A/N: So this is the sequel to Doomed with Silence. I really hope that you like as much or more than Doomed with Silence!

Chapter 1

"We will have so much fun," the witch says cruelly. The car ride to her home is filled with my anxiety and her excitement. Finally, her play toy is back. I can serve again. I can feel nervous in the very place that I stay. I can get whipped.

"Avox, wake up. I'm speaking to you. I think you would like to know how we can have so much fun if I'm working all of the time. Well, I've quit so that we can have a great time together!" the witch giggles.

I accept that I'm going back and I can't do anything about. I'll serve as best as I can, won't resist, and hopefully won't be whipped as much. I will do my best. I will be loyal. I will be cautious. I don't want to go back, though. But I have no choice in the matter, like everything else in my life.

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