Prologue The Prophecy

Before the Arc Angle Michael, God's first son was born, God wrote a prophecy about the ultimate Arc Angle the nineth being in all of creation that would never die and could never be killed or destroyed. Many years late God fell in love with an Arc Angle named Akiera and got her pregnant. Then the ultimate Arc Angle was born in heaven. But on that very same day Akiera was killed by a demon. Demons were only able to kill her because one of them got there hands on her angle blade but God killed the demons and took the angle blade back. You see the only thing that can kill an angle is another angle or an angle blade. Only angles that are born have a physical form and a true angle form and the only pure blood angles are Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, and Gods new born son the ultimate Arc Angle who he named Solin. God decided to raise Solin on earth with the help of his sons Michael and Gabriel. By this time Lucifer had already fallen and became the devil before Solin was born. God put Lucifer in a cage in Hell. God, Michael and Gabriel raised Solin and taught him everything as well as how to control his angelic powers and abilities witch are unlimited. You see the only one more powerful than Solin is God. Solin was now sixteen and had fought a lot of evil beings since he was a kid, with his father and brothers Michael and Gabriel by his side and this is where our story begins!

The outher four being's in all of creation that can't be killed or destroied are God's brothers the four horseman, War, Phamen, Pestalinse, and Death. Solin, Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel's four uncles.

I know the prologue is short but this story will get better trust me. I just wanted to introduce Angels into My Babysitter's a Vampire.

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