Ash's Pokemon Journey

Summary: This story is about how I think that ash's journey should have gone through, Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Smart, a psychic and an Aura user (He'll find out about being a psyphic and Aura user later). I do not own pokemon.

Chapter 2

The start of the journey and Misty

The sound of an alarm clock woke Ash up with a start. He stretched his arms and legs and got ready for his journey. "It's a good thing I set my alarm clock to seven in the morning or I would have been sunk" he said.

He took off his pyjamas and put on his clothes. His clothing was a black t-shirt, with a blue and white jacket over, blue jeans, black and white sneakers and green fingerless gloves. He also wore a red and white hat that held a green mark on it. This hat was special to Ash; he won it from a contest the Pokémon league held. It took him one million postcards, but it was worth it. After checking everything was ready Ash ran downstairs.

Delia was in the kitchen when Ash entered. She had made toast, eggs and bacon for breakfast and had made some sandwiches for his journey. "Morning mum" said Ash. "Morning sweetie," said Delia "all ready for the journey?" "Yep," Ash answered "all set and ready to go." "You picked what Pokémon you want?" asked Delia. "No I haven't yet," said Ash "but I'll probably make my mind up when I see them".

After finishing his breakfast Ash ran as fast as he could to Prof Oak laboratory. In his mind he was thinking about what one of the three Pokémon he could choose. The first was called a bulbasaur. A grass/poison type looked a small dinosaur, with a big bulb growing on his back. Second was charmander a fire type. It was a small lizard with a flame at the tip of his tail. The third was a squirtle a small turtle and a water type. Ash like all three, so making up his mind was not easy.

Soon Ash was at Prof Oak's lab at last. He ran the doorbell and there at the door was Prof Oak. "Morning professor" said Ash. "Ah morning Ash," said the professor "ready to pick your Pokémon?" "As ready as I ever will be" replied Ash, with determination in his eyes. "Okay in you come" said the professor.

Prof Oak led Ash into the research room of his lab. The research was room was where Prof Oak kept his machinery for research and where he stalled the starter Pokémon for new Pokémon trainers. "Well Ash what's your choice?" said Prof Oak "bulbasaur, charmander or squirtle?"

Ash was just about to take his hand out to reach for a pokeball, when he noticed a fourth pokeball. It had a lighting mark on it.

"Say professor what's this pokeball for?" Ash asked. "Oh that well that's a Pokémon I caught yesterday" the professor replied. "May I have a look at this Pokémon?" asked Ash. "Yes you may," Prof Oak answered "but I warn you know, this Pokémon is rather feisty and a bit bad tampered".

Prof Oak opened the fourth pokeball and out popped what seemed to be a big yellow mouse, with red cheeks, brown stripes and a tail in the shape of a lightning bolt. "This is a pikachu an electric Pokémon" the professor explained.

Ash bent down onto his knees to speak to the pikachu. When pikachu saw Ash it let out some sparks from its cheeks. Ash knew he had to be careful; he had read about electric and knew that they can be very sensitive. "Hi there," said Ash, with a smile, "you're a really cool pokemon with a lot of spunk". Pikachu looked at Ash in amazement. 'This human isn't afraid of me' it thought. Ash put out a hand to Pikachu. "My name is Ash," he said "and I wish to become a pokemon master. If you want you can come with me and become strong with me. But if you don't want to I won't force you". Pikachu stared at Ash for a few seconds, and then it hopped onto to Ash's shoulder with a smile. "So it's a yes then?" Ash asked. "Pika" replied Pikachu, with a nod.

Prof Oak was amazed that Ash was able to befriend with the Pikachu so quickly. But then again it was Ash he was looking at. Ever since Ash was six he would come to the lab to check out all the pokemon he had in the ranch. Ash was always able to become friends with the pokemon, no matter what type or size it was.

"Well Ash my boy," Prof Oak said "I take it you want Pikachu as your starter?" "Yes professor I do" said Ash, looking at Pikachu with a smile. Prof Oak gave Ash his own pokedex and five pokeballs as well as Pikachu's pokeball. When Pikachu saw the pokeball, it shook its head mentally.

"I take it that means you hate being in pokeballs?" asked Ash. Pikachu nodded its head. "It's okay," said Ash "if you don't want to be in a pokeball I don't mind at all".

After proclaiming his pokedex and pokemon Ash headed out the lab. He wanted to get home to say goodbye to his mum and pick up his rucksack. "Wait till mum sees you Pikachu," said Ash "she'll find you really adorable". "Pika" replied Pikachu.

Just as Ash was leaving a red car came up to the lab. It was Ash's old friend and rival Gary Oak, Prof Oak's grandson. "Hi there Ash" said Gary "going home? Decided to chicken out on becoming a pokemon trainer huh?" "Actually Gary," said Ash "I have Pikachu here". He pointed to Pikachu on his right shoulder. "And yes I am going home. To say goodbye to my mum before I leave". "Well whatever," said Gary, with a snort "my pokemon will be stronger than yours". Then he went to get his pokemon from the lab. "We'll see about that" said Ash.

Back at home Delia was waiting for Ash, when she saw him coming up the path. "Got your pokemon honey?" she asked. "Yes mum I did," said Ash "I picked Pikachu here". "Pika" said Pikachu, which meant hello. "Ah how adorable!" she shouted, with a gleam in her eyes. She handed Ash his rucksack. "I packed some food for you and your pokemon". "Thanks mum" said Ash. "You're welcome sweetie," said Delia "be sure to make sure that you stay safe and keep out of trouble". "Don't worry mum," said Ash "everything will be all right". He kissed his mum goodbye, flung his rucksack on his back and set off on his journey.

Before long Ash and Pikachu came into a small forest. "Well Pikachu this is our first step on our journey," said Ash "you ready buddy?" "Pika!" replied Pikachu, punching its left arm into the air. Pikachu had been riding on Ash's shoulder. Ash didn't mind though; this way he could bond with Pikachu more.

Just then Ash saw a pokemon on the grass. It was a brown bird with a cream coloured chest. Ash recognized it as pidgey a flying type. He told Pikachu to use thundershock on the pidgey. Pikachu did just that and the thundershock knocked out pidgey easily. Ash threw one of pokeballs at the pidgey and a few seconds later ping! Pidgey was caught. Ash was happy and shouted; "Yes I caught a pidgey!" and striked a pose. He picked up the pokeball. "Pikachu," he said "this is our first step of making new pokemon friends. Let's catch us ourselves some more". Pikachu nodded with agreement.

Just then Ash realized that he hadn't looked up about Pikachu or pidgey on his pokedex yet. So he took out his pokedex to find out.

He first checked out Pikachu; Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. It can generate electric attacks from the electric pouches located in both of its cheeks. Electric type. Male.

Attacks: Thundershock, Tailwhip, and Quick attack.

"Those are good," replied Ash "but you need some more attacks".

Then it was pidgey's turn: Pidgey, the tiny bird pokemon. If attacked, it will often kick up sand to protect itself rather than fight back. Flying type. Female.

Attacks: Gust, Sand attack and Quick attack.

"Wow both you and pidgey are good pikachu," said Ash "but we will be going through a lot of training to make you guys strong". Pikachu nodded as understanding.

Then ash saw another bird pokemon in the grass; this time it wasn't a pidgey it was a spearow. "We have to be careful Pikachu;" Ash warned Pikachu "spearow can be very ferocious". Like pidgey Pikachu used thundershock on spearow and Ash caught it. "Wow another capture," said Ash "we are getting good at this Pikachu". "Pikachu!" Pikachu exclaimed.

Ash checked out spearow; Spearow, the tiny bird pokemon. Unlike pidgey, spearow has a terrible attitude. It is very wild and will sometimes attack other Pokémon and humans. Flying type. Male.

Attacks: Peck, Leer and Fury attack.

After capturing spearow Ash came towards a stream. He decided to do some fishing; so he got out his fishing rod. After waiting for a few minutes, his rod caught something. It was a magikarp. Ash chucked a pokeball at the fish and caught it.

He looked at the pokedex; Magikarp, the Fish Pokémon. Magikarp can live in the dirtiest of water. It jumps and splashes around. Water type. Female.

Attacks: Splash and Tackle.

Ash was just about to leave when he heard a scream. "What was that?" he gasped. He and Pikachu ran to the source of the scream. An orange haired girl was fishing by the stream, but she had caught a gyarados. The gyarados splashed her and then swam away.

"Hey are you alright?" asked Ash, running towards her. "No I'm petrified thank you very much" said the girl. "Sorry just asking" replied Ash. "Sorry about that," the girl said "it's just that I'm scared of gyarados and I get petrified just looking at them". "It is true though," said Ash gyarados can be fierce and dangerous. Oh I'm Ash by the way". "I'm Misty," said the girl "where are you heading?" "I'm going to Viridian City," answered Ash "do you know where that is?" "Yes I do," said Misty "if you continue down this road you will get there soon". "Cool," said Ash "thanks Misty. Let's go Pikachu". He sprinted off immediately. "Ha," said Misty, watching him go "boys have so much energy in them.

Thanks to Misty's directions Ash saw Viridian City, from the top of a hill. Just as he was about to continue he saw a pokemon flying in the sky. It was a big red and white coloured bird with yellow tail feathers. "Wow what's that pokemon?" he asked himself. He checked the pokedex, but it had no data on this bird. "Oh well maybe Prof Oak knows. Come on Pikachu lets go". So Ash and Pikachu continued straight on.

Sorry that the prologue was short but I'll try to make the chapters as long as I could.