Ash's Pokemon Journey

Summary: This story is about how I think that ash's journey should have gone through, Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Smart, a psychic and an Aura user (He'll find out about being a psyphic and Aura user later). I do not own pokemon.

Note: I am not doing the Kalos Region. So fairy pokemon don't exist.

Chapter 34

The pond, the Houndour pack,

And the pokemon swap meet.

Today it was Misty's twelve birthday and the gang were having a picnic to celebrate Misty's birthday. Last year on her eleventh birthday they celebrated it on the beach near Pallet Town. "I thank you Ash, Tomo and Brock for this wonderful picnic" smiled Misty, who was enjoying it. "No problem Misty" said Brock. "Yeah, besides special days like birthdays deserve special treats like picnics" said Ash. Brock had made Misty a cake; a sponge cake, with strawberries and cream in the middle, and had decorations of a Goldeen and Psyduck on it. Misty also got presents from the boys. Ash got her a book which showed all the water pokemon in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Tomo got her a Totodile doll and Brock got Misty a white jacket that had a picture of Cascade Badge on it. Misty was grateful and thanked the boys with all her heart. "Hey Misty," said Ash "did Rudy wish you a happy birthday too?" "Yes he did Ash," said Misty "and he and his sister Mahri sent me a new fishing rod for a present". Misty's new fishing rod was a super rod, with a blue handle. "Wow Misty," said Ash "are you going to use it later?" "Yes actually Ash," said Misty "in fact I want to use it now on that pond over there". There was a big pond not far from where the gang was sitting. "I wish to catch myself some new Johto water pokemon". So Misty ran off to the pond, leaving Ash, Tomo and Brock to tidy up.

As soon as Misty reached the pond, she put a lure on her new rod and tossed the line into the pond. Misty waited and waited for a water pokemon to bite onto her lure. "Any luck yet Misty?" whispered Ash. Ash had to keep quiet whenever someone was fishing, otherwise the water pokemon would get scared and swim away. "No nothing yet," whispered Misty "you can't expect something to bite your line right away". Just then Misty's line began to jerk in the water. "Oh I got a bite" said Misty. Misty carefully wound up her fishing line, trying not to break the line. "Need any help Misty?" asked Ash. "No thanks Ash," replied Misty "I've got this". Misty wound up her fishing line some more, until at last she hooked out what it was that she captured. But when she and Ash saw it, they were in a shock. What had hooked onto Misty's line were two Woopers and three Marills (one Marill was clutching onto her rod and the other pokemon were clutching onto each other's tails) and they were all hurt. "Oh my goodness," Misty gasped "what on earth happened to them?" "I don't know," said Ash "but we better get them to Brock at once".

Ash picked up the two Woopers and Misty picked up the three Marills, and they all ran back to where Brock and Tomo were. When Brock saw the five injured Pokemon, he got out his pokemon medical kit at once. He sprayed potions onto them and wrapped them up in bandages. "Did you see how these five pokemon got hurt?" Brock asked Ash and Misty. "No we didn't," said Misty "they were already hurt when I hooked them. And I don't think my rod had anything to do with the injuries". Ash knelt down to one of the Marills and placed his hand on its forehead. "What are you doing Ash?" asked Brock. "I'm going to read their mind to see if I can find out what happened to them" said Ash. Tomo, Misty and Brock knew that reading minds was one of Ash's psychic powers, so they let him get on with it. Ash had his eyes closed for a minute and then he opened them again quite quickly. "Did you see anything?" asked Misty. "I did and it wasn't good" said Ash. Ash explained that in Marill's mind he saw a wild Poliwrath attacking the Marills and Woopers. "That Poliwrath sounds like a big bully" said Tomo. "It is," said Ash "and the worst part is that not only is it bullying the water pokemon around here, it also bullies the other pokemon that come here for a drink". "Well that's terrible," said Misty "no pokemon should be a big bully". "I agree," said Brock "that Poliwrath needs to be stopped".

After the Woopers and Marills got a bit better, they led the gang to where the Poliwrath was. The Poliwrath was standing on a big stone that lay at the edge of the pond, and it was pumping its fists as if it was saying that it ruled the pond. "That Poliwrath is a big show off" said Misty. Misty did like water pokemon, but she still hated pokemon that act like big bullies and show offs no matter what type they were. "Hey look there" said Tomo, pointing to something in the pond. The gang noticed two small blue crocodiles in the pond, and they were growling at the Poliwrath. "Hey those two pokemon are Totodile" said Brock.

Ash looked at Totodile on his pokedex: Totodile, the big jaw pokemon. Totodile has a habit of using its highly developed jaws to chomp on anything in sight, so Trainers beware.

"It looks like those Totodile are going to fight Poliwrath" said Ash. Ash was right; the Totodiles did try to fight Poliwrath. One Totodile used water gun at Poliwrath and the other Totodile used scratch on it, but none of the attacks harmed Poliwrath. Then Poliwrath rolled itself straight into the Totodiles, injuring them a lot. "That was submission" said Ash.

Brock got angry and decided to do something about it. "Hey Poliwrath, I challenge you to a battle" he said to Poliwrath. Brock had enough of Poliwraths bulling and decided to catch it, so it would bully anymore wild pokemon. "Go Weepinbell" said Brock, throwing a pokeball. "Weepinbell is good to use since he's a grass type" said Misty. "I hope it can do well against Poliwrath's muscles," said Ash "after all Poliwrath is both water and fighting type". "All right Weepinbell use razor leaf" said Brock. Weepinbell shot his leaves straight at Poliwrath, but Poliwrath jumped to dodge them and then it used bubblebeam at Weepinbell. "Wow that Poliwrath is tough" said Ash. "Brock better do something otherwise he'll lose" said Misty. "Use vine whip Weepinbell" said Brock. Weepinbell extended the brown vine on his head and went to grab Poliwrath with it. But Poliwrath kept on dodging Weepinbell's vine whip attack. "Oh man that Poliwrath is fast" said Ash. "Yeah," said Misty "poor Weepinbell's attacks keep on missing". Brock decided to try and slow the Poliwrath down. "Use stun spore" he said. Weepinbell released an orange powder from his mouth and Poliwrath got caught in it and became paralyzed. "Now that Poliwrath is paralyzed," said Misty "Brock has the chance to weaken it". "Use solar beam Weepinbell" said Brock. Weepinbell gathered energy, while his leaves glowed, and then he fired a beam of light from the mouth straight at Poliwrath. Poliwrath fainted after being hit by the solar beam. "Time to catch it," said Brock, getting an empty pokeball out from his pocket, "go pokeball". The Pokeball hit the Poliwrath, sucked it in the pokeball and then a few seconds later Poliwrath was caught.

Ash and the gang were relieved that it was over now. "Now that Poliwrath is captured, all the wild pokemon can drink from the pond freely" said Misty. "I still can't believe that Poliwrath tried to claim this whole pond his territory" said Ash. "Wild pokemon can be like that sometimes," said Brock "sometimes wild pokemon act mean like humans do". "Goodness" said Tomo. Brock checked to see if the two Totodiles, two Woopers and three Marills were okay, and they were. Just then Misty's Wooper popped out of his pokeball. "Hey why are you out Wooper?" asked Misty. Misty's Wooper ran to the wild Wooper and Marills and began talking to them. "It seems he wanted to see and play with the wild Woopers and Marills" said Brock. Misty spoke with the wild Woopers and Marills. "Do you five want to come with me?" she asked. The Woopers and Marills looked at Misty and then nodded yes. Misty took out five empty pokeballs from her rucksack and captured them in a matter of seconds. "Wow," said Misty "not only do I have more Woopers, I also have my own Marills too". Ash, Tomo and Brock were happy for Misty. Then Ash turned to one of the Totodiles. "Hey Totodile I wish to capture you," he said "I saw you fight the Poliwrath, and I thought you were amazing. I want you on my team". The Totodile stood still and stared at Ash for a minute and then posed for a fight. Misty said to the other Totodile that she wished to capture it. The other Totodile agreed to the challenge.

Ash and Misty got ready to battle the two Totodiles. The Totodiles wanted to battle together, so this turned out to be a double battle. Ash chose Chikorita to battle Totodile and Misty used one of her two Poliwags to battle the other Totodile. "Chikorita use razor leaf" said Ash. "Poliwag use double slap" said Misty. Chikorita swung her leaves at the first Totodile, and Poliwag slapped the other Totodile many times with his tail. Both the Totodiles got hit by the attacks, but it didn't stop them. The Totodiles opened their jaws, then their teeth started to glow blue, with ice appearing, and the Totodiles ran to bite on Chikorita and Poliwag. "They are using ice fang," said Ash "an ice type move". "When we better attack quickly then" said Misty. Ash ordered Chikorita to use vine whip at Totodile. Chikorita sent her vines out and whacked Totodile a lot with them. Totodile fainted on the top. Misty's Poliwag sprayed water gun at the other Totodile, stopping in in its tracks. "Now use double slap again" said Misty. Poliwag slapped Totodile multiple times with his tail, making Totodile exhausted. "Time to catch them Misty" said Ash. Misty agreed. She and Ash got out their lure balls and tossed them at the Totodiles. A few seconds later the Totodiles were captured. "All right, we did it Misty!" cheered Ash. "Yeah, we got our own Totodiles" said Misty. Tomo and Brock congratulated them on the captures.

Ash and the gang soon started to continue on their journey. "Did you enjoy your birthday today Misty?" asked Brock. "Yes I did Brock," said Misty "in fact this was the best birthday I ever had. Apart from having a nice picnic with lovely presents, I caught some new water pokemon; two Woopers, three Marills and my very own Totodile". "Yeah and since I caught myself a Totodile as well," said Ash "I now have all the Johto starter pokemon".

So today turned out to be a great day for both Ash and Misty.

Sometime after catching Totodile, the gang were having lunch at a café in a town. "I'm glad we are eating at a town for once," said Misty "it's been days since we were at Azalea Town". "Yeah and we can relax and stock on supplies here" said Brock. "Hey Misty," said Ash "did you send your Woopers and Marills to Cerulean Gym?" "Yes I have actually," replied Misty "my sisters were over the moon with how cute they are". Misty kept Totodile with her. "No doubt they will be staring in your sister's water ballet shows then" said Brock. "I wonder what new pokemon we will capture next" said Tomo. Ash, Misty and Brock all thought the same thing.

Suddenly they heard a noise; somebody was shouting "Stop thief!" Then they saw a black, white and red dog pokemon running past, carrying a lump of meat in its mouth. "That was a Houndour" said Brock.

Ash looked at Houndour on the pokedex: Houndour, the dark pokemon. It is smart enough to hunt in packs. It uses a variety of cries for communicating with others.

Just then Nurse Joy turned up. "Did you see a Houndour run by here?" she asked. "Yes we did, but it just left" said Brock. "Oh dear so the Houndour pack have got away again" Nurse Joy sighed.

Nurse Joy explained to the gang at the pokemon center. "There has been trouble with a pack of Houndour during this week," she said "they would sneak into this town and then they steal food and take it back to the forest with them. The worst part is that if you try to fight them, the Houndour pack will fight you back". "Any ideas of why they are doing that?" asked Misty. "None I'm afraid," replied Nurse Joy "but if they don't stop doing this soon, then well they will all have to be captured". The gang didn't know who to feel sorry for; the people of the town or the Houndour pack. Just then Tomo had a thought. "I'm just wondering if they are doing the same thing Sentret did" he said. "Hey Tomo maybe right," said Brock "I mean Sentret did the same thing that the Houndours are doing now. Maybe the Houndours have a reason for stealing food, and if that's the case then we need to investigate". Ash, Tomo and Misty agreed with Brock's decision.

That night, when the full moon was out, the gang set up a way to find out about the Houndour pack. Brock had just cooked some hot dogs. "No doubt that the Houndours will defiantly fall for this," said Brock "when they come here to grab the hot dogs, we will follow them when they run off with them". "But how will we follow them in the dark?" asked Misty. "With my Zubat," said Brock "don't forget Zubat can see where it's going in the dark".

The gang got ready for the Houndour pack; Brock left the cooked hot dogs out on a plate, and he and the others hid behind some bushes. Brock's Zubat hid in a tree to watch what would happen. Suddenly the gang heard a growling noise. "I think they are here" whispered Ash. They gang sat very still and quiet in the bushes, and then suddenly a Houndour arrived. The Houndour took one of the hotdogs and ran off with it. "Follow it Zubat" said Brock. Zubat got off the tree and followed Houndour in the sky. The gang followed Zubat, taking great care not to be seen by the Houndour.

Finally the Houndour stopped at the foot of rocky hills. The gang stayed out of sight on the top of a hill. "Good work Zubat" whispered Brock and returned it. "Hey look there" said Tomo, pointing to the Houndour pack. One of the Houndours was lying down on the ground and it looked very hurt. "Hey I see food there" said Ash. There was half eaten bread and packets of meat. "Seems our theory was right," said Brock "the Houndours were stealing food for their sick friend". "We should help," said Misty "I mean that Houndour will need Nurse Joy's help". The boys agreed.

Suddenly they heard a bellowing noise from a hill, above the Houndour pack. A Golem and five Gravelers were standing on the hill, looking down on the Houndour pack. "Oh no," said Brock "that Golem and those Gravelers must live here. And they call the Houndour pack intruders". The Golem and Graveler rolled down the hill to attack the Houndours. The Houndour leader, which had an x mark on its left cheek and a scar on its right eye, fired flamethrower at Golem to stop it, although of course it didn't work much. "We should help," said Ash "I mean the Houndours don't stand a chance against those rock type pokemon". Tomo, Misty and Brock agreed. Ash released his Chikorita, Misty released her two Poliwags, Brock released his Onix and Tomo released his Omanyte. Misty ordered her two Poliwags to use bubble to stop Golem and the Gravelers, which worked. "Leave those Houndours alone!" shouted Ash. The Golem and Gravelers started to charge at the trainers. "Chikorita use razor leaf" said Ash. "Use water gum Omanyte" said Tomo. "Use iron tail Onix" said Brock. "Use water gun Poliwags" said Misty. Chikorita fired her leaves at two of the Gravelers, Omanyte fired his water gun at a third Graveler, the two Poliwags fired their water guns on the last two Gravelers and Onix slammed Golem with his iron tail attack. The Houndour pack were shocked that humans were helping them. The Gravelers ran away after being hit by the razor leaf and the water gun attacks, but Golem was still willing to fight some more. "We better attack it again," said Misty "Poliwags use bubble". Her two Poliwags blew bubbles at the Golem, and then the Golem ran away. "All right we did it!" cheered Ash. "Well done Poliwags" said Misty. Just then her Poliwags began to glow. "Hey I think your two Poliwags are evolving Misty" said Brock. Brock was right; Misty's two Poliwags evolved into two Poliwhirls. "Oh wow" said Misty, who was happy with her new Poliwhirls. "Congrats Misty" smiled Ash.

Brock looked at the injured Houndour; its leg had a very nasty injury. "How is it Brock?" asked Tomo. "Houndour's leg is in bad shape and is showing signs of infection," said Brock "and I feel a fever coming along. We need to get it to Nurse Joy at once". He was just about to pick up the Houndour, when the other Houndours surrounded him and started growling; they thought he was going to harm the injured Houndour. "Calm down," said Ash "your friend needs to be taken to a pokemon center; otherwise its condition will worsen". Tomo's Growlithe stepped forward and barked at the Houndours to tell them that Ash was speaking the truth. The leader of the Houndour pack listened to Growlithe and then barked to the other Houndours to tell them that the humans were trustworthy. "The Houndours trust us now" said Brock. "Okay," said Ash, putting Houndour on his back, "let's go".

Ash, Tomo, Misty and Brock and Pikachu and Growlithe ran as fast as they could to get Houndour to the pokemon center. The Houndour pack followed them; they were concerned about the injured Houndour. When they finally got to the pokemon center, Ash gave Houndour to Nurse Joy right away. "This Houndour's fever is really high," said Nurse Joy "I must treat it at once". Ash and the gang waited and waited, while Nurse Joy treated Houndour. The leader of the Houndour pack waited with the gang, while the other Houndours waited outside the pokemon center. One hour later, Nurse Joy came out of the treatment room. "How's Houndour?" asked Ash. "The fever has just broken down," said Nurse Joy "it will be just fine". The gang were relieved. "You hear that Houndour?" asked Ash "your friend will be just fine". The leader stared at Ash; knowing now that Ash was a trust worthy human.

The Houndour was healed and recovered in no time at all and next morning it was ready to leave with the pack again. "You all take care of yourselves" said Ash. "Yes and no stealing from now on" said Misty. The gang said goodbye to Nurse Joy and the Houndour pack and started to leave the town. They just started walking in a wood, when suddenly the Houndour pack turned up. "Hey, what are you lot doing here?" asked Ash. The leader of the pack stepped forward and it had two young Houndours by his side. The Houndour barked at the two young Houndours and the young Houndours ran over to Tomo and Ash. Ash and Tomo were confused by this. "I think that Houndour wants us to take the two young Houndours with us," said Brock "it's probably a thank you gift for helping their friend". "Is that true?" Ash asked Houndour. The Houndour leader nodded to say yes. Tomo kneeled down to the young Houndour in front of him and it licked Tomo's face. Then Tomo took out his level ball and caught Houndour with it. Ash used his level ball to catch the other young Houndour. "Don't worry Houndour," he said to the Houndour leader "we will take good care of these Houndours". Houndour barked, saying that it understood.

So Ash and the gang bid farewell to the Houndour pack again and headed off on their journey again.

Ash and the gang were now at a beach town called Palmpona Town. "This is a nice place to relax" said Ash. "I agree," said Brock "the beach is lovely". Tomo was playing with Pikachu, Togepi and Growlithe on the beach. "Hey where's Misty?" asked Ash. "She's on a phone booth," said Brock "her sisters wanted to speak to her". "Really, what about?" asked Ash. Before Ash's answer could be answered, Misty turned up. "Is everything okay with your sisters Misty?" asked Brock. "Yes and no really," sighed Misty "my sisters were complaining of how energetic my three Woopers and three Marills were". "Well they are rather young," said Brock "so they would be energetic". "I know," said Misty "but my sisters really want them to come down, so that they can be used in gym battles and water ballet shows". "I'm sure that problem will be solved soon," said Brock "now let's say we all get going now". Ash called Tomo, Pikachu, Togepi and Growlithe over, and then the gang started to walk along the beach.

As they were walking along the beach, they noticed a trainer talking to a blue pokemon, with a black tail.

Ash looked at the pokemon on his pokedex: Wobbuffet, the patient pokemon. To keep its pitch-black tail hidden, it lives quietly in the darkness. It is never first to attack.

"Hey that's a nice pokemon" said Ash. "Thanks" said Wobbuffet's trainer "I'm Benny by the way". The gang introduced themselves. "So Benny what are you and Wobbuffet doing?" asked Ash. "I was making sure my Wobbuffet was in tip top shape," said Benny "I'm taking it to the pokemon swap meet". "What's that?" asked Tomo. "Every year they hold a swap meet here, so that trainers can trade their pokemon for a new pokemon," said Benny "I plan to trade my Wobbuffet for a new pokemon". "Really?" asked Misty "why would you want to trade your pokemon?" "I do love my Wobbuffet," said Benny "but I wish to have a new pokemon". "That makes sense," said Brock "trading pokemon is a good way for trainers to get new pokemon. Come to think of it, I wish to trade my Poliwrath for a different pokemon; the truth is ever since I caught it I haven't made a great bond with it". "I wish to trade some pokemon myself" said Ash. "And me" said Tomo. "So do I actually" said Misty. "Then come with me then," said Benny "I'm heading over to the pokemon swap meet now".

Benny brought the gang to the swap meet, which was held in the center of Palmpona Town. "This is like a festival" said Misty. Just then they heard a rumbling noise. "Hey what's that sound?" asked Ash. Suddenly they saw a herd of Tauros coming their way. "What's happening?" asked Brock. "It's the running of the Tauros," said a man beside them "It's Palmpona Town's tradition. You see if any person is brave enough to touch Tauros's horn, while running with them, thy get a special trophy from the mayor". Then he ran to join in. "That's the craziest tradition I ever heard" said Misty. "I'd rather wait till I was twenty if I ever want to join in" said Ash. The herd of Tauros started to run to a stadium. "The Tauros have now entered the stadium," said an announcer "they are now ready for the one on one Tauros battling competition. In this tournament we will see who's Tauros is the strongest one of all". Ash got excited with this Tauros battling match and ran to the pokemon center to get his Tauros from Prof Oak. "What pokemon do you want to swap for Tauros Ash?" asked Prof Oak. "I'll send you my Sentret" replied Ash. So Ash swapped Sentret for Tauros and ran back to the Tauros competition. At the moment a Tauros, belonging to a trainer named Fernando, was an undefeated Tauros. But when Ash entered his Tauros into the competition, he over powered Fernando's Tauros and became the winner of the Tauros battling competition.

After the Tauros battling competition; the gang went back to the pokemon swap meet. There were lots of trading machines and trainers with pokemon. A lot of trainers were going about how great their pokemon was; like how shiny a Quagsire was, or how springy a Sentret was etc. "Wow they are sure bragging about their pokemon a lot aren't they" said Misty. "Well when you've raised a pokemon a lot, you have a reason to brag about your pokemon" said Brock. Just then three pokemon trainers came up to Ash. "Your Tauros was amazing" said one trainer. "Strongest one that I have ever seen" said another. "It was the bomb" said the third. They wanted to trade with Ash for his Tauros. One offered his Onix, one his Nidoqueen and the last his Rhyhorn. "I don't want to trade this Tauros," said Ash "by I have another strong Tauros that I would like to trade. And I want to trade it for Onix". He explained to the other two trainers that he already had a Nidoqueen and a Rhyhorn. Even though Ash's Rhyhorn was now a Rhydon, Ash didn't want another Rhyhorn. The Nidoqueen trainer and Rhyhorn trainer understood and the Onix trainer got ready to trade Ash his Onix.

Ash ran to the pokemon center to get his second Tauros. "When did you get another Tauros Ash?" asked Misty. "I caught two more Tauros, a Gastly and an Abra the day before we left for Johto," replied Ash "and I've been thinking about trading them for different pokemon for quite a while now". Ash sent his first Tauros, Cyndaquil, Lugia and Houndour to Prof Oak for his two other Tauros, Gastly and Abra. Soon he traded his second Tauros for the trainer's Onix. Ash and the trainer thanked each other and then the trainer left. "Let's check out my new Onix" said Ash. When Onix came out of the pokeball, Ash, Tomo, Misty and Brock both thought it looked strong and healthy indeed. Suddenly Onix began to glow, and then it changed into a giant metal snake. "Wow, Onix evolved into Steelix" gasped Brock.

Ash looked at his Steelix on the pokedex: Steelix, the iron snake pokemon. The evolved form of Onix. Its body has been compressed deep under the ground. As a result, it is even harder than a diamond. Steel and ground type. Female. Attacks; Rock throw, slam, headbutt, screech, crunch, iron tail, dig, dragon breath, flash cannon and heavy slam (egg move).

"That's cool" said Ash, who was amazed with his new pokemon. Then he saw something around Steelix's neck; it was a metal object that looked like a small weight used for weight scales, tied with a very long piece of string. "What's this thing?" he asked, after taking it off Steelix's neck. "That's a metal coat," said a scientist "it makes Onix evolve into Steelix and Scyther evolve into a Scyther. It also powers up steel type moves". "Wow, it seems like we have a lot more to learn about a pokemon's evolution" said Brock. "Well now that I've traded one of my Tauros, I'm going to see what I can trade for my Gastly, Abra and other Tauros" said Ash. "Yeah, I'm going to see who would want my Poliwrath" said Brock. "I caught another wild Goldeen and another wild Psyduck the other day," said Misty "and I wish to trade them for different water pokemon". "I have a Bellsprout, Scyther, Nidoran and Poliwag that I wish to trade" said Tomo. "Okay since all of us want to trade here's the plan," said Brock "we will all split up, and then after we have traded our pokemon we will meet up by the water fountain. Agreed?" "Agreed" said Ash, Misty and Tomo together.

So for the next hour Ash and the gang set out to trade pokemon in the swap meet. "Keep your eyes open Pikachu," said Ash "there may be a pokemon that I want to trade my pokemon for". Misty hoped to trade her Goldeen and Psyduck for different water pokemon. Tomo and Growlithe looked around to see what pokemon Tomo would like. Brock had his Poliwrath out to see who would want it. One hour later they all met up at the water fountain. "How did it go everyone?" asked Ash. "It went great," said Misty "I traded my Goldeen and Psyduck for two new water pokemon". "I traded my Bellsprout, Scyther, Nidoran and Poliwag for four new pokemon" said Tomo. "I traded my Poliwrath for a new pokemon too" said Brock. "I ended up trading my other Tauros, Gastly and Abra as well" said Ash. "Let's let them out to show each other" said Misty. So they all did.

Misty traded her new Psyduck for a blue pokemon that looked like Marill, but bigger and had long ears like a rabbit. And for her new Goldeen, she got a blue pokemon that looked like Wooper but bigger. "Wow Misty," said Ash "you've got an Azumarill and a Quagsire, the evolved forms of Marill and Wooper". "Yes and get this," said Misty "Azumarill has the egg move sing and Quagsire has the egg move recover". "Now your sisters will have help of training your Woopers and Marills" said Brock. Tomo traded his Bellsprout, Scyther, Nidoran and Poliwag for a brown little teddy bear pokemon, a yellow and black stripped pokemon that looked like Electabuzz, only smaller, a red pokemon that looked like Magmar, only smaller, and a pink bull dog type pokemon. "That bear pokemon is a Teddiursa," said Brock "that pink dog is a Snubbull and those two other pokemon are Elekid and Magby, the pre-evolved forms of Electabuzz and Magmar". "Wow," said Ash "I wonder what Casey will say once she realises that we have an Elekid with us". "I don't know," said Brock "but she will probably be a bit jealous". "Do my new pokemon know any egg moves?" Tomo asked Ash. Ash had a look with his pokedex. "It says your Teddiursa knows metal claw, your Elekid knows rolling kick, your Magby knows thunder punch and your Snubbull knows metronome" he said. Tomo was happy with the results. "What pokemon did you get Ash?" asked Misty. "I'll show you," said Ash, holding three pokeballs, "come on out Misdreavus, Girafarig and Miltank". Misdreavus was a dark bluish-green ghost pokemon, with lilac trimmed hair and a red necklace around its neck. Girafarig was a giraffe type pokemon, with a brown tail that had a face with teeth on it. Miltank was a pink, black and cream cow type pokemon. "Wow Ash," said Misty "you got some good pokemon then". "Yes and get this," said Ash "Misdreavus has the egg move sucker punch, Girafarig has the egg move double kick and Miltank has the egg move double edge". Brock revealed what pokemon he traded for his Poliwrath. It was some sort of a snail type pokemon. "Meet Magcargo" smiled Brock.

Ash looked at Magcargo on the pokedex: Magcargo, the lava pokemon. The evolved form of Slugma. Its body is as hot as lava and is always billowing. Flames will occasionally burst from its shell.

"Wow so my Slugma will evolve into that" said Tomo, excitedly. "Hey Brock," said Ash "the pokedex says that it's both a fire and rock type. Are you going to send it back to your gym?" "Yes I am," said Brock "it will go great against grass and ice type pokemon. And his egg move smokescreen will really help in gym battles".

Ash sent his new pokemon back to Prof Oak, and his six pokemon team were Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Mareep and Lugia. Tomo sent Elekid, Magby and Snubbull to Prof Oak and kept Teddiursa with him. So his six pokemon team were Growlithe, Slugma, Teddiursa, Farfetch'd, Kabuto and Omanyte. Misty sent her new Azumarill and new Quagsire to Cerulean Gym, and her six pokemon were Togepi, Staryu, Psyduck, Gloom and two Poliwhirls. Brock sent Magcargo to Pewter Gym and his six pokemon were Geodude, Onix, Vulpix, Zubat, Pineco and Stantler. The gang were happy with their new pokemon, when suddenly Misty remembered Benny. "I wonder if Benny has traded his Wobbuffet yet" she said. The gang decided to see how he was doing.

When they found Benny, they found out that he hadn't traded his Wobbuffet yet. Ash looked thoughtful; "I think we need to demonstrate how great Wobbuffet can be" he said. "How should we do that?" asked Benny. "Well," said Ash "Wobbuffet can only use the moves counter, mirror coat, safeguard and destiny bond. The moves counter and mirror coat are amazing because they bounce back attacks that are thrown at them. So what we should do is demonstrate the moves counter and mirror coat". "I get it," said Brock "if we demonstrate what those two moves can do, people will see how great a pokemon Wobbuffet can be". The gang and Benny all agreed to the idea and they went to set up the plan.

What everyone didn't know was that trouble was brewing at the swap meet. Team Rocket was also at the swap meet. "It's a good thing that we found out about this swap meet" said Jessie. "I agree," said James "there are so many pokemon here, we'll be rich". "And with our machine it will be a snap taking all of them" said Jessie. Team Rocket had their own trading machine, but it was a fake trading machine. "Meowth are you ready?" asked Jessie. "I have all the empty pokeballs ready and the baskets for the real pokeballs are ready too" said Meowth. The trick was Team Rocket, dressed as scientists, would trade trainers their pokeballs, but instead of getting pokemon the trainers would get empty pokeballs. "Everything is all set," smiled Meowth "time to get to work".

Meanwhile the gang started to demonstrate Benny's Wobbuffet. "Now everyone," said Brock, speaking in a microphone, "I'm pretty sure that you don't think that Wobbuffet is a great pokemon. But we are going to prove you wrong". Benny and Ash were facing each other like in a pokemon battle. "Okay Pikachu use quick attack" said Ash. Pikachu charged at Wobbuffet to tackle it. "Use counter Wobbuffet" said Benny. Wobbuffet's body became outlined in pink and as soon as Pikachu tackled it, Pikachu just bounced off and became hurt. "What Wobbuffet just did was use the move counter," said Brock "the move counter bounces off physical moves like quick attack from the opponent, and then the attack hits the opponent back double the damage. "Okay Pikachu use thunder bolt" said Ash. Pikachu sent a bolt of electricity at Wobbuffet. "Use mirror coat Wobbuffet" said Benny. Wobbuffet's body became surrounded in a white colour and then bounced Pikachu's thunderbolt attack back at Pikachu, making him hurt. "What Wobbuffet just did was mirror coat," said Brock "it bounces off special moves like thunderbolt. And just like counter when the opponent's attack bounces back to the opponent, it gets double the amount of damage. So even though Wobbuffet don't do attacks like psychic or solar beam or whatever, it's a brilliant defensive pokemon when it uses counter or mirror coat". The crowd was impressed with what Wobbuffet did.

Just then a lady with red hair and glasses turned up. It was really Jessie in disguise. She saw the demonstration and decided it would be a great help for Team Rocket. "I would like to trade Lickitung for your Wobbuffet please" said Jessie. "Okay that would be great" said Benny. He and Jessie got to the trading machine (a real one) and did the trade. "Thanks for Lickitung" said Benny. "No problem kid," said Jessie "and thanks for your fabulous Wobbuffet". Then Jessie got back to James and Meowth.

At the time James and Meowth had done well for themselves with the fake trading machine. "We got a whole bag full of pokeballs" smiled Meowth. "You're right," said James "but we should move before they all realise that the pokeballs are empty". "I agree with that" said Jessie. "Welcome back Jessie" said James. "I'm surprised that you traded Lickitung for that Wobbuffet" said Meowth. "I had enough of that disgusting tongue of Lickitung," said Jessie "besides the Wobbuffet's counter and mirror coat moves will be a great help".

Suddenly a crowd of people turned up. "Hey out pokeballs were empty!" shouted a man. "Yeah, where is my pokemon?" shouted another man. Ash and the gang heard the shouting. "What's going on?" asked Ash. Team Rocket introduced themselves and explained about their fake pokemon trading machine. "You are not getting away with this!" shouted Misty. Meowth took out a sort of gun thing and fired it at the crowd. A big long rope came out of the funny gun and it tied up everyone together. "Time for the getaway" said Jessie. She, James and Meowth jumped into the balloon and flied away. "They are not getting away with this" said Ash. A trainer got his Scyther out and told it to cut the rope. As soon as Scyther did that, everyone was free. "Come on," Ash said to Tomo, Misty and Brock "let's go and stop Team Rocket". He, Misty, Tomo and Brock ran after Team Rocket right away.

Team Rocket was hiding in the Forest, with the balloon and the big bag full of pokeballs. "We hit a jackpot" said Meowth. "You're right," said Jessie "our fake trading machine may have gotten found out. But we have not failed yet". "Hold it right there Team Rocket!" shouted Ash. The gang had turned up. "Oh great it's the twerps" said James. "Give the trainers back their pokemon!" shouted Misty. "Not a chance" replied Jessie. She sent out Arbok, Cloyster and her new pokemon Wobbuffet. James sent out Weezing, Victreebel and a new pokemon Hoppip. "Hey when did you get that pokemon?" asked Jessie. "I swapped it for a measly Magikarp I got yesterday" replied James. Ash sent out Pikachu and Chikorita to battle. Misty sent out her two Poliwhirls to battle and Tomo sent out Growlithe and Farfetch'd to battle. Team Rocket's pokemon actually put up a good fight, especially Wobbuffet and Hoppip. Wobbuffet's counter and mirror coat moves proved to be helpful against the pokemon's attacks. Hoppip turned out to be a good battler too; it knew good moves like bullet seed and aerial ace, and it had the egg move pay day, which was brilliant at distracting the gang's pokemon. But with Pikachu, Chikorita, the Poliwhirls, Growlithe and Farfetch'd attacking together; they defeated Team Rocket and sent them flying again. Brock opened the bag of pokeballs. "The pokeballs are okay" he said. "Good," said Ash "now let's take them back to the trainers now". Ash picked up the big bag of pokeballs and then he ran the gang rang back to the swap meet.

The sun was setting and the day of the swap meet was coming to an end. When Ash and the gang brought back the pokeballs, the trainers got them back and thanked the gang. "I'm glad that they are happy" said Misty. Just then Benny turned up and he had his new Lickitung out of the pokeball. "I'm glad you were able to trade your Wobbuffet Benny" said Ash. "So am I," said Benny "because I think this Lickitung is great and I like it a lot". Lickitung started to lick Benny's face in affection; it liked Benny a lot too and was happy being with him than it was with Jessie. "I was hoping to see that lady I traded with again. I mean we did thank each other after the trade, but I wanted to say goodbye again". "I'm afraid we haven't seen her," said Misty "she must have left some time after you two traded". The gang didn't realise that the Wobbuffet they battled earlier was really Benny's. "Oh well," sighed Benny "but I will take good care of Lickitung like I did with Wobbuffet". The gang was happy for Benny. "Well I think today has been a great day for all of us," said Ash "I mean not only did Benny trade his Wobbuffet for a Lickitung, we all managed to get great new pokemon by trading". Misty, Tomo, Brock and Benny agreed with that.

I know the swap meet episode happened before the Totodile episode, but I wanted to change it round a bit. Misty will be getting every Johto water pokemon there is, except Suicune because legendary pokemon don't suit her. I wanted Ash, Tomo, Misty and Brock to do some trading at the swap meet, so I planned them to have pokemon that they wanted to trade with. For Brock's Poliwrath, I planned of a pokemon bully terrorizing the pond and I always thought that a Poliwrath would never suit Brock so I intended to have him trade the Poliwrath for a different pokemon. Dog type pokemon suit Tomo. I've changed the lure ball from bluish-green to blue. The poll I put us on my profile is that Brock is going to get pokemon that are dual type rock pokemon like Shuckle who is part bug and part rock, but I'm not sure if he should catch the water and rock pokemon like Corsola, so I need your opinion by voting yes or no.