It was an immensely gratifying feeling, having such a slimy, humungous bulge pumping in and out of your throat. Your inky black lips were stretched to their maximum capacity, the sheer girth of the alien member being truly astonishing. You didn't even have to move, although you did anyway but only slightly, the tentabulge of your partner jabbed itself in and out of your mouth, spilling genetic material both into your taste buds but also onto your body.

For you this was a feeling like no other, your face was being truly fucked and your gag reflex was being pushed to its absolute limit. Had this been just a normal penis, it would have been enjoyable, but this was ecstasy, a frenzy of thick, oily lust. Your partner held your head for a moment, the slick genital was thrashing around inside, as if looking for a way out. Offering that escape, your partner yanked it out, to which you sounded a defiant:


Before your eye was covered with slime. Your lover groaned intensely as the bulge thrashed and exploded its paste all over you. Your skin was quickly bathed in the substance of your dreams. Never before had you received so much. They must have been waiting on this for days, slowly building up the goo all for your sensual delectation. After all, you had been promising this for weeks now.

Troll on troll relationships never usually allowed for this sort of activity. Not only was it extremely taboo for you to waste gunk such as this on simple fun and frolics, but most troll's teeth did not allow for any use of the mouth outside of various caliginous practises. You were the lucky one. You swore by your bulge, and for you that was a very serious statement, that your teeth were smaller than most other trolls and you had a chance to prove it. By the dazed expression and heated panting, you had convinced your matesprit. Their jade member was expanding and retracting slowly, as if catching its breath, but aside from that, it was completely unscathed, with no teeth marks.

"T-that was incredible!"

Your fingers scooped through the green spunk that was splattered over your face.

"Next time try to get it inside; as much as I like the feel of this stuff on my skin, I would like to taste it when it's fresh."

You complained playfully, dragging your tongue across your fingers, drawing them into your mouth where you sucked the excess material off lightly and seductively. The eyes of your matesprit darted to the side and a jade pigment coloured their cheeks.

"C-calm your rumble spheres!"

A frisky grin curling onto your lips, you pushed your chest up toward your partners bulge, your modest but soft chest causing an instant reaction. The bulge tentatively slithered its way over one of your spheres, leaving a satisfying trail of slime.

"What was that?"

Your partner just winced, as the pleasure overwhelmed them once more. You were done teasing though; you were just about ready for anything now. You twisted yourself round and raised your ass high into the air. Your nook was fully exposed and ready to be plunged into. It was moist and dripping, your own bulge had long since emerged and was finding it difficult to stay still. There were smatterings of blue juices along the lips and your inner thigh, from where it had lashed out. Your flesh had been craving this for what seemed like an age and it was finally going to get what it had been almost dying for.

It didn't take long for your nook to be penetrated, the huge jade probe slamming it's way in and stretching your walls until they were almost pushed to their limit. You didn't care a single bit. So far this had turned out to be a perfect experience. You had gotten your wish. It was a tight fit, but soon the bulge began to thrust in and out of your nook, slowly sliding and dripping with the natural lubricant you so craved.

It took a while but sooner or later you managed to be able to work it in and out at a considerable pace, with a bit of work from your hips of course. You groaned and moaned sensually as it plunged deeper and deeper with each pump and your pleasure heightened. Soon you were working your hips at an incredible speed. Speeds which you never even knew you were capable of. Your free hand was now gripped around your bulge, rubbing it as a means of heightening the ethereal ecstasy you had just entered. Your tongue had slithered out and hung for a while now and you could feel your partners and your own bulge throbbing, in anticipation of release. You mind was so completely satisfied with what you had achieved that you just simply nodded and with an ecstatic cry you shouted:

"Yes, fucking go, yes!"

You both did just that, your genetic material exploding all over the floor, your nook being filled to the brim and overflowing extensively. Your body tensed up and as your nook clenched, you felt the bulge exit your body.

Completely overjoyed, you collapsed in the blue slimy puddle beneath you and passed out.