Heroes of Arcadia
Sonic Adventure - The Arcadian Adventure
by Anthony Bault

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Author's forward:

A pure Sonic fic...Sonic Adventure style. (Don't let all those other characters in the first section throw you...they're only going to get a bit part near the beginning.) Because of my love of video games, I was pondering the idea of becoming a video game designer. As such...this fic will be a little different from my usual fare, but not much. It will read like many of my other fics, but at certain intervals, you may see something like this:

CHARACTERS: (SegaArchie character/SIFF character)
MUSIC: Stage song
OBJECTIVE: Objective

This will do nothing more than add the flavor of the game to the story, the rest will read like a regular fic. Also...each stage will be split between one of the Sega-Archie characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Julie-Su, Mina) and one of the SIFFs (Red Sonic, Teila, Lazer, Anthony, Lisa, Bat, Aura). Basically, it's split like SA2...but using different characters. I was inspired to do this after reading Potato Salad's "Sonic Adventure II.V".

And now...let's open up this strat guide I have for SA-TAA and see who the main characters are...

Sega/Archie Heroes

Full name: Maurice "Sonic" Hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 17
Theme: "It Doesn't Matter" (SA2 version)
Profile: One of three triplets born to King Wallace Julian Hedgehog and Queen Aleena Bernadette Hedgehog in the kingdom of Mobara, and considered the greatest hero on the world of Mobius. He currently resides in the newly restored kingdom of Mobotropolis, living with his uncle Charles Hedgehog, so he can be close to his girlfriend, Princess Sally Acorn of Mobotropolis. Though he has a bit of an ego, he still has a sensitive side which comes out whenever he's with Sally or when dealing victims of the Robotnik war.

Full name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Species: Kitsune fox
Age: 12
Theme: "Believe in Myself" (SA2 version)
Profile: Son of Elrond and Sarah Prower, and descendant of Magi Reynard Prower, one of the original Companions of Arcadia. He is now the current Companion, and has regained Reynard's abilities and powers. He also has a strong aptitude for mechanics, even considered a bit of a prodigy. Despite all that he has been through with Robotnik, he still maintains a child's sense of fun.

Full name: Naki "Knuckles" Echidna
Species: Echidna
Age: 18
Theme: "Unknown from M.E." (SA2 version)
Profile: The current Guardian of Angel Island, charged with the protection of the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald. He is also the leader of a group called the Chaotix, formed to protect the Emeralds as well...though now their responsibility has expanded to the protection of the Mobius/Gardenia portal as well. He is very serious about his position, but has lightened up slightly since the current Gamemaster convinced him that he might lose friends as a result. Julie-Su has also helped lighten him up a bit...but in a different way...

Full name: Amy Thorn Rose
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 12
Theme: "My Sweet Passion" (SA1 theme)
Profile: Daughter of Mary Rose. She came into the ranks of the Freedom Fighters the same way Tails did...from being separated from her mother by Robotnik's attacks and then found by the Freedom Fighters. Also, like Tails, she was reunited with her family due to the Gamemaster's efforts. Since then, she has grown to love the Gamemaster like a father, and is now a member of the Larson Clan as a result of this bond. In fact...she has even managed to be able to use the Gamemaster's powers, and is now the Gamemaster's apprentice.

Full name: Unknown
Species: Bat
Age: 19
Theme: "Fly in the Freedom" (SA2 theme)
Profile: She is a former government agent who was involved in trying to gather information about the Chaos Emeralds, which had caused her to get involved with the incident aboard the Colony ARK. Since then, she has settled down in Station Square, and is in charge of the city's security and investigations. Of course...she usually takes personal charge of some investigations...

Full name: Julie-Su Echidna
Species: Echidna
Age: 18
Theme: "Destination Unknown" (from Top Gun soundtrack)
Profile: A former member of the Dark Legion, and still has the cybernetic parts to prove that connection. She quit the Legion after a chance encounter with Knuckles, and the two have become quite close. She has even been made a member of the Chaotix after proving herself to them.

Full name: Mina Diane Mongoose
Species: Mongoose
Age: 17
Theme: "Hella Good" by No Doubt
Profile: She was a member of the Freedom Fighters since her mother was roboticized, and has been reunited with her mother after Robotnik's final defeat. She currently resides in Station Square, where she lives with her current boyfriend, Red Sonic. She also has Sonic's speed...but as of yet cannot brake as well.

SIFF Heroes

Red Sonic
Full name: Red Sonic
Species: Hedgehog
Age: Actual - 4, Physical - 17
Theme: "Bullet" by Creed
Profile: A clone of Sonic originally created by Robotnik as a way to combat the Freedom Fighters, but was a failure since he retained most of Sonic's mind, and thus became a Freedom Fighter as well. He eventually joined a Freedom Fighter group in Station Square, where he currently resides with his girlfriend, Mina. He has powers derived from exposure to the energy of a green Chaos Emerald.

Teila Fox
Full name: Teila Fox
Species: Fox
Age: 15
Theme: "Believe in Myself" (SA1 version)
Profile: A lot about her past is a muddle, but she remembers receiving powers from exposure to a yellow Chaos Emerald. These powers allow her to control the weather to some degree when she is angered, and her eyes change from blue to yellow as she is able to do so. Tails had a small crush on her a while back, and she currently lives in Tails's workshop in the Mystic Ruins. She also is in possession of a strange cyan colored Chaos Emerald that only she can hold.

Full name: Lazer Hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 19
Theme: "In the End" by Linkin Park
Profile: Once a resident of a town called Adrax in the country of Xadra, located on the continent of Neos. His town was destroyed by Robotnik, and he thought everyone but himself were lost, so he joined Sally's Freedom Fighters and later the Freedom Fighter group in Station Square to get revenge. He has since found Rebecca Coriander, another survivor of Adrax, and the two currently live together in Station Square. Lazer also has powers derived from five red Chaos Emeralds imbedded within himself...gifts from the Ancient Walkers.

Full name: Anthony William Bault
Species: Human - Earth
Age: 26
Theme: "The Game" by Drowning Pool (from WWF Forceable Entry CD)
Profile: He is a descendant of Sir Eric of the Larson Clan, considered the greatest of the original Companions of Arcadia. Like Sir Eric, Anthony is skilled in swordplay and psionic ability, and he was key in the reunion of Arcadia and the final defeat of Robotnik. He also has a strong bond similar to family with Amy, even admitting he would have adopted Amy if he hadn't found Amy's mother alive and well. Sensitive as he is brave, he hates to see any innocents get hurt. He will also risk his own life to save others.

Lisa Echidna
Full name: Lisa Echidna
Species: Echidna/Demon
Age: 17
Theme: "After the Fall" by October Project
Profile: Her origins are strange...for she was created instead of born. A strange pendant was found with the essence of a sorceress named Elisbeth Echidna within it, and when energy was applied to it, Lisa was created. Although she has come to grips with her origin and has made a life for herself in Station Square, the recent appearance of a couple of dragon wings on her back has now brought new doubts as to whether she is good or not, fearing she is part demon.

Full name: Ryan "Bat" Perreault
Species: Echidna
Age: 27
Theme: "Mighty Wings" (from Top Gun soundtrack)
Profile: He is a former member of Angel Island's air force, where he held the rank of Captain. After Robotnik's defeat, he continued to aid Mobius as a whole, though still in service to Angel Island for the most part. He currently resides in Station Square.

Aura Starfire
Full name: Aurora Crystal Starfire
Species: Fox
Age: 19
Theme: "Power of One" (from Pokemon the Movie 2000 Soundtrack)
Profile: She actually comes from an alternate version of Mobius, arriving on Arcadia Mobius via a power allowing her to traverse realities. She currently resides in Station Square on Arcadia Mobius, hoping to live something close to a normal life on a world where Robotnik no longer rules. She also has an ability to fire lightning bolts.

Other characters

Full name: Sally Acorn
Species: Squirrel
Age: 17
Profile: Princess of Mobotropolis and girlfriend to Sonic. Always serious about the affairs of state, but still finds time...or MAKES time to be with her friends. Her relationship with the core Freedom Fighters was even key to breaking down the barriers between royalty and the common folk.

Full name: Tyreke Fox
Species: Fox
Age: 16
Profile: He has a serious crush on Teila, and will stop at nothing to win her heart. Although not as powerful as Gamemaster, he has extensive psionic ability which he used to save Teila on a couple of occasions. Though the two ARE friends...Tyreke hopes to become more.

Full name: Rebecca Coriander
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 20
Profile: Like Lazer, she is a survivor of the attack on Adrax. When the two of them met, they immediately became inseparable. Finding Rebecca even calmed Lazer's rage to some extent. She currently lives in Station Square with Lazer.

Full name: Kyle Wolverine
Species: Wolverine
Age: 8
Profile: Having lost his natural parents to an accident, and later his adopted parents to one of Robotnik's attacks, he found himself being cared for by Lisa. Though he doesn't know this...Lisa may decide to adopt Kyle herself.

Species: Chao
Age: 2
Profile: A Chao raised by Lisa who eventually began to resemble Sonic, complete with spikes. Lisa completed the look by giving Hogi-San a pair of red sneakers and white gloves made to his size. Lisa considers Hogi-San one of "her little boys", along with Kyle.

Species: Chao
Age: 3
Profile: A Chao that Aura adopted when she arrived in Arcadia Mobius for the first time. Aura now cares for Ryndar full time, since she now plans to live in Station Square for good.

And now... *placing a CD into my Gamecube* Let the game begin!!!

(P.S. That sound you hear is the fourth wall completely shattering.)

Sonic Adventure - The Arcadian Adventure


Sega-Archie Start

My name is Sonic. Hard to believe all that's happened so far on Mobius. After ten plus years we're finally free from Buttnik...Arcadia is reunited AND with a couple of new worlds added to boot...my family's back together...and I even have three new sibs adopted into my family!

Of course...our present condition wasn't without some casualties...


It was midnight in Mobotropolis, and in the home of Dr. Charles Hedgehog, the blue quilled form of Sonic was tossing in his bed. He was having a nightmare...one that he had been having ever since his last visit to the South Islands region...

MUSIC: Final Rush

It was just as last time. The two hedgehogs, side by side, one blue, the other black, getting ready to prove just who was the real one and who was the faker.

After eyeing each other for a while, they took off down the long path of metal. Each one trying to outdo the other, outrun the other...and setting a frantic pace in the process. It was a race that both were giving their all for...

Finally...the goal was in sight, and the blue hedgehog brought forth a quick burst of speed that left the black one in the dust. He then made it to the end, and turned around in triumph.

"HA! What did you think of THAT, Shadow?" Sonic said, and looked around, not seeing Shadow anywhere. "Shadow?"

He then heard Shadow's voice call out from seemingly everywhere. "I was never here, Sonic...you let me die, remember?"

Suddenly, the platform Sonic was standing on gave way, and Sonic found himself plummeting towards the planet. He saw fire all around himself as he began to burn up in the atmosphere.

"NO! SHADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" Sonic screamed as the light engulfed him.

...and woke up in bed, in a cold sweat from the nightmare. He looked around, realized it was just a nightmare, and then laid back in his bed. Tears also began to trickle down his face as he began to remember the dark hedgehog...

"Shadow..." Sonic whispered towards the dark, as he fell back into a fitful sleep, tears still coming down his face.


SIFF Start

My name is Anthony, current Gamemaster of Arcadia. Even though it's been several months, I still find it hard to believe all that's happened to me. I mean...I end up visiting worlds of what I thought were just games...help reunite Arcadia...reunite several families...and even took part in adding another world to Arcadia as well. I should be happy at my accomplishments...

...but I'm not.

Because...there are those who I can't get out of my mind from those events...


It was midnight in Mobotropolis, and a young human was in his bed. As he slept, a stern look was on his face as if he was concentrating on something happening to him in a dream he was having. As it turns out, this was no ordinary dream...

BOSS STAGE: Packbell
MUSIC: Duel of the Fates

They were facing each other again...as they did many times before. Packbell and Anthony had always had each other in each other's sights, knowing full well that when they fought, it would be to the destruction of one of them.

Anthony activated his Mastertech Armor, allowing it to cover his body, and activated his lightsaber to ready himself for an attack. Packbell readied a lightsaber that was built into his right arm. Soon...the two warriors advanced on each other. Both began to parry blow after blow, neither one appearing to gain or lose ground.

Finally, Anthony managed to disarm Packbell, removing Packbell's arm in the process, and then stabbed Packbell in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground in a mass of sparks and bleeding oil.

"Well, done...Gamemaster..." Packbell said as he began to shut down. "But...what good is it to defeat me...since you failed to save others?" He then began to fade out of existence.

As Anthony tried to figure out what Packbell said, suddenly, several hands, or rather paws, shot out from the ground. After that, the full bodies of Mobians began to crawl out the ground and lurch towards Anthony in a zombie-like fashion. Anthony noticed they were roboticized...and when he saw Muttski as one of them, he realized these were the Mobians who had died during Robotnik's reign.

He tried to run away, but they continued to appear all around him. As he turned towards one direction he found himself face to face with a very disturbed Alec Johnson.

"I was being trained to help you..." he said, looking at Anthony. "I became a menace instead! Why didn't you help me?!?"

Anthony stepped back and tried to escape from him as well. He clenched his eyes in agony as he heard all the voices say in unison, "You failed us...Gamemaster..."

Anthony woke up in bed in a cold sweat from this nightmare, and began to pant heavily and out of fear. Suddenly, he placed his head in his hands as tears began to fall down his face.

"I don't deserve my title..." he said to himself, as he began to sob quietly in the privacy of his home.