our stylist were great.

I blew some hand kisses to the audience, I hope it will help me to be "charming", which is my strategy these games. I'm not sure if I can be charming, I've never had to be. I'll see how it will work in training and the interview. I have to try to make allies, Blye told us.

When we stepped of the chariot, I felt something on my shoulder. It was the boy from District 2, who tapped my shoulder. What is he doing here? Why isn't he with his girlfriend? 'Hi, I'm Four.' He said, 'You and your District partner were really good at the Parade.' Four, the handsome boy from 2, a career, a serial killer. 'My name is Kirsten, you were also good.' I responded, 'Nice to meet you.' He has a beautiful smile.

His District partner came to us. 'FOUR,' she yelled at him, 'WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO HER?' I think she is a bit jealous. 'AND YOU, GIRL!' she turned to me, 'IF YOU EVER TALK TO MY BOYFRIEND I'LL KILL YOU PERSONAL, YOU UNDERSTAND?' Yuck, she is scary. 'Yes but…' 'Kirsten, what is going on?'

It was Mett, who heard what happened. 'Why are you talking with Careers?' Yeah, I forgot. Mett is like a parent. 'Mett, is it wrong to talk with other tributes?' He looked, you can't believe it, like my father who died a few years ago. 'No, but…' he started to whisper, 'they are Careers, build to kill you!'

'Mett, you're wrong! A Career talks only with another tribute if they want them as Career.' Mett shakes his head and walked away. I always do everything wrong. 'Well, I see you tomorrow.' Said Four with a smile and a very angry girlfriend.

After the Parade, when we were dressed in normal clothes, we goes to the fifth floor of the Training Centre. The elevator has twelve buttons, for every floor the number of the Districts. I've never used an elevator, and this was a luxurious one, made of crystals and really fast.

Our apartment was HUGE! I couldn't believe we had our own shower, bedroom and stuff. Even a wardrobe, which changes the clothes to your style. I choose black and blue clothes. The food in the Capitol is great. Our own food exist of handmade bread, soup and sometimes meat. But that is really rare.

After dinner, we watched the parade. The tributes looked beautiful and Caesar's comments were funny. Wait, do I see that good? Four and that girl are kissing each other, in the chariot? I knew that all the attention goes to them, they can get a lot of sponsors.

I was tired, so after our district I went to my bed. I had a dream that night. I dreamed about Four. We were in the arena, which was a huge labyrinth, and his district partner almost killed me, but Four threw a knife toward her which killed her. Them he came to me and I thought he was going to kill me, but he helped me up with a smile on his face. And then I wake up.

I put some simple clothes on. They were, like all my clothes, black with blue accents. Mett was wearing the same clothes. We ate some breakfast, I love the chocolate! Milk which tastes like chocolate, how does they make it? I wanted to tell someone about my dream, but it was also a shame when I do that.

After breakfast, Blye told us once we have to make allies. We were walking to the elevator, where Blye and Librae left us. So there I stood, in the elevator with Mett. 'Kirsten, try to make allies, but stay away from the Careers.' I didn't response him. The elevator stopped and we walked outside. They put and 5 on our back, so the other tributes know we are District 5.

The Careers were already there, waiting for the other districts. They were laughing, except Four's district partner. What are they talking about? The other district were arrived and Atala explained us the different centres. I was thinking to go to the area for sword fighting or the throwing knives.

Atala was done and I walked toward the sword fighting area. I was rather good with a sword, but I've never used one before. I saw the Careers looking at me, why are they interesting in me? I had my opponents sword really quick in my hand. The Careers were clapping their hands.

The tributes from District 1 walked toward me. 'Hi, I'm Beth.' She started, 'You're quite impressive with that sword.' The boy said 'We were wondering if you would join our Career pack.' The Careers want ME?! 'Okay, I haven't expect this!' The other Careers has joined them. 'I'm Daniel,' said the boy from 1 with a grin on his face. 'The girl from 2 is Alicia, and the tributes from 4 are Noah and Feon.' He continued. 'We heard you've already met Four?' He winked at me. 'Yes, after the Parade.' 'Only one thing,' Feon said, ' Don't tell your district partner about you and joining the Careers, he is a bit bossy.'

We had a moment to eat something in the room next to the training hall. I didn't sit with the Careers, Mett couldn't know I'm one of them. Mett was sitting with the tributes from District 7 and I walked toward them. 'Can I sit with you?' I asked. Mett tapped on the place next to him, so it was a yes. 'Kirsten, this is Jade,' he was pointing at the girl 'And this is Sean.' Sean looked funny. 'Hi Kristen! Mett told a lot about you.'

I looked irritated, Mett now I hated when someone says my name as Kristen. 'Sean, it is Kirsten, not Kristen.' I saw Mett laughing. 'Have you made an ally yet?' he asked me. 'No,' I lied. 'I haven't made any ally.' 'Join our ally, 'Jade said. 'We are not the best tributes, but we can defeat the Careers this year!'

Defeat the Careers? No, that is impossible. They are strong this year. And they have to kill me, a friend of them. No, they are not going to win. 'What have you done this morning?' I asked them. Sean started 'I used the axe, which was rather simple, because I've to use it all the time in 7. And I made some traps.' I didn't really listen to them. I just nodded a bit and said things like yes, uhu.

'Kristen? I asked what you did.' It was Sean. 'Sean, first thing it is KIRSTEN,' I became irritated again, 'And I did some sword fighting and threw some knifes.' 'So, you're a fighter?' Jade asked me. I watched at Mett, who looked worried at me. 'Yes, I'm a fighter.'

The lunch was over and I walked as far as possible away from Mett. Beth was standing with me. 'What have they told you?' she asked me. 'They want to defeat the Careers this year. But they don't know I'm one of you.' We walked to the other Careers, who were busy with making traps.

The rest of the training wasn't special. I did some archery, more sword fighting and then we had to stop. I walked to the elevator, I wanted to be on our floor before Mett was there. I was there and I took a shower. I don't understand these showers. I must be lucky when I can get some water.

I wanted to sleep, so after the shower, I goes to bed. I wasn't hungry at all. But, Blye came to my room and said I had to eat something. I didn't want to talk that dinner, I only ate some lamb stew. After dinner, I walked toward my room, but I was followed by Blye. He asked me what was wrong. 'Can you please say nothing to Mett ,Blye?' I asked him. 'Of course, dear.' He said. 'Okay, I joined the Career pack.' 'That is good, dear!' he interrupted me. 'And Mett, did he join the Careers?' 'No, that is the problem. He made and alliance with the District 7 tributes. He told me I couldn't join the Careers.' 'Dear, I don't tell Mett about this. If you want to join the Careers, it's okay.'

Blye told me good night and I goes to sleep. I had my first secret for Mett, what was a miracle. But I was tired, so I laid on the bed and felt almost directly asleep.