Ash's Pokemon Journey

Summary: This story is about how I think that ash's journey should have gone through, Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Smart, a psychic and an Aura user. I do not own pokemon.

Note: I am not doing the Kalos Region. So fairy pokemon and Mega Evolutions don't exist.

Chapter 156

Dawn's double training,

The Draco-meteor Tutor

And Ash vs Barry again

There were two big bits of news going around the Sinnoh region. The first big news was Team Galactic's defeat. The commanders Saturn, Mars and Jupiter were condemned to stay in jail for life for stealing the meteorites from Veilstone city, stealing the adamant and lustrous orbs from the Eterna and Celestic museums, nearly trying to destroy Iron island and for nearly trying to destroy the whole world. Charon was jailed for life too and so were the grunts. Looker and the police shut down Team Galactic's headquarters on Mt Coronet so everything to do with Team Galactic was all over now. As Cyrus had gone to another dimension he was no threat anymore either. The second big news was Pokemon Hunter J's death. The police had divers and water pokemon dive into Lake Valor to see if they could find Hunter J or her crew. The ship was completely destroyed when it exploded in the lake after Mespirit and Uxie made it fall into the lake, and they found Hunter J and her crew all dead. So Sinnoh was not only free from Team Galactic, it was also free from Hunter J at last and no one was missing the villains one bit.

One day the gang were visiting a town called Brussel Town because Zoey was entering a pokemon contest there to earn her fifth ribbon. But they weren't the only ones there; Candice was there watching Zoey too. "Candice what are you doing here?" said Dawn "shouldn't you be at the gym?" "I haven't had any challengers lately so I decided to come here once I heard Zo-Zo was going to participate in this contest for her fifth ribbon," said Candice "so Dawn why didn't you compete?" "I'm entering the pokemon contest in Daybreak Town," said Dawn "and when I heard Zoey was competing here for her fifth ribbon I had to come and watch". "What a nice friend you there" smiled Candice. It wasn't long till Zoey defeated her final opponent and won her fifth ribbon. The Brussel Ribbon was green with white outlines. Candice and the gang congratulated Zoey at once because she was qualified to enter the grand festival.

To celebrate Zoey's victory Candice held a sweets party for her; there was ice cream, cakes and puddings for everyone. "So Dawn how have you been doing?" asked Zoey. "I've been working hard" said Dawn. "Dawn said she was competing in the Daybreak contest" said Candice. "oh that one is a double performance and double battle" said Zoey. "That's right," said Dawn "because I messed up at the double performance at the Hearthome contest I felt I really wanted to jump back in and challenge myself one more time for a battle performance. After all Zoey you did say to me back then that if you want to improve you should never be satisfied with where you are". "That's good you remembered," said Zoey "I look forward to seeing you at the grand festival".

Suddenly Tomo ended up crying in pain because his tongue was feeling very hot. He gulped down some water at once. "Phew this ice cream bar is spicy" said Tomo. "That's because this is a Snowpoint tomato berry ice cream bar," said Candice "it has yummy ice cream on the outside, with a tomato berry jelly on the inside". "No wonder it's spicy" said Tomo, remembering how spicy a tomato berry was. "Why would you fill an ice cream bar with that?" asked Dawn. "Well sometimes certain things you didn't think would go together actually end up very well together" said Candice. "I see" said Dawn, surprised with that. Everyone continued tucking into all the sweets.

Later that night Dawn was outside with Piplup, Pachirisu, Buneary and Phione. She wanted to practice some double performances with them for the Daybreak Contest. "Okay let's try this," said Dawn "Phione use bubble". Phione release bubbles into the air. "Now Buneary ice beam". Buneary released ice beam which froze the bubbles and popped them into icy-blue sparkles. "Nice, okay Piplup and Pachirisu it's your turn. Piplup use whirlpool". Piplup created a big whirlpool. "Now Pachirisu use discharge". Pachirisu released discharge onto the whirlpool, making the whirlpool electrifying and all lit up. "That works great too". Just then there was the sound of clapping. Zoey had been watching Dawn and was impressed with how Dawn was working with her pokemon. Dawn admitted that she was still nervous about the Daybreak contest because she had never entered a double contest battle before, so she didn't really know what combinations to make for the battle rounds. Zoey offered to help; as she now had five contest ribbons, she agreed to help Dawn practice for her fifth ribbon. Dawn accepted the help at once.

The next day Ash and Tomo saw on the news that Paul had just won his eighth gym badge. So he was all set for the Sinnoh League. "Great" sighed Tomo. He was worried because he and Ash still needed one more badge. "Don't worry Tomo," said Ash "there's plenty of time for us to earn our eighth badge before the Sinnoh League starts. Once we are down with the Daybreak Contest we'll go straight to Sunnyshore City for our last badge". "Okay" said Tomo, cheering up right away. Just then Candice came in feeling urgh from eating too many sweets last night. "Hey Candice have you seen Dawn?" said Ash. "Yes she's outside with Zo-Zo and they are training together with real kiai" answered Candice.

Candice was right because Dawn was outside with her pokemon Piplup, Pachirisu, Buneary, Phione, Mamoswine and Cyndaquil and with Zoey too. Dawn decided to use Mamoswine again so he could make up for messing up the Lilypad Contest. "My plan is to come up with a way to put up Mamoswine's ice shard with another pokemon's move" said Dawn. Zoey liked that idea and so did Candice; being an ice type trainer and all. Candice wasn't planning to go back to her gym yet because she wanted to watch the training go. First Zoey asked Dawn to have Mamoswine show off its ice shard so to see what it was like. There were some big rocks on the ground, so Dawn had Mamoswine hit one of the rocks with ice shard. The rock broke apart from the ice shard attack. "That was great Dawn, using ice shard is a great idea" said Candice. Now it was time to work with the second pokemon move. Piplup was up first and Dawn ordered him to use bubblebeam. Piplup fired some bubbles while in front of Mamoswine. Then Mamoswine used ice shard, but poor Piplup got frozen by the ice. Growlithe quickly unfroze Piplup with flamethrower. "Freezing your own partner is not the best move" sighed Zoey.

Candice knew exactly what needed to be done because she knew a lot about ice type moves and how to use them to an advantage. So she sent out her Abomasnow to show an demonstration. "Now Dawn and Mamoswine look closely okay because we are going to show you a variation of ice shard" she said. She ordered Abomasnow to use ice shard and then razor leaf attack. The razor leaves broke the ice shard into little pieces and they went around Candice, and Candice didn't even freeze up. Everyone were impressed by that skill. Dawn decided to try this at once.

Dawn called up Pachirisu to try the technique first. "Okay Mamoswine break the ice shard with your tusks and make it swirl around Pachirisu" she said. Mamoswine understood and so he made an ice shard, broke it to pieces with his tusks, and the pieces of ice went around Pachirisu. "Now Pachirisu use discharge" said Dawn. Pachirisu released a discharge and it created a beautiful blue swirl with the ice. "Now smash those rocks Pachirisu" said Dawn. The idea was for Pachirisu to be able to attack with the electrifying ice, but Pachirisu couldn't do a thing and it was trapped within the swirl. This was good for a display but not for battling. Soon the electricity wore off and all the pieces of ice fell onto Pachirisu. "Oh dear" sighed Candice. Poor Dawn didn't know what to do because she was running out of ideas and she really wanted to use Mamoswine's ice shard for the main part.

Zoey suggested having a double contest battle with her and she also suggested Dawn should try something with her Cyndaquil. Dawn wasn't sure because of how ice and fire weren't compatible with each other. But then she suddenly remembered about what Candice said about how things you wouldn't think that go together work together really well. She also remembered how Zoey's Shellos and Glameow's ground and electric attacks worked beautifully even though they weren't compatible. So Dawn agreed to have a battle with Zoey and she was going to use Mamoswine and Cyndaquil.

Dawn and Zoey got ready for battle. "I think Zoey is going to use Glameow" said Brock. Brock was wrong because Zoey sent out two newest pokemon, a Kirlia and a Leafeon. Zoey planned to use them in the grand festival. Dawn decided to try out a move with Mamoswine and Cyndaquil. She ordered Mamoswine to use ice shard, and Mamoswine did the same thing he did to Pachirisu before. Then Cyndaquil used flame wheel while going around the ice swirl. But the flame wheel melted the ice pieces and it rained on Cyndaquil. "Don't give up Dawn, combining a fire and ice move is a great idea" said Zoey. "Now try to visualize the move you want to use" called out Candice. Dawn thought about the tomato berry ice cream bar, and imagined the flame wheel being the tomato berry jelly and the ice shard being the ice cream. Now Dawn did have an idea. "Cyndaquil use flame wheel and stay put" she said. Cyndaquil did as he was told and Mamoswine did the ice chard technique again, but this time Dawn ordered him to freeze the ice pieces again with ice shard. Once the ice shard hit the pieces it created a big orb of ice with Cyndaquil still using flame wheel inside. "It worked!" cheered Dawn "I'm calling this move the flame-ice". Everyone loved this move, especially Zoey. "Now Cyndaquil attack Kirlia and Leafeon" said Dawn. Cyndaquil tried to charge towards Kirlia and Leafeon with the ice armour but the ice broke apart; this move still needed work on it. Now it was time for Zoey and her pokemon to attack. Zoey ordered both Kirlia and Leafeon to use magical leaf. Then Kirlia used psychic to control all the leaves; Mamoswine got hit hard by some of the leaves and Cyndaquil got hit by the rest. Poor Mamoswine and Cyndaquil fainted on the spot, making Zoey the winner of this battle.

Even though Dawn didn't perfect the move, she planned to master it before the Daybreak contest because she wanted to use it. Ash and Tomo declared they will get their last badges and Ash planned to get his last ribbon and frontier plaque too. So Ash, Dawn and Tomo had a lot of work to do.

After having a day of training with Zoey and Candice it really was time to head over for Daybreak Town for the next pokemon contest. But right now they were lost in a forest and even Brock's pokegear wasn't much help. "Let's see if my aura can help us out of this" said Ash. Before he could start using aura, Pikachu pointed up into the sky. A meteor was rising into the sky and then multiple meteors came falling down. "Hey that's draco meteor" said Ash. "Draco meteor?" said Dawn. "It's one of the strongest dragon type moves ever;" said Ash "my Dragonite, Salamence and Flygon know it too". "Cool I want to see that draco meteor again" said Dawn. So the gang ran over to where the draco meteor attacks came from.

Outside the forest there was a large area with one lone house. An old woman was training with an Altaria; the draco meteor had come from Altaria. At that moment the gang turned up to see Altaria using the draco meteor move. "That's awesome" said Dawn. She wanted to get closer, but Ash kept her and the others well back. "Never walk into an area where a pokemon is using draco meteor Dawn; there's no telling where the meteors could hit" warned Ash. As soon Ash said that the meteors came falling down all over the ground near where the gang was standing. "There you see" said Ash. Dawn understood at once how dangerous draco meteor was.

At that moment the old woman and Altaria saw the gang. "What are you children doing here?" the old woman asked. "Oh please excuse us ma'am," said Ash "we got lost while walking through this forest, and then we noticed the draco meteor attack". "I see well you children are welcome to stay here a bit, it is easy to get lost around here" said the woman. The old woman introduced herself as Wilma and she taught dragon type pokemon how to use draco meteor. Altaria belonged to a trainer who asked Wilma to teach it draco meteor. "I have some dragon type pokemon who know draco meteor too" said Ash. "Is that so?" said Wilma "can I see one of your pokemon doing it?" "Sure" answered Ash.

Before Ash did anything there was a rumbling noise coming from the ground, and then a blue- grey fin came charging towards the people in the ground. It was like a shark's fin heading towards prey. It turned out to be a Gible. "Oh back again I see" said Wilma. "You know this Gible?" asked Dawn. "This Gible lives in the forest and comes here now and again because it wants to learn draco meteor" said Wilma. "Oh really?" said Ash. "Hey Ash can you show us one of your pokemon doing draco meteor now please?" asked Dawn. Ash switched one of his pokemon for Dragonite on his pokedex and released him. Dragonite was happy to see Ash again and gave him a hug. "Nice to see you too Dragonite" said Ash. "Aw what a nice pokemon you have Ash" said Dawn. "I raised Dragonite ever since it was a baby Dratini" said Ash. Wilma was impressed by Dragonite as well. Ash ordered Dragonite to use draco meteor and Dragonite did it. "Very well done," said Wilma "you have indeed trained your Dragonite nicely Ash".

Just then Gible decided to try draco meteor too. But it turned out to be just one meteor and poor Piplup got hit by it. Gible had not clearly learnt and mastered it yet. "You see;" said Wilma "Gible here has been trying to copy Altaria, but it's just been doing a meteor instead of a draco meteor". Dragonite spoke up. "You want to help Gible?" Ash asked Dragonite. Dragonite nodded yes. "All right then let's help Gible train and help it master draco meteor" said Ash. So Ash and Dragonite trained with Gible while Wilma continued to work with Altaria.

First off Dragonite showed Gible his other dragon type moves; dragon pulse and dragon claw. Gible knew dragon pulse, and also knew tackle, dig, sand attack, dragon rage, sand storm and rock smash. Dragonite offered to teach Gible dragon claw and flamethrower. "That's a good idea for Dragonite to have Gible work on the moves it already knows and teach it new ones;" said Brock "it takes a lot of concentration and focus of building up power for a dragon type pokemon to learn and use draco meteor". "Gible will master draco meteor I'm sure as long it's patient and confident in itself" said Wilma. "Hey Ash what are your Flygon and Salamence like?" said Dawn. "Well they are good and strong but I had trouble with them along the way" said Ash. He explained of how impatient Salamence and Flygon were back when they were Bagon, Sheldon, Trapinch and Vibrava because they really want to evolve and fly. "They kept on battling at Prof Oak's lab to make their evolutions happen quickly". "That's understandable;" said Wilma "I've had Bagon, Shelgon, Trapinch and Vibrava here to learn draco meteor before and they all couldn't wait to fly". Half an hour later Gible learnt dragon claw and flamethrower. But it was still unable to use draco meteor; it still only made one meteor and the meteor hit Piplup again.

After that the gang declared it was time to leave because of their destination for Daybreak Town. Wilma showed them a road that would help them get to Daybreak Town. The gang thanked Wilma and left.

As for Gible; after failing again to use draco meteor it went back into the forest. But it stared at the gang as they were walking away; it was interested in Ash because of his Dragonite.

After walking out of the forest the gang came to a town. "Finally some rest and some food" sighed Ash. "Hey Brock where's the pokemon center here?" asked Dawn. Brock was just about to search it on his pokegear, but then he felt something poking me on the leg. "Hey whose doing that?" said Ash. Suddenly Gible, from before, jumped out of the ground and bit him on the head. "Oww!" screamed Ash. "Hey it's Gible; the one with Wilma before" said Dawn. "What's it doing here?" said Tomo. "Well as it likes biting on Ash's head I would say it likes Ash a lot" said Brock. Ash managed to pull Gible off his head. "You like me do you Gible?" asked Ash. Gible nodded yes. "Well then I shall catch you" said Ash. Ash threw a pokeball towards Gible, but Gible ate the pokeball. The trouble with Gible is that they are the type of pokemon that like to bite on anything, especially things that were metal. "Hey I can't catch you if you eat the pokeball Gible" said Ash, a bit crossly. Ash tried again and this time Gible let the ball hit it. Gible was caught and the pokeball teleported to Prof Oak's lab.

At that moment Officer Jenny turned up. "Oh so that Gible is yours?" she said to Ash. "Well it is now;" said Ash "it was a wild pokemon and I just caught it. Did something happen?" "Come see for yourself" said Officer Jenny. Officer Jenny led the gang to a park. A lot of the park was damaged; a fountain, a bench and some park equipment for children had been chewed on. "What a lot of damage" said Brock. "Did Gible do that?" asked Ash. "I'm afraid so" answered Officer Jenny.

Ash looked at Gible on the pokedex: Gible, the land shark pokemon. It attacks using its huge mouth. While its attacks are powerful, it hurts itself out of clumsiness, too.

"Oh great so Gible is the type of pokemon that bites down on anything," said Ash "I better phone Prof Oak at once and warn him about my new Gible".

Ash quickly found a phone booth and called Prof Oak at once and told him about Gible. "I realised about Gible liking to bite on things," said Prof Oak "it chewed away one of my chairs". "Please tell me you've returned it to the pokeball Professor" said Ash. "I have and I will take it outside later;" said Prof Oak "no doubt Venasaur and Grotle will teach it how to behave". "Oh Professor there's something else about Gible I must tell you about," said Ash "it really wants to learn draco meteor but it hasn't really mastered it yet. So make sure it's practicing the move in a place where it can't hurt the other pokemon". "Don't worry Ash I'll have your dragon pokemon keep Gible under control" said Prof Oak. "Thanks professor" said Ash, and the phone call ended. So Gible was sorted out and Ash wasn't in trouble with Officer Jenny. She understood what wild pokemon were like, but she did warn Ash not to let Gible run wild and cause destruction again.

Before the gang did anything after that a bicycle came up to them and Barry was on it. "Hey what's up everyone?" said Barry. "Hi Barry, where did you get that bike?" said Ash. "From Eterna City," said Barry "they had a free bike distribution even over there". "Nice" said Dawn. "So what you guys doing here?" asked Barry. "We are on our way to Daybreak Town so I can earn my fifth ribbon" answered Dawn. "Then we are going to Sunnyshore City so Ash and I can earn our eighth badges" said Tomo. "Eighth?" said Barry "then you two have seven badges?" "We sure do" answered Ash. He and Tomo showed off their seven badges to Barry. Barry went berserk again because he had six badges. "Still I will be battling Fantina soon so I will catch up to you" he said. 'How does Barry change his personality so quickly?' thought Dawn. "Wait Ash are you going to challenge my dad after you get the eighth badge?" said Barry. "Yep;" said Ash "as the Battle Tower is in Sunnyshore City I'll challenge Palmer afterwards". "Humph I can't wait to see my dad beat you again" smirked Barry, remembering how Ash lost to his dad before. "I'll have you know Barry I've trained some pokemon of mine for when I do get to face Palmer" said Ash. "Like that will do any good" said Barry; he didn't believe Ash will be able to defeat Palmer. "That's what you think" said Ash, getting a bit cross with Barry's attitude. "Come on Ash let's just go to the pokemon center already" interrupted Dawn; she was getting fed up with Berry's attitude too. So they left Barry for the pokemon center.

At the pokemon center the gang had something to eat while their pokemon are being taken off by Nurse Joy. "Hey Ash are you going to train with Aggron a bit more?" asked Dawn. "No not today, Aggron has already done a lot of training these last few days so I'm giving him a rest today" said Ash. The truth is Ash had decided to use his Aggron against Palmer's Rhyperior when he battles him again. And so Ash has been training Aggron for some time for it. "Have you also decided which pokemon to use against Palmer's Dragonite and Milotic as well?" asked Brock. The learnt about Palmer's Milotic from Johanna back in Twinleaf Town. "Don't worry Brock, I've got everything all sorted out, no problems" said Ash. Brock knew he could trust Ash, so he didn't ask any more questions.

After all the pokemon had been checked and everyone was fed the gang were just about to leave the pokemon center when Barry turned up. "Hey Ash I want you to battle me" he said. "I beg your pardon?" said Ash. "I wish to see this pokemon of yours, you say will defeat my dad's Rhyperior," said Barry "so Ash let's battle". Ash sighed. "Okay but you will be sorry Barry" he said.

So Ash and Barry got ready to battle; it was an one on one battle. "Ash is right; Barry is going to be sorry when he battles Aggron" said Dawn. She knew how tough Aggron was. "Barry asked for though so it's his fault" said Tomo. Barry called out his Empoleon and Ash called out Aggron. Barry was surprised with Aggron being a different colour. "I'll start first," he said "Empoleon use hydro cannon". Empoleon fired hydro cannon at Aggron. "Use iron defense Aggron" said Ash. The iron defense move helped Aggron receive less damage from the water attack. "Aggron use focus blast" said Ash. Aggron fired a focus blast and it hit Empoleon. "Empoleon is weak against fighting type moves" said Brock. "Barry's going to lose this" said Tomo. "Come on Empoleon use drill peck" said Barry. Empoleon charged at Aggron with drill peck. "Fight back with iron head" said Ash. The two pokemon charged at each other with their attacks and Empoleon was pushed back. "Finish this with thunder Aggron" said Ash. Aggron released a thunder attack and poor Empoleon was struck by it. Empoleon fainted on the spot, making Ash the winner again.

"So Barry what do you think now?" said Ash. "Well I see that Aggron is strong," said Barry, while returning Empoleon, "but my dad will still beat it. I shall see you when you get to the Battle Tower in Sunnyshore City". (The Battle Tower is what Palmer's facility is) Barry got onto his bike and cycled away.

"Humph I would love to see his face when you do beat Palmer Ash" said Tomo. "Don't worry we will" said Ash. With the matter with Gible and Barry all over with, the gang could now get back to carrying on their journey to Daybreak Town.

Sorry for the wait. I told you I was going to have J dead. I still believe she and her men didn't survive the crash. They also should have shown what happened to Charon in the anime. I liked how Piplup got hit by the failed draco meteor move which is why I wanted to use it. I hope you liked how I did the Ash vs Barry again part.