TLS Flash Fic

Prompt: To Infinity And Beyond

Last time I lay here, your fingers laced with mine, we were consumed in overwhelming, unbreakable love.

It was inconceivable you'd ever let go.

Now, every stab of the needle into my soft flesh reminds me our infinity was finite.

Each sting and scrape, as the ink seeps into my skin, is no match for the invisible wounds you inflicted.

The brightest burn is next to the words already etched on my ribs, where featherlight traces of your fingertips used to be a fiery meteor, trailing goose bumps in its wake.

That fire has turned to ash. What we were is nothing but dust blown away by a thoughtless wind, scattering smiles, kisses, and trust in every direction.

The relaxing hum of electricity diminishes the gut-wrenching memories.

Like a silent movie of the moment you slashed my heart with each and every word until all that remained were tatters of blood-red love.

Does she question your half of our puzzle? Its meaning incomplete without its match.

Do you make her sugar-paper promises, their worth dissolving the second the words touch your tongue?

This pain on the outside is nothing compared to the hurt I carry within, crushing my chest, churning my stomach, squeezing my lungs.

Steady hands and understanding, glacier-blue eyes working quickly, transforming this scar of ours. Etching hope that there is a beyond.

Beyond this. Beyond us. Beyond you.

A mirror reflects my dull brown eyes and ashen skin. The effects of your lies have rippled from the inside out. I twist my tired, wrung out body and see the fresh black swirls and their older neighbours.

"And beyond stormy skies, waits a beautiful day."

The words help my mind remember what my heart won't believe.

It can't. Not yet. But it will.

Beyond you, is me.