It has been an entire year since I began posting this story!And while it was not my intention to get anyone's hopes up that this was a new chapter, I wanted to be sure all of you were aware of the recent changes.

First of all, A Rose in Winter is now available in paperback form through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles for anyone would like a physical copy. Of course there it will be under the name Catherine Miller as apparently the real world prefers actual names over simple pennames. Can't imagine why…

But that does bring us to one other area. The Kindle version is now available as well, and this time I am trying a bit of an experiment. While I felt it necessary to remove Destruction before publishing, I am going to attempt leaving this story in place. I am not sure if there will be any backlash from doing so (and fingers crossed that I still get positive responses on Amazon as well!) but I know how much this story has meant to a lot of you and I'm going to try my best to leave it as accessible as possible. However, if something changes in the future, I will also keep you informed.

Thank you all so much for your response to this story as well as my other endeavours. Without your encouragement and support I would never have written as much as I have and now that I've begun I cannot imagine doing anything different. For those who have missed it, I'm about to publish the epilogue to my latest story A Nymph Without Mercy, and after that… well, we shall have to see what other plots pop into my head!

Thanks again,