TLS FlashFic

Prompt - I can't remember anything without you.

Mondays: We steal warm, sleepy minutes from the new day to hold onto the weekend.

Tuesdays: We sneak long lunches. "Pickles? I'd rather lick the pavement." I don't test you; your smile tells me you'd really do it.

Wednesdays: You always buy me flowers.

Thursdays: Poker night. The bed dips, and your warmth surrounds me as you whisper your winning hands in my ear. "Full house, Queen of my heart."

Fridays: Date night, always ending in a tangle of sweat-drenched bodies and thumping hearts.

Saturdays: Hikes in the mountains. With a smile crinkling your eyes, you tease you'll leave me behind. You never do.

Sundays: Coffee and crumbs in bed with the crossword. You're so impatient. I can tell you're holding your tongue on my turn. You tickle and kiss 'til I give in.

Spring: In our garden. I watch the muscles in your back as you turn the earth. On Wednesdays, you buy me lilacs.

Summer: On our porch swing. Iced tea, fireflies, the spark of barbecues scenting the air. On Wednesdays, you buy me roses.

Autumn: Kneeling on fallen leaves. Lit by the flickering jack-o-lantern, you slide the jelly-ring on my finger. "Be my everything?" On Wednesdays, you buy me lisianthus.

Winter: Stranded in white lace. You dig us out, so handsome in your tuxedo. I become yours. You become mine. On Wednesdays, you buy me violets.



"What day is it today?" I ask, as snow falls from the silver sky.


I nod, with a heart so heavy with memories, I think it might stop.

Pushing my nose into the purple petals, their sweet scent flares you back to life for a second.

I lay my flowers on the cold marble. Two dates failing to tell your story.

You would have brought me violets today.