Characters: Hiccup, Astrid, mentions of the gang

Rating: T

Time range/age: 19-20

Modern AU

Author's note: Hi, guys! I'm sorry again for this very, very, very late update. The story is not dead, and I am not dead as well… Inspiration just comes really slow these past months, so I really hope you bear with me. Also, thank you for still supporting my story despite my slow updates. I got this idea from a story prompt post in Tumblr. The prompt was "Can I sit here? Everywhere else is full." I'm a little rusty, but nevertheless, I hope you all still like it!

Disclaimer: HTTYD and its characters all belong to Dreamworks and Cressida Cowell.

Can I Sit Here?

"Can I sit here—"

"Really? That's the third time I've heard that line from the guys at your table over there."


"If you scums think it's funny to approach a girl who's trying to enjoy her meal in peace, and ask the same damn question every time, then you came to the wrong place, buddy."

The guy with blond hair gave a few more pathetic stutters before scurrying back to his table, cheeks red, while his companions welcomed him with laughs. What would Astrid give to be able to slap those smiles off of their faces… with her nails.

All she wanted was a little time to herself, was that too much to ask? Was it too much to want a little peace in her favorite spot in her favorite restaurant with her favorite meal, without those four guys at the table across from hers bugging her every now and then? Was it too much to ask to—oh, who was she kidding? Her night's ruined, and what would she give to punch the living lights out of the guy with dark brown her who was winking at her at the moment.

She was this close to standing up and storming towards their table when the guy with auburn hair beat her to it.

"Oh, great." She mumbled to herself. "Another one."

He was tall, although I little bit lanky. He kept his head down as he approached her, like a child being forced by his mother to confess the crime he did. Only when he reached her table was when he looked up to reveal striking green eyes that could cause any girl to get lost into… not that Astrid was one of those girls, she was just stating facts.

"If you're here to bug me too then I suggest you leave now if you know what's best for you."

He threw his hands up a bit in surrender. "N-no… I came here to apologize, actually."

She glared at him.

"I'm.. sorry about that." He said, his voice was a bit peculiar, but not at all annoying. "We were kind of playing a game and you happened to be their target."

"Their?" She scoffed. "I suppose you have nothing to do with this?"

He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck awkwardly. "No… at least not really. I tend to stay out of most of the games they play." He gave a small laugh. "I mostly end up as the one who apologizes to the people after it, though."

She gave a small smirk despite herself. "Somehow, I find that quite believable."

His smile widened as he thrust his hand tentatively towards her. "I'm Hiccup by the way."

"Hiccup?" she raised an eyebrow at him. "That's your name?"

"More like a nickname." He gave her a toothy grin. "But if you must, my real name is Henry."

"I'm Astrid." She gave his hand a quick shake before giving him a playful smirk. "So, Henry… do you come here often?"

He chuckled. "Whoa, we've only known each other for like five minutes and you're already hitting on me?" He shook his head in mock disappointed. "I must say, milady. You should make proper choices."

She punched him in the arm and his yelp made her smile with satisfaction. Over at his table, she saw his companions snickering.

"Don't push your luck with me, I'm still mad at you and your companions over there."

"R-right. Sorry." He mumbled as he rubbed his arm, but he still had a smile on his face. "And to answer your question… no, I don't come here quite often."

Astrid nodded, a slight feeling of disappointment creeping at the back of her head.

"But, I can for you…"

Her head snapped back at him and she can see that he was grinning playfully at her, trying to look and sound cool. It was so awkward and bad that she had to let out a laugh.

"Oh my god," She gasped between laughs. "Was that a pick up line?"

Despite the redness in his cheeks, Henry joined in her laughter too. "You're right, that was bad. I have another one though, but it might earn me another punch."

She gave him a knowing smile. Henry wasn't so bad, he'd already made her laugh so much in a couple of minutes, and it felt nice. Plus, his eyes were quite nice to look at while he was talking.

"Why not give it a shot," She leaned back casually in her seat. "Who knows, it might work."

He grinned once more before pretending to straighten himself out and fixing his hair, which just made it messier.

"Can I sit here?" He asked. His playful smile was causing her lips to twitch upward. "Everywhere else is full."

Either she was making the biggest mistake of her life, or she was making the best decision she had ever made when she said,


However, when she couldn't help the smile that was forming on her lips as he sat down across from her, smile bright and cheeks red… or when she heard his friends' surprised gasps from the other table… or when Henry rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly again, Astrid knew that maybe, it would be the latter.