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Story inspiration the song 'Shooting Star' by Bad Company, and the movie 'Almost Famous.' Setting of this story is the early 1980s.

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Chapter 1

"Down at the Whiskey"

The Gods of Rock–N-Roll inspired us: Clapton, Pete Townsend, John Bonham, Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Pete Carr, Joe Perry, Ozzy Osbourne and Mick Jagger; I could list the greats all day long. We aspired to be just like them in every way, shape, and form.

My life had been planned from the moment I strapped a guitar onto my chest. The ultimate plan was to make it big someday, but that was the hard part. When I was a freshman at Forks High School, I soaked up every note and riff I could find. Learning to play by ear as I went and by the end of school that year,a couple guys and I started a band. Emmett played the drums, Mike played the bass, Garrett sang lead vocals, and I sang backup and played lead guitar.

At first, we were nothing more than a garage band at best. Not everyone had the drive and devotion that I did. Nevertheless, we practiced and worked as hard as we could. By the time we were juniors, we were so good that we played at local cafes and a couple of dances at the school. That was the year that our plans became more concrete. The plan after graduation was that the boys and I were going to head out to LA to see if we could finally get a shot at being famous.

Why wait until after graduation and not headed out now? Well, in case we didn't make it in LA, we would come home with our tails tucked between our legs, and go to college like we should have. That was the only way our parents would allow us to go. It wasn't the best plan, but it had potential.

We all got jobs after school, during the summer, and worked around our gigs. We practiced every chance we got. All the money we made working and the money from the shows went into a bucket at my house. We saved everything we could. The only way you were allowed to keep money out was for gas or something that couldn't be avoided; even that had to be approved by the other members of the band.

When my parents offered to buy me a car junior year, I declinedand asked that the money they would have spent on a car be placed in the bucket. They were reluctant at first, but once they saw how determined the four of us were, there was no stopping them from throwing their money in.

It was the last two weeks of our senior year when things started to take off. We booked a couple of clubs in Seattle and a good little buzz started about our band.

The crowd was intense that first night we played at club 'Twilight'. We had never played somewhere that wild and crazy before. The stage was huge and a cage wrapped around the entire thing, which I couldn't understand until the first band played. The crowd got rowdy and started throwing beer bottles at the stage while booing their performance. I was shocked at first, which brought my nervousness to the surface. I mean, what if they didn't like us? The cage might keep the beer bottles from hitting us, but we would still be covered in beer by the end of the night.

Right before they called us on stage the nerves of everyone hit an all time high. Garrett, the lead singer and main one who wrote our few original songs, was the first to suffer. We had started the intro to one of our originals when he ran to the back of the stage to puke. I didn't know what to do, but it was obvious that Garrett wouldn't be joining us for the first part. I motioned to Emmett to keep the drum line runningand nodded to Mike to keep playing. I stepped up to the microphone and belted out the first verse of our song.

I kept an eye on Garrett, and once he had calmed his body, he joined in on the second half of our song. We had only been scheduled to sing three songs. The first song went okay;everyone cheeredand no bottles were thrown. When I started the intro to 'Lunar Eclipse,' our second song, the crowd was loving it. They pulled out their lighters and waved them in the air, swaying their bodies to the beat. By the time the third and final song finished, the crowd was wild. The roar of the crowd was deafening.

At the end of the night, the manager came to us wanting to know if we would be interested in doing a set every Friday, and we jumped at the chance. However, having an every weekend performance would mean that we would have to quit our other jobs. Plus, we had only planned to stay in town for another two weeks, but it would depend. With us having a gig that was more permanent, we might be persuaded to stay in town just a little longer.

Things didn't work out like we had thought they might with the gig in Seattle. No sooner than our caps from graduation hit the ground, our bags where packed and we were LA bound.

I can still remember the day I left the house.

"Don't cry mama," I said to my mom as I hugged her for the seventh time.

"Please don't go," she said through her tears.

"Come Esme, let the boy go," Carlisle pled.

"Just smile and wave goodbye," I said wiping the tears from her face.

"Just wait ... I'm gonna be a big star someday, and this day will seem like nothing," I said trying to be positive about everything.

"I know baby. No mother wants to see the day when her child leaves the house for the first time."

She reminded me several times to change my underwear, to eat, and take care of myself. I smiled and pulled from her embrace. Once in the car, I turned around to see the smiling faces of my parents with tears in their eyes. I waved at them and pulled off for our long journey to LA.

It didn't really take that long for us to get to 'Sunset Boulevard'. The Sunset Strip was known to be the haven of several groups. The greats like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and The Byrds were known to hang out at the places along the strip back in their day, while Motley Crue, Ratt, and Van Halen are lining up to play down at 'Whisky a Go Go'. The strip was one and a half miles that housed restaurants, bars, and clubs.

The boys and I were excited to be here, but tired from the trip and decided that first thing in the morning, we would start working on getting a couple of gigs in the area.

The main placed we wanted to play was at 'Whiskey a Go Go'; it was our first stop. If that didn't work, we planned on hitting up 'The Roxy', 'Pandora's Box', and 'London Fog.' After that, we didn't know where to go, but decided we would stick it out to the end.

We pulled into the Continental Hyatt house that we were staying at for the next couple of days. If we didn't get a gig soon, I didn't know where we would be staying after that.

After getting into our rooms, we walked down to the Rainbow Bar and Grill for something to eat. No sooner than the doors opened, I was stunned. There were celebrities and rockers alike all having dinner or drinking at the bar. We didn't move an inch, just stood there looking at everyone. We were officially in the heart of rock n roll.

One of the men from behind the bar ushered us in and sat us at a table. We didn't talk for a good ten minutes until one of the celebrities walked over to the table and welcomed us. After that, we were golden and ordered our meal. We finally worked up enough courage to talk to a couple of celebs and everyone was extremely friendly. It was like one giant party and everyone was friends with everyone. They even gave us some weed and told us where to go if we needed more.

While stoned out of our minds, we wrote the first chords and words to another song sitting on the steps of the Hyatt.

The following morning, we hit the pavement and talked to all the managers at the clubs on the strip. We didn't get a gig, and things really needed to shape up soon or we would be heading home, and not happily.


It took us a month to get to perform at 'London Fog' and we had already been living out of the back of Emmett's van for the last two weeks. We were hungry and dirty. The manager there was gracious enough to give us an advance on the show. This allowed us to head back to the Hyatt for a warm meal, a hot shower, and a warm bed for a week or two.

The following week, we did the concert and things went well, but nothing came of doing the show. The manager was mildly impressed and pushed for us to come up with more original material;being a cover band would only get us so far. He told us to come back when we had five original songs.

We worked and thought and when we weren't trying to write something, we were looking for something to eat or somewhere to shower again. It took us two fucking months to finally add three more original songs to our set. We walked back into 'London Fog' with our new songs, and had another appearance along with another advance payment.

Before the gig, we practiced, practiced, practiced, and then drank and smoked every drop of money up. So, doing the show was now the key to keeping us in LA longer. This time things went much better. We meet Jasper Whitlock. Jasper was the nephew of some big wig in the music industry.

After talking to him in the wee hours of the morning, we had a few more things to try. He used his contacts and was able to get us more shows; a couple at the Whiskey, one at the 'Troubadour', plus the three performances we now had at 'London Fog'. Things were starting to take shape with Jasper's managing skills.

Jasper also managed to get us in the recording studio with Aro Volturi, the producer of several popular bands. He saidit would be easier to promote us if we had something down so we could send things out to radio stations, and companies like RCA, Columbia, or any other recording labels there were.

We were all flying high from the news. And, to celebrate the good news we finally had, we partied like rock stars until the wee hours of the morning. Now, with a permanent place at the Hyatt and performances at all the local clubs, we were well on our way to fame.

I called my parent's once week to check in with them. When we learned we had to record an album, I called them to ask for the money. We should have had the money, but we burnt it all up in drugs and alcohol as fast as we were making it. About the only thing we managed to pay the entire time was the rent at the Hyatt.


We had spent a year out on the Sunset Strip, and all of us missed our families. So, we headed home for a while to get things settled. We all quit smoking and drinking long enough to visit. While home, I met Kate. She rocked my world in every way possible. When it came time to head back to LA, she jumped at the chance to come with us. She told her parents she was taking the year off from college.

It was great when we came back; we started out as the opening act at 'London Fog' like we had before we left to visit home. We finished laying down all the tracks to our first album. We were waiting to hear back from the record companies to see if any picked us up.

Jasper said that if the album took off that we wouldn't have to play at 'London Fog' any more. Apparently, the record executives weren't too impressed because we never heard anything back from them.

Jasper pulled a couple of string and at least got the radio disc jockey to play a couple of songs off our record at midnight. The first time our song played on the radio, the boys and I celebrated with five bottles of Jack Daniels and countless lines of coke in the bathroom.

Kate was great during the time we spent together while she waited to go back to college. She came to all the shows, cheered us on, cleaned up behind us, and made sure we all ate. We never did any kind of hard drugs in front of her, and I wanted to keep it that way. The boys even limited the amount of women they brought back to the Riot House. During one night of debauchery and a couple of pain pills, I married Kate. I don't think she was completely aware of the fact that I was higher than a Georgia pine, but I married her. We already had gotten the marriage license, but I was stalling. She wanted to get married, but I felt like she needed to go to school first. I wanted to see where my music career was going and if it took off. It wasn't like I was in a position to provide for her properly. Hell, I couldn't even take care of myself.

About three months into the marriage, the honeymoon phase was over. Kate stopped coming to the shows and wouldn't even clean up our messes any more. She constantly bitched about 'not being our mothers' and to tell you the truth, it got on my last nerve. But, I had a solution to the problem ... drink more and snort more coke. It seemed to make her voice disappear and she became tolerable again. Kate was a rich girl and felt she didn't belong out at clubs. Or, that's what she said one night during her tirade through the apartment. I would hate to know what she thought about being on the road. She left the following day heading home to attend college, but promised that once a month, she would come to see me. If something happened and we were on the road, she said she would meet where I was.

By the time fall rolled around, Kate had had enough and headed home to her parents. We stayed married, but she went home to go to college while I worked on being a rock star.

The band was starting to gain some notoriety from the couple of songs that had played during the day on the radio station. It was from then on that 'The Midnight Riders' became the house band at 'Whiskey a Go Go.'

It was during this time that Jasper schooled all of us boys on the groupies that would accumulate at the backstage door that we would enter and leave from every night. I tried not to pay them too much attention because I was married, but once the alcohol started to flow and the drugs came out to play, it seemed I didn't mind finding a little groupie love along the way. I figured Kate would never need to know. It wasn't like the others didn't have girlfriends of their own, but would still find a pretty little groupie to shack up with at night.

"There are two different types of 'groupies'," Jasper said standing against the apartment doors. We were watching the women down the hall with the other artists living at the Hyatt.

"Aren't the all the same?" I asked tipping the Jack Daniels up.

"No sir, some of them are different. See that group there," he said pointing to a group of women hanging around one of the drummers from another band in town.

"Yeah, what about her?" I asked handing him the bottle of Jack.

"She's never been here before and neither have her friends. I would be willing to bet she is a fan and looking to have sex with a rock star," he said handing the bottle of Jack back to me.

"How can you tell?" I asked perplexed at how he knew.

"Watch the women when they come around, listen to their words, and if you've never seen them here before, more than likely they are hook ups, just looking to say she fucked a rock star."

"Now, there are a select few that are actually groupies here, but you probably haven't noticed them," he said motioning toward another group of women.

"Those women are the best to have around."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because son, those women are not in it for the fame and they are not in it for the sex. They are here because they love the band. They're kind of like the girlfriend without the attachments; the mother's we all left behind. They will take care of your every need and then some;they truly love the music," he said walking away toward the girls at the end of the hall.

I slipped into a deep coma that night when I fell asleep.


Before we knew it, three damn years had passed, and life was going great. We had another album getting ready to hit. This time I didn't have to call my parents to borrow the money. The record company was footing the bill on the new record, and all the promotions for the album.

"All right boys, what do you say about going on tour?" Jasper asked walking through the door.

"Well, all right," said Garrett.

The rest of us whooped and hollered.

"All right," Jasper said motioning his hands for us to calm down.

"The tour starts in four days. You will be living on a tour bus;so make sure you pack everything you need. You will be touring the country as the opening act to AC/DC," he said; the whoops and hollers started again.

Finally, at the age of twenty-three, the band had finally made it somewhere. There wasn't any guarantee that it would lead to stardom, but we were better than we were when we first headed to LA.

For the next six-months, we would tour the US, with our last stop being in New York. We would be staying at the famous Gramercy Park Hotel. Another dream would be to see Max's Kansas City Diner. After the tour, we would be given a three-month break where we would get back in the studio to record our third album.

I called my mom to tell her the good news.

"We finally made it mom," I shouted into the phone, no sooner than she picked up.

"Oh, baby I knew you would," she said. I could hear the excitement in her voice.

"Carlisle, Edward said they made it," she said hollering at dad in the background.

"Seattle is one of the stops. Do you think you can come?" I asked looking over the itinerary of shows.

"Oh my gosh! Yes Edward, let us know and we will be there," she said.

I talked to my mother for a few minutes longer. I had to get off the phone; we had one more show at 'The Whiskey' before we pulled out tomorrow.

A couple of hours later, I climbed on the stage and played my heart out. Right before we took a break, I noticed a pretty little brunette at the back of the building. I didn't know who she was, but I had seen hera couple of times hanging out. She partied with a group of other girls and the others usually did things ... to help the band.

A/N: All right guys we have followed Edward and the band on their little adventure into this rock world I have created. The whiskey does exist and was the start of a lot of bands in the eights. Hence, the title 'Down at the Whiskey' a song written and performed by Motley Crue that talks about their time spent down at the whiskey. The next chapter we will meet our Bella, but she won't use the name Bella. Remember, this story will update on the second week of the month, if that schedule changes I want to make sure you will get your updates. I will also make notes at the beginning or A/N at the end to let you know. So, please before you go hit the follow button. ~Thanks.