Thimbles' Fanfic Flashfic Week 21

Prompt - Pearl Jam's Oceans

Your eyes used to be filled with the never-ending curve of silver stars above the ocean. Your teenage heart stitched to mine.

Time moved with the tides until your eyes flared with the neon lights of the big city, luring you with promises of more. Secrets to discover. Dreams to live.

Evenings, tangled together on the cool sand as clouds blushed under the sun's retreat, turned to nights alone, watching the shadows stretch and slowly slip into a lonely darkness.

Our thread, the one that held us effortlessly entwined, has started to unravel.

I've tried. So hard. Gripping on until my fingers ache and my heart bleeds. The line is taut with my rejection, your frustration. A tug of war between love and guilt.

I'm treading water, but your struggle to be free pulls my head under, choking me with memories of salty lips whispering love and touches of sun-kissed skin. The roaring waves deafen your feeble reassurances, flimsy excuses.

To let go will cast me adrift. But, I have to.

Drawing in a fresh breath of courage, I unpick the thread from my heart, letting you slip through my fingers, and I allow the ocean to carry me home.