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Chapter 10

I read and re-read Peeta's suicide note. I was so close to saving him. I took too long though. Now, he's dead. His body is cold in some ditch. I remember when I discovered that he was dead.

"Katniss…oh my God…Katniss, come quickly…it's Peeta…just come to the witch's house…oh my God," Johanna said into the phone.

I dropped the glass of wine that I had just taken from Haymitch and ran out the door. I ran to the witch's house from the Viewing Room of the Games. I saw nothing unusual in the front of the house. I ran inside and saw Johanna crying. She pointed to a door. I burst through the door and saw Peeta on the ground. His right hand was clutching a knife. His left hand was clutching the suicide note.

"Oh my God," I whispered. I picked up the note and read it. "No…no." I fell to the floor, crying and muttering, "No…no." I was so close to saving him. I was waiting for the next party to save him.

Then, I began whispering the worst things. I whispered, "You were so selfish, Peeta! You killed yourself and took the easy way out! What about me? Didn't you love me? Did you ever love me? You're selfish!"

I miss him so much. I loved him. I still love him. I will always love him. There was a book called The Princess Bride in which it says, "Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it for a little while." And I agree. I still love Peeta.

But I can't go on without him. A world without Peeta is a world that I don't want to live in. How can I think to live with him gone? So I won't. I write my own suicide note.

I hope that I'm dead by the time someone reads this, but here's my explanation: I miss Peeta. I can't live without him. I won't live without him. I love him more than life itself, even if he thinks otherwise. But I hope to be put out of my misery. This is the only way.

With that, I take the knife that I always have. I stab myself in the heart three times. My last thoughts are, "I hope there is something after life. I hope that I can meet Peeta there and explain myself to him. I hope he can speak there. I must leave my burdens. I love Peeta. I will love him forever."

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