You had been waiting a long time for this. Mere weeks had seemed like endless and agonising sweeps to you. The craving and hunger for bulge had almost crept upon you like a growlbeast stalking its prey. Once it had arrived, the lust and want just wouldn't go away, no matter how much you touched your own bulge and played with your own nook, it just made you long for more. You had forced yourself to insurmountable, dripping climaxes of pleasure, but none of them were even nearly as satisfying as you wanted. What you needed was an outsider, a second party to join in the fray. Even if it was just to touch, feel the slimy surface of another sultry feeler run across your face, across your body.

Your matesprit had arrived in a flash, anxious not to keep you waiting, as your libido had risen to levels that you never even knew were capable. When you had messaged them, you were short and frank about what you needed and when you needed it. Nervously your partner pulled down their pants and there it was. What you had been waiting for. The jade coloured, throbbing, already erected tentabulge squirmed slowly in the air as it was released and you ran your tongue across your lips as a droplet of genetic material oozed out of the slightly porous flesh.

"You got it all nice and warmed up for me… how kind of you!"

"I-I didn't want to disappoint you."

Your eyes followed the tentacle as it swayed and wriggled in the air, the gleaming, slimy surface drawing you closer and closer. Soon your face was almost touching it, your breath made the member twitch in reaction. Your tongue slid itself out and ever so slowly, you dragged it across the slime coated flesh. Your taste buds tingled as the material touched your tongue. This was the satisfaction you had been looking for.

You played around with the appendage, letting it caress your face, smearing your grey skin with jade tinted slime. You didn't care; you relished the moment and enjoyed the feel of it on your face. It was incredible and as your hands reached out to grab the bulge, you were ready for so much more.

Delicately your hands slid and slipped over the tentabulge, exciting it further and causing it to react you your touch, coiling and shifting around your hands. The material was soon building up to an incredible level; it was filling your hands and was being pushed out from the spaces in-between you closed fingers. You wanted the mother lode though, the climax.

Your hands and tongue were incorporated into achieving this goal and soon you could feel the bulge writhing in your grip, wanting desperately to let go of its bounty. You waited though, you bided your time. Your eyes glanced up for a brief second at your companion who was face was almost completely jade. Their eyes were pleading for you to let them go, to let them release. You almost gave in until your lust took over, causing you to prolong the experience further.

The almost leathery texture, the way it curled and coiled around your hands, the oozing delectable substance that was secreted from it. There were so many reasons you loved tentabulges it was hard to list them all.

As your bestial side took over, you let begun to stroke and play vigorously, until the climax was reached and the pool of slime that you so craved was created. You smiled as the mixture washed over your skin. The cries of your companion were washed out as all you could focus on was the unimaginable satisfaction that filled your body.